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  • On Sun, 22 Nov 2015, 7:20pm PST in More than 25,000 Americans will die this year waiting for a drug trial, elliemae said:

    The gub'mint is surely dragging down the process... which sucks. Big Pharma spends millions in advertising on drugs and cute little sales people and "education..." but mostly on advertising. The trials suck, in that they have double-blind studies and such and some of the study participants die as a result. Don't believe the shit they tell you about how they don't give placebos to dying patients.

    Patients die waiting for a study to come along, or waiting to qualify for a study, or even while in the study. And during these studies, the gub'mint has made it so much harder to get pain medications that people are going onto hospice in order to receive adequate pain management. Then they don't qualify for the study. It is soooooooo fucked up,

    I've worked with people who are dying and desperate and will do anything possible to live. It's horrible for the patients and families, especially since they often get scammed by vitamin and supplement companies that promise great results. Think Coral Calcium, Kevin Trudeau's brainchild. I had a friend who bought that shit and she was quite militant about it. It was a scam.

    There are so many multi-level marketing companies scamming people into thinking they need the snake oil. People don't realize that your body doesn't care about the origin of the stuff (whether cold-pressed or extra filtered or from natural coral reefs or made from the finest Corinthian leather...), your body can only utilize a small amount and the rest is flushed out in your urine. But people who are dying or chronically ill are really willing to pour thousands of dollars into ozone machines and vitamins and going gluten free (which wasn't a "thing" until the news declared it to be).

    They still die, some much more comfortably than others.

    Wow - Ellie woke up. I've been hanging back cuz' it seems like every thread is hijacked these days. It's tiring.

  • On Sat, 21 Nov 2015, 1:39pm PST in 2 of Trump's wives' ancestors were banned from immigrating to the USA, elliemae said:

    Stop it! you're making me "hot!"

  • On Sat, 21 Nov 2015, 1:14pm PST in 2 of Trump's wives' ancestors were banned from immigrating to the USA, elliemae said:

    I have no idea - other than the wealth that appears to contain a huge amount of controlling behaviors on the part of the Donald - what anyone would see in him.

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