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  • On 29 Aug 2014 in Lodi hospital joins Adventist chain, elliemae said:

    Not for profit doesn't mean that they don't bill, don't have contracts with insurance companies, etc. It just means that they pour their $ back into the biz or pretend to. They give bonuses to their executive staff while raping those people who lack the ability to pay,most of the time.

  • On 28 Aug 2014 in Gun safety instructor shot and killed by student, elliemae said:

    I read somewhere that standard protocol for children to shoot at some ranges is for semi or fully auto weapons to be mounted on a tripod in order to ensure that the kick doesn't create a problem.

    I seriously don't have a problem with kids shooting guns. I did it (a lot) when I was growing up. But I also only shot guns that I could handle - such as .22's. An uzi is simply too much for a small child. It's too much for me now.

    Poor kid, that'll fuck her up for life. But we're all fucked up in some way or another, so she gets her reason early on.

  • On 28 Aug 2014 in Proper way to discipline your daughter for being a sexual being, Kentucky style, elliemae said:

    Linked article says

    Tate D. Rhodes allegedly slapped his 17-year-old on her face and legs, pulled her hair, dragged her around the house and made her wear a burlap sack, according to Louisville Metro Police.

    That'll teach her about sex. We'll call it the "50 shades of Kentucky justice" method.

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