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  • On 21 Jan 2015 in "State of Union is strong" Obama, turtledove said:

    Strategist says

    The fundamental problem with our health care system is the horrendous costs as compared with any other country on the planet, which leads to problems like uninsured, bankruptcies, and devastation for families.

    And none of that was addressed by Obamacare. So if that's the fundamental problem... and none of it was addressed.... How does he get an A-? Perhaps you're grading on a curve where "death panels" get a C+ and "unqualified indifference" gets a B?

  • On 20 Jan 2015 in All about San Francisco Tech Companies, turtledove said:

    So, this site's main mission now is to discuss SFBA tech companies?

    I guess that's one way to shut me up!

    If you're ever looking for another way to shut me up, make this site about geography. I tend to get very quiet whenever discussions turn to geography.... Unless we limit the discussion to pre-Soviet-breakup geography. it's sad, I know.

  • On 20 Jan 2015 in LBJ Admitting to Killing Kennedy with Ruby Backup Verification, turtledove said:

    Isn't Johnson the one who, while having a meeting with a staffer, would go to the men's room -- expecting the staffer to follow him so the meeting would continue?... So, he would sit in a stall, taking a crap, continuing the meeting as if they were still in his office.... as if nothing unusual were going on.

    Very strange to say the least.

    Ceffer says

    The more I hear of Johnson's speeches, interviews and statements, he comes across as a nearly pure psychopath.

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