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  • On 27 Mar 2013 in Financial Reform Is Being Dismantled. Why Doesn't Obama Seem to Care?, joe blow said:

    iwog says

    Republicans have created an environment where the most serious "crimes" by banks are perfectly legal. Selling toxic mortgages as AAA rated bonds? It's not illegal. Giving money to the unemployed to buy million dollar homes? Perfectly within the law. Financial weapons of mass destruction called derivatives? A weak attempt to regulate them was beaten down by the Ayn Rand disciple Alan Greenspan and they can be freely bought and sold.

    Professor William Black who was involved in the savings and loan debacle disagrees with you. He says the gov has dropped the ball.

  • On 30 Dec 2012 in For the Married Guys (And the Guys Who Have Been Married), joe blow said:

    marriage is slavery if you are the breadwinner, and there is no way out -- divorce courts destroy your life. If you have a decent middle class job, marriage is like playing russian roulette with 3 bullets in the gun.

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