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  • On Sun, 31 Jan 2016, 6:18pm PST in Uber driver with 170k in college loans sues his law school, elliemae said:

    So he's a full-time Uber driver and blames his law school that he failed the bar x2?

    I know people who have failed the bar x3 and went on to pass it after studying their asses off. None of them blamed their law school, although one of them blamed her husband because he wasn't supportive "enough..." (what ever the fuck that means).

    He graduated during the recession, when lawyer were losing their jobs and big firms were folding. He couldn't find a lawyer job? He should have tried harder... but, just for kicks & giggles, lets assume that he's correct and couldn't get a lawyer job. There are so many other jobs that would embrace his degree; everything from paralegal to criminal justices, public sector such as parole/probation officers, other office-type jobs... The public sector administration, and administration at hospitals would embrace his degree, law enforcement, the list goes on.

    Hell, a telemarketing firm would hire him.. So many people took out oodles in student loans and now blame the school they went to; even if they skewed their umbers, he is an idiot and should apply himself.

    Driving Uber and collecting food stamps? Does he report the uber-income? And why did such a dumb-fuck procreate?

  • On Sun, 31 Jan 2016, 5:54pm PST in We should pay seniors a bonus, elliemae said:

    In some places, being over 50 is considered "senior."

    Please send your money to ME!

  • On Sun, 31 Jan 2016, 5:53pm PST in patrick is also polite, elliemae said:

    He's also gay? Does that mean you are and you're hoping that he finds you attractive? You would need to post a photo for us to judge whether you're worthy...

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