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  • On 16 Apr 2014 in Electronic bracelets for gun owners???, BayAreaObserver said:

    More than just bracelets: WASHINGTON — In wake of two mass shootings this month, Attorney General Eric Holder urged Congress Tuesday to authorize $15 million for training state and local law enforcement officers to confront so-called active shooters.

    "In the face of this urgent and growing threat – when the lives of innocent people are at stake – those who stand on the front lines need our full and unwavering support," Holder said in a video message posted on the Justice Department's website. "This critical funding would help the Justice Department ensure that America's police officers have the tools and guidance they need to effectively respond to active shooter incidents whenever and wherever they arise."


  • On 16 Apr 2014 in Justice Department Hits IBM Over H-1B Hiring Practices, BayAreaObserver said:

    Five Companies Responsible For A Third Of All H-1B Guest Worker Visa Approvals Last Year As Businesses Seek Cheaper Tech Work

    Five labor outsourcing companies alone accounted for 37 percent of the 65,000 temporary work visas immigration authorities approved under the program last year, according to federal immigration data analyzed by International Business Times. That has left others dependent on the visa program -- tech companies as well as thousands of other small businesses and universities seeking professional foreign guest workers -- to compete for the remaining slots.

    Lost on no one is the fact that foreign workers brought to the United States under the temporary visa scheme can legally be paid less than median wages, provoking charges that the temp agencies are exploiting the program as a means of undercutting American-born workers.

    “The whole process is broken,” said Neeraj Gupta, CEO of Newark, Calif.-based Systems In Motion, a three-year-old IT services provider that trains and places American college graduates in tech-support jobs. “What the visa was intended to do was to allow us to get great engineers from India, the Philippines, the Ukraine, or wherever, for our innovation economy. Instead these large outsourcing firms are bringing in lower paid testers and programmers are taking up so many of the visas.”


  • On 12 Apr 2014 in The densest settlement in the world, BayAreaObserver said:

    Sometime back on a weeklong trip in Hong Kong we were taking in the night skyline view. Behind the nice lights in many of the buildings I was surprised a bit at how many families are crammed into each small flat in many of the buildings which was explained to us by several locals. While not the "walled city" the density was stunning to us taking away some of the patina of the brightly lit buildings. Daytime repeatedly confirmed things have not improved all that much over some of the pictures in this article.

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