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  • On 12 Sep 2014 in Dear iPhone 6 users, welcome to 2012!, donjumpsuit said:

    Meanwhile .......

    Every phone in existence copies the original iPhone.


  • On 26 Aug 2014 in Lawnmowers-what kind do you use?, donjumpsuit said:

    Disclaimer: My brother owns the largest small equipment John Deere Dealership in the nation (New Hampshire) and I have worked as both an employee and on several landscaping crews in the northeast.

    The best mower for you depends on yard size and climate.

    I have a postage stamp of grass in California, it's about 15 X 50. I bought a $200 electric and it has been the best decision I ever made. A 50 foot cord can handle the whole thing. Also, its not wet when I mow it, so grass build up underneath the deck is minimal, which is the worst problem for electric mower efficiency. Also trying to do too high of grass.

    Gas mowers must be winterized, or the gas in the carb turns to varnish over the winter, and takes an experienced person to clean and get ready.

    Toro, wheelhorse, are ok, but any mower you buy from Home Depot/Lowes/walmart is typically a poor performing mower, or parts will break sooner than mowers bought at lawn mower shops.

    As an example.

    John Deere sells a riding lawn mower at Lowes/Home Depot that is built according to Lowes/Home Depot specifications to minimize costs and maximize profits.

    That specific John Deere has a mower deck that is too large, and poorly designed for the two blades that are underneath it, and it isn't as efficient or precise as a similar type from a authorized shop.

    But I bet that Mower costs $1999. And a similar one from a deere dealer would probably be $500-1000 more.

  • On 25 Aug 2014 in The Home-Flipping Bubble Implodes, donjumpsuit said:

    bubblesitter says

    The game was over pretty much once banks decided not to foreclose anymore.

    I would suggest the opposite.

    Once they closed the tap, getting a cheap home became impossible. Flippers had all cash, and someone bringing a mortgage couldn't match because it couldn't get appraised at the price the flippers offered in cash.

    If all homes were forclosed, there would be so many, flippers would find opportunities and provide them to those who wanted a newly skinned home, and modest entry level buyers could also get thiers with a mortgage and put thier own equity in.

    The shortage eliminated the latter.

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