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  • On Tue, 29 Sep 2015, 2:20pm PDT in Iwog Idiocy Strikes again 2, NuttBoxer said:

    Let's start with some easy ones, China and the US. Both have socialist economies, though one is more overt, with heavy state regulation and control. Both economies are currently in a tailspin due to same said "control". The quotes are because even in an almost completely closed off system like N Korea, free market still exists. Black markets are in every socialist country in the world, because the law of supply and demand must be satisfied. Free market should be thought of more in terms of physics than man-made philosophy. As in it exists because it is. I have never heard this to be true of any other economic system. Keynes philosophy mandates government intervention.

    Going to iwog's list, Syria is actually reported to be a very good place to live, or it was. I have watched some interviews with Syrian refugees(the ones who are really from Syria), and they all had pretty good lives before all the foreign intervention/war that has destroyed their country(another topic). Guatemala was literally a Banana Republic for decades, and is still recovering from foreign intervention and war, both of which involve heavy economic control. Singapore and Hong Kong are the highest countries on that list that encourage free market growth. Although some of them I am less familiar with.

  • On Tue, 29 Sep 2015, 11:30am PDT in Iwog Idiocy Strikes again 2, NuttBoxer said:

    If anyone's interested in pulling the valid debate of free market vs government manipulation into a separate post, I can provide support for the former. I don't wanna hijack this thread though. And in the spirit of the bashing that started this thread all socialist, Mao gang-raping, Stalin cock-slurping, Lincoln slave-sodomizing control freaks can now bend over for Hillary's 30 min strap-on session.

  • On Tue, 29 Sep 2015, 11:12am PDT in Observations in Boulder, CO, NuttBoxer said:

    Patrick says

    * it seems to be an island in an otherwise republican hinterland. yet things are so well run that there is an overtone of control and order from above that feels rather right-wing. maybe i shouldn't try to classify it in the left-right dimension.

    I'd agree with the comment on low population, as cities are not natural, or nice places to live. Control from above, or government has never been effective in running anything well. What you're seeing is likely a lack of government, allowing people to live and let live.

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