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  • On 19 Apr 2013 in San Francisco's Housing-Bubble Keeps Going and Going and ..., bill said:

    I guess rich people can afford to keep buying and buying as a kind of prestige item similar to Louis Vuitton purses. The purse says, "look at me I can pay $1,000 for a purse." A San Francisco home says, "I can buy a San Francisco house because I'm rich." I don't think a regular working guy can afford to touch a home in San Francisco. The houses are still going up faster that workers incomes ... at some point maybe the SF market will run out of rich foreigners and CEO's or whoever ...

  • On 19 Apr 2013 in San Francisco's Housing-Bubble Keeps Going and Going and ..., bill said:

    Well, the aforementioned article says San Francisco is a bubble ... "Unless you happen to be a billionaire, you should probably steer clear of shopping for a new home in the city," Movato writer Kristin Crosier advised. "Even then it would be an unfortunate way to spend your piles of money."

    In a typical real estate bubble, individuals put all their money into buying property on the assumption that they can later sell it for a profit. But market forces cause home values to eventually decrease. When that happens on a massive scale, the bubble pops, a large amount of money suddenly evaporates, and a trail of economic destruction ensues.

  • On 20 Jul 2012 in Canadian Housing Still Inflating, bill said:

    When will the Canadian bubble burst?

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