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  • On 15 Jul 2014 in Thinking of quitting my job..., joshuatrio said:

    Peter P says

    New Renter says

    edvard2 says

    I see that the OP says he's 24.

    He is? And he's making a 6 figure income?

    Why would you want to leave that?

    Because one can never get rich on a 6, 7 or even 8-figure income?

    Perhaps his dream is even bigger than having lots of money?

    The greatest tragedy in life is aiming too low.

    That's pretty much it. It's not about money. I'm just as happy at 100k, as I was at 60 and 70k. We live pretty frugally, and know how to save, so even if I failed and took a 50% cut, it really wouldn't affect my lifestyle much.

    New Renter says

    Here is the other possibility. If he is making that kind of money at 29 he will likely be considered expendable should there be a change in management. He may very well have a hell of a time finding a similar "high paying" job again despite any rosy talk of a booming economy as are the people I mentioned previously(obviously YMMV).

    I'm not really concerned about finding another job. I've got a pretty diverse IT background, with technical and management experience - as well as a few high level vendor certs that help out with salary.

  • On 15 Jul 2014 in Thinking of quitting my job..., joshuatrio said:

    errc says

    I didn't say that keeping busy, is a problem. I can dream up infinite better things to do with my time, rather than trade it for dollars


    errc says

    If your trading all your quality years, for what someone else has told you, is the safe and surefire path to a senior citizen life, the next step above the catfood eaters. Well then, you're as good as dead already

    Great point.

    Another thing that concerns me about office life is that in most office environments, people look miserable, bored, tired. Common comments are "I have x years till retirement." It bothers me how many people count down that "retirement clock" - it's as if they have nothing worth living for.

  • On 15 Jul 2014 in Thinking of quitting my job..., joshuatrio said:

    edvard2 says

    Either way, this site and others sometimes shocks me in how little people seem to really care, know, or comprehend what retirement is all about as well as its importance. being old and poor is NOT a good thing.

    I'm not ignorant to retirement. I save 50% of my take home, a 401k account, precious metals, and a comfortable savings account. My vehicles are paid off and no loans of any sort. My plan is not to piss away all that I have in pursuit of a dream, but to take a chance, to do something I enjoy - that I am already making a few k per month with minimal effort.

    The risk appears on the low side honestly. Figure if it fails, and I have to go back to the hamster wheel - even with a large paycut, I'm good.

    New Renter says

    edvard2 says

    Lastly, I am not sure what you do for a living, but if its in tech, well tech moves so fast that a year spent away from it can mean a return to a job market where your skills are obsolete.

    6+ months is considered obsolete.

    Disagree. Although I'm not a programmer.

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