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  • On Tue, 22 Jul 2014, 6:20am PDT in U.S. smokers say higher cigarette taxes are unjust, varmint said:

    komputodo says

    Obviously no smoker wants higher taxes on cigarettes. But why do non smokers approve?

    I would like to propose a Bob tax. This will be an additional 3% income tax on anyone named Robert or living in a household in which the head is named Robert. In turn, everyone not named Robert will have their tax burden lowered by 0.04%.

    Pretty sure this tax would pass if allowed to go to vote.

    In the case of cigarette taxes I'm sure some non-smokers approve because of the health effects yadda yadda. But most are just looking out for themselves. Tax someone else? Sounds good! Cigarettes are smelly anyways, I hate them!

  • On Fri, 11 Jul 2014, 5:45am PDT in So half of America loves Sarah Palin, varmint said:

    Just because you're a republican doesn't mean you have to believe everything Rush tells you. Palin is a sideshow and a disgrace, she abolutely needs to shut the fuck up... like yesterday. All publicity is good publicity does not apply to politics.

  • On Thu, 22 May 2014, 6:48am PDT in Condo sales surge ahead of single-family homes, varmint said:

    Strategist says

    Call it Crazy says

    (Condos may be the last step before moving to the rental apartment)

    In high priced areas, condos are the first step before moving into houses.

    Condos are a ripoff. I guess they're ok if someone is lazy don't want to keep up their place, but in a decent condo the HOA fees are greater than the difference in price to a house. Each $100 in HOA is like 25K added to purchase price (minimum, HOAs will go up over 30 years while payments are fixed) and they aren't giving you 100k discount off a SFR. Apartment style condos are considerably cheaper, but then again you can rent something equivalent for significantly less than the payments.

    I dunno when I was looking at a place my agent kept trying to push condos but I did the math and it didn't make sense. Likely in SF proper or other high density spots it's different but in the burbs condos suck IMO.

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