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So maddow signs a letter saying brokaw never came on to her?
As opposed to Vester?
Did maddow ever consider why?
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Never underestimate 17 verifiable strategy producing dimensions...

TwoScoopsPlissken says
Feux Follets says
Any progress in Korea will be ours to fuck up. Staying off of twitter, stop threatening to walk out of the room, etc. would help.

Realizing, of course, that people were saying that last summer, we got to this point in the first place, a place we've never been before, with Trump Tactics, public and behind-the-scenes. And now the Koreans are negotiating and DPRK has announced a total halt to all their ballistic and nuke programs for the first time, ever.

"You mean like, forever, ever?"
"Yes Valley Girl, this has never happened in forever ever."

Grumpy Left: "Oh my gawd, like Gag me with a spoon. C'mon Heather, Let's go to the Tiffany concert at the Galleria Mall. This is totally so going to fail."

Art of the Deal.
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That and he's not into fucking horse-necks
mell says
Lol because brokaw is not a homo.
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Obama slipped in the Anti Helicoptering Parents Act on page 1039 of the "Let's let trannies in the kids bathroom " act of 2013. Nobody knew it was law...
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We have to post it so we can see what's in it..
HeadSet says
If you read the article
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Take nk with a grain of salt until inspector boots are on the ground everywhere in nk.
Us stays in sk until all nukes are gone and revolution knocks kim out.
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Those pallets were uranium one wrapped in hundreds...
libby payoff buying a few more months of dope smoking before the ELE begins...

Quigley says
certainly not the billions he smuggled into Tehran as collateral.
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From the comments:
So he never sexually harassed Rachel Maddow, Andrea Mitchell, Mika Brzezinski and Maria Shriver. I wouldn't touch any of them with a 10 foot pole. Shriver only made it because of her being related to the Kennedy's, Brezinski and Mitchell probably slept their way to the top before they dried up and Madcow is so ugly, her father had to tie a pork chop around her neck so the dog would play with her. Kelly is correct, they don't know what they don't know. They are just quick to defend a fellow liberal.
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17 dimensional strategy dictates you stay away from that event and let the world see them for the hateful spiteful sons of bitches they are...
They basically hung themselves...

jazz_music says
Goran_K says
So you want Trump to walk into a room where everyone is going to be overly hostile and take pot shots at him
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Statues that remind blacks of slavery belong in museums, not out in public.
They should not be destroyed, but moved to a place where people can expect to see what it was like in the past.
I can see where having that type of statue out in public would be hurtful to a race that had to endure slavery.
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I don't know how any president gets credit for the hordes of appointees made in their term. They don't personally vet them. No time. They have to rely on hearsay evidence from others that were appointed on hearsay evidence.
I'l give Trump credit here
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Four liberal american lives, and a shitload of butthurt come election time...

Benghazi! Cost how much?
  BlueSardine   ignore (1)   2018 May 3, 5:47am   ↑ like (0)   ↓ dislike (0)   quote is the sandbox for clickbait authors worldwide!

bob2356 says
So why the totally bogus headline?
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either that or maybe their hand is cold...
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This. should be divided into two sections, real estate and comedy.

Late night comedians don't have to write jokes anymore. Just read Patnet for the highlights of the Breitbart/Jones news.
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Except you are wrong about it being shunned by the mainstream.
It's in our faces 24/7, except on fox.
People are being driven to fox because of it.

marcus says
2) Too much political correctness, which makes little sense, except with repect to the most extreme SJWs who are shunned sufficiantly by the mainstream
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All politicians lie most of the time.
Trump is unique in that he does not attempt to hide it. He wears it on his sleeve.

Heraclitusstudent says
The fact that he lies all the time just means he understands that the core of politics is not based on truthful utterances but emotional ones
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Racists have always latched on to the more conservative party.
Only swing voters can 'put somebody over the top'

marcus says
I personally think it was the racists that put Trump over the top. And no, this isn't saying that you Trump fanboys here on this forum are racists. I don't really know one way or the other about that.
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I understand your point however, that video is trump lying at his best...
To not know who david duke is means you've had your head up your ass for the better part of the 21st century...

marcus says
I personally think it was the racists that put Trump over the top. And no, this isn't saying that you Trump fanboys here on this forum are racists. I don't really know one way or the other about that.
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The moral here is that politicians are liars, and will say anything to not isolate any voting block.
Except when it comes to the KKK, both parties have always disavowed them.
So this leaves trump having his head up his ass for the better part of the 21st century as the razor occam used.
Which correlates with why voters shoved him into the whitehouse. To cause a major disruption in the system, toughen up the libbies with trumps blatant lies and overall incompetence so they recede from going all PC overboard on everybody all the time.
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The only solid about that shit is there ain't no cure yet...

willywonka says
Are the libruls detestable fake prude hypocrites still suffering free TDS?
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Not 4k.
Arguing inferior evidence...

tovarichpeter says
One month later PD still investigating incident which is on video.
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maybe the cop thought 'mentos' meant 'fuck you' in spanish...
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Sjws on the rise
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"Average" and "up to" change the viewpoint
  BlueSardine   ignore (1)   2018 May 9, 5:22am   ↑ like (3)   ↓ dislike (1)   quote        

This sounds like a plan by SJWs to intermingle Soy scouts of america to turn dudes into libby fags pre puberty, then full libby drones post adolescence.
Of course any soy induced indiscretions due to camping co mingling will be fully documented in 4k for cash disbursement via lawsuit come retirement time for those lucky fucks that survived the soy experience with their genitals intact...

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This is a natural extension of force fucking trannies into girls bathrooms...
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So which is it? we are all one sex or 85 flavors of Alphabet soup?
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In other words, same old same old, 39 years running...

They will likely blame the US, and that will make it advantageous for their leaders to wage rhetorical war with the US and develop weapons.
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Thats exactly how obama got his deal done...

Nothing's permanent, and we are unlikely to achieve success by starving Iranians.
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At his core trump is a used car salesman. Lying comes naturally and frequently to induce the buyer into seeing things trumps way. ( buy the car ).
The danger here is he may corner himself into so many lies that he may bomb to save face come decision time.
Managing the dotardic swamp bomb can get a little dicey. He was inserted into the game to shake up the bag, with the hopes that his caddies would keep him in check regarding ELE type decisions...

You think old bone spurs is going to put his military where his mouth is and force the issue?
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Given the proper weapons, israel can be taken out completely in a relatively short period of time strictly due to their limited land mass.
That is why they are so fanatical about their neighbors obtaining nuclear weaponry. It would not take many nukes to level the place.

Feux Follets says
Will Israel fight our war for us if we pay them enough ?
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whoever is in power takes the heat.
they all claim they will bring the country together, then do nothing to promote it.
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Leaving the deal is the process of modifying the deal, part of the art of the deal.
In the end there will be a modified deal.
17D ch............well, u know...

bob2356 says
Then why not modify the deal in place before eventually comes? What happened to the art of the deal?
  BlueSardine   ignore (1)   2018 May 16, 1:26pm   ↑ like (0)   ↓ dislike (0)   quote        

Looks like an intended misspelling to highlight the lack of enthusiasm surrounding the election.

barrister says
Please change to duly .. otherwise it's just funny
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So you are for the right to bear arms, and secure our borders.

edvard says
What you call the "left" are actually Americans who seek to uphold the rights of our citizens
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Only the guilty should worry.
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Until the Chinese prove themselves worthy of 17 dimensional thought trump will only expend 3 dimensions at a time for this 3rd world nation
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Given the declining population numbers if it takes goats to keep the race going so be it...
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"Krugman Cries"
TDS syndrome symptom #1

The Housing Trap
You're being set up to spend your life paying off a debt you don't need to take on, for a house that costs far more than it should. The conspirators are all around you, smiling to lure you in, carefully choosing their words and watching your reactions as they push your buttons, anxiously waiting for the moment when you sign the papers that will trap you and guarantee their payoff. Don't be just another victim of the housing market. Use this book to defend your freedom and defeat their schemes. You can win the game, but first you have to learn how to play it.
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