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  • On 22 Jul 2014 in Addendum: No Kids and now, generally losing interest in women, corntrollio said:

    Rin says

    Some ppl in mainstream society are thinking, how can a woman be friendly and conversational but you, not have any interest or care for her? Doesn't that make you a heartless person?

    Society says things like, but what about love? Don't you want to fall in love, form a household, and have children? Ok, fine, so she's an esc*rt; instead, how about going to a pub and meeting someone who you can truly care for? Perhaps there's a Canadian gal for you, over there? And so on and so on, predictable trite responses.

    It seems like you're being a bit defensive here. Certainly there are plenty of people not thinking that, but there are probably several people wondering if you have intimacy issues, which is more than fair too. Many people believe it's more than okay for you not to be in a relationship or to be monogamous or to "settle down" or whatever euphemism you want to use, so let's stop pretending this is everyone's view.

    Regarding the pile of women allegedly throwing themselves at you, surely some of them could be fuck buddies or you could at least have a rotating cast with no strings attached. Not all of them have to be like the date you described. It seems like you could get free poon and knockers to bury your face in with no strings attached, but you're choosing to pay for it, and I think that's the main thing some of the less judgmental people have questioned.

    I'm not criticizing you other than to say that you seem to have trouble owning your behavior by being so defensive all the time.

  • On 18 Jul 2014 in Comcast won't let customers cancel, corntrollio said:

    Someone should Auto Tune themselves and the Comcast rep while cancelling Comcast service -- or possibly even the Block call, but it'd be funnier to tailor the prompts:

    Customer: Cancel my service please
    Comcast Douche: Don't you want faster speed internet? Why don't you want faster speed?
    Customer: Kizz-ancel my service please.
    Comcast Douche: Yes, I'm trying to help you do that, but I would like to know why you'd like to move off the #1 service in the country.
    Customer: Cancel my sizz-ervice please.
    Comcast Douche: I'm trying to help you. What I'm trying to understand is exactly why you would want slower internet? Who are you planning to move to?
    Customer: Are you capable of canceling my service?
    Comcast Douche: Yes, that's what I'm trying to do now, but I would like some more information from you on why.
    Customer: Are you kizz-apable of canceling my service?

  • On 18 Jul 2014 in What do you think is going to "global" R.E?, corntrollio said:

    Heraclitusstudent says

    A bad investment is a bad investment, but 0% rates is 0% returns minus inflation.

    The fed, Krugman, and all the others want you to be a speculator.

    There are a lot of good investments that stand on their own as good investments. They surely make more than 0% and they compensate you better for the risk profile than making a crappy return on real estate.

    In addition, I'm certain if you were dedicated, you can find better investment properties than those the OP is describing -- you might just have to leave San Diego to get them.

    People who accept shitty returns on real estate either are speculating or don't understand risk.

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