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  • On Sat, 27 Oct 2012, 1:55am PDT in , thomas.wong1986 said:

    ptiemann says

    ‘scared to death’

    i sure dont recall anyone being scared to death when prices fell from peak 1989... today, perhaps its the politicians who are afraid who staked their career on it.. and lost.

    there are still people out there who denied that housing bubbles exist as they still hope for a recovery.... they can later continue to claim as they claim today..it was a mortgage crisis not a pricing bubble.

  • On Thu, 12 Jul 2012, 12:10pm PDT in The Ultra-rich Have a Right to Free Speech, thomas.wong1986 said:

    Auntiegrav says

    Isn't it time we stopped letting people do the Left/Right blame game when we all know the game is rigged for those with the money to rig it

    my answer to you is NO!

  • On Thu, 12 Jul 2012, 10:12am PDT in The Ultra-rich Have a Right to Free Speech, thomas.wong1986 said:

    They are right to be afraid and angry because the 0.1% has shipped off all their jobs to China and is systematically trying to undermine Social Security, Medicare, etc too. So they are slowly but surely being impoverished by the 0.1%.

    But then they are convinced by Fox News and AM radio to blame themselves. Or to blame Mexicans, even though they wouldn't do the jobs Mexicans do. Or to blame "liberals", or blacks

    Blame Liberals it is!

    Lawmakers Want ‘Made in China’ U.S. Olympic Uniforms Burned
    Lawmakers were outraged Thursday after an ABC World News report revealed that the U.S. Olympic team’s opening ceremony outfits are made in China. Some suggested making a bonfire with the outfits, which include berets and blazers.

    “I think they should take all the uniforms, put them in a big pile and burn them and start all over again,” Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., said when asked by ABC News today, “If they have to wear nothing but a symbol that says USA on it, painted by hand, that is what they should wear.”

    so who made the Uniforms.... Ralph Lauren a Democrat... ever dawn on anyone what they were doing ?


    olitical Campaign Contributions by Ralph Lauren (1999 to Present) - $30,100
    DEMOCRAT: 100.00% REPUBLICAN: 0.00%
    Contributed To Party $ Amt Date
    OBAMA VICTORY FUND Democrat 2,300 10/24/2008
    OBAMA VICTORY FUND Democrat 2,300 10/24/2008
    DRISCOLL FOR CONRGRESS Democrat 2,000 10/06/2004
    JOHN KERRY FOR PRESIDENT INC Democrat 1,000 07/29/2004
    JOHN KERRY FOR PRESIDENT INC Democrat 1,000 07/29/2004
    A LOT OF PEOPLE SUPPORTING TOM DASCHLE INC Democrat 1,000 03/25/2004
    FRIENDS OF SCHUMER Democrat 500 12/04/2003
    FRIENDS OF SCHUMER Democrat 2,000 12/04/2003
    JOHN KERRY FOR PRESIDENT INC. Democrat 2,000 06/03/2003
    KERRY COMMITTEE Democrat 1,000 11/04/2002
    NEW YORK SENATE 2000 Democrat 10,000 09/28/1999

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