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  • On 23 Jul 2014 in Increased worker productivity will make up for demographic changes, John Bailo said:

    Blackwatch says

    I have read that eventually we will have a ratio of around 2:1 workers to retirees , and these systems weren't designed to function with much larger ratio, around 6 or 7: 1. I can see how this doesn't seem sustainable.

    Think of a typical working adult. Although he may be described as "productive"...is he really? Think of how much he consumes in order to do his job. He must travel to work in a car. Use gas, Use office space. Use planes to get to meetings and conferences. Consume educational resources.

    What is the payback. Maybe some analysis, some insight, a project done. But how much of that is really...necessary.

    Now think of an out of the loop retiree. First take someone with few health problems. He has a paid mortgage. In today's world, he can use Amazon and Safeway delivery and not even have to drive. When he does he can use Uber. In some sense, the retired person will be the true beneficiary of the sharing economy.

    Except for the case of the infirm, where assisted living is needed, this retiree will use very little resources. Nothing major has to be built for him. And when he dies, his assets return to other members of society.

    Take the more infirm person. In today's information rich economy he has the option of assisted living. Is that labor dependent? Well, in the old days many elderly had to use RNs and in home care. 1 person to 1 elderly. With these assisted living facilities, they are like complete cruise ships. Everything from food, to hygiene, to entertainment is shared across many elderly. Again, it's like a socialized form of living, so highly efficient.

    Robotics, in this sense, becomes almost redundant, where you can build systems so that a very few workers can service a great number of customers in this way.

  • On 22 Jul 2014 in Chuck Schumer wants to end party primaries, John Bailo said:

    I have to say...yes.

    The primary system is currently phony. It's presented as part of the public electoral process. But the two majority parties, are private entities!

    It creates a false sense of these parties and the primary process as being legislated, when in fact, these parties could, if they so desire, simply pick one person and put them up for office.

  • On 22 Jul 2014 in Until drug war ends, refugees will keep coming, John Bailo said:

    More recently, the United States implemented a militarization campaign, providing funding to law enforcement officials in Latin American countries to combat narco-trafficking.

    This policy destabilized major regions of Central America, increasing murder rates and corrupting any viable political or economic opportunities to bring about change.

    Corruption in government and law enforcement results in an environment of extreme violence, as gangs of criminals battle for control across borders.

    Did I miss a step in the logic here?

    Is he saying that if we had let drug gangs run the country, everything would have been peaceful and hunky dory for the average Costa Rican, living in a forest?

    If only we had let gangs sell drugs, they would have invested in infrastructure and transformed the nation to first world status?

    Worked in East LA right? Or in Mexico for that matter where cartels run the country.

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