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  • On 25 Jul 2014 in More than $100,000 increase. Are you kidding me ??, donjumpsuit said:

    What's the worry.

    IWOG is right, always has been.

    I can't wait until my AppleBee's server is making $200k a year.

  • On 15 Jul 2014 in Thinking of quitting my job..., donjumpsuit said:

    Personally, I have a personality that strongly desires getting up on weekdays and being involved in a "more than one person' job environment.

    Have you ever lived a life where you have the freedom of a daily schedule unencumbered by a '9 to 5' responsibility?

    I know it sounds great in principle, and some people do have the disposition for this.

    But i think that is the question you must ask yourself.

    Will in one month, you be satisfied 'sitting around' or will you have enough to fill a day, and look forward to the next?

    And not get to the end of a day and feel "Well this was a waste of day, I accomplished nothing!"

  • On 11 Jul 2014 in Employers lament: Cannot find qualified workers, donjumpsuit said:

    Dear STEM employers.

    Can't find suitable employees? Here are a few tips.

    #1. Only phone/in person interview candidates that you truly feel will be right for the position. Of those please pick only 3-6. There can't possibly be 40 qualified applicants, and if there are, please do the work on the pre-screening end, and not after the in person interviews.

    #2. Stop making me fill out a job application that has the same exact fields that are in my resume/CV. You make me wonder if it's a test, and won't hire those who do redundant things, for no good reason.

    #3. Please provide more transparency in the interview process. Such as how many candidates are interviewing, and WHY. If you mention I am only one of three candidates in the final interview, I might be more receptive to the process.

    #4. Please start with a salary that at LEAST matches the $6k a month they give 19 year old Facebook summer interns. I am almost 40. It's a sign of disrespect that my 25 years of experience in the position you are hiring get's a lower salary than an employee with no experience who hasn't had an opportunity to consume alcohol legally in public.

    #5. If you can't provide this salary, please leave the area you have incorporated your business. I see that your CEO, CSO, and CFO live in Los Altos and love it here. Perhaps they could shave a few million off the $40 million you are paid, and distribute it across the salaries of your employees so they can afford to rent a mobile home 1.5 hrs away from the job.

    #6. Be better at firing/releasing dead weight or non-performing workers. Be as good at firing them, as you are at incompetently hiring them. AT LEAST.

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