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  • On Tue, 16 Jul 2013, 11:57am PDT in Zimmerman case whistleblower fired., chanakya4773 said:

    My definition of racism :obstruction to equal access to all the tools necessary to make one's life better.harassment free environment is one of them.
    free money is not one of them.
    I hear lot of this on TV but can people come up with a list of items that prevent people of different races to succeed in life ?
    i don't care about other peoples opinions , bias ..etc .as long as it does not prevent me from succeeding and leading a worry free life if i am law abiding.who else shares that opinion ?

    racism is alive but reasonably low enough for people to move on and focus on other bottlenecks that prevent them from succeeding.

  • On Thu, 11 Jul 2013, 5:28pm PDT in Zimmerman: In A Just World, This Trial Is Over, chanakya4773 said:

    Rew says

    No, just imagine Martin beat Zimmerman to death and then pleads stand ground/ self defense.

    "He yelled at me from a car after watching me, so I ran. He then followed me on foot, I got scared, and tackled him. I wanted to run away but he started reaching for his fire arm so I repeatedly punched him until he didn't move anymore. I was scared for my life."

    It basically makes the person left alive absolved because they are the only ones left to paint the self defense story.

    essentially, the law says that either you suck it up to any bully who has a gun/run from the scene or face death.

    actually i have a question for all the guys who support this law.
    if some guy with a gun came and spit on you. what would do ?
    if you fight back and it becomes dangerous ( like 99% fist fights), he will kill you. so do you just wipe you face and avoid any confrontation?

    we know the guy will not be going to jail for murder just because he spit on you .
    nobody will even know what happened.

    only an idiot can come up with such a law.

  • On Thu, 11 Jul 2013, 4:18pm PDT in Zimmerman: In A Just World, This Trial Is Over, chanakya4773 said:

    just imagined a "story" that might happen in Florida:

    A Guy named X went in to a bar with his girlfriend. Another guy Y made a dirty joke on X's girlfriend. fight started..during the exchange of punches, the guy Y was getting beaten severely when Y suddenly pulled a gun and shot X.

    How many such cases do we want to see before we call the current stand your ground law B.S ? its high time to redefine it.

    when only one guy has the gun, do we want all the fights to end up with the other guy getting killed ?

    if one person has a gun and another does not, what would prevent the former from pushing the situation to such an extreme that he finally gets a chance to shoot and kill. if the other person does not respond , the bullying will continue from the former.

    So its either getting bullied or getting killed !! - guaranteed by your very own stand your ground law

    i can see only two solutions :
    1) everybody carries a gun and can kill the other person in self defense.this will prevent bullying. people will be very polite to each other. if we go by that logic, actually if people can carry grenades, it will increase the politeness even further ;-)

    2) redefine stand your ground law

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