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I saw this when it was published 3/30/1999.
I said to myself “Wow! Boy, people who hold stocks should be seeing this!”. I am still saying the same thing, but now also for homes.
Both here:
Adjusting for inflation is avoided by the 'establishment', because doing that well-shows our nation's serial, massive mispricings TRUTH.
AMERICA THE BEAUTIFUL: “The public be suckered” is both this track record, and keeping it unseen.

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  • On 21 Apr 2014 in Home Prices & the Dow, each Inflation-Adjusted. A recent Dow day., ttsmyf said:

    WOW! The UNtrustworthy are certainly in control of what information is apparent to the people!

    Say hey! This was in the Wall Street Journal on March 30, 1999. Note "... how much it will buy."

    Holy cow/interesting/compelling ...!

    And where is it up to date??? Right here ... see the first chart shown in this thread.
    Recent Dow day is Monday, April 21, 2014 __ Level is 104.0

    WOW! It is hideous that this is hidden! Is there any such "Homes, Inflation Adjusted"? Yes! This was in the New York Times on August 27, 2006:

    And up to date (by me) is here:

    WOW! The UNtrustworthy are certainly in control of what information is apparent to the people!

    And "ThePublic Be Suckered"

  • On 21 Apr 2014 in Money has corrupted us. We no longer understand what it's worth, ttsmyf said:

    Hi hrhjuliet!
    Here is a new one by me.

  • On 12 Apr 2014 in The Public Be Suckered (that's you), ttsmyf said:

    Ormondroyd says

    Semms sad but true to me. Now that everyone and his brother has been forced into a 401(k) for his retirement the dividend yield on the broad market has shrunk to just about the inflation rate. The excuse used to be that dividends were taxed twice, but now that dividends are taxed less than previuosly the payout remains anemic. So the stock market becomes a Ponzi scheme where your only real gain is if others are willing to pay more for your shares than you did. (The dividend yield being zero after inflation) Sucker sure seems like the appropriate term to me.

    I reckon that deceptionS by omission dominate, so let's get these compelling, historical charts in everyone's face, all the time! I suppose that the big con will expire if the truth is everywhere! Take a look at the bottom of this page:

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