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Bigoted mentality when these owners pay athletes millions of dollars to play with a ball.

And how are NFL team owners different than NBA team owners? Lebron won’t bite the hand that feeds him on that one.

This sort of whining is one of the many reasons I don’t contribute financially to professional sports.
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Thanks for the posts Logan. But we can really do without pictures of you. It’s weird and makes us sort of not like you. This isn’t FB after all. That’s all, Merry Christmas and all the best in 2019. Look forward to more of your informative posts.
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What a pig!
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Patrick says
The muggings are almost entirely by members of a certain group.

What can be done?
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ThreeBays says
Micron is looking very cheap. It's been battered by China tensions, and currently trading at a ridiculous 2.55 P/E. They're also executing a $10B buyback, when the market cap is down to $34B, which will further reduce P/E.

SEMI in general has taken a massive hit. It may take a,couple years but it will roar back.
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Paging Bernard Goetz!
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WaPo is an crummy editorial rag
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They thought it will be different for them. Bwahahahaha. Welcome to the club, motherfuckers.

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Obama bailed them out and pushed the problem several years into the future.

Our current president is now doing what Obama should have done in avoiding smearing shit further down the road for someone else to clean up later.

Wake up Libs.
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German Shepherd, no question.

Just don’t get the menacing low intelligence Pit Bull unless you want a lawsuit on your hands.
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When a shirt and a hat can cause you to meltdown like that, you show that Trump/conservatives own your soul and have power over you.
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She is one grimy woman.

Reminds me of a squid
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jazz_music says
This is not complicated.

The clerk has standards he valued higher than his retail job.

It happened.

It could happen again with the next employee too.

What then?

Wtf you mean what then? That individual would meet the same fate - job loss.
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Marriage is a trade where you give up excitement and freedom for stability and longetivity.

One is sustainable and the other isn’t. One typically results in high risk behavior and the other doesn’t.

The problem is that with today’s laws involving alimony, child support, custody, and visitation all favoring the woman, it derails some of the stability of marriage and therefore some men begin to see it as a losing proposition.
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I’ve sat through a number of Silicon Valley mandatory diversity promotion presentations at multiple companies over the years.

It’s cringeworthy, truly. You can always tell when the Exec forced to present doesn’t agree with what they are presenting. They’ll stumble through it as quickly as possible to get to the real matters.

Folks, we need to hire the most qualified people regardless of skin color or sex. Otherwise you are racist sexist asshole 😅
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I remember when Tim Kaine was introduced as Hillary’s Vice Presidential candidate. He gave half his acceptance speech in Spanish while standing on US soil and running for a US position.

That pandering didn’t go over well with most voters.
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In the Bay Area I jog with pepper spray as I do most of my runs at night because that’s the only time that my schedule will permit.

I have it primarily for humans but have had some altercations of the years with large stray dogs too.

For coyotes and mountain lions, pepper spray that shoots 5-6ft against an animal that fast probably wouldn’t be very effective.
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Transsexuals should be protected under the same laws as everyone else and have the same right to happiness and misery as everyone else.

But don’t force another person to approve your dillusion, refer to you as a specific pronoun, or force someone to have to date you.

By the way, is it tranny or trannie?
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CBOEtrader says
BayArea says
For coyotes and mountain lions, pepper spray that shoots 5-6ft against an animal that fast probably wouldn’t be very effective.

Why not? Should work, no? Actually the best idea Ive heard so far.

Because unlike an agitated bum or robber, a mountain lion or coyote will leap at you at 4 times the distance that the pepper spray will shoot. Pepper spray is great for human altercations and large slow dogs however.
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I thought this post was about something else
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What do we do about it?
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But three realtors in the last Sunday’s Chronicle said it’s a great time to buy?
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Booger says
Modern slaves are not in chains, they are in debt.

And in cubicles living paycheck to paycheck
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CBOEtrader says
This guy is typically described as the best guy in the world, with a select group of closet skeletons calling him the biggest snake they ever knew

Every time I hear someone say, “he’s the best guy you will ever meet”, that person immediately becomes the person I’m most suspicious of.
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Just got back from Himalayan Kitchen - Mountian View.

It’s soooo good, but admittedly I am not the same for 48hrs after eating it. It’s a sacrifice.
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Quigley says
I think he’s got a good grasp on our politics, but he lacks understanding about how tightly power and economic control are regulated by those in power. That we truly do live in an oligarchy, much like China’s government, which doesn’t hesitate to manipulate the financial system for benefit of the ruling class and ensuring stability.

We had an off-the-rails situation in 2008, where left to free market economics, the economy would have derailed for a decade, easy. Prices on everything but staples would have dropped to peanuts. The wealthy would have been disinherited, losing much of their grip on the land.
...and then it didn’t happen that way. They broke the rules, stepped out of the game, and rearranged the game board back toward a winning stance.

Ironically, it was IWog whose musings on this board got me to understand this truth: the game is rigged. Don’t expect for free market economics to take its course, because they can seize control at any time.

What’s the big money doing in 2019 other than being lost in the stock market?
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jazz_music says
BayArea says

If you are so smart, why aren’t you rich?

This is my nutshell general criticism of engineers.

Their managers manipulate the shit out of engineers egos, and bitch the unions out of existence, while doing nothing but setting them up for early layoff for the sake of replacement by any class of worker who will accept lover pay as engineers benefits get ratcheted down with each year that passes, and the work-week gets longer.

Engineers could have done something about this 40 years ago and didn't.


Well, it turns out that they are not that smart.
They are conned into believing that they are management and almost like equity share employees even as they get separated from the value of everything they create.

So sad really that they never organized to pus...

Spot on!

Finance guys, they demand money
Lawyers, they demand money
Doctors, they demand money

Engineers? Shiiiiiiit, your average smart low self esteem engineer blew it...
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I don’t understand...

If the new one is too big and/or too expensive, why not buy an iPhone 8, 7, or 6 for a fraction of the price of the latest and greatest.

I’m typing this on an iPhone6 and I love it with no plans to upgrade.
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E-man says
BayArea says
Just got back from Himalayan Kitchen - Mountian View.

It’s soooo good, but admittedly I am not the same for 48hrs after eating it. It’s a sacrifice.

@BayArea, Too spicy or due to the spices in the food?


The heaviness, butteriness, strong scent. I don’t feel quite myself until this stuff is out of my system which takes 48hrs or so.
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What a despicable womyn...

If she wants to stay in this country she needs to accept 6 more years of her president.
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Lots of guys outside of the Bay Area, interesting
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Trump pulls troops out of Syria, Democrats are beside themselves.

No matter what he does, Dems will oppose.

They are like irrational and emotional women that feel they’ve been hurt by a man. Logic goes out the window.

It’s just outrageous, Do we have immigration laws or don’t we? If we do, let’s fucking enforce them.
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How does a decrease in YoY #sales eventually translate to a decline in prices?
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HeadSet says
Some have suggested a barrier is immoral. Then why do wealthy politicians build walls, fences, and gates around their homes? They don’t build walls because they hate the people on the outside, but because they love the people on the inside.

Best line in this whole debate about the wall.

Agreed, this is the line I take away from the speech.
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Richest guy in the world, fresh divorce, clings onto a 49yr old?? Yes I said 49.
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I’ve been looking for a pic you posted a while back...

It shows 8 separate images of that SJW lesbian screaming to the heavens after Trump got elected. Each square represents one year. There is an arrow on the 2nd square stating “you are here” and implying 6 more years of crying SJWs lol.

Would you mind sharing that pic again please? I’ve been wanting to send it to all my lib friends but can’t seem to find it lol.
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How do you feel about the president partially shutting down the government to get his way?

And tell me how do you feel about teachers partially shutting down the public education system to get their way?

Democrats are ok with one of these but not the other.

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