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  • On Thu, 11 Feb 2016, 3:35pm PST in Mortgage Purchase Applications & Recession Watch, BayAreaObserver said:

    Logan, what do you realistically see happening on the mortgage rates for the rest of the year ? Today's rate quotes of 3.5 - 3.65 is a bit less than what I have but not enough to do anything about. Any chance the rates could get closer to 3.25 or even a bit below that ?

  • On Thu, 11 Feb 2016, 2:31pm PST in how much will the price of gas this year save your average Ameircan?, BayAreaObserver said:

    B.A.C.A.H. says

    I think he's saying the "saved" money on food, etc., is not paying the higher prices that we woulda paid were it not for lower energy prices not holding back the consumer prices. He's probably right if that's what he thinks.

    Sometimes I have to read his posts numerous times trying to decipher them let alone analyze the thought process behind them. Your point about pricing power is spot on to me. The savings I am seeing in groceries, utilities etc. that can be attributed to lower priced oil are being offset just as quickly by increased pricing for distribution/transmission/maintenance etc. on the utility end the same 30-40 consumables we buy every month have really not budged much except for a few sales around the holidays. The only place I am seeing a noticeable benefit is when we gas up and at best that might come to $100-125 a month between two cars which is not really a make or break and not enough to get me to splurge on something that is not an absolute must have either.

  • On Thu, 11 Feb 2016, 1:26pm PST in Is the US economy running out of gas? These Charts Tell The Picture., BayAreaObserver said:

    Tenpoundbass says

    The last fool put sawdust in the cracnkacse and sugar in the gas tank.

    It will pur like a kitten when Trump gets it out of the shop.

    And bought it from an even bigger fool who ran it into ground and rode it like a 25 cent hooker the last 4 years of those 8 years - wanna guess ?

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