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  • On Sun, 28 Jun 2015, 12:11pm PDT in Housing - I was wrong, and I am sorry., Robert Sproul said:

    JasonM says

    Housing - I was wrong, and I am sorry.

    I think the only thing you were wrong about is not realizing that the Fed would go mad-dog and spew money over the landscape like air tankers dropping borate on a forest fire.
    If the United States Housing Bubble was a true mania, it should end in a revulsion of the asset class. I still think that is in the cards myself.
    Now, people need housing, and enjoy the owning of it in many cases. But my grandfather (b. 1894) and my father (b. 1915), both lifelong bankers making thousands of mortgage loans over decades in first 3/4's of the last century, never once agreed with the concept that a man's home purchase was an "investment".
    That idea was marketed to the muppets, like deodorant and Corn Flakes, about when we all made the transition from "citizen" to "consumer".
    My belief is that the day is coming (maybe as soon as IWOG DEPRESSION 2017 (™)) when homes are no longer an "investment" for the average, non landlording, schmoe.
    Revulsion and rejection of the asset class……for years and years.

  • On Mon, 22 Jun 2015, 8:09pm PDT in Florida man who flew gyrocopter to U.S. Capitol rejects plea deal, Robert Sproul said:

    Quigley says

    The mere fact that a plea deal was offered means that the prosecutor is worried that he may not be able to impanel a jury that would convict.

    Federal prosecutions are rigged show trials. They overcharge radically to terrorize defendants into pleading guilty.
    Well over 90% do!
    If you dare to go to trial they have a 90% conviction rate.
    So, you see, they are never wrong.

  • On Sat, 20 Jun 2015, 9:08pm PDT in Only Mexico outranks us, Robert Sproul said:

    Here is some harsh reality.

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