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  • On 23 Aug 2012 in , Randy H said:

    War says

    Randy H says


    And oddly, the liars, pimps and cheats mischaracterize dramatically more affordable housing as gloom and doom.

    Why is that?

    Be proud of your non sequitur reply. Short of pithy, however.

    I'm also unsure what pimps have to do with hyperinflation or worrying about the Fed. My guess is that the average pimp is enjoying rather brisk business these days. Perhaps you have more insight into this world than I, however? Not that we'd know given your status as an anonymous contributor.

  • On 22 Aug 2012 in , Randy H said:

    Oddly, the same doomsayers who believe prices will drop another 65% or whatever the current rubric is are invariably also the same who insist the US will die a fiery death in a hyper inflationary armageddon dollar collapse.

    You can't have it both ways. If we're doomed to the evil cabal of Fed bankers you're all so fixated with heralding in the four horseman of hyperinflation, then home prices will be adding digits, not removing them.

  • On 19 Aug 2012 in , Randy H said:

    I answered the silly little "show me love" question, so I don't understand the hoopla.

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