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Tribal Echo Chamber comment...please see tribal elders for details

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When do the "white ghettos" of Appalachia and similar rust belt areas need to self deport, if they fail to fix themselves within a year ? If so, to where and who will take them with their meth, opioids and lack of education ?

Did the "white ghettos" of Appalachia and similar rust belt areas get what they asked for in life ?
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"We are what we are, due to our liberal dominated educational system."

Given that the majority of the public officials who are in position of power are 50 and up, white, have ivy league pedigrees or similar - I really don't think the liberal dominated education system played a significant role in their upbringing and more so the actions they are taking while in office.
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TPB - You want to know what other day it is ? MLK day and he got bigger crowds in Washington than the Dotard did, not to mention Obama.
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I thought it was Jeff Sessions and the justice department ignoring the Opioid problem ravaging the nation while conducting his own personal vendetta against marijuana.

They do give nice lip service to the problems just like Mike Pence pretended not to notice the HIV explosion in the southern part of Indiana caused by the meth epidemic until he couldn't anymore.
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If there is a bubble, I would look for the debt bubble to blow up first and then watch the cascade effect hit one entity at a time after that.

Not one big spectacular blow up, just a nice long sustained melt down to allow plenty of time for hand wringing, finger pointing and assigning blame while the populace can await their turn for the next dropping shoe to hit them, if one of the previous ones missed.
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How do you lose a debate to a chair ?
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80 Percent of the Total Bitcoin Supply Have Now Been Mined. This weekend marks a milestone for bitcoin as 80 percent of the currency has now been mined into circulation, this means there’s only 20 percent left to mine. Satoshi Nakamoto’s protocol was one of the first to introduce digital scarcity and soon enough the digital asset will become even harder to obtain.

So far on January 13, 2018, 16,800,000 BTC have been mined and there’s only 20 percent left for miners to acquire. When Satoshi Nakamoto introduced the bitcoin protocol to the public by launching the codebase in 2009, the cryptocurrency came with a capped supply. The supply will never be increased and Nakamoto set the number to 21 million bitcoins ever to be found. So far the creator’s plan and miners securing the network have successfully secured this rule from changing with hashpower. Theoretically, however, skeptics believe there could be a way to increase the supply through manipulative tactics such as a 51 percent or Sybil attack. As the digital asset’s life approaches a decade no one has been able to break the rules of 21 million supply cap.

Another thing to consider while observing the vast blockchain environment is that Satoshi’s creation unlike the 1,300 other cryptocurrencies in existence has only 21 million. Other digital currencies have billions already in circulation and billions more to come using other less tested consensus mechanisms like Proof-of-Stake. So in essence bitcoin’s inventor created something unique and different than the digital goods we all swap today. Unlike your MP3s or digital movies, bitcoins cannot be copied, and this weekend 16.8 million of them have been mined, hoarded and a large number of them have been lost. To many cryptocurrency investors, this makes Satoshi’s invention a very valuable digital asset, unlike anything the world has ever seen.

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Didn't take long for it to happen again...North Korea Missile Launch? False Alarm Set Off By Japanese Broadcaster
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This has the potential to turn things really ugly in the region given where this sank, the potential long term damage to the marine environment and the regions nations dependence and love of seafood. Talk about a food fight.

Then we still have to wait until assigning blame and trying to recover damages starts to roll along.

Make no mistake - our turn is coming, again. Be it Houston, one of the California ports or East Coast ports - just a matter of time.

Seafood supply may be hit as Sanchi oil spill spreads in East China Sea.
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Follow-Up Tests Confirm President Trump’s 19 Other Personalities Also Perfectly Healthy...

After yesterday’s announcement that the president received a perfect score on his cognitive assessment, White House physician Ronny L. Jackson told reporters Wednesday that follow-up tests confirmed that President Trump’s 19 other personalities are also perfectly healthy.

“After an extensive psychological evaluation, we’ve determined that Tommy JoJo, Professor O’Shannassy, Officer Pittz, and each of the president’s 16 other identities are in good condition,” said Jackson, adding that each distinct psychic identity, from Little Holly Anne Tibblseby to DJ Pump ’Em Up, demonstrated robust mental acuity, emotional stability, and memory function.

“Despite the advanced age of Ol’ Jack the 70-year-old New York cabby and Civil War colonel Virgil Conway, none of President Trump’s personalities exhibited signs of neurological deterioration. Even 3-year-old Jacky demonstrated the clarity and intellectual fitness required to handle the presidency.”

At press time, however, Jackson reported the emergence of a volatile Fred Trump personality, which was in a constant state of agitation and which left the president exhausted long after it returned control of his mind.
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The Montreal Cognitive Assessment: A Very Hard Brain Test for Very Stable Geniuses.

TODD: I’ve, um, never heard of that test before, Jason… is it anything like the LSAT?

JASON: Kind of! You see, it’s like the LSAT. But instead of being an in-depth, comprehensive examination that gauges your mental competency in a specific field… it’s, you know, a one-page-long, ten-minute Q&A designed to test whether or not people have late-stage Alzheimer’s disease! They’re basically the same thing!

TODD looks at the test. He flips it over. The other side of the test is blank. The test is only one side of a single piece of paper. TODD pauses again.

JASON: All of these questions are real. And they’re really killing me! Seriously, Todd, anyone who gets 30 out of 30 points on this test must obviously have no cognitive impairments whatsoever! This test is clearly the end-all when it comes to figuring out whether or not someone is mentally qualified for the job that they currently hold.

Full Article w/remaining graphics:
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That was a particularly nice touch with getting rid of the APP for monitoring data speeds. Next up - phone encryption pass to the Feds.

What's even better, cities and states will fall all over themselves to give out generous and stupendous tax breaks in hopes of landing the next thing from Apple or anyone else regardless of if it makes sense in the long term or not financially.
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Written by for and the amusement of the Trumpcucks and their brethren....

Anyone know where the balance of the Inaugural Fund from last January 20th disappeared to ?
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HEY YOU - "Donald Trump said he believes Republicans should shut down the government rather than fund Planned Parenthood"

President Trump also said on Friday, appearing to defy the laws of nature by insisting: “Right now, in a number of states, the laws allow a baby to be born from his or her mother’s womb in the ninth month. It is wrong. It has to change.”

You just can not put a price on entertainment like this and then have the White House Doctor(s) claim he is in perfect health albeit aiming too hard for that Chris Christie look.

Could you imagine the Dotard and Christie together in a few months when the Dotard fills out just a wee bit more - talk about a couple of life-size footballs with IQs to match....
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The Dotard is one chromosome short of being a potato - and we would have all been better off with a potato
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The Irish have a lot of company.
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Humidity may prove breaking point for some areas as temperatures rise, says study. From US south to China, heat stress could exceed human endurance.

"The conditions we're talking about basically never occur now -- people in most places have never experienced them," said lead author Ethan Coffel, a graduate student at Columbia University's Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory. "But they're projected to occur close to the end of the century." The study will appears this week in the journal Environmental Research Letters.

Warming climate is projected to make many now-dry areas dryer, in part by changing precipitation patterns. But by the same token, as global temperatures rise, the atmosphere can hold more water vapor. That means chronically humid areas located along coasts or otherwise hooked into humid-weather patterns may only get more so. And, as many people know, muggy heat is more oppressive than the "dry" kind. That is because humans and other mammals cool their bodies by sweating; sweat evaporates off the skin into the air, taking the excess heat with it. It works nicely in the desert. But when the air is already crowded with moisture -- think muggiest days of summer in the city -- evaporation off the skin slows down, and eventually becomes impossible. When this cooling process halts, one's core body temperature rises beyond the narrow tolerable range. Absent air conditioning, organs strain and then start to fail. The results are lethargy, sickness and, in the worst conditions, death.

Using global climate models, the researchers in the new study mapped current and projected future "wet bulb" temperatures, which reflect the combined effects of heat and humidity. (The measurement is made by draping a water-saturated cloth over the bulb of a conventional thermometer; it does not correspond directly to air temperature alone.) The study found that by the 2070s, high wet-bulb readings that now occur maybe only once a year could prevail 100 to 250 days of the year in some parts of the tropics. In the southeast United States, wet-bulb temperatures now sometimes reach an already oppressive 29 or 30 degrees Celsius; by the 2070s or 2080s, such weather could occur 25 to 40 days each year, say the researchers.

Lab experiments have shown wet-bulb readings of 32 degrees Celsius are the threshold beyond which many people would have trouble carrying out normal activities outside. This level is rarely reached anywhere today. But the study projects that by the 2070s or 2080s the mark could be reached one or two days a year in the U.S. southeast, and three to five days in parts of South America, Africa, India and China. Worldwide, hundreds of millions of people would suffer. The hardest-hit area in terms of human impact, the researchers say, will probably be densely populated northeastern India.

"Lots of people would crumble well before you reach wet-bulb temperatures of 32 C, or anything close," said coauthor Radley Horton, a climate scientist at Lamont-Doherty. "They'd run into terrible problems." Horton said the results could be "transformative" for all areas of human endeavor -- "economy, agriculture, military, recreation."

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If only this country had a master deal maker to get us past this point and end the shutdown.

I've read somewhere that deal making is something of an art, ergo the Art of The Deal.

Sigh....if only such a person existed to make a yuge big beautiful deal....
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Wasn't able to find butthurt democrats or TDS but I did find Benghazi, Gays, Abortion, Religious Freedom, Koch Brothers, Bigotry, - pretty much the usual GOP talking points.

Also found a way now to bump this on the first page again - thanks !
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"Stable Geniuses support him." And his base never wavers....ever wonder why ?

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What does Melania or a hooker and Natural Gas Heating for a home have in common ?

They're both hot, fast and cheap....
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One of the things I've found over the years is that most Westerner's rarely take the time to try and get a basic understanding of the country they are visiting for whatever reason.

There is a series of short books called Culture Shock available for most countries including ours. They are worth your time to read so you do not embarrass yourself or your country when traveling abroad.

Understanding your "enemies" culture and mindset is just as important as assessing their weaponry.
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Someone sold the Base on the idea that they were a Master Dealmaker - who could that be and yet here we sit with the Dotard missing his grand celebration in Florida and no deal...sigh.

Not even the slightest whiff of a yyuuggeee big beautiful deal - a really great deal from the master of deals...

Perhaps we should look for Monty Hall ?
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"Both factoids are completely fucking irrelevant to anything related to war."

Au Contraire - it would seem they are most relevant but then we have seem to have a habit of overestimating our abilities and under estimating the abilities and mindset of those we wage conflicts with.

Were this not the case, we would not have left Vietnam in shame, be in an endless quagmire in both Afghanistan and the Middle East.

Small things and nuances in the culture and habits of a population can make a big difference on how easily a foe will or will not cave but that also seems lost to the West in it's fight with Radical Islam and many other things.
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Shucky darn - one downvote already...oh well, the good news is I'm up over 1,000 dislikes since November 20th, 2016, and just doing my part of keep the tribe busy.

Idle hands and minds are the devil's workshop you know...

MAGA on tribal members, MAGA on and win one for the Gipper who's no doubt spinning in his grave about now. Someone might want to check to make sure he didn't kick Nancy out into the Pacific...
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So does looking at something like this....oy vey....