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  • On 24 Jul 2014 in Research: Car owners benefit from start-stop technology, SiO2 said:

    Peter P says

    Possibly a direct result of overzealous fuel efficiency laws.

    EPA mpg ratings don't give credit for stop/start technology today. So this technology is not a result of fuel efficiency laws.

    It probably makes more sense in a hybrid, where the car can move under electric power to some degree. So the ICE isn't always running. With an ICE car which must be on for any movement, I'm not sure.

  • On 16 Jul 2014 in U.S. real estate "recovery" driven by rich Chinese, SiO2 said:

    alpo says

    $5.8 billion spent by Indians buying real-estate in US? I find this difficult to believe. This must be Indians already working in US.

    Good point. I wonder if H1B people are counted as "overseas" buyers. Which would also skew the numbers on Chinese buyers.

  • On 16 Jul 2014 in finding a rental in Mountain View / west Sunnyvale, SiO2 said:

    New Renter says

    Without traffic its 25 minutes to Stanford.

    But with traffic...

    Actually, Caltrain is a good option on that route. Stanford has a shuttle bus from caltrain to the campus so it's reasonably convenient.

    Santa Clara is probably cheaper than MV, as long as you aren't in the cupertino school district section (southwest). Central SC is pretty nice, although doesn't have a lively downtown like mv. North SC, around 101, is, well, cheaper.

    Google maps now has a facility where you can look at "typical traffic" conditions for different days and times. So you could fool around with that to see different options.

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