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  • On 31 Jan 2015 in Students are easy prey for student loans, Robert Sproul said:

    "14 percent don't think they have any debt at all."
    How the hell does this happen?

  • On 31 Jan 2015 in Ground zero for dead children, Robert Sproul said:

    lostand confused says

    I mean Marin county of all places???

    I know some of this cohort. They sit around Starbucks after pilates and talk about the horrors of Climate Change……and vaccines. Hard to understand.

    I wish they wouldn't manipulate statistics to peddle vaccines though, flu shots always make me feel like a sucker.
    "The CDC's decision to play up flu deaths dates back a decade, when it realized the public wasn't following its advice on the flu vaccine. During the 2003 flu season "the manufacturers were telling us that they weren't receiving a lot of orders for vaccine."

  • On 31 Jan 2015 in Wall Street Is Gobbling Up Two-Thirds of Your 401(k), Robert Sproul said:

    CL says

    401k as we know it, was in the code and then promptly exploited by fat cats.

    My understanding is the original law was written as a deferred income tax dodge for the wealthy.
    I am sure that Wall Street quickly appreciated the gargantuan pool of unsophisticated money that its broad application created.
    Better to deal with millions of muppets, and the inherent churn, than a handful of (theoretically) savvy pension fund managers.
    From the PBS show: "The 401k is one of the only products that Americans buy that they don't know the price of it. Or the quality. Or the Danger. The Mutual Fund industry has been able to protect themselves against regulation that would expose the danger and the price of their products."
    Convince Joe Blow that he is an "investor", has to be for his future and his family, and then bleed him into a bucket.

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