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  • On 23 Oct 2014 in I'm liquidating all my stocks and going to cash, E-man said:

    At this point, there is a high probability that the correction is over. The intra day low reached 10% correction from the high last week. We also had a follow through day on both the Nasdaq and S&P.

    I'm looking to buy back in when the S&P pulled back to 1,910-1915. Otherwise, I will buy back on the break out at 2,020.

    I'm surprised that the market made a U turn after only a brief 10% correction. Will have to wait and see.

  • On 20 Oct 2014 in Personal loan for down payment questions, E-man said:

    SFace says

    This is silly, get the bank account # and send your old man 20K.

    I second SF ace. This is silly. Just give your dad $20k and sign a gift letter so he can obtain a mortgage. You don't have to file anything with the IRS. They don't have to know. Keep it simple.

  • On 17 Oct 2014 in They are dying because they are poor, E-man said:

    And we are dying because we are obese.

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