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  • On Fri, 8 Apr 2016, 8:57pm PDT in Remembering why I love Chile so much, BayAreaObserver said:

    iwog says

    You're dishonest and a hypocrite. That kind of ends it in my book.

    Moi ? Dishonest and a hypocrite - how do you do it ? You truly have a gift to frame someone else with the things you excel in more than anyone else on this forum. The only other person I have ever met who was capable of the same quality and depth of such deeds was my brother who has always been a pathological liar since grade school.

    But for the record at no time have I ever called your wife "fat" - you did. I do admit to suggesting there are several programs available for someone who may want to lose an extra few pounds at varying price points and degrees of complexity. Maybe if she availed herself of one of these fine programs while she was at Berkeley she might have been more okay living with the other girls in the sorority house - just a thought...

    Does this mean we're done Ashley ? Oh God forbid....where is Captain Butler ?

  • On Fri, 8 Apr 2016, 5:36pm PDT in Remembering why I love Chile so much, BayAreaObserver said:

    iwog says

    Please tell me if I left out any significant parts of this conversation.

    Don't paraphrase and put my words into your words that would be kind of significant in your rewritten Readers' Digest anaylysis.
    iwog says

    You think I have a problem with being insulted???? ROFLOL

    Don't care one way or the other - same for the wife. As for my comments on your wife I made those on observation based on her pictures.

    Flame Wars ? Isn't that what you specialize in with Indigenous and numerous other posters on this site - you've been doing it ever since I showed up here.

    iwog says

    you lost your shit and called me a rapist.

    Please show me exactly where I said those exact words or anything to that effect.

    Arrogant - that's your gig. Not trying to win anything - you are hung up on winning internet arguments. You've resorted to firing back at me in all Caps you've lost it so bad on past occasions when I've challenged your point of view or analysis. After someone else pointed it out, you went back and corrected the all caps thing.

    You see sport - I have a problem with people like yourself as well so we have something in common. I will let you figure out what the problem is I have with you.

  • On Thu, 7 Apr 2016, 11:46am PDT in Remembering why I love Chile so much, BayAreaObserver said:

    iwog says

    Hypocrite, petty, asinine.

    I do declare Bwana I have hit a raw nerve there. Not my fault you display and exhibit the same characteristics as Donald Trump. Unfortunately I don't work for any of the organizations that published those articles I cited so unless you put me on ignore - I will comment on whatever I feel like including your articles about Chile Hey, maybe you can start a thread about getting me banned from here too ? Isn't that how free speech works for you ?

    Tell you what Bwana - I'll say something nice about your wife. Her face won't stop a clock and some guy wearing a pacemaker won't have to worry about it speeding up either if they see her. Happy Now ? For an added bonus if Billlary get elected, she can dump those dowdy work outfits and get into pantsuits which will not only be chic but de rigueur. .

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