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  • On Sat, 7 Nov 2015, 1:27pm PST in Facebook tops General Electric in market value- Now you Know the USA is F*cked, John Bailo said:

    Truth be told it's the DOW and old Big Caps, even tech that are overvalued.

    (1) These stocks were counting on an open "Asian market", however, China is now building or will build everything from fast computers to airplanes. There is no "Asian Market" for American companies.

    (2) Portals are doomed. Lots of 90s tech companies are coasting around as if they have exclusive technology that controls it all...yet everything we've seen in the last 10 years shows that we're going into a cloud and services world where anyone can stitch together services into a virtual business and only pay for what you need. Case in point is that old school networks like CBS are all starting their own "Netflix". Those who make the content can easily roll-their-own streaming video service just by renting fractional service from a modern telco like CenturyLink

    (3) Pocket Calculator Era. The say I found I could read my work email on my smartphone is the day I realized I could take a bike ride at lunch and stay in touch with my office. A $79 smart phone can now do virtually most of the business functions of a $4000 PC from 1995. Cloud streaming with Chromecast means a $35 USB stick does what a $400 box does. My latest computer is a $179 ASUS eee with Win 10. It's superthin, very ligth and has a battery that lasts 11 hours. Those qualities make it hundreds of times more valuable than a $4000 surface or macbook. And if someone steals it, I can get another one off the shelf.

    (4) SDN -- Software defined networking. Networks are now set up in software...you don't have to build or make hardware planning or spend lots of capital for specialized routers as off the shelf hardware and increasingly autonomous software builds it and scales it for you.

    In essence, Amazon Web Services, which is the only source of profit for Amazon.com, makes Amazon.com, a vertically oriented portal for e-commerce, obsolete!

    The value is now in content and creativity not just ownership and squatting as it has been for the last 20 years.

  • On Sat, 7 Nov 2015, 1:18pm PST in The Tyranny of a Big Idea, John Bailo said:

    You're merging two problems.

    Obviously we need to limit, if not severely reduce population.

    But that Chinese chose infanticide as a response because they all wanted boys, is a completely separate problem.

    I'm for a 1 child per family aggregate approach.

    That is, if a family wants to have 5 children, and they find 5 people willing to be childless "aunts" then go ahead, get the IUD and let those who are really qualified to be parents do the job.

    I would also reward low birthrate families with all kinds of free tuition and tax credits and even housing as a positive incentive.

  • On Sat, 7 Nov 2015, 1:02pm PST in Bernie Sanders Bashes Uber, Uses It For All His Taxi Rides, John Bailo said:

    Just ask yourself...how many stockbrokers have farmhouses in Vermont...after 20 years of "Bern Socialism"

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