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Your whole life is summarized by the credit card you carry.

You have your debit card,
you have your no benefit credit card,
you have your gold, platinum and black card.

My old boss and father-in-law carries the Amex Black, which inspires me to work on the same. It says a lot about yourself and what you demand of yourself. Some poeple want surf and turf, some wants caviar and Foie Goie yet some just want a full stomach.

What do you want in your wallet?

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  • On 19 Aug 2014 in Why your house is a terrible investment, SFace said:

    E-man says

    FunTime says


    The reason less Americans owning homes is because they couldn't afford to buy. Wait until they and their kids are renting from the Chinese and Indians and don't understand why.

    The reason is quite simple.

    Homewownership is painful in the first 10 years for everyone who has a mortgage. After the first 10, the home is an asset.

    Some take the approach that you have to scrap, work extra jobs, borrow and do what it takes. If my kids need a house at age 25, I'll write them the downpayment check, not have them wait and save for the DP.

    Some look at it like I don't want to be tied down to this debt, save cash, rent ratio is not good, income % is too low, the Patrick way.

    The US will be more competitive not less, so me thinks there is no choice but to compete or go to South Dakota. Basic demand and supply tells you things people covet will cost more, me thinks people will be even more demanding and pay even more money for things people like. A premium paid today is superpremium tommorow.

  • On 19 Aug 2014 in Why do Americans pay so much more for data plans, SFace said:

    How else do you get a new iPhone for $199 every 20 months and resell it for $500 used.

    You're buying the data as well as the $700 phone.

  • On 19 Aug 2014 in Why your house is a terrible investment, SFace said:

    Fell in love with the calculator that raped you dry. Lol

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