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  • On 1 Oct 2014 in No, America Isn't Communist, It's Only 70% Communist, Dan8267 said:

    bob2356 says

    Boeing pays their employees with tax money? How the fuck does that work?

    Boeing fucks over the U.S. Treasury by selling it garbage. The U.S. Treasury is filled with tax money.

    Boeing is able to do this because it bribes corrupt politicians by letting part of the gravy train go through the politician's district. So the politician gets to keep a job in which he does no work, and Boeing gets to change the tax payers, indirectly, for tanks and planes the military does not need or even want to fight Soviets who no longer exist.

  • On 1 Oct 2014 in No, America Isn't Communist, It's Only 70% Communist, Dan8267 said:

    socal2 says

    Dan8267 says

    Exactly which unions are "taking tax money to funnel it back to the Democratic party"? And how much money is this? And please do site actual evidence.

    For real?


    Yeah, for real. You claimed that unions were "taking tax money to funnel it back to the Democratic party". Nothing on the OpenSecrets site supports that assertion.

    Now if you want to retract your statement and make another like the following, then fine, we can discuss something else.
    I'm sorry, I made a big whopping mistake when I said that unions were funneling tax payers dollars to the Democratic Party. That was complete bullshit. What I should have said is that unions spend their own money funding Democrats.

    Do that and sure we can discuss the nature of who is financially backing which party. But I warn you, the Republicans aren't going to come up smelling like roses.

    Democrats are supported by unions and by individual middle class families. In contrast, Republicans are supported by large transnational corporations and the uber-wealthy parasites. You can tell which supporters are more vile by the fact that the Republican supporters want to hide behind superpacs and other legal obstacles to transparency that serve no purpose to society, whereas the Democratic supports are all open and transparent.

    Oh, and by the way, Republicans still outspent Democrats in the last election. You might want to reconsider your stance of campaign finance reform. Oh wait, who am I kidding? You weren't really proposing reform; you were just being a hypocrite.

    The answer, of course, is publicly financed campaigns and zero political contributions allowed by anyone. The First Amendment is about everyone having an equal voice, not about the rich being able to dominate public speaking space. If we don't allow ANYONE to profit by selling ad space to politics then a large number of our problems go away including the Republican Party.

  • On 1 Oct 2014 in CA woman kills husband, police do not even arrest her., Dan8267 said:

    lostand confused says

    Poor baby, must be the victim-now she will get his pension and all his money and live happily ever after. Maybe the dems in CA will pass a new law saying men are responsible for the women killing them and even if they did not want to die-that does not mean a thing and any woman can kill them.

    Well, in her defense, it's not like California has a law requiring that someone verbally consent to being shot. I mean, she only shot him, it's not like she had sex with him.

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