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Elgatouno says
Heaven forbid the wealthiest pay back to the country that made them wealthy.

Please explain how the country MADE them wealthy.
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Patrick says
The right answer is to immediately deport all illegals, and mandatory prison (not just a fine!) for all employers who employ any illegals.

Patrick, also not to be bullied by smug white liberals who chant that we'll pay "$20 for a strawberry" if we do not allow all undocumented immigrants to live in the USA.

The same smug type that lavish about technology like Silicon Valley like to ignore the fact that most of agriculture is automated now, and more will be automated in the near future.
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Yes, a lot of the atheist crowd claim to be Humanists.

Humanism is a philosophical and ethical stance that emphasizes the value and agency of human beings, individually and collectively, and generally prefers critical thinking and evidence (rationalism and empiricism) over acceptance of dogma or superstition.

The same smug crowd that mocks Trump are the ones that loath VP Pence even more.

I like them both because they armed Ukraine to protect it from the Soviet Russian thugs. And also they stopped the USA from being China's trade bitch.
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Patrick, I drove a few months ago through NORTHERN Texas (not southern Texas) and thought I was driving through a Texas southern border town.

I am not surprised.

Please search for my post about how KFF stats show that over 60% of non-elderly recipients of Medicaid in California are Hispanic/Latino.

Also, I posted about mainstream articles that explain how Arizona is trending Blue and not because of the influx of California Democrats. The articles say that there is a major uptick in voter registration of young Hispanics/Latinos in Arizona. Yes, I suspect a vast majority of them are anchor babies.
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True, too many hands in the cookie jar as far as NASA Moon Landing. They'd have to fool a lot at mission control at NASA Houston. The USA lunar explorers brought back Surveyor 3 components also.
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RC2006 says
Aca can die. Had to put my wife in it for 6 months because of a change in my ins. Because of my income level it was rediculously expensive, it only benefits the poor but fucks middle class.

I think the patnet poster " CBOE " may offer advice on that. It has to do with the ACA hardship exemption if the insurance is more than 8 % of adjusted gross income.

I read somewhere that if the hardship exemption is the case then you can get a bronze plan for about $400 a month. I realize pre-ACA that you could get the same plan as a bronze plan for only $200 a month. I guess that is the price for the ACA as it really is a "transfer tax".
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clambo says
But, when I am curious about my net worth on some day after the market closes, if I just look at the W5000 index increase % and multiply it by my stock funds total net, the result is almost identical to adding up the balances that night.

Congratulations you have at best matched the Wilshire 5000's performance.
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I'm waiting for Kaki and the rest of the trolls to claim that the Russians landed on the moon, and that the USA lunar landing was a hoax.
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clambo says
buy the ones which have already gone up and become famous.

Yes, its called chasing gains.

Go long. Realize the significance of risk premium and efficient market theory.
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Elgatouno says
Republicans want this and they want that but they don't want to pay any more in taxes. Isn't that the definition of wanting free shit.

They want a wall, but they want someone else to pay for it ... Perfect example.

Republicans want a wall to stop people from coming into the country illegally who want free shit, and are a net drain on the local, state, and federal tax revenues.
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MisterLearnToCode says
Michael Avenatti arrested for Extortion involving Nike.

Avenatti must have let greed get to the better part of him cause he arrogantly took on company high on the social justice pecking order. Does he not realize Nike has Colin Kapernick on its payroll ?

Avenatti should have shaken down some less favored companies like Exxon Mobil or Merck.
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clambo says
If you want to do an easy and fast look, just see median home price and median income for a place you are interested in.

If the median home price is 18 X the median annual income, that area is unaffordable to most of the people there.

Agree, what's the median salary in San Fran Bay Area, maybe $200,000? So the median house should cost no more than $800,000 in the San Fran Bay Area based on mortgage rate remaining low like between 3.5% and 4.25%.
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Ceffer says
Unlimited immigration will solve this problem. Toothless people with twenty kids who enjoy squatting under a tarp supported by sticks without running water don't mind any so-called housing crisis.

I agree. Its all relative. And when you bring Central America to the USA, the USA becomes more like Central America. Its an aggregate calculation or analysis.
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Patrick says
The United States has reached the “breaking point”

Nearly all of the "indigenous" (i.e., Mayan, etc.) of southern Mexico and Central America are being transported to the USA. Those areas are undergoing ethnic cleansing. And a vast majority of the immigrants are exploiting the asylum process. They are economic refugees and not political persecuted.
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If you want to sell your house then get a sellers agent not a listing agent. Sellers agent means they will list your home and can make a sale quickly. They won't drag on the listing for a long time.
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Tenpoundbass says

So Hilary will not rule out running for President ? Maybe she is doing that to draw enough of a crowd to her events.

Hilary is going to steadily lose her fan base as they flock to Dem primary events for Kamala Kong Harris and Gringo ORourke.
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Compare that $700 billion for annual cost for health care to the $700 billion spent on national defense.
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Isiah Washington served 4 years in the US Air Force. I remember when Greys Anatomy came out he said that on one of the talk shows that promoted the medical drama.

I think Selleck was 3 years active duty in the US Army.
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He is hanging out with her and engaged to her just for the notoriety. It just shows you his character, which is a magnet for Elizabeth Holmes type.
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About 93% of China is ethnic Han. Talk about racial superiority like Nazi Germany.
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Heraclitusstudent says
Reality says
How do you explain the less traditionally religious political Left's penchant for robbing their neighbors via "taxes"

How do you explain atheist libertarians?
There is a giant false dichotomy circling in the head of conservatives: if we lose religion, the statism will automatically take its place, probably in the form of soviet style collectivism.

How about no bullshit?

Or the ChiCom version; heaven help us if that happens
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I think Barr pissed off the Dems during the hearing when he said DOJ is opening a new investigation into Obama-era DOJ and FBI political bias and abuse of power. It is to coincide with the Inspector General Mr Horowitz investigation.
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Send them to freebie land like Germany and France. Greece can't support them.
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Remember Strosk mentioning the "insurance policy" to Lisa Page in Andy's (McCabe) office.
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HonkpilledMaster says
Patrick says
@MisterLearnToCode the title would be more accurate if it said illegal migrants.

Refugees have to stop at the first safe country, which would be Turkey. Being in Greece is already beyond what is legally required. Going beyond Greece is complete bullshit. I fixed the post to elaborate that the fake Refugees are looking for the state with the most Handouts, rather than adequate provision and safety, which Greece has.

Some reports have the majority as Iranians and Pakistanis, where there is currently no war or massive natural disaster.

d6rB says

Problem for these incompetents is that learning a language requires studying, instead of circlejerking about emotional intelligence and White patriarchy.
Well into 40's Greek and Latin was taught at many high schools in Europe.


The same is true for the Central American immigrants. They should stay in Mexico.
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Kaki, how's things there in Kremlin, Beijng or Tehran ?
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" The Tibetan pie incident (at Google's cafeteria) is trivial compared with the implications of Dragonfly. But the basic issue is the same: Chinese citizens are subjects of a totalitarian government. This does not mean that every Chinese national at Google is a spy or a plant. It does mean that Chinese Googlers are more likely to face pressure from their government than Googlers who come from more open societies."

Read more at:
Copyright © BloombergQuint
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Probably next recession going to be like 1991 recession and less worse than 2009 recession.
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Remember the reception the author of Bell Curve received while on the college lecture circuit ?
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Yes, stagflation
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Can't compete with $5 an hour Chinese labor that is subsidized by Chinese government.
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I knew all of this Foxconn dealing was just a dream and political theater.
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GDP needs to grow annually by at least 3%, its now around 2.6% albeit better than Obamas 8 years. A lot of the latest growth was due to increase in government spending.

Debt to GDP ratio has to start trending down from +100% levels. Its now 106% and its been above 100% since 2012.
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Debt doubled to $20 trillion under Obama and GDP growth averaged about 1.9% annually.

Obama said the new normal was 1.5% to 2℅ annual growth.
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Agree , its about population density advantage. Examine the subway in ideal locales like New York City.

I think they should promote fuel efficient and alternative fuel buses like promote more Greyhound and Bolt buses.
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Bottomline is that unless the home is bought with cash, that a home is not affordable if the monthly total housing costs (principal+interest+taxes+insurance+hoa fees+emergency repairs) are 40% more than the household's gross monthly income. This applies to the "middle" class purchasing a home that is 3 to 5 times their annual household income.
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If a household's gross monthly income is $5,000 then they should not buy a home or rent a home that costs more than $2,000 per month. That is what I was referring to as far as housing costs per month.
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Iranian_Oil_Burse says
You should go back and edit it then.

"a home is not affordable if the monthly total housing costs (principal+interest+taxes+insurance+hoa fees+emergency repairs) are 40% more than the household's gross monthly income"

What is it wrong with the original statement above ?
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Okay, I apologize as it should have been written as "more than 40% of household gross monthly income".
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