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  • On 28 Mar 2014 in Some Thoughts On The Best Way To Die, yup1 said:

    APOCALYPSEFUCKisShostikovitch says

    Tossing aside the M134 after the last of the 25 million rounds of belted ammo is exhausted and throwing myself with nothing but a commandeered scimitar into the barking throng of starving cannibal neonazis to fight to the last, plowing through the hoard, laughing at the howls of agony and the ring of steel bouncing off of bone!

    You need more ammo.....

  • On 11 Mar 2014 in Real estate agents caught on camera having sex in for-sale house, yup1 said:

    Richard Weiner, haha!

  • On 5 Feb 2014 in User guide to Austrian economics, yup1 said:

    control point says

    My guess is Koch industries would have been sitting pretty in a financial system collapse. It would explain why they are so pissed about the bailouts.

    Oil hit $40/barrel. Koch would have been crushed. That is the whole point, if you do nothing when does it stop?

    Lehman collapses
    Ok we do nothing......
    Reserve Primary fund breaks the buck due to Lehman collapse
    Ok we do nothing......
    Just pick your poison because if we continue to do nothing it gets way way worse.

    Remember the fed backstopped EVERYTHING
    Bank accounts 250k, money market funds, hell they even backstopped commercial paper so GE could stay in business.

    We are in a credit based world if we get rid of credit, prices and wages drop to cash values. 1.2 Trillion in printed US dollars on the planet. You do the math.

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