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  • On Thu, 3 Sep 2015, 4:53pm PDT in Working women still lag men in opinion of workplace equity, Dan8267 said:

    And don't even get us started on the Mets.

  • On Thu, 3 Sep 2015, 4:49pm PDT in Liberals and real race issues., Dan8267 said:

    socal2 says

    Whoa - so a Progressive admits that there IS voter fraud? That's progress I suppose....

    In person voting fraud is almost non-existence, 31 out of a billion cast ballots or 0.0000031%. In contrast, republicans ditching Ron Paul votes counted for thousands of times greater fraud. And even more cases of absentee ballot fraud.

    And almost no general election race in recent history has been close enough to have been thrown by the largest example of in-person voter fraud on record.

    That said, there have been examples of fraud, including fraud perpetrated through the use of absentee ballots severe enough to force new elections at the state level. But the slew of new laws passed over the past few years meant to address voter fraud have overwhelmingly focused on the virtually non-existent/unproven type of voter fraud, and not the still-not-common-but-not-non-existent abuse of absentee voting.

    So anyone who really wanted to stop voter fraud would be concerned with absentee ballots, not in-person voting. Funny how voter ID advocates resist any effort to curtail absentee ballot fraud. Oh, that's because making it at all harder for absentee ballots would reduce the votes for Republicans. Total hypocrisy and lies.

    Also, if you wanted to prevent in-person voting fraud, you'd have to do it at the federal level, not state level, because people could vote in different states if they were going to do in-person fraud. So once again, there is no justification for state-level IDs.

    socal2 says

    so we need to keep our entire electoral system like a 3rd world banana republic?

    It's not. 31 in a billion ballots isn't even a rounding error. And that's across many elections.

    It's obvious that the attempts to pass voter ID laws are designed to prevent far more than 31 legitimated ballots rather than any actual voting fraud. You, in particular, are transparent. Your false dichotomy cannot hide the clear fact that if you actually wanted to stop any voter fraud you would
    1. Be calling to a ban on absentee ballots.
    2. Be advocating the federal program I described above.

    These two things would do far more to prevent voter fraud than any proposed ID law. They also wouldn't prevent legitimate votes. And there are absolutely no down sides to my proposal. The fact that you aren't cheering this proposal as the great solution proves beyond any doubt, reasonable or otherwise, that you don't want to stop voter fraud, you want to commit voter fraud by denying people their right to vote. And that makes you a scumbag.

    But hey, prove me wrong by promoting the mechanism I proposed above. Write you congressman. Make YouTube videos promoting this proposal. Start a freaking petition on the White House petition page.

  • On Thu, 3 Sep 2015, 4:36pm PDT in 17-year old girl FINALLY coaxes boyfriend into suicide, Dan8267 said:

    Falsely quoting someone is a sign of psychopathological lying. It is also damn easy to expose. Only fools do it.

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