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  • On 22 Dec 2014 in North Korea Threatens White House, Labels US a "Cesspool of Terrorism", Dan8267 said:

    Strategist says

    Just Law Enforcement that go after the poor innocent drug dealers, criminals terrorists, and violent protestors.

    You mean like these people you asshole?

  • On 22 Dec 2014 in Clueless dogooder gets comeuppance, Dan8267 said:

    CaptainShuddup says

    dogooder gets comeuppance

    Yep, conservatives do not understand the concept of a do-gooder. Fucked up morality.

    Anyway, the article is pure shit. It doesn't tell you anything about the case. Why did the jury vote guilty? Exactly what happened and why was it the defendant's fault? What were the conditions in which she stopped? Was it just past a hill or was there five miles of straight road behind her?

    From the article,

    After Czornobaj stopped her car in June 2010 to rescue ducklings on the side of a Montreal highway, a motorcycle carrying the victims slammed into her vehicle.

    Without any other information, that sounds like it's the motorcycle driver's fault. If you are driving any motor vehicle, you as the driver, are responsible for being able to come to a complete stop at any time because conditions might require you to do so. A car could lose control and flip over obstructing one or more lanes. A car could get a flat tire necessitating it to stop.

    What if this do-gooder, and that's what she is, had stop to save a human baby instead of duck babies? Would she still be criminally negligent? If the answer is no, then how she stopped or parked is not criminally negligent at all. If the answer is yes, then what exactly should she have done differently? Run over the baby? Swerve and keep driving so the next guy runs of the baby?

    Maybe how she left her car on the road was negligent, but you can't tell from the article.

  • On 22 Dec 2014 in Top Trolls, Dan8267 said:

    dodgerfanjohn says

    My favorite poster on Pat.net remains the guy that ignores you, but sees your posting before he signs in and in a complete lack of emotional control is compelled to post in response.

    Even though hes ignoring you.

    Well then, he's not really ignoring sbh, now is he?

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