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  • On Sat, 23 May 2015, 5:31pm PDT in It's Okay To Cover Up Child Molestation - If You're Christian, elliemae said:

    It just keeps getting better - on Thursday a judge in Arkansas ordered the police to destroy the evidence of the investigation. http://www.msn.com/en-us/tv/news/josh-duggars-investigation-record-destroyed-by-arkansas-police-report/ar-BBkacG3

    Does anyone else think that the parents and their fucked-up beliefs (no touching besides "side hugs," no kissing, etc) might have led to this child's curiosity about the opposite sex. He certainly couldn't thumb thru his dad's playboys, like a normal child. Molesting your sister without her consent while she sleeps? ew!

    Lena Dunham? Seriously, you pulled that one out of your ass

  • On Sat, 23 May 2015, 12:30am PDT in It's Okay To Cover Up Child Molestation - If You're Christian, elliemae said:

    I guess this has been a well known secret for years: http://defamer.gawker.com/the-web-has-known-about-josh-duggar-for-years-when-did-1706258269

    Why would the Teevee keep airing their shows if this info was out there? Haven't they ever heard of google?

  • On Sat, 23 May 2015, 12:19am PDT in It's Okay To Cover Up Child Molestation - If You're Christian, elliemae said:

    BayAreaObserver says

    What I am going to do is zero in on what struck me as an especially interesting, if largely unrelated, sentence in the Washington Post’s coverage of the story: “Duggar was running a used-car lot before he became the new face of the Family Research Council.”

    How does this happen? I’m not suggesting that someone who runs a used car lot in Arkansas can’t eventually become the executive director of a group like FRC Action. But is that where you start? Shouldn’t you maybe, I don’t know, work for a social conservative outfit before being promoted to essentially running one?

    The guy was a "celebrity,' and as such, he was handed a cushy job as the mouthpiece for a conservative cause. How fast he rose, and how quickly he fell. They'll find another obnoxious mouthpiece.

    I'm more concerned about the parents - 19 children and yet they allowed this admitted molester to be around young girls ( I guess if he was sorry, that was good enough for them). What about the girls who were molested - do they feel violated and - if so - did they receive counseling? Or were they told that it's their place to be a plaything for a male figure, that their opinions and feelings don't matter.

    They would have had the opportunity to press charges if the adult figures had come forward at the time they found out - but in this family with "Christian values," shit like this obviously isn't spoken of in polite circles. They're too busy blaming gay people for everything.

    On another note, Cap'n, I'm proud of you. First response to my post, and you found a way to blame Obama. On some level, you must realize that we don't take you seriously and I doubt anyone reads your posts the whole way through. All we hear is
    CaptainShuddup says

    "Oh It's OK bap bap bab bah bah blah Obama Obama Obama".

    Who will you blame your life on in two years?

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