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  • On Fri, 22 May 2015, 11:59am PDT in Reading Age, turtledove said:

    Philistine says

    Early reading proficiency has a dark side.

    Absolutely! Reading leads to creative thought; which leads to lying and smart-mouthing, which leads to PITA teenagers. But really, it begins earlier than that. The mistake is made when we teach them to talk, which of course leads to demands -- then combines with their newly-acquired creative thought to create hassles for us parents.

  • On Fri, 22 May 2015, 9:31am PDT in Reading Age, turtledove said:

    If I'm remembering correctly from my days living in Europe, I believe Germany practices this. Kids start pretty late there. For reasons I cannot pinpoint (something I read years ago), I think that it's been determined that there's really little difference. Older kids learn it faster and better, so it's easy for them to catch up with the kids who learned at an earlier age. By the time the kids hit the middle years, they are all pretty much the same irrespective of when they start their education. With my kids, I kind of let them tell me when they were ready. They were about late-three, early-four when they started asking what words say... and about that age when they would memorize the words of frequently read books and then pretend they were reading. I took that as a sign of reading readiness.

    I think the problem rests in the area of where parents force it on kids who aren't ready.... Like it's the end of the world if a three year old cannot read. IMHO, these parents aren't really doing for the benefit of the child as much as they are doing it for bragging rights.

  • On Fri, 8 May 2015, 9:58am PDT in Ebola 'lives on in eye of US survivor', turtledove said:

    turtledove says

    Tests showed the fluid in his left eye had live Ebola virus.

    This is a little frightening.... It's no longer live in his blood, but it is live in other organs.

    turtledove says

    They suggest further studies are now warranted to check for the presence of the virus in other "immune privileged" sites such as the central nervous system, testicles and cartilage.

    Testicles would seem to be an area for concern. Furthermore if it lives in other organs/tissue... could there be rebound diseases later in life (kind of like chicken pox and shingles)?

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