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  • On 3 Dec 2014 in Condo insurance policy experts, please come on in and join the fun, E-man said:

    How much is the condo worth?
    Do you have a loan on the condo?
    Do you currently have an umbrella insurance?
    Do you want one?
    Does your renter have a renter's policy?

  • On 3 Dec 2014 in Job market in Bay Area stinks, E-man said:


    Sorry this happened to you. If you believe everything in life happens for a reason, maybe it's for the better. I quit my W-2 job just over 5 years ago and haven't looked back. It was a mixed feeling of both relieved as well as scared at that moment. Thank god it has worked out.

    One of our lenders, First Republic Bank, told us recently that the first wave of lay-off has started. They expect 2015 to be a soft year for the housing market. They have gotten more conservative with their lending. They used to lend to us at 70% LTV, then 65% LTV, and now they're down to 60% LTV. Basically, they see risk on the horizon.

    If you're looking for another job, best of luck with your search. Contact me if you have the skills and need a connection at Apple. I believe they are hiring.

  • On 23 Oct 2014 in I'm liquidating all my stocks and going to cash, E-man said:

    At this point, there is a high probability that the correction is over. The intra day low reached 10% correction from the high last week. We also had a follow through day on both the Nasdaq and S&P.

    I'm looking to buy back in when the S&P pulled back to 1,910-1915. Otherwise, I will buy back on the break out at 2,020.

    I'm surprised that the market made a U turn after only a brief 10% correction. Will have to wait and see.

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