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  • On 16 Oct 2014 in A non-compete clause for sandwich-makers? Something is wrong., BayAreaObserver said:

    Softshell - I actually do understand "non-compete" contracts however I find it hard to believe that a sandwich maker was given a contract for a specific period of work or scope of work like an executive. Making a sandwich is not quite the same as working on proprietary software etc. or similar.

  • On 12 Oct 2014 in Ebola patient died, BayAreaObserver said:

    Well now that its here and out of the bag so to speak - should we start the internment camps up again? That should fit in really well with the quarantine thing. While were at it, how about quarantining all the school kids with their virus that is spreading around the country? Sounds like a real money making idea.

  • On 12 Oct 2014 in Rents in Southern California will climb faster in next two years, study says, BayAreaObserver said:

    Cap'n, you mean to tell me you don't believe someone should live by your whims instead of someone else's? Before I throw too many stones at California, Florida is not without its' share of problems.

    On a passing note I am no longer a resident of California, I was ahead of Scoob and moved out last month (same reasoning) and happily and affordably living in Indiana.

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