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  • On Wed, 15 Apr 2015, 9:39am PDT in Do trolls add value?, elliemae said:

    errc says

    Id be willing to bet that they are just phony accounts, ran by a democrat to make republicans look worse. Theres no way real people could be as stupid as those two nitwits

    Read the shit shoveled by those claiming to be repubs. Problem is that any salient argument is ignored due to the bullshit (on both sides)

  • On Sat, 11 Apr 2015, 8:37am PDT in Absolute Proof Frame by Frame that Boston Bombing Was a Hoax, elliemae said:

    So, I am supposed to believe that "THEY" hired actors to pretend to be critically (and mortally) injured. And constructed a set, had makeup people and directors and the entire media response was all in cahoots? How brilliant THEY were to create this vast conspiracy, including hiring actors who were willing to secretly have their limbs amputated for effect, and to disappear the rest of their lives in order to make the whole thing believable.

    The human body is an incredible thing - sometimes bleeding doesn't occur immediately (or doesn't show immediately). Especially if there's been a blast, which can literally seal off the skin and contain the blood for a bit of time. I recently had a patient who was bleeding under the covers, but only a spot of blood was on the sheets. His wife noticed the spot, pulled back the covers and he was literally pouring out blood. He went to the hospital and received multiple transfusions as he nearly bled out. I saw the top sheet - one teeny spot.

    Now I realize that it was all a conspiracy. Probably created by the hospital that will receive tens of thousands of dollars for the ER, ICU and associated costs. Man, am I stupid...

    By the way - the "20th" frame was less than a second after the 19th frame. Shit doesn't happen immediately.

    I believe that I speak for many when I tell you that you are truly a loathesome excuse of a human belng to even post that here.

  • On Sat, 11 Apr 2015, 8:12am PDT in CA bottle water companies ignoring drought, elliemae said:

    How dumb we are. Bottled water probably comes from the ground already bottled, so it shouldn't count...

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