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This takes the steam out of libbie election assaults on trump inhumane border strategy.
It's an instant 20 rep gain in the house.
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Gobble up CYCLONE stock now. Once the elections are over the fences are going UP.
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This is all preliminary preparations for the REAL immigrant refugee crisis once global warming takes its toll on water and food supplies...
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The scary part for the constitution is with a right dominated SCOTUS this idea becomes not so far fetched.
Tenpoundbass says
So much so it gives Trump the Power to EO the end of Birth Right Citizenship.
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Scary because once precedent is set (see "60 votes necessary" going down the tubes" ) the whole document is up for grabs.
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2.34 per annually
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Did the sheep sign a consent form for the rape kit?

TwoScoopsOfSpaceForce says
German Local Police Force matches DNA of assaulted 30-year old woman and a raped sheep to 28-year old Eritrean Rapefugee

Also, looking for another suspect who attacked another woman
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Winning elections are more important open the borders and let them all in...
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Is that where libbies go after rednecks get elected?
I always thought it was canada...
Reality says
Lincoln and many of his friends packed many of them off to Liberia.
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The 'siesta' would migrate to northern climes...

Patrick says
What would happen if coffee and caffeine were banned?
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It's the hokeypokey in the Branson water
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To be accurate, you would have to use the same sex robot, with a clorox wash in between samples...

CBOEtrader says
Could you imagine laying out processes for this study?

"Shall we measure from the top of the base, or from the taint?"

"Hand stretched or erect?"

"Wooden ruler or measuring tape?"
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well, as humans we either propogate, or exterminate...not much of a choice.

Quigley says
Wood smoke is pretty dangerous too.
Not a fossil fuel, but still the largest source of atmospheric carbon.
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they've been there and done that...
Strategist says
They could recruit the Muslims. But lets not give them any ideas.
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you earn a +1 for spelling 'borders' correctly.

jazz_music says
Democrats open borders using The same tear gas used on migrants at the U.S.-Mexico border on Sunday was also used under the Obama administration?

Figures from Homeland Security show the tear gas was deployed almost 80 times during Obama's later years

Does tear gas open the borders?
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Jazz hates everything I've ever posted. Yet I commended him for proper spelling.
Kinda blows your post right out of the water...
Herdingcats says
BlueSardine says
you earn a +1 for spelling 'borders' correctly.

Its interesting pour spelling, isn't pointed out when one is presived to be on you're teem.
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Maybe you outta heard eyeballs...
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Maybe you outta herd eyeballs
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Well. Uh.
Herdingcats says
Not really, I said pour spelling isn't pointed out by the same team members
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ask the max reasonable amount, then let the pissed off judge decide in your favor...

CBOEtrader says
7 years of legal games capped off by massive evidence spoliation. Judge had enough of it
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they were exchanging journalist massacre dna...
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ICE does not patrol bed and breakfast establishments...
Onvacation says
Does ICE = boarder patrol?
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why not just post the relevant points instead of chucking an ad ladled video at us?
I ain't watching specifically to deny clicks to the greedy bastards...

jazz_music says
On Thursday Elizabeth Warren addressed American University in DC and she focused on exactly what is wrong and needs fixing and hey she didn’t spare Democrats blame for the mess.
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never piss off the barista pre-possession...
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It's all Washington s fault
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Machine language programmer.
curious2 says
It makes no sense that a person who cannot count past two would complete sufficient math to become a programmer,
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Why does she need more than one boat?
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If everybody took trains we wouldn't have this type of shit...
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Reindeer exhaust.
Things will get better in January...

willywonka says
Weather researcher say there is a chance of a disrupted polar vortex

A polar vortex is air that rests 60,000 feet above the Arctic Circle

A disruption in vortex would mean Arctic air blanketing Northern Hemisphere
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time to scoop up from the desperate sellers...
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SFO gay parade affectionadios...
Patrick says
Proud Boys: Who Are They?
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Quigley says
Men are not marrying, why?
clambo says

Boys are now obligated to act female from a young age, imposed by female teachers and principals. Those who don't risk being medicated.
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well if you sat on those steps her ass is planted on, you would too...

porkchopexpress says
I bet she takes nasty dumps.
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He lies to your face without trying to hide it, unlike the rest of the lot.
Hiding the lies is like pouring salt on the open wound.
jazz_music says
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Why dwell on averages when you can ponder on the reciprocal of...
What's the average pay of these newly employed?
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It's somebodies online fantasy personality...

kt1652 says
Rin you're funny. Fat-wallet buys condoms at a drug store. Amzn will ship an endless supply discretely.

You have driver but keep a beater Accord. Dont make sense. lol.
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looks like a busted french canadian strap-on.
Thanks for clarifying your trips...

Rin says
Rin is having a Cheesesteak
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That asking people to answer questions truthfully is a fools deed...
send somebody out to physically count the motherfuckas!!!

WineHorror1 says
SunnyvaleCA says
One problem with the citizenship question is that there might be a lot of lying going on. What if non-citizens check the box that they are citizens? Inaccurate information.

Any question could be answered untruthful. What's your point?
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Employers already withhold a shitload of taxes. The equipment and programs are in place.
What would cause it to skyrocket? It's all computer driven anyway.
ForcedTQ says
Making all of those institutions "withholding police" would cause their costs of compliance to skyrocket, essentially costing the taxpayer more.

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