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Now if we can approve another 1000 of these projects in the city, we’ll be in good shape.

Gotta start somewhere no question.
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I’ve been to Poland several times.

Their lack of diversity creates a strong sense of unity in the country. The people share a common upbringing, speak the same language, and predominantly follow the same religion.

There is a strong sense of national pride. Youth give up their seat on trains and buses. Youth respect their elderly.
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TwoScoopsOfSpaceForce says
How Poles handle aggressive Rapefugee Car Begging

Poland is a law and order country.

There are few perpetrator surporters there like 50% of the people in the USA that would side with the car blocker and try to figure out why he’s acting out.
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WaPo is one of the most biased major news outlets out there today.
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Child abuse
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Thanks Evan... Portland, Seattle, and Texas seem to be the most common choices from what I’ve read.

I’ve heard it’s extremely awkward to be asked where you came from and answer “California” lol. They hate Californians.

I’ve also heard that Portland during rush hour looks like SF during rush hour lol
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P N Dr Lo R says
The seal is a liberal.

Are you saying the seal failed in life somewhere and is now bitter about it and wants to attack all hard working successful people?
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My hat is off to Senator Graham!

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If you think that tech companies in the Silicon Valley are not off the rails biased, you are blind, disingenuous, or you haven’t spent enough time here.
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The correlation between female tattoos and promiscuity is undeniable.
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Clearly not enough diversity is ruining that country
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Until I see a price decline, it’s all water under the bridge...
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ThreeBays says
Prices did soften by 5-10% or so since the summer peak, and the number of for sale signs are up. I would buy now, before the next up swing starts in January.

Lol, that’s absolutely untrue
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I wasn’t always a republican!

Feinstein, Jerry Brown, Hillary, Don Lemon, Gavin Newsome, and a host of other jackasses left me no choice.
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Way to go LG!
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Although the MeToo movement is intended to serve a very necessary purpose, what we are seeing now is a gross overcompensation.

Everything, serious or not, is being grouped under the same umbrella of assault. Common sense is being challenged. Hysteria has taken over.

Allegations against serious crimes I understand. But each bogus exaggerated claim is a disservice to real rape victims and a compromise to the intent of the movement.

35yr old HS assault allegation with no proof and no sex... amazing.
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Man, those protestors are using mob intimidation on Susan eh?

Why is the left so violent and hysterical and how did it come to be that way?

Be careful what you wish for assholes.
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clambo says
I know a young black female who is an ardent Trump supporter. She also probably doesn't know who Al Sharpton is.

You believe her?
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Why has the political left, who has traditionally been of peace and acceptance, become so violent and hysterical?

Perhaps they should be jailed until they shape up and begin behaving?
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As long as who I see on TV represents the left, how can they possibly win any elections?
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Oh the stories that he and Clarence will tell at their annual Christmas parties...
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Booger says

Try as she might, she will never fulfill her dream to look quite like Kavanaugh
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APOCALYPSEFUCKisShostikovitch says
If there were any justice, Kamama Harris arms would be torn off and Ford would be beaten to death with the wet ends for inconveniencing the last hope of AMERICA!

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PrivilegedtobeWhite says
Losers hate winners

And there goes the foundational platform of the left.
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I didn’t vote for Trump but I won’t make that mistake twice.
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Watching the behavior of some of these liberals... I can’t imagine any more rigorous campaigning for Donald and the GOP.

Political left, we owe you big for your hard work In exposing yourselves.
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On average, people are far too irresponsible to own dogs as dangerous as Pit Bulls
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Fuck Pit Bulls and their Owners!
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What a beautiful story.

Women will have to lead the pushback on this one as men sit back and eat popcorn and look on.
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She got a very cheap lesson in poor life choices with that degree.

Agreed that colleges need to have some skin in the game
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It’s one thing to lie on your admissions paperwork to get admitted to a school.

It’s another to share your DNA results with the American people and prove that you lied on your admissions paperwork to get admitted to the school.

The first makes you a liar and a cheat, but I don’t hold it against you for taking advantage of the system. The second makes you an idiot and I hold it against you.

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Patrick says
The market in California does indeed seem to be cooling, going by the big increase in number of houses listed.

Please share the data you see.

In San Carlos, I see houses staying on the market longer and I’ve actually been receiving Redfin updates in recent weeks of price drops... something I haven’t seen in years.
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indc says
Rin says
doik says
Reality says
Warren committed fraud when checking that box and claimed her mother was discriminated against for being Native American.

This is a completely unfounded attack. You are grasping at straws. The fact that you would even try such an argument shows how out-of-touch with reality you are. You don't even realize how unpersuasive this argument is to anyone who isn't part of your extremist ideology.

Actually doik, it's you doesn't know reality. Sure, Liz's mom probably exaggerated stuff in terms of family lore, I mean c'mon, didn't everyone have someone in their family who embellished WWI or WWII stories for the sonic effects? Or perhaps, if you're from an even older world family, some massacre in Eastern E...

This is spot on
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Guilty... of being precious

The Housing Trap
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