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  • On Fri, 13 Jul 2012, 8:25am PDT in Apple is a EPA hating Conservative., astrid said:

    @ Peter P - corporate persons should not exist in its current form. Its rights should be far more curtailed and it should be equity financed with minimal leverage. There should be substantial holding time for shares and shares should only be held and controlled by natural persons, not other artificial entities. The current form of corporations, especially mature corporations, is monstrous and should be cut down.

    re discussion on wages
    The wage issue is a red herring. Wages are a relatively small component of the cost of producing and marketing products, I believe sub-15% for most types of manufacturing.

    Just look at Japan and Germany - they continue to export manufactured goods even though their workers are far more pampered than most American workers.

    The biggest drivers of corporate outsourcing/in-sourcing decisions tend are taxation and access to resource/market.

  • On Thu, 12 Jul 2012, 8:15am PDT in Public teacher’s high pay is not justified!, astrid said:

    How do you do the NET accounting on that?

    What's the value of the US's military position for a US based businessman or corporation?

    What's the value of US educated scientists to an employer?

    What's the value of roads and transportation?

    What's the value of a court system and a police force that enforces property rights.

    What's the value of a Fed that funnels trillions in below market interest rates and accepts crap at full book value?

    What's the value of a strong country that backstops the alleged NET taxpayer's various business interests?

  • On Thu, 12 Jul 2012, 8:01am PDT in Apple is a EPA hating Conservative., astrid said:

    Not a surprise. Apple under Steve Jobs was always driven by putting out products that lived up to Jobs's vision. If that meant having suppliers that expose workers to toxic chemicals or forces mandatory 100 hour weeks, Apple doesn't care as long as those suppliers can meet Jobs's demanding deadlines and specs.

    There may still be companies with a moral compass (Costco comes to my mind), but I don't think Apple has ever been one of them.

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