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  • On Fri, 1 Jul 2016, 9:16am PDT in Fatal crash of Tesla Model S in autopilot mode, FortWayne said:

    This sure feels like drivers are beta testing the vehicles for Tesla still. Probably better than GM in some ways, but not a tech I'd trust with my life.

  • On Wed, 29 Jun 2016, 11:01am PDT in Turkey Airport Bombing - Ban Guns?, FortWayne said:

    NuttBoxer says

    Question in the thread title is wrong, it should be "Ban Bombs?" as I believe they caused most of the damage.

    Wait, bombs are already banned?

    Maybe the problem is that liberals didn't yet put up a taped up paper sign on the door stating "bomb free zone"? I hear that concept works really well as deterrent.

  • On Wed, 29 Jun 2016, 10:59am PDT in Texas NRA member executes two daughters, FortWayne said:

    Rew says

    The truth is Turtledove, one of the best regulations we could put in place, is once you own a firearm, being re-tested for competency. You should have to prove, at ongoing intervals of a few years, that you are still not a felon, not being treated for a mental disorder, not convicted of abuse crimes. Being sane can be transient, and firearm competency should be seen as a perishable skill. Nothing we have today in the US is about responsible ownership, it is just about mass ownership.

    How about you retest for competency for all your other rights such as speech or even 13th. If government can take away rights by testing for "competency", than there is nothing that stops it from testing competency on all your other rights. That's a one way ticket to hell, you liberals just don't have enough life experience to realize that.

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