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  • On 9 Sep 2014 in Why your house is NOT a terrible investment (or at least my house), SiO2 said:

    Waitingtobuy says

    My current place is almost 14 years old. By the 15 year average I detailed, I should be replacing the HVAC (may do so, but likely wont; figure $3K of repairs), renovate the baths (I have nice baths so no; just painting the cabinets for $1500 and a new shower door of $1K), reno the kitchen (no again; new appliances over 15 years should run me $4K, and painting the cabinets to cost me $1500). I painted the outside for $4K, will again in another 10 years). Maybe roof repair of $4K, but doubt I will need another entire roof. One more carpeting run in 7 years of $2500. Total with the $20K I dumped in at the start and last three years is $41.5K. Figure another $4K in misc and unseen expenses. Average of about $3K/yr over 15 years

    When comparing owning to renting, need to compare like to like. For example, few landlords are going to spend $4k on kitchen appliances every 15 years. A fridge is $600, dishwasher is $400, range is $500. And a range like that will last longer than a $5000 subzero-type appliance.

    I wouldn't call a kitchen update "maintenance" if the old kitchen is serviceable but outdated. It is true that an owner is more likely to spend money on house improvements than a renter, but, that's a discretionary choice.

  • On 8 Sep 2014 in Why your house is NOT a terrible investment (or at least my house), SiO2 said:

    Waitingtobuy says

    I think 1%-2% for maintenance/remodeling is high, but it depends on the price of the home.

    And the location. In coastal CA, the price of the home could be 50% to 75% land value. There's not much maintenance required there. In other places, the land value is less.

    So, the maintenance on a $1m house in "Fortress" Silicon Valley (1200 sq ft) would be much less than on a $1m house in the Midwest (6000 sq ft). Really need to calculate it out vs assuming 1%.

  • On 14 Aug 2014 in The New Thirty Years War, SiO2 said:

    New Renter says

    Anyway this 2012 article does attempt to deconvolute the tangle of "hidden" costs of foreign oil:


    The estimate is between $0.02-$0.20/gallon based on 2004 levels of motor fuel consumption.

    This is an interesting article, and I am glad to see someone try to make the analysis. Thanks for sharing the link.
    However I think he way undercalls it.
    First, he says that the DOD spends $300b per year in peacetime. The 2014-15 Dod budget is $756b. Subtract out $85b for winding down Afghanistan, and it is $671b. Double his estimate. (http://useconomy.about.com/od/usfederalbudget/p/military_budget.htm)

    Second, the Iraq war itself cost $100b-$300b per year, depending on if we include the interest incurred, the long term veteran costs, and other recurring expenses.

    We use about 135b gallons of gas per year, and 35b gallons of diesel. (http://www.americanfuels.net/2014/04/us-on-highway-diesel-fuel-consumption.html). Total 170b.

    So Iraq alone is about $1/gallon, not to mention other costs. Even if we think that Iraq was only 50% about oil, that's still 50 cents per gallon, plus the 20 cents or so that exist from the costs cited in the article.

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