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  • On 16 Dec 2014 in Sorry, Putin. Russias economy is doomed, rooemoore said:

    dublin hillz says

    That's ok, they will just ramp up xenophobia and come up with 10 more groups that are responsible for their situation.

    Or start a war in the middle east that will drive up oil prices.

  • On 15 Dec 2014 in Islam, rooemoore said:

    sbh says

    Sorry, wrong and wrong again. He's not a liberal and he's honestly committed to abandoning a vital moral component of what makes us Americans. As always, what modern reactionary conservatives do the minute a fight erupts is shed the burden of what previously constituted their moral superiority and standard.

    Oh I see. So he's added another level of irony. It would be impressive if his writing didn't expose his simplicity.

    Of fuck. His simplistic views could be yet another layer to deceive his true satirical message.

  • On 15 Dec 2014 in Islam, rooemoore said:

    Strategist says

    rooemoore says

    Strategist says

    I am with the liberals most hated by conservatives on this issue. Richard Dawkins, Sam Harris, Christopher Hitchens, and Bill Maher.

    Yup. I'm sure Dawkins, Harris and Maher are all for "temporarily" giving up some of our constitutional rights and letting the CIA, etc. do their job.

    The right to criticize and draw cartoons about Islam and Mohammad. I want those rights back. For that, I am willing to temporarily lose my rights to privacy. I care more for my constitutional rights than my fellow, disappointing libruls on this site.

    This whole thread criticizes Islam and you want the "right" to do it. Are you dim?

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