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  • On 2 Apr 2014 in Ten States that are Nearly Wards of the State, SiO2 said:

    American in Japan says

    I'd say...9 Red States and 1 "Purple State

    MS: Red
    NM: Purple, maybe blue
    AL: Red
    LA: Red, but there's still some Dixiecrat folks left. But definitely Red attitudes even if sometimes vote Dem due to historical reasons
    ME: Blue
    MN: Red
    TN: Red
    WV: Like LA. Red in thinking but often vote Dem. It's like the Southern Strategy passed by them somehow.
    SD: Red, although ND and SD had 4 Dem senators between them 10 years ago
    AZ: Red

    So by my count:
    Red: 8
    Blue: 1
    Purple: 1

    The overall point remains, that blue states are more prosperous and subsidize red states. I just saw another article that this is also true at the congressional district level. Certainly we see this in CA where the blue areas of Silicon Valley and LA subsidize the red Central Valley. And the Central Valley residents decry the moves to charge them for scarce water as "Socialism!!"

  • On 31 Mar 2014 in Young Americans show growing affinity for Democratic Party, SiO2 said:

    jazz music says

    BTW you can't see dodgerfanjohn's link to the NY Times unless you register to get harassed via e-mail to subscribe and etc.

    If you put the headline into news.google.com, you can see it for free from that link. Google has a special deal with nyt and wsj.

  • On 24 Mar 2014 in Los Angeles and San Francisco - houses are overvalued by around 16%, SiO2 said:

    iwog says

    My rentals are cash flow positive and are not in one of the fortress areas of the San Francisco Bay area. Of course it helps that I was heavily buying when people like you were telling me not to do so

    Iwog, the article is about sf msa, which includes CC and Alameda counties. And Concord. So yes, SF city is different, but, this article is about the msa.

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