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  • On 1 Sep 2014 in Patrick wants to open a competitive wine bar, rooemoore said:

    The same idea but with beer instead of wine. Right now the number of excellent small breweries in the US is huge. The beer could be paired with cheese (which tastes better with beer than wine.) Also, you could serve grilled cheese sandwiches which don't require a building with restaurant ventilation.

    As for the app and the competition, I think it would be still be fun and a lot more accessible for most folks.

    Of course, you probably love wine and not beer, so nevermind.

    Edit: "Fantasy Draft Club"

  • On 31 Aug 2014 in Housing Stumbling in Slowest Season for U.S., rooemoore said:

    bubblesitter says

    Strategist says

    It's now or never.

    I wouldn't say never. Having studied both RE and stock bubbles, best opportunity is ahead of us not behind us.

    In most California communities that is simply not true. Not saying that there wont be better times to buy than right now, but the 20x increases over that past 30 years are unlikely to continue.

    I'm sure the same applies to many other parts of the country as well.

  • On 29 Aug 2014 in CA-if a woman smiles, enjoys sex with you-you still raped her, rooemoore said:

    iwog says

    Funny how your conclusion of my views has nothing to do with my actual paragraph. You basically said something stupid and nominated it.

    Women who are victims of violent acts of rape should try to convict their attackers.

    At least 40% of rape accusations are bullshit.

    I believe your point was the terrible problem of "stupid bitches" who ruin men's live with false accusations. Because even by your skewed statistics that 41% is less than 50%. So you would agree that more people are victims of sexual assault than of false accusations?

    See, when you use inflammatory terms like "stupid bitches" or " fuck-me clothes" you expose yourself as either a troll who just wants to start fight and argue ENDLESSLY, or you are a misogynist. Never do you use the same language when describing the rapists, who even by your wacko stats, out-number the false accusers.

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