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Considering longer life spans, are boomers getting more out of SS than they put in?
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What about osteopaths?

I see more and more docs from India who'll further their chops in the US and then move up to a nice spot at a prestigious center.
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What about an Audi S8?

605HP @ 6,100-6,800 rpm
517 lb-ft @ 1,750-6,000 rpm

Or even an S6?
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Her mind has been twisted by chronic exposure to refinery fumes.
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The author, Diane Stopyra, is not bad looking, and writes smut. Here is an intriguing opening line to an article.

"I knew I had a problem the moment my husband came home from work and pointed out that I wasn’t wearing any pants."

1. He then noticed the local high school basketball team in the next room.

2. The smiling gardener outside also had not pants.

3. The 10 inch Steely Dan III hummed nearby.
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Dan8267 says
That's 337 million people. There are only 323 million people in America. Something's wrong here.

"Obese" and 'overweight" are different classifications. So folks are transitioning from being overweight to obese. Soon more will transition from obese to Jabba The Hutt size.
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HEY YOU says
Probably children of Republican voters.

Doh, no! Black wimmens be the worst.


Rates of obesity in US by race.
Obesity is distributed unevenly across racial groups in the United States.[25] Non-Hispanic black women and Hispanic men have the highest prevalence of obesity.[26]

The obesity rate for Caucasian adults (over 30 BMI) in the US in 2010 was 26.8%.[27] For adult Caucasian men, the rate of obesity was 27.5% in 2010.[28] For adult Caucasian women, the rate of obesity was 24.5% in 2010.[28]

Black or African American[edit]
The obesity rate for Black adults (over 30 BMI) in the US in 2010 was 36.9%.[27] For adult Black men, the rate of obesity was 31.6% in 2010.[28] For adult Black women, the rate of obesity was 41.2% in 2010.[28] BMI is not a good indicator in determining all-cause and coronary heart disease mortality in black women compared to white women.[3]

American Indian or Alaska Native[edit]
The obesity rate for American Indian or Alaska Native adults (over 30 BMI) in the US in 2010 was 39.6%.[27] No breakdown by sex was given for American Indian or Alaska Native adults in the CDC figures.[27]

The obesity rate for Asian adults (over 30 BMI) in the US in 2010 was 11.6%.[27] No breakdown by sex was given for Asian adults in the CDC figures.[27]

Hispanic or Latino[edit]
The obesity rate for the Hispanic or Latino adults category (over 30 BMI) in the US in 2010 was 31.9%.[27] For the overall Hispanic or Latino men category, the rate of obesity was 30.7% in 2010.[28] For the overall Hispanic or Latino women category, the rate of obesity was 33.1% in 2010.[28]

Mexican or Mexican Americans[edit]
Within the Hispanic or Latino category, obesity statistics for Mexican or Mexican Americans were provided, with no breakdown by sex.[27] The obesity rate for Mexican or Mexican Americans adults (over 30 BMI) in the US in 2010 was 34.1%.[27]
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iwog says
still feel a strong attachment to having a wife and I can't seem to figure out why.
Ummm...she's family?
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We toppled Muhammad Mossadegh with fake Facebook stories. Of course the Iranians are pissed at us.
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Putting this power into the hands of ordinary ordinary people is dangerous. We must let the ruling class decide what is right and wrong.
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Camel Toe Day Protests erupt in response.

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You will be approached by a man with a Nigerian accent, whose uncle owns the land that where the nuggets were found. You must wire transfer the money immediately to the account he will provide you. Great riches await!
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But it offends them, and they are upset by it. So why can't we make it be illegal?
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Business school being well-known for scholarly pursuits and all.
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Good ole boys comin from miles around.
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This is the same lame argument made by supporters of diversity - that only white males can be racist, sexist, etc. No, you'll just have women and colored people engaging in the same behaviors. Look at how frequent cock craving female teachers are being brought on on under age sex charges. It is n issue of human nature, not one of white males.
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Quite frankly, I attribute the current state of anger to the internet. What happens when Americans have unlimited access to information and disinformation,and when the transmission is rapid and multi-faceted? It's a stimulus to the brain, and it is over-stimulating many people. And there isn't any going back.
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Ich bin ein autist.
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Surely the bankstahs can fund.
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anonymous says
Honda is forging a path ahead for EV aesthetics with two concept models shown below. I happen to like these designs very much, even though the Urban concept is a borrowed VW style.
The first looks 911-like from the side. Not bad. The second like a VW Golf. How much can you actually do with a compact hatchback?
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Who gonna doer?

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anon_c1e56 says
Americans think the answer to tyranny is surrender.

Clearly its watching This is Us and gorging Triple Caramel Chunk and half pound bacon cheeseburgers.
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Please pay for our chilluns.
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The concept of an interest rate is to represent the time value of money, illustrated by Wimpy in his quest to have a fine hamburger today. That is, having a desired or needed something today, versus in 10 years, should come with a cost. Of course, if people lived forever, that might be irrelevant. And so it is the finite lifespan of mere mortals that creates the concept of an interest rate.
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Brazile writes that she was haunted by the still-unsolved murder of DNC data staffer Seth Rich and feared for her own life, shutting the blinds to her office window so snipers could not see her and installing surveillance cameras at her home
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My experience with moderation is that it turns into censorship. Especially if you point out the moderator's bias regarding the treatment of posts that he/she does not like, irrespective of the stated rules. I view this as a very bad trend for
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justme says
I wonder if @Patrick has just staged a piece of censorship Performance Art by instituting omnipotent censorship, under the guise of "moderation", and crowd-sourced mass-silencing (encouraging the use of the "uncivil" button) on

Yes, I posted a similar idea a while ago - an attempt by Patrick to show how easy it is to get people to acquiesce and even become partisan goons. Even if that was not the intent, it certainly has delivered the above.
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Sorry, bro. With moderation, I have bailed on Still check it occasionally, obviously.
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I've bailed from, although I do check it occasionally. The move towards moderation seems to be the very antithesis of what was founded upon.
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iwog says
People are seeing this as you selectively enforcing an arbitrary rule for the sole benefit of one or two other users to allow them the freedom to continue to make personal attacks while everyone else is crushed by moderation.

I bailed on after the new moderation program was instituted although I do read it occasionally and have even made several anon posts. My personal experience with moderation on other sites is that it typically operates in a biased manner to essentially effect censorship. Alternet is perhaps the most egregious offender, in that posts contrary to their liberal aesthetic will be flamed in what appears to be an orchestrated manner in order to bait the poster to respond in kind, which results in the poster being banned, although the flamers are not.

Naked Capitalism's policy shares similarities with in that ad hominem attacks will result in being banned, and that one should debate the content of a post, and not attack the poster. This policy sounds reasonable but it is horse shit in reality, as it seems to OK to attack commenters whose posts run contrary to the liberal website's tastes. I was so attacked for posting stats on out-of-wedlock births of black Americans, as well as posting stats on police violence. I was attacked in an ad hominem manner, and when I referred to the website's policy and asked the moderator to take action, I was banned.

I was left with the feeling that the websites and its followers prefer an echo chamber, plain and simple, where contrary ideas are not to be tolerated. I can't say if the same is happening here, but as there seems to be no qualifications to be a moderator, I assume you get a mixed bag.
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FP says
(1) installed certain rules and (2) then chose moderators (some of) who violate the rules and use them to abuse others.
I've never had a good experience with a website that practiced censorship, i.e., moderation. Let the. eagle soar.