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iwog   befriend   ignore   Sun, 11 Oct 2015, 4:26pm PDT   Share   Quote   Like (6)   Dislike     Comment 1

BayAreaObserver says

Perhaps is just karma. Civilization is also the victim in India, the Middle East and South America - yes ? Or are the men committing the acts exempt from your outrage? For example - In Guatemala, most pregnancies among girls under 14 are the result of rape at the hands of fathers or other relatives, but often it is the girl who is forced to leave the family home, and few perpetrators are punished, said a leading rights campaigner.

Wow that's terrible. Perhaps feminists should do something about women in Guatemala instead of peeing their pants for a fake rape culture, protesting women's bodies being featured in video games, and marching naked in the streets of Los Angeles and Toronto because they don't like being called sluts.

Karma? You think a woman trying to destroy this innocent boy's life and probably driving him to suicide is Karma? Besides the fact that I think your opinion is sick and not worthy of discussion, what kind of karma do Western women face for destroying the lives of men with false rape accusations?

Oh that's right............usually NO CONSEQUENCES. No karma. All women are victims all the time.

iwog   befriend   ignore   Sun, 11 Oct 2015, 3:51pm PDT   Share   Quote   Like (5)   Dislike     Comment 2

BayAreaObserver says

Lets overlook mental health problems since 13, on anti-depressants which can increase suicide risk in teens, mood swings and dark moods, and no information on any possible past suicide attempts or leanings.

So what you're saying is a disgusting vile little slut decided to levy a false rape accusation at a boy who already had mental health issues and subjected him to a month of persecution by law enforcement right? Uh right?

I'm not overlooking it, in fact it makes the actions of this woman even more disgusting. If she's not serving at least 10 years in prison, civilization will also be the victim here.

Tenpoundbass   befriend   ignore   Fri, 9 Oct 2015, 7:33pm PDT   Share   Quote   Like (5)   Dislike (3)     Comment 3

There once was a Scientist who dropped his thermometer in the sea, then he noticed it changed one degree, he told a bore, who told a few more.
Now Gore gives speaking engagements for fee.

zzyzzx   befriend   ignore   Thu, 8 Oct 2015, 6:35pm PDT   Share   Quote   Like (5)   Dislike     Comment 4

Ironman says

Does Obamacare pay for his pizzas?

That's what food stamps are for!!!

dublin hillz   befriend   ignore   Thu, 8 Oct 2015, 12:24pm PDT   Share   Quote   Like (5)   Dislike (1)     Comment 5

The same party that sent thousands to die to Iraq under false pretenses started crying crocodile tears about 4 people who died on Barack and Ratched"s "watch." The absurdity of such contradiction is simply baffling. McCarthy confessed that the hearings were orchestrated to hurt Ratched"s brand and approval ratings. Personally I don't even understand why the repubs are so frightened of hillary because she is far from progressive.. She is like rep lite. But they must think otherwise because they clearly don't want her as pres. Either that or some residual hostility towards Bill.

iwog   befriend   ignore   Thu, 8 Oct 2015, 12:12pm PDT   Share   Quote   Like (5)   Dislike (2)     Comment 6

Tenpoundbass says

This is bad news, I hope they don't get someone in there who hates Obama and doesn't kiss Obama's ass every chance he gets.

That was the most endearing thing about Boehner.

This is exactly what I'm saying.

Someone who speaks out against an 11th congressional Benghazi investigation after the first 10 have exonerated Clinton "kisses Obama's ass" according to Captaindroneman.

The biggest problem with Republicans is that Republican voters are FUCKING STUPID. It's like running in a district where everyone has brain damage and an IQ of 45 and then being forced to appease their demands for cars that run on ice cream and an actual functioning Death Star.

I'll say it again........Republican voters are FUCKING STUPID and this is the result. They are demonstrably incompetent by objective and scientific standards to pick leaders or participate in government. We CANNOT continue as an exceptional or even barely competent nation if Republican voters don't stop fucking with the political process. You people SUCK. You people DON'T HAVE VALID OPINIONS. You people are HURTING DEMOCRACY. Knock it off.

mmmarvel   befriend   ignore   Thu, 8 Oct 2015, 10:02am PDT   Share   Quote   Like (5)   Dislike     Comment 7

Washington Redskins IS offensive - if they just take that Washington part off the name, it works.

Patrick   befriend   ignore   Thu, 8 Oct 2015, 9:53am PDT   Share   Quote   Like (5)   Dislike     Comment 8

Disagree. We are the state. For the state to restrict "offensive" speech according to the political winds of the moment is clearly a violation of the first amendment.

The point of the first amendment is exactly to protect speech which the state finds offensive.

The king of England found the idea of a Republic to be offensive. An insult to English tradition...

iwog   befriend   ignore   Tue, 6 Oct 2015, 11:59am PDT   Share   Quote   Like (5)   Dislike (2)     Comment 9

If there are any crazy men reading this who really need to get laid, save money for an international vacation and I will personally escort you to a country where women consider a working class American drone to be the hottest sex object on the planet.

Even for the most socially inept American males, there is a billion human females who want you. They just don't live in this toxic hell hole.

Tenpoundbass   befriend   ignore   Mon, 12 Oct 2015, 6:38pm PDT   Share   Quote   Like (4)   Dislike (1)     Comment 10

Translation Obama you son of a bitch we had a deal!

DieBankOfAmericaPhukkingDie   befriend   ignore   Mon, 12 Oct 2015, 4:54pm PDT   Share   Quote   Like (4)   Dislike     Comment 11

Goldman Sachs RAPE WORLD!

Fuck you ALL!

zzyzzx   befriend   ignore   Mon, 12 Oct 2015, 12:41pm PDT   Share   Quote   Like (4)   Dislike     Comment 12

iwog   befriend   ignore   Sun, 11 Oct 2015, 5:36pm PDT   Share   Quote   Like (4)   Dislike     Comment 13

BayAreaObserver says

When a group of individuals do actions that affect each other, it results in group karma. This could be a collectivity or persons closely attached to each other. In the latter case the group is called a group soul (yaksha). In the former, the persons do not get combined as a group soul but reap the fruit of collective action. This kind of karma drives the lifecycle of a society.

ROFLOL........GROUP karma!!!!! Okay now I know for sure you're a gender studies major.

In this instance, the GROUP that you think deserves punishment is all men because this poor boy has about as much connection to rapists in Guatemala as a plucked chicken has with Susan B. Anthony. Basically all men are guilty because of the actions of some men and therefore all men deserve to be hit with false rape accusations.

Here's a tricky one for you........doesn't that mean all women are guilty for the actions of all women who make false rape accusations? Doesn't that mean in your twisted view of reality, women deserve to be raped because some women lie about being raped?

Oh yes, I think that is exactly what it means.

iwog   befriend   ignore   Sun, 11 Oct 2015, 5:31pm PDT   Share   Quote   Like (4)   Dislike     Comment 14

BayAreaObserver says

Karma - you damn right. What men get away with in some countries - they pay for it in other countries like here

Wow this is some brilliant idiocy right here. What men get away with in some countries, different men pay for it here? This is your idea of cosmic justice? I think I can safely say that you have a unique vision of karma that has no connection with the generally accepted definition.

BayAreaObserver says

The next thing you will assert is that women in all these other countries "asked for it" by dressing provocatively or such nonsense.

Sensing your argument was fed into a meat grinder, you now decide to attempt character assassination. "Iwog believes false rape accusations are wrong, the next thing you know he's going to say 14-year olds asked for it!" EXTREME intellectual dishonesty here, ad hominem in the extreme, and a desperate attempt to change the subject. Really REALLY disgusting.

BayAreaObserver says

Still threatened by western women Iwog ? Or just the ones that are over 14.

1. I'm not threatened by any woman.
2. Nothing I've ever written depends on feeling threatened by any woman.
3. You're a pathetic, sniveling little coward for abandoning my condemnation of a false rape accusation, abandoning YOUR stupid karma argument, and instead going 100% towards character assassination and personal attacks because you're too bloody stupid to stay on the topic.

SoftShell   befriend   ignore   Sun, 11 Oct 2015, 8:45am PDT   Share   Quote   Like (4)   Dislike     Comment 15

If you want your salary plus commission packages with benefits and company vehicle allowance, you can have your salary plus commission packages with benefits and company vehicle allowance.
The unemployment rate sez so....

Ironman says

I've seen exactly that in the industry I use to be in. Originally, they were salary plus commission packages with benefits and either a company vehicle or a decent vehicle allowance.

Now, they are all just straight commission packages, no benefits and no car allowances or expenses... They can get away with these programs because of the slack in the workforce and sheer desperation by available workers.

lostand confused   befriend   ignore   Sun, 11 Oct 2015, 10:27am PDT   Share   Quote   Like (4)   Dislike     Comment 16

FortWayne says

Ever since Santa joined ISIS and declared North Pole to be a part of the caliphate.

Patrick   befriend   ignore   Sat, 10 Oct 2015, 6:23pm PDT   Share   Quote   Like (4)   Dislike     Comment 17

Bernays is dead:

But it's hard not to suspect his methods continue to work frighteningly well. He helped delay public acknowledgement of the harm of tobacco for at least 20 years, mostly through the "results are still uncertain" method of merely casting doubt in public on something scientists knew very well to be true. Now the same people seem to be working on casting doubt on global warming. This makes sense, given the vast amount of money involved in burning fossil fuels. Oil and coal people can afford to hire the best, who in turn recruit an incredible army of useful idiots happy to cut their own throats to just to spite the "smarter" people they have hated since middle school.

In a way, it's brilliant. The "smarter" people cannot resist taunting the useful idiots because the idiots are so willfully blind to reality, but that just makes the useful idiots yet more set in their opinions.

The whole world could end (and it may well) and the fight would be going on to the very last day.

The answer is good will on all sides, like that's ever going to happen. :-( The left is definitely even worse than the right, with open contempt for anyone who questions militant feminism, the right to sodomy, or the left's objectively false notions of race. My favorite is the ridiculous idea that race does not exist while at the same time protesting discrimination based on this thing which does not exist.

Actually, it's worse than that. You can lose your job or be expelled from a university with no trial of any kind just for publicly stating un-PC opinions.

BayAreaObserver   befriend   ignore   Fri, 9 Oct 2015, 10:42am PDT   Share   Quote   Like (4)   Dislike     Comment 18

turtledove says

and some person who is here in the country illegally has priority over me when it comes to obtaining insurance.

There not just "some person" turtledove - they're "undocumented citizens" !!!! What does your state offer it's newest citizens - the friggin farm and a lot of other things besides insurance you can't get as a native born citizen when you need it and at your expense as well. Doesn't this make you feel better now that you have done your part - just a little - to make them feel right at home and as comfortable as possible - so please pay your taxes on time and consider a donation to the state general fund, rumor has it more new citizens are arriving daily.

turtledove   befriend   ignore   Thu, 8 Oct 2015, 9:45pm PDT   Share   Quote   Like (4)   Dislike     Comment 19

My husband and I started our own medical practice earlier this year after he lost his job with a big clinic. We had personal health insurance for a few months, but it took longer to get things straight with the payers than initially anticipated (Like I got paid in September for a surgery that was done in April -- It's a lot harder and more brutal than you might think). One thing that fell by the wayside was our personal health insurance. I just didn't have the money to pay the premiums. And my kids cannot eat health insurance. So, we lost our policy. A couple of months later, things were going much better and I looked into how to get my insurance coverage back. What I learned is that I can't. I have to wait until the "open enrollment period." So, basically, we haven't had insurance since July. I thought, this can't be. Surely they make exceptions in cases of temporary hardship. Well, short of bankruptcy, I'm screwed. HOWEVER, I'd like to point out that one of the acceptable hardship reasons listed as "life events" that allows a person to obtain insurance outside of the open enrollment period is "being in the country illegally." I find that shocking. All I've done is work my ass off to start a business from scratch with NO forewarning, keep my home, put food on the table... and some person who is here in the country illegally has priority over me when it comes to obtaining insurance.

dodgerfanjohn   befriend   ignore   Thu, 8 Oct 2015, 8:21pm PDT   Share   Quote   Like (4)   Dislike     Comment 20

marcus says

Blurtman's not a racist.

No but you are.

Damned if this stuff doesn't just write itself.

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