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  • On Sat, 21 May 2016, 11:52pm PDT in Team Logan vs Team Depression Serfs, E-man said:


    Thanks for sharing Barry Goldwater's letter. Barry got it right. You can't change people's mind. People will believe what they want to believe.

    Let's get back to economics. Based on the current economic indicators, there's no recession insight, but that can change in the coming quarters. What does your crystal ball say? I think you're a little too bullish while I'm starting to get cautious. I believe we're approaching the last phase of the cycle. Things should remain good until spring/summer 2017, but all bets are off after that IMHO. I will re-evaluate my position then.

    With that said, I'm with you that there's no recession this year or even the 1st half of next year, but what about the 2nd half of 2017 or 2018? I expect the next recession to be a mild one so regardless of who's getting elected, that person has a high probability of being a one term president if history is any indication. Let me ask you this: what do you think will be the catalyst for the next recession?

  • On Fri, 6 May 2016, 10:31pm PDT in Which is better, communism or capitalism?, E-man said:

    Patrick says

    Georgism, dammit!

    The politicians are hypocrites. 2015 was the first year that 100% of Pkennedy's income was from his rentals. Guess his tax bracket after depreciation. 1%. LOL! He's doing everything legally within the IRC.

    The politicians wrote the tax code for themselves. It's your job to use it to your advantage. If you're not, you have no one to blame but the person you see in the mirror every morning.

  • On Fri, 6 May 2016, 10:23pm PDT in Which is better, communism or capitalism?, E-man said:


    How many people do you know that escape from a communist country to a capitalist country? How many people do you know that escape from a capitalist country to a communist country? There's your answer.

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