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  • On 30 Aug 2013 in United States at war with Syria?, michaelsch said:

    Yes, gsr, that's getting really interesting.

    And according to this: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/newsbysector/energy/oilandgas/10266957/Saudis-offer-Russia-secret-oil-deal-if-it-drops-Syria.html

    Prince Bangar actually proposed to Putin creating a world oil cartel, if Putin gives up supporting Assad.

  • On 30 Aug 2013 in United States at war with Syria?, michaelsch said:

    OK, that's what Americans think:

    and that's what John Kerry says:
    "None of the actual evidence was released."

    Note, it's just a repetition of infamous WMD of Iraq. I believe that some evidences would be released would they exist. The only reason not to release them is the message that the Empire wants to send to the World: I own you, when I want to attack you I need no reason, my wish is the reason.

    The question is: why now? Here we may only guess, but i think it's related to Snowden case. US government was badly humiliated in this case. Partly it humiliated itself, like with Evo Morales' plane grounding or 35 years sentence to Manning, but partially the humiliation came from Russia and personally Putin. So attacking Syria is a way to show Putin who is the Emperor and who is just a local satrap.

    bgamall4, the Greater Israel dream -- or Israel from Nilus to Euphrates -- is just that: a dream, I don't think it influences this current decision, no matter what some neo-con or neo-lib zionists may think about it. I'm not even sure the state of Israel really wants Asad regime fall. They know what a chaos with the rise of strong Islamists paramilitary forces will follow such a fall. They tried it in Lebanon and were defeated there.

  • On 30 Aug 2013 in United States at war with Syria?, michaelsch said:

    iwog says

    Americans are too stupid for actual evidence. Truth is subjective. The internet has created an environment where most people don't share a common reality.

    OK, IWOG, let's not argue about the objectivity of the truth. Just tell me why you do believe that Asad, Asad's regime, or Asad's supporters had done this. I mean the nerve gas attack.
    On my side I do not believe Asad (or any of his ) has done it simply because it's not in his interest.
    Also I think it's very probable that "rebels" have done it, simply because it's in their best interest.
    If anyone gives me any reason I will gladly change my opinion, but right now the whole story looks like the "rebels" did it to provoke an intervention.

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