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bob2356 says
MrMagic says
Yes you did, a BIG one... your 401K balance:

The dow went up 250% under obama. Does that make obama the best president to date instead?

You should be ashamed of yourself for that one.
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Was this the assault weapon that got $200?
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My order filled today at $175/share
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It will soar back with vigor, no question
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I find that wall opposers typically fall into one of two categories:

a.) They plain and simple don’t believe there should be borders. They believe that people should’ve able to roam freely anytime anyplace.

b.) They’ve seen one too many liberal late night talk shows that say that a wall won’t keep everyone out. And because it won’t keep everyone out, it would be a failure.
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MisterLefty says

See the slope of the chart above? Thank the left political party and their “progressive” bullshit for that 👍
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If you are moving to San Mateo with the expectation that those ads you posted are real/norm, you will be in for a rude awakening.

On the Peninsula you can expect to pay $2800-3000 for a 2bedroom apartment or $3500-4000 for a 2 bedroom house (with lots of competiton).

Cost of living is very high on the Peninsula.

I think people who come here are often shocked at how much money they can make here yet how much less buying power they have compared to where they came from.
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Not just used cars...

Houses, cars, sandwiches, jeans, fruit, everything has gotten out of this world expensive in recent years.
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Ls3 based 416 will keep a smile on your face
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Glad to hear there are some enthusiasts here.

That Miata and an ls1 are likes peas and carrots 😉
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FortWayne says
98 firebird, not a daily driver though. It’s a fun car. Fast as hell, but corners like a boat

Cool, got any pics?

The LS1 was an absolute game changer. No engine has been part of more motor swaps than the LS1, and for good reason.
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I think a 67-68 camaro with updated brakes and suspension along with a well built 416 LS3 and T56 would be my dream car.
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What a conundrum for the Bay Area.

Side with riders who use BART for transportation vs homeless and criminals

It’ll be like trying to pick your favorite child... impossible
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Very interesting, thanks for sharing.

“In spite of a recent initiative to "increase public's access to BART crime data", they have in fact been reducing the amount of crime information they publish because of fear of racial sterotyping. While I agree with the notion that it would be a shame if racial biases are formed for any reason, I am of the firm belief that it is not BART's job to hide information from us. Nor is it their right.

BART has reduced their daily crime updates to a mailing list which requires approval. The information on this site is scraped from those daily emails and posted.

I created this site while sitting on BART for my daily commute back and forth from Fremont to San Francisco. I've seen a lot of crazy things on that commute, and I think security is in serious need of some attention. Particularly gate security. I'd venture to say a huge percent of the negative press BART is getting is by the same people I see hopping the fare gate every single day. Nothing is ever done about it.

I love BART, but I've had it with the overly-aggressive begging, bodily fluids, needles, and just plain garbage I see on a daily basis”
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Crazy story, thanks for sharing
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So if a tape is released of him dropping an n-bomb, what happens?
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Thanks for sharing Patrick, the DNC part is deeply troubling eh?

Aphroman says
I was thinking

If right wing simps couldn’t whinge and complain about liberals all day, what would they do?

They’d continue to ride the wave of economic growth.
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As far as I know, nobody ever accused the fellow you have pictured of sexual crimes.
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It makes perfect sense until you realize that property tax payers are opposed to exactly what you describe as the solution
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Larry, what do you think is happening?

What part of SJ?
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APOCALYPSEFUCKisShostikovitch says
People know CANNIBAL! ANARCHY! is imminent and they're moving to higher ground, securing dry YAM! storage, drilling the kids and wife on care and feeding of M134.

Cannibal anarchy
Belt fed weaponry
Higher ground
Dry yam storage
Exactly as the founding fathers intended

LOL, you brighten my day with your banter 😂
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I think it’s becoming clear to people that we’ve hit the peak and it makes sense for many to cash in, move, and live happily ever after with financial freedom.
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socal2 says
BayArea says
I think it’s becoming clear to people that we’ve hit the peak and it makes sense for many to cash in, move, and live happily ever after with financial freedom.

I think so too. There are lots of for sale signs springing up in the last month in my neighborhood in Carlsbad as well. Prices are definitely softening

I just feel bad for the poor bastards that are jumping in today, my gawd that would be scary.
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Gawd damn animals

And remember folks, since our society is filled with animals, don’t carry $75k cash on you ever.
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Prop 13 is downright criminal
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lostand confused says
BayArea says
Prop 13 is downright criminal

Be careful what you wish for. Coem to Illinois and pay 15k for 350k house ayear and then there is no cap on taxes. The pigs here want to increase income taxes also.

What does that have anything to do with prop13 in CA?
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Excellent restraint by the cops who have to deal with those kind of shit.
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Eye opening, thanks for sharing
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dr6B says
both perps were caught already, I believe
BayArea says
don’t carry $75k cash on you ever.

they were small business owners, had no choice

Wonder what will happen to the perps. Hopefully the criminal justice system doesn’t take a page out of the Fish and Game’s “catch and release” program.

And I wonder what the legitimate $75k cash was needed for that couldn’t have been transacted in another way or at the bank with two parties.
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Patrick says
@APOCALYPSEFUCKisShostikovitch you might really enjoy this little gem:

In addition to blocking ads so you don't see them, it actively goes out and clicks on all Google ads, etc just to mess with their statistics and cost them payments to advertisers.

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Tenpoundbass says
Other than Trump could show up at Hillary's house and shoot her and we would cheer.

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APOCALYPSEFUCKisShostikovitch says
Can you plant potatoes on the front yard of the SV shack and tie up a goat in the drive way and apply for the agricultural exemption on your taxes? Have the kids put on farmer jeans and take pot shots at cars after school while screaming 'Skeedaddle! Pesky varmints!' for added badness.

Hehehehe “tie up a goat in the driveway”
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Are we sure it was Texas?

Article mentions Houston and Miami.
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Patrick says
San Jose is actually an even worse deal than San Francisco, just going by prices compared to local incomes. I think they are right to sell, especially since some other overpriced places like NYC have been falling for a year or more.

SJ/SV has an 11x ratio of home prices to median household income. SF closer to 9x. Info courtesy of USAToday
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To the post above...

Yes, if you are short term investing, day trading, follow the media hysteria stories, or just making a lot of transactions, your are likely to get eaten alive. This is where money changes hands from the middle class to the upper class.

BUT, if you go long and invest in SP500, popular Vanguard ETFs, and high dividend funds, you will win over the long run. This is the only chance the middle class none financial professional has to win.
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Down big after the first quarter.

No sense in quitting the game now 😛
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I guess it’s one of those shit-hole countries Trump talks about?
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Nobody ever holds a gun to anyone’s head to take out a school loan. If a better alternative exists, one is free to take it.
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Ceffer says
BayArea says
relentlessly motivated and relationship focused

You mean, greedy and scheming?

Spot on, I was waiting to see who would catch on to that.
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For 30yrs I’ve heard about how the big one is coming. You’ll be right one day 🙄

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