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  • On 1 Sep 2014 in How come you guys have more FACTS than healthcare.gov?, elliemae said:

    Call it Crazy says

    How about if you were someone who DIDN'T have insurance previously? What level of deductibles, co-pays, ect. did they have? What network selections did they have to choose from?

    Those people didn't have access to healthcare. Now they do. Now, if they visit the ER, they aren't turned away.

    CaptainShuddup says

    1) They weren't anywhere near as expensive

    2) Of course Insurance has always been and insane proposition, that is why Americans beamed with pride as those dirty rotten scoundrel Liberals promised they were "FIXING" fucking healthcare. With a name to even further embolden that thought. "Affordable Healthcare Act" and all that.

    It depends upon the plan that the person has chosen. There are many different plans in many different states. You choose to look at the negative because you want everything for free, but only for you and your family.

    Call it Crazy says

    Now, their NEW Obamacare policies carry HIGHER deductibles, HIGHER co-pays and a smaller provider networks...

    Again, there are choices people can make about their healthcare plans.

    The ACA has been a success in reaching its target audience, those people who were uninsured prior to the passing of the act. It was passed into law by the majority of our lawmakers, yet you continue to blame the President for this issue.

    CaptainShuddup says

    Who's paying you to pretend that Obamacare has been a huge success?

    Who is paying you to be such an obnoxious asshole? I direct this question to both you and Call It Crazy, because you appear to be the same person

    I would actually prefer socialized medicine, but I realize that would cause you to go off the deep end. Oops - you're already there.




    Ya know, the interwebs are a big place. There are many success stories (just as there are many failure stories). The reason that you find ones about the failures are because you are a negative person who lacks the ability to look on the bright side of anything.

    To paraphrase another poster:

    "....and - SCENE!"

  • On 1 Sep 2014 in The poorest city of it's size in California, elliemae said:

    The story keeps referring to the booming real estate years. I thought the recession was over?

  • On 1 Sep 2014 in How come you guys have more FACTS than healthcare.gov?, elliemae said:

    Just curious if you're aware that insurance plans have always had deductibles, co-pays, covered/non-covered procedures, and often have had in & out of network providers?

    You hate Obama - we get it. But why do you blame him for your poor choices and sad little life? Especially when you'll be qualifying for Medicare in a few years, and unless you choose an HMO/PPO, you'll have every choice in healthcare without regard to in & out of network providers.

    You say "blah blah blah." We hear the whining of an entitled man who wants everything but wishes to exert zero effort to get it.

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