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  • On 22 Oct 2014 in Slump in mortgage rates fails to rally home buyers, John Bailo said:

    bubblesitter says

    Hmmm....more rate cuts needed to fuel the market?

    Lower prices.
    Lower prices.
    Lower prices.

  • On 22 Oct 2014 in How tech jobs, housing and transit are shaping a megaregion, John Bailo said:

    Heraclitusstudent says

    the peninsula.

    Yes why are all these beloved 18th century port cities -- many of them peninsulas, isthmuses or islands -- still home to the most revenue generating businesses?!

    With 1 Gig fiber and 300 mph maglev trains it would make more sense to move to small towns in inland states such as Nebraska where there is open land in all directions.

    For the Bay Area, Levis Stadium, situated outside the Old Town and not only transit, but at the crossroads of highways seems like a welcome trend towards sanity.

  • On 22 Oct 2014 in Elizabeth Warren makes sense, John Bailo said:

    CaptainShuddup says

    She's gotten a lot of mileage out of playing Captain obvious while giving the false illusion that she was going to do any damn thing at all.

    I heartily agree. All she does is go around the country saying that "someone" should form a committee and do something. Wait. She's a Senator! Isn't that her job.

    My take on it is that she's basically there to keep the more radical elements of the Democratic Party in the barn should Hillary (the scion of Republicans) should prove too far right for them.

    I expect a possible mock challenge and maybe a Vice Presidency where she'll have zero hope of implementing any of her Social Dream State plans, but it will give the Lefto's a wailing wall to vent before.

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