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2012-12-31 Housing Recovery? Take Another Look (

2012-12-31 Prop 13 no longer sacred cow ( comments

2012-12-31 Some early issues for real estate in 2013 ( comments

2012-12-31 Homeowners faking filings to delay foreclosure ( comments

2012-12-31 Consumer Confidence Plunges Unadjusted New Homes Sales Slide To Lowest Since Feb ( comments

2012-12-31 RE bubble or RE illusion? ( comments

2012-12-31 One Thing Explains Why Home Prices Are Rising In Some And Falling In Others ( comments

2012-12-31 The folly of negative-cashflow investment ( comments

2012-12-31 Real House Prices Back To 1999-2000 Levels ( comments

2012-12-31 Did an invisible run on banks kill the economy? ( comments

2012-12-27 Bernanke Determined To Make Mortgate Rates Go Lower ( comments

2012-12-27 The inner workings of house prices and housing markets ( comments

2012-12-27 Fewer first time home buyers ( comments

2012-12-27 Shadow Banking, Housing Inventory and Liabilities ( comments

2012-12-27 The Fed is Now 100% Committed to the Destruction of the US Dollar ( comments

2012-12-27 "Miracle on 34th Street" ( comments

2012-12-27 Enjoying Life, House-free ( comments

2012-12-27 The Rise And Fall Of Phantom Housing Collateral ( comments

2012-12-21 The Housing Bubble Still Has More Hot Air To Deflate ( comments

2012-12-21 The real meaning of rising home prices ( comments

2012-12-21 Refinance Applications Fall to Lowest Level in Over a Month in Latest MBA Weekly ( comments

2012-12-21 Higher prices and rising interest rates will slow housing market appreciation ( comments

2012-12-21 $700 billion in GSE mortgages will need special servicing ( comments

2012-12-21 The Mysterious New Housing Bubble ( comments

2012-12-21 UBS fined $1.5bn for rigging Libor benchmark interest rate ( comments

2012-12-21 Housing Starts Fall as Northeast Feels Effects of Sandy ( comments

2012-12-21 Delinquent Mortgages Amount To More Than Half Of Bank of America's Market Cap ( comments

2012-12-21 Banks go "all in" betting on success of loan modifications ( comments

2012-12-19 The First Honest Description on a Listing ( comments

2012-12-19 House prices in Holland will keep falling ( comments

2012-12-19 Weve Nationalized the House Mortgage Market. Now What? ( comments

2012-12-19 House mortgage subsidy may be abolished ( comments

2012-12-19 Home Values Down $6.4 Trillion Since Housing Crash ( comments

2012-12-19 The Foreclosure Crisis Isn't Over Just Yet ( comments

2012-12-19 More foreclosures on the way ( comments

2012-12-19 HOAs Hate Renters ( comments

2012-12-18 All Defendants Sentenced in $20M Mortgage Fraud Scheme ( comments

2012-12-18 JPMorgan, Goldman Ask Judge to Dismiss Mortgage Lawsuit ( comments

2012-12-18 Fannie and Freddie Are Not Piggy Banks ( comments

2012-12-18 Canada November Existing House Sales Fall 1.7% on Month ( comments

2012-12-18 Bagholder banks predict big price jumps in 2013, more kool aid ( comments

2012-12-18 Why the housing market collapsed ( comments

2012-12-17 Spanish Repossessed Property Prices Tumble 65% in Credit Crunch ( comments

2012-12-17 Study Shows a Pattern of Risky Loans by F.H.A. ( comments

2012-12-17 House Seizures Rise as Banks Adjust to Foreclosure Flow ( comments

2012-12-17 Defying Gravity, How the wealth fell upward ( comments

2012-12-17 Nightmare infrastructure of subdivision houses ( comments

2012-12-17 Should every American own a home? ( comments

2012-12-17 Crooks, thieves, and liars, the nefarious characters of the housing bust ( comments

2012-12-17 12 Cities Where You Can Buy a Foreclosed Home for Half Price ( comments

2012-12-17 These Luxurious Properties Are Great For The End Of The World ( comments

2012-12-17 Banker sleeps rough in park ( comments

2012-12-13 English prosecutor makes first arrests in Libor-rigging fraud ( comments

2012-12-13 FHA made very risky loans ( comments

2012-12-13 If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come ( comments

2012-12-13 Sold for thirty million below initial asking price ( comments

2012-12-13 If we're in a housing recovery WHY is Ink Jet Ben at it again ? ( comments

2012-12-13 Head of GSEs Edward DeMarco faces replacement, unfortunately ( comments

2012-12-13 Foreclosure rate to stay above 5 percent ( comments

2012-12-13 Our House Buying Experience ( comments

2012-12-13 Big investment firm buys hundreds of houses in Sacramento area ( comments

2012-12-11 Falling Incomes, High Unempl., Rising Taxes,Tight Credit = Housing Recovery? ( comments

2012-12-11 Fed Exit Plan May Be Redrawn as Assets Near $3 Trillion ( comments

2012-12-11 Fed Likely to Sustain Money-Printing Program to Stimulate Growth ( comments

2012-12-11 Retirement, The Downside of Downsizing ( comments

2012-12-11 Obama Prepares To Kick Out Fannie's Ed DeMarco ( comments

2012-12-11 Borrow & buy. ( comments

2012-12-11 A reasonable compromise to extend the Mortgage Forgiveness Debt Relief Act ( comments

2012-12-11 Chronicle your house buying experience on ( comments

2012-12-10 Big banks halt evictions for the holidays ( comments

2012-12-10 Mortgage mess continues ( comments

2012-12-10 For the foreseeable future, no resurgence of the private mortgage lending ( comments

2012-12-10 MLS Deathwatch ( comments

2012-12-10 Big banks halt evictions for the holidays ( comments

2012-12-10 "Trailers" are really land yachts ( comments

2012-12-10 How low can mortgage rates go? The 30 year fixed is in the low 2's in Japan ( comments

2012-12-10 Prop 13 reform picking up steam ( comments

2012-12-10 Matt King's Most Depressing Slide Ever Must Read ( comments

2012-12-10 A Picture's Worth a Thousand Words ( comments

2012-12-07 Strange and Beautiful Planned Cities ( comments

2012-12-07 US Birth Rates on the Decline, So Housing Inflation Will Stop ( comments

2012-12-07 Is the Bottom In, or Is This a Head-Fake? (

2012-12-07 Alabama foreclosure sales on the rise ( comments

2012-12-07 Short Sales of Homes Surge as Tax Break to Expire ( comments

2012-12-07 Suppressed Inventory ( comments

2012-12-07 Will the high cost of FHA financing derail the housing recovery? ( comments

2012-12-06 Housing Bubble About To Burst? Vancouver! ( comments

2012-12-06 SF man says foreclosure stole his equity ( comments

2012-12-06 How Fed Policy Distorts House Prices ( comments

2012-12-06 Two thirds of housing markets to decline ( comments

2012-12-06 The failure of loan mods will cause a new wave of foreclosures ( comments

2012-12-06 Foreclosure decline likely temporary ( comments

2012-12-06 The affordable housing crisis ( comments

2012-12-06 For Those That need a Crash Course on the Case-Shiller Housing Index ( comments

2012-12-06 How foreclosure backlogs could hurt home buyers ( comments

2012-12-06 Why I Am Never Going to Own a House Again ( comments

2012-12-04 33% say they would buy a mortgage from Wal-Mart ( comments

2012-12-04 Owner walks away from his loft, then sees someone living inside ( comments

2012-12-04 Storm Front Approaching the Home Builders ( comments

2012-12-04 Older homeowners falling more into foreclosure ( comments

2012-12-04 Kicking widows to the curb, the sad fallout of excessive senior debt ( comments

2012-12-04 Housing for extended families ( comments

2012-12-04 Americans moving out of mega cities ( comments

2012-12-04 Right After The Election, New Home Sales Tumble From Downward Revised ( comments

2012-12-03 Found a Listing of My Old Japanese Place ( comments

2012-12-03 FHA headed for big bailout ( comments

2012-12-03 SF Housing Director "incompetent bully" ( comments

2012-12-03 Calculating the ROI for you rental property ( comments

2012-12-03 Chinese thugs knocked out by amateur Kung Fu fans ( comments

2012-12-03 Federal agency asks to add big fee to mortgages ( comments

2012-12-03 Implications of Investment Firms Buying Up Low End Real Estate ( comments

2012-12-03 Six Reasons to Fear the Overhang of Unsold Houses ( comments

2012-12-03 How Rising House Prices May Actually Stall the Recovery ( comments

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