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Ditto racism.

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You may recall that the mortgage principle reduction plan was proposed by Obama very early in his term, and it was not received well for the same reasons stated here. Not only does it bail out bling spending HELOC trash, but also RE speculators. Obama's defense at that time was that if he did not do this, your home would lose value as your HELOC bling spending neighbor defaulted on his former piggy bank.

The mortgage fraud settlement agreed to by all US state AG's is being paid for by taxpayers. Geithner's Treasury is sending money to the banks to cover the principle reductions. Remember that the next time your state AG runs for office. Just say No!

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Folks should try to get out of the Bay Area. It really isn't All That. It is a nice place to visit. Nice scenery in general. OK weather depending on where you live. But like everywhere else, there are also crappy areas.

I lived in SF for several years. Liked being able to walk to dining and bars. Hated the traffic and pollution and home prices. Lived in El Cerrito for a few years. What a crap hole. Folks were talking about how nice Emeryville is on this blog. What a crap hole. Which is my point - living there for too long desenstitizes you to the low points of the Bay Area. There are much nicer places to live, that are more affordable and that have even more natural beauty.

I also lived in San Diego. Came for the weather and beaches, and stayed for several years. But it is better experienced as a tourist, and now is bascially South L.A.

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I do not mean to say that San Diego is like South LA, but that except for the intervening Camp Pendleton, it would be LA, but the southern end of it.

And as a former Encinitas resident (right off Moonlight Beach), yes, the North County is likely the only sane place to live in San Diego. But even moreso, there is no deisrable life east of 5, just a never ending shit hole of instant, souless communities, endless traffic, and pollution.

Believe it or not, there was a time when there wasn't much east of 5, but that all began to change drammatically in the '80's. So, yes, there are decent coastal community pockets that ironically cannot be built up much more, just torn down, and replaced with newer abodes, but you are still trapped in high density sprawl. Plus, live there long enough and you will have leather skin, and hopefully not anything worse.

The climate is undeniably the best in the USA. But San Diego has been played out for quite a while. Get out of the area and explore. There are saner places to be.

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If you do find a nice place to live, do not tell anyone, else it may become Californicated.

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"In other words, you don't want to admit what god forsaken place you can afford."

You have found me out. I live in a shack next to the tracks in Lodi. Oh, the humiliation. But, OTOH, it's easy to hop a train to anywhere.

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Consider the Bay Area to be the Best Buy of RE. See what you like, and don't like, and buy more for less elsewhere.

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Malkovich says

Blurtman says

Folks should try to get out of the Bay Area.

Wish I could get out of here. But where to go?

If you are ever up in Seattle, and turn on the telly, you might see that just about every other ad is for a CRO recruiting patients for anti-depressant medication studies. But as they say, the two worst things in life are not getting what you really, really want, and getting what you really, really want. Clearly you need to keep your place in SF, and get another place in Hawaii, the Northwest (summertime only), Boston (ditto), NYC (ditto), or other large, vibrant big city, if you need the culture.

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Anyone who has played by the rules will be offended by Elizabeth Warren's description of herself as a Native American in the law school directories. Non-minority, middle class applicants to graduate schools are typically picked apart by George W. Bush like imbeciles who gain admission based on connections, or "minorities" who gain admission with lower scores because of their "race." Ditto for the job market when affirmative action (i.e. acceptable racism) is flagrantly practiced.

Not only should Warren be ashamed of using this tenuous claim for career advancement, her bizarre rationalization of the behavior indicates a very flawed charater.

Yes politicians suck, and here is another example of an overachieving psychopath who will say anything to get ahead.

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"“My wife and I have over $150,000 in student loans between us, in large part because we have never been able to make regular payments because they would be so large as to prevent us from having a home. "

And you just must buy a home. That is, you must take out additonal debt to tell yourself you have a home.

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Why not allow folks who are underwater, or everyone for that matter, access to money at zero percent interest?

Here we have folks paying 6.75% to a bank that is borrowing from us at near zero percent. So who is continually bailing out the banks, and paying their bonuses? Folks like the couple described in this story, and also the rest of us.

What clearer example does anyone need to see who is running this country?

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I think the real comparison once the house is paid off is taxes + maintenance versus rent. Where I live, the paid off house wins by a large margin. Hate to be an 80 year old and still needing to come up with the rent money, and have no equity.

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It's also ignorance, and a lack of education. Plus, the fookers in Mexico, Spaniards and their half-breed descendants, own a lot of the land, and the disnefranchised. illiterate, poor Indians are flooding to the USA. We should send Mexico the bill.

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Why would it be wrong to begin killing the bankers?

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I remember when Prop 13 was being passed, the videos of grandma being tossed out of her home, unable to pay the taxes on her million dollar home.

Hello, reverse mortgage.

Prop 13 was a pathetic exercize in greed by grandma's heirs who want the million dolar house.

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Should we thank troops for their service who used white phosphorous in Iraq to burn citizens alive? What is the protocol?

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She might very well have been murdered by British intelligence. Remember David Kelly.

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Mad dogs and Englishmen.

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How many children did the USA kill in Iraq? Any Americans shed tears over that?

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The Leaf is receives power from the electrical grid, which comes from where? Coal, natural gas, nuclear and oil. A solar powered car would be more the answer.

I never see anyone out and about in the local suburbs where I live. I know from the cars parked in the driveways that there are people inside. But never outside. All plugged in to electronic entertainment? Or in hibernation pods?

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Mish lied when he said they threatened the governor's daughter. If he is lying about that, what else is he lying about?

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Wake me when Hank Paulson is in jail.

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To each his own. I always felt like a loser as a renter, but I rented as low cost as possible to save as much money as possible. I lived in an old flat in Crockett, CA if you know the area, and plowed as much money as possible into the market. I lived in the same studio apartment for - my God - 7 years in San Diego, right off the beach however. But for me, owning a house is much, much better. Maybe when I am older and retired, renting would make sense, I suppose. But I think having enough savings to live comfortably, including home maintenance and upkeep would probably be bset.

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See: They Live.

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Everyone posting here was someone's bad investment.

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Why can't I have a tank?

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OK, I suppose I could not "bear" a tank. Flamethrower, then.

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OK. Tank, then. Lookout, Goldman Sachs.

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SS has a $2.7 trillion surplus. It is self-funding when cash flow positive. When cash flow negative, as it is recently due to the SS payroll tax cut, the USG has to issue US Treasuries to pay back the trust fund.

Graham is a chicken hawk loonie. He either is a dead beat, and doesn't want to pay back the trust fund, or a typical shit head no "entitlements" for anybody but the rich and military scum bag. Or both.

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Mish is alright. He does present some interesting viewpoints. You don't have to believe them.

And SS is self-funding. In times of cash flow negativity, it can cash in the special Treasuries in its account. That does cause the USG to borrow the incremental money to pay. It has a $2.7 trillion surplus. But even with the recent payroll tax cut, it was very mildly cash flow negative.

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HR recruiting for technical positions - a total disaster. They evaluate smiles, dress and grooming, but would pass over Einstein himself.

Once I arranged an interview with HR by going over their head, to a senior manager. He arranged for my telephone interview, it was scheduled, but the HR bozo bailed on the call. What can you do? Complain? Either way you are fooked.

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Republican nutters are using the fiscal cliff and debt debates to attack SS. But it is self funding. The USG owes it $2.7 trillion. In times of cash flow negativity, when outflows exceed inflows, the SS Trust Fund cashes in special Treasuries, and funds the difference. Special Treasuries are in many respects an accounting entry, although a very real obligation. To redeem the special Treasuries, the USG must borrow money, that is, issue marketable Treasuries. Money is fungible, so from that perspective, SS can contribute to the deficit and national debt, but the money has been borrowed and must be repaid. And by adjusting payroll taxes, inflows can be brought back in line. SS is only a problem if you are for defaulting on a debt obligation.

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mell says

Fact is that it is only self-funding if you NEVER (whatever the circumstance may be) allow any entity to borrow from it.

Incorrect. It is self funding in real time when inflows exceed outflows. Go to the back of the class.

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Kill the bankers.

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This is exactly why companies are floundering. HR folks, because they have no depth of knowledge about the company's technology, nor what it takes to keep it successful, can only evaluate form over substance. Having these folks in charge of screening candidates is a nightmare scenario, like having a blind person defuse a bomb.

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Mish is destroying whatever credibility he may have had, either to continue to cultivate a reader base of like-minded, low-bandwidth grumps, or, because his biased beliefes cause the twisted logic that he is displaying with increasing frequency.

All of his arguments are bogus, but likely created to be marketing campaigns to rally his unthinking readers.

Example - there is no SS Trust Fund and so, there is no money to pay SS recipients. Of course the witless Mish does not also argue that there is no US Treasuries Trust Fund, and yet folks have every expectation of being paid. There are no Coporate Bond Trust Funds, etc.

Example - you cannot pay yourself. Of course you can. I borrow money from my new car savings account to fund junior's college education. I get a raise. I put the money in the car savings account. I just paid myself.

I work for GE. I get paid by GE, and I buy their bonds. What? Is GE paying itself?

I live in Japan and own US Treasuries. I buy more. What, I am paying myself?

Mish is a moron coming to grips with the fact that anyone can run a blog, and even run one poorly.

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Vaticanus says

Yeah, and so let's add gun grabbing to our list of offenses as a nation including, slavery, broken treaties with native americans, prohibition, war on drugs, war under false pretenses with Iraq and Afganistan and hope there is no blowback or unintended consequences this time.

The Iraq and Aghanistan wars were about defending our freedom. If not, why are we thanking our vets with that line?

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Price pushing in Sammamish, WA. Even Zillow says this is $80k too high. Not shown in the panaoramas is the very same house across a shared driveway. Shouldn't $835k get one some privacy? I guess not.

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The USA is a nation of killers, stealers and financial criminals. It does a wonderful PR job of implying the opposite, but even that carefully crafted facade is cracking. But the key has always been to indoctrinate the children with these lies, and that continues.

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It is instructive to see folks offer arguments that support their belief system regarding the USA. Most folks go through life lying to themselves. It is the story that is important to defend, as the story provides comfort. Reality is frequently a threat to the narrative and peace of mind. This type of behavior is part of human nature. Violence can result when the story is challenged, or folks finally realize that they have been played.

Tell me how the soldiers who fought in Iraq War 2 were defending our freedom? And yet this is the narrative that the new media innundates us with daily.