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TwoScoopsMcGee's comments

1   TwoScoopsMcGee   8:32pm today     ↑ like (2)   ↓ dislike   quote    

mell says

That is bullshit fake news. Everybody knows that. They lump every other homicide/attack that cannot be clearly attributed to the usual suspects to white/right-wing. In fact truly white supremacist/extreme right-wing attacks are almost zero. Then of course you have to look at the percentage of total population when you crunch those numbers and then - as percentage of total population - it is truly close to zero for white/right-wing attacks. Whereas for the usual suspects it is sky high.

Yeah, I saw a list that had that crazy kid who dressed up like the Joker and shot up people in the theater in Denver as "Right Wing Terror" when the dude was just fucking Psycho.

Another fake assigned to Right Wing Terror was Jeremy Joseph Christian of Portland, who hated Trump, loved Bernie, and wrote several posts about agent provocateuring an anti-Muslim or anti-Black attack to blame it on Trump Supporters. The people who were killed trying to stop him were White Guys. He was also psychotic and had a long rap sheet.

If Whites or even just Christian Whites had the same propensity to kill as 1% of the population does, there would be deadly terror daily.

2   TwoScoopsMcGee   7:06pm today     ↑ like (3)   ↓ dislike   quote    

He's pointing to DNA Evidence. Spit, Chewed Gum, a Cigarette. Undercover LEOs often masquerade as Cameramen and follow the Media, both to collect photographic evidence (since the media photographers are good at seeking out 'newsworthy' moments like this ) and to collect DNA. Other undercover LEOs, like the man in the checkered shirt, make signs and signals to other undercover agents and photographers.

The reason for the badge flash is to identify the location of the evidence for the collector and to confirm the situation and evidence was directly followed by eyewitness LEOs. This way it's harder for the defense to question whether the Agent or Officer in question actually witnessed the violent assault and/or the spitting of gum/tossing the cig butt.

The Prediction
When WH operatives knew something was going to go down in Virginia, with McAuliffe as Governor, and all his shenanigans around the Statue March, they deployed the Feds in vast numbers. Knowing that the Governor would play games and try to engineer violence. Disorder is typically beneficial to the party out of power, as they can criticize the current Administration and be seen as the solution.

The are going to be so many arrests, you're not going to believe it. Many Nazis, but there's going to be tons of AltLeftists taken to criminal court by the Fed. I don't mean one or two. I mean a parade, and possibly not just from #Charlottesville.

Unlike reforming immigration or Replace and Repeal AetnaUSHealthCEOCare, Courts of law do not depend on the Congressional action. Indeed, there is no Congressiona l input.

The whole situation is another trap the Democrats (as well as Warfag and Maddog NeverTrumpers) walked right into, like when Trump got them (and President Obama himself) to announce rigging national elections was impossible just prior to his Election Day victory, making them look like total hypocrites.

September is going to be full of mass arrests, and don't be surprised if Antifa gets declared a Domestic Terrorist Group, along with several Nazi outfits. Having visited plenty of Antifa sites over the past few years, there's a ton of Instagrams, Tumblrs, Websites, Soros Funded Indymedia Sites, etc. full of calls to violence of individuals and groups. Right now several big Servers hosting #AltLeft websites are getting served with warrants for IP addresses and identifying information, including one known as DreamHost.
( "Ban all Trump Supporters from Social Media! Heyyyyy, Our Terrorists aren't Hate Groups but Freedom Fighters - help, help, we're being repressed!")
Expect the #AltLeft to rediscover the #1A when it's their people and not Anti-SJWs getting banned by Private Companies and Social Media in the wake of all this.

Federal Immunities are being handed out by the FBI and Jeff Session's Justice Department to LEOs and Virginia State Employees in return for Testimony.

You might even start hearing a little about 18 US Code 242:

We may not yet be able to #LockHerUp quite yet, but we might be able to get a Corrupt Clintons' Top Lieutenant very soon.

One final thought: A Judge just ordered the IRS to name names as to who provided a 21 CD List of Tea Party/Conservative Orgs and VIPs unsolicited to the FBI.

#Prediction #AltLeft #Bannon #DrainTheSwamp

Prepare to win big. Bannon was let off the leash when he was for a purpose. You're going to get tired of winning. And who knows how many Anti-Liberal Lefties still won't get it?

3   TwoScoopsMcGee   4:04pm today     ↑ like   ↓ dislike   quote    

Black Trump supporter sucker punched at Laguna Beach rally for the Victims of Illegal Immigration by #AltLeft.

4   TwoScoopsMcGee   4:00pm today     ↑ like   ↓ dislike   quote    

Another one is using isolated incident to hype a threat.

For example, the Media devoting much of the local news hour to violent crime, giving the false impression that crime is outta control, so we need more prisons and less liberty.

That's generally not the case since the mid 90s, except in places like Chicago.

5   TwoScoopsMcGee   3:58pm today     ↑ like (1)   ↓ dislike   quote    

errc says

Or maybe they're tired of sitting behind the CPU bloviating, so they're taking to the streets with guns, ramming their cars into crowds of innocent Americans instead

You know all guys, whether #AltRight or #AltLeft terrorists or fishing or hunting or golfing, spend 100 more times talking about doing shit than actually doing it, so not going for this explanation.Rew says

Bad use of data and conclusions. Stormfront sign ups are not equivalent to, or the be all and end all, of white supremacy growth and hate group activity in the country. This is like telling me a president is doing an amazing job because the DOW is peaking.

But they are a good proxy. It was the most popular White Supremacist site on the net.

I do admire the attempts to try to undermine this imperfect but useful data trend, however.

6   TwoScoopsMcGee   3:55pm today     ↑ like (1)   ↓ dislike   quote    

Trump was trying to devour the sun. These things didn't happen in America when Obama was President.

7   TwoScoopsMcGee   12:52pm today     ↑ like   ↓ dislike   quote    

TwoScoopsMcGee says

Bonus Question for extra Rep Points: With one hand he's lifting up his badge as a sign to the To Be Revealed, with the other he's pointing to what, and why?

Hint: Biotechnology Breakthrough

8   TwoScoopsMcGee   12:51pm today     ↑ like   ↓ dislike   quote    

YesYNot says

First you say that whether or not they are growing depends on how many people are leaving. Now, you say that that fact doesn't matter, because of what we KNOW. You need to use logic better.

No. They COULD actually be shrinking if the user abandonment is higher than the number of new users registering.

However, no matter what the user abandonment rate is, the growth rate of StormFront is shrinking, not growing, which is evidence against the Fake News narrative of a sudden spike in White Supremacy.

9   TwoScoopsMcGee   12:48pm today     ↑ like (2)   ↓ dislike   quote    

If the Whites stole everything from the Indians, aren't the Blacks then robbing the Indians by Proxy when they demand stuff from Whites?

10   TwoScoopsMcGee   12:44pm today     ↑ like   ↓ dislike   quote    

Ceffer says

You can't fool all of the people all of the time, but you can kill the ones you can't fool.

Better yet, you can get the people you fooled to kill the ones you can't fool, by fooling the fools into thinking the ones you can't fool are Nazis.

11   TwoScoopsMcGee   12:42pm today     ↑ like   ↓ dislike   quote    

drBu says

Hundreds of people working in the military, government and education are on a list of almost 10,000 people who spent $7.3 million buying phony and counterfeit high school and college degrees from a Spokane diploma mill. National Security Agency employees David W. Barden and Barry A. Hester both bought degrees. Hester, who was a computer Web trainer and designer for the NSA with top-secret clearance, paid $1,187 for an information systems and technology degree, the list shows.

Just imagine the number of Asians on H1Bs with Fake Degrees. Indistinguishable from the real ones, as they're fabricated by people who work inside those institutions and use the same paper, stamps, ink, etc. as "real diplomas". They may even add students into the system in case an employer or H-1B Mill firm even bothers to check.

12   TwoScoopsMcGee   12:32pm today     ↑ like   ↓ dislike   quote    

joeyjojojunior says

You mean the time when the polls said Hillary would win the popular vote by 2% and she actually won by 2.1%? Holy crap--that really showed what FAKE NEWS is, didn't it??

Nate Silver’s FiveThirtyEight is supposed to specialize in data-based journalism, but the site reported on Tuesday morning that Clinton had a 71.4 percent chance of winning the election. The site was wrong about the outcome in major battleground states including Florida, North Carolina and Pennsylvania, and Trump obviously won the election in addition to the individual states that were supposed to vote Clinton. Silver wasn’t the only pollster to botch the 2016 election.

Here's some more:

And even more at:

Many try to mislead by posting updated predictions that came in AFTER the first results and exit polling numbers had arrived from several states, as evidence they weren't "That Off". But what counts in their last prediction prior to any results or even exit polls reported.

We don't choose Presidents by the Popular Vote, but by Electoral Count. Both the NYT, 538, and others like Sabato were going by their expected Electoral College count, NOT by the simple national vote.

Here was the NYT Electoral Map Prediction the day before the election, where they gave the clear advantage to Hillary:

Again, like with the StormFront new registrant decline, we see narrative defenders misleading about numbers. Decline in new registrants is a decline in new registrants. Estimating 70-85% chances of victory is an overwhelming statement that Hillary would win.

13   TwoScoopsMcGee   12:00pm today     ↑ like   ↓ dislike   quote    

Dan8267 says

We liberals want nothing to do with the left or Antifa.

Can you find a Democrat to disown Antifa? Frankly, Perez was encouraging the statue and antifa activism generally .

14   TwoScoopsMcGee   11:56am today     ↑ like (1)   ↓ dislike   quote    

The point of this thread is:

Politically, the statue removal issue is a loser for Democrats. People either don't give a shit or think they should remain. Including a near plurality of Blacks and Democrats.

15   TwoScoopsMcGee   11:48am today     ↑ like   ↓ dislike   quote    

joeyjojojunior says

I find it mildly amusing that McGee is devoting an entire thread to use poll results as evidence. After how many previous posts about how polls are useless?

Once again, McGee's view is apparent--evidence is worthless is it disagrees with him, but it's immensely valuable when it agrees with him.

Yes, remember that time when all the polls said Trump was gonna get crushed, and all the 538 number crunchers at world reknowed NYT and elsewhere said so, and Hillary won the Election?

Boy, did they learn me.

The Shy Tory effect is well known. However, this poll is not asking who you are voting for, and I've never said that ALL polls on any subject are wrong.

16   TwoScoopsMcGee   11:44am today     ↑ like   ↓ dislike   quote    

17   TwoScoopsMcGee   9:29am today     ↑ like   ↓ dislike   quote    

bob2356 says

Then why did you start a thread about it? Is it tiny and unsubstantial or is a meaningful bellwether? Once again you can't have it both ways. Contradict yourself much?

Yep. New signups to Storm Front are declining.

Everything you said is an attempt to deny mathematics and try to twist the irrefutable fact that the numbers do not say what they do.

So yes, a White Supremacist website having substantially fewer signups than it did about a decade ago tells us, for a fact, that it's not growing as rapidly.. Contrary to narrative, it grew faster when Obama was running than when Trump was, exploding the "Trump encourages WS narrative."

It doesn't matter whether 500 or 2000 users are abandoning StormFront each month, regardless of that, we KNOW that the new members to StormFront are at least wayyyy down from the Obama Era. On the other hand, the site could be below the replacement rate for members and could be shrinking members as a whole.

I don't need to know the quit number to know the rate of growth is slowing down.

So this is a great proxy for countering the media's "NeoNazism and White Supremacy is exploding under Trump". By the StormFront numbers, this is incorrect to the point of dishonesty, the headline should be "Growth in White Supremacy slows to a trickle under Trump."

18   TwoScoopsMcGee   9:24am today     ↑ like   ↓ dislike   quote    

YesYNot says

A growing movement needs the new signups to be bigger than the attrition. An exponentially growing movement needs new signups to increase each year, but a growing movement does not. Stormfront may have also suffered from Charleston and the fact that the heir to the throne renounced it. Also, Nazism is kind of a dead issue. The likelihood of the clan or Nazism coming back the way it was in the past is small. It simply will not happen without some major shift from those in power, and that seems unlikely. Even the KKK/Stormfront people are rebranding to some degree. A bigger issue to me is that there are people who claim that they are not racist, but took part in the torch march in Charlottesville.

Yes, I already said that. We don't know how many people left, it could very well be the number of people leaving was even higher than the number of sharply declining new signups.

YesYNot says

You can't say that social networking has died off because Myspace is dead, and they were the biggest site at one point. Same goes for Kmart and retail and many other brands. I'm not an expert on white supremacist groups. I just recognize that your argument is faulty, so we learn nothing from it.

You're comparing generic social networking sites to a site specifically about pushing White Supremacy. MySpace wasn't a WS website. However, both general social media sites and specialty sites experiencing a decline in new members are not growing like they were. If people are abandoning their accounts more than new members are sign up, the site could actually be shrinking.

My argument is excellent : a decline in new signups is an indicator of declining interest. It's literally dishonest to argue anything else.

19   TwoScoopsMcGee   Aug 20, 11:09pm     ↑ like   ↓ dislike   quote    

Good points by Sam Harris. Love the Graphics in the videos, too.

20   TwoScoopsMcGee   Aug 20, 10:50pm     ↑ like   ↓ dislike   quote    

marcus says

if confederate statues started to be indiscriminately pulled down by SJWs.

Already being defaced.

The Piedmont Park statue spray-painted by protesters Sunday was dedicated in 1911 as a statue to promote peace between north and south after the Civil War.

The Peace Monument was erected by the Old Guard of the Gate City Guard in 1911, according to research by the AJC for an article about the history of the park.

The sculpture by Allen G. Newman, who was born in New York, depicts an angel staying the hand of a Confederate soldier as he holds a rifle. In her other hand, the angel holds an olive branch.

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