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  • On Sat, 28 Mar 2015, 2:17pm PDT in Silicon valley jury fails to beleive feminazi's sob story, turtledove said:

    Dan8267 says

    1. "i want the winning guy" (as it always was)

    2. "men are all assholes for trying to be the winner" (recent development)

    so what should men do? they have to ignore either either first input or the second one

    Give me a break!

    1) I want the bell of the ball
    2) I'm consumed by jealousy when other guys notice her, too

    1) I want a woman who is smart and challenges me
    2) Her intelligence and ability to articulate ideas emasculates me

    1) I want to be with a woman who is half my age
    2) She tricked me when after a few years she said he wants to have a family

    Men can be just as conflicted about things.

  • On Sat, 28 Mar 2015, 10:46am PDT in Silicon valley jury fails to beleive feminazi's sob story, turtledove said:

    Patrick says

    thank you! yes, men and women are different, and have different strengths. but men are told they may not use their strengths in hyper-competitive environments because then they would likely win, and men must not be allowed to win because that makes women feel bad.

    Just so you know... I don't bemoan men's strengths. They should be used to full capacity. I think it's silly to try to hold people back, male or female. However, when women's traits (as leaders) are viewed as inferior simply because they are different, I think that men shortchange themselves. Different situations are resolved better by certain traits. The worst are the women who try to emulate the male traits they think they need to succeed. It never works, and it fails to use women to their full benefit. Men, too, shouldn't be expected to act more like women. Both should just have respect for their different styles. I think that the competitive, go-for-the-kill, nature of male leaders is threatened by alternatives... As if encouraging different styles is an attack against their style.

  • On Sat, 28 Mar 2015, 10:19am PDT in Congresswoman Claims Climate Change Will Turn Women Into Prostitutes, turtledove said:

    Call it Crazy says

    women will eventually be forced into prostitution in order to obtain life-sustaining food and water for their families.

    Personally, I find this offensive. Her statements are so insulting to women. Like we have no tools in our toolbox other than sex. What an idiot!

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