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there wouldn't have been a shutdown if Trump had any negotiation skills.

don't for get Trump "university" LOL.
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need more Trump Dick Sucking threads for Trump supporters to feed and delude themselves.
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what happened to all the pretty female applicants for this job.

ah that's right they never applied.
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after working 5h/day and golfing 1/3 of the first year BigTurd shamelessly tries to get some extra credit with lame photo op.
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only European banks are lending to Trump now due to his 4 bankruptcies. needed to up the bullshit revenue to get more loans.
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more Trump sheep need to come in and suck Trump's dick.
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need more Trump sheep to come in and defend this big pile of turd
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lostand confused says
Trump won the first time .

good for republicans he did because as we now know there wouldn't be a second time considering his heart's condition.

nothing like a staged shutdown to appear "strong" and "hard fighter" to followers on immigration.
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mell says
Trump is the one creating real full time jobs vs Obama's part time economy

any sources to back up?
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mell says
Birth rates are rising again

any sources to back this up?
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willywonka says
Why should the citizens be subjected to that risk?

because it's a low risk. i'm 100% certain a lot more people get killed from prescription drug overdose or drunk driving than by terrorist attack.

very small price to pay for getting Europe out of the impending collapse. long term they need workers and shorter term they need CHEAP worker to compete with the u.s (which has illegals) and China. you really don't think this is about "embracing" other cultures do you?

Booger says
BorderPatrol says
Europe need workers

When you have high unemployment, you don't need more workers.

you are referring to poorer countries which don't allow many of immigrants in. richer countries still need more workers long term and cheap workers short term.
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why spend engineer time on developing complex algorithm to ESTIMATE last year's appreciation rate when they could just simply COMPuTE it using existing sales data? and if they computed it, wouldn't it be the same as everyone else's number? are there many different ways of calculating the median home prices that some get it right some get it wrong? i can see why estimating a home can be difficult, but why is CALCuLATING the median so complex that Zillow, the biggest internet RE site gets it wrong?

7.9% is the computed rate and it is as accurate as can be. considering the median price is $217, $250K is not that much higher. so close to median price, close to median appreciation rate of 7.9%.

and yes paying cash for the home was a very, very bad idea due to the area's low appreciation rate.
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anon_e144f says
anon_57466 says
Darn, another FAKE news story!!

So show the real numbers if crain's numbers are fake. We will wait. Forever.

he won't be as every single reports backs up this story.

straw-man attack when there's no proof to support your claims.
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so here's the real story behind the shutdown.

Trump don't really care since tax scam passed and said he'll sign any bipartisan deal. yet he turned down two because Miller told him.

as people who have knowledge of the WH have been saying, he's too old to decide for himself so he'll just listen to whoever talks to him last.

Trump’s Aides Trying Desperately To Keep Him Quiet During Government Shutdown
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joshuatrio says
Actually, the "bad idea" would have been to finance for 15-30 years, where I would have paid over $80-150k in interest.

as NewGuy pointed out, instead of the 80% earning 10%, now it earns exactly 2.2%. on the other hand, paying cash is not a problem in the bay area due to its higher appreciation rate. many people had no idea why 2.2% was relevant. this is why.

smart money leverages and gets 177% return annually while the average gets 2.2%.

joshuatrio says
So, enjoy your liberal utopia while things disintegrate. Keep telling yourself that life is good because of the weather :)

since you asked. if i was the boasting type i'll list all the great things about life in suburban Los Angleles compared to a place like Atlanta. my house costs twice as much and appreciates twice as fast. great tech jobs here are plenty and i only need to work one job and retire comfortably. my income more than qualifies for a $1M house and the average home here is only $650K. i drive a new MB every 3 years and i have more money than i can spend while my 401K is maxed. i take vacation twice a year because the company gives me close to 2 months off a year. the weather is just icing on the cake. why would i ever want to move to a place like Atlanta?

over the years i see many people get priced out, leaving CA. some just casually mention their leaving. some go at great length to boast their inflated income, assets, great life in another state to make a point. and smart people take the boasting with a grain of salt. but even if it's true they have this great life outside CA, why did they wait so long? 99.5% of the time they needed a down payment. so they stayed for the easy money, the easy money they apparently couldn't have gotten elsewhere. otherwise, wouldn't have stayed in CA for so long and "suffered" for years as they described in details.

houses are cheap for a reason. there is no free lunch. one can hide in white neighborhoods but do they work (where 50% of co-workers are mostly likely black)? get out of the house sometimes? do their cars run out of gas, break down in the middle of the road at night? in an area that has 50% blacks? when criminals plan their home invasions, do they choose black neighborhoods with nothing to rob, or they pick the white middle class neighborhoods where there are more to gain?

lets check back 10-20-30 years and see how much my house will be worth and how much your house will be worth.
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the home estimate on Zillow is the one that can be off, and really off.

median home price for last year is the only accurate number on Zillow. good for you if your house appreciates that much. but most of the time that's either:

1) an error or
2) something is wrong with the house that it was sold for much less than a similar house in the area. or maybe it is a much older house in an area with mostly new houses.

joshuatrio says
anon_5f0e8 says
there is zero report claiming Atlanta went up 20%+ (for it to go from $250K to $300K+) but there are a lot of 8-10%.

i'll believe the reports i read online over some wild claims.

Without giving you my actual address, here is output from your buddy Zillow.

For the record, I bought at the tail end of 2016. So I have owned for one year and a few months :)

willywonka says
Unless you are going to invest that money instead and live on the streets. You also have to factor in no rent, but of course, maintenance.

Previous owners put a new roof, HVAC and appliances in the house. It needs nothing major.

We re-upped the home warranty ($500/yr), so that if anyth...
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WookieMan says
t can crash twice as fast too though.

that's not how it works for housing. this is not individual stocks. i'm 100% certain you never looked at the graphs for Atlanta and LA. i would suggest doing researches before commenting. i have avoided responding to many of your lengthy posts on various topic for this reason. consider this the last one.

WookieMan says
Primary homes should never be thought of as investments. Ever.

tell me something i haven't heard before. but what you don't realize, what you repeated is only for the average people. when one can turn $10K in to $160K over 5 years, how is that not a good investment?

WookieMan says
Again, I preface this by saying educated and also not an educated idiot. Your income to COL ratio in LA burbs is very likely similar to income to COL ratio in Dallas or Atlanta or Chicago.

the point you are missing is why move to Atlanta when i already make comfortable money and can afford a house easily. that's what my post was responding to.

WookieMan says
I assume you made the smart move and bought a place for $500k? I'd never be heavily tied up financially into my primary home.

completely wrong. i only put down $10K. what tied up money are we talking about here? my housing expenses is $2440 and the rent is $2600. I am SAVING money by buying at the right time.

WookieMan says
I genuinely feel bad for people that pay more than this towards the glorified roof over their head.

feel sorry for people who can afford to buy? LOL. well, i feel sorry for people who can't afford to buy and need to throw out a bunch of excuses to justify themselves.

WookieMan says
Not sure what this contributes to the discussion though. Be proud of your accomplishments, but on an anonymous forum I do hope you understand that no one believes you.

people bragging about private schools, all cash purchase for a house. why is only my "bragging" in question? sounds like the bias is strong. one thing you don't realize, nobody believes me just like nobody believes someone had $250K in cash to buy a house, when they could have used it for a down payment in CA. you actually HELP prove my point.

WookieMan says
If someone else if happy with what they're doing or did, who gives a shit.

then why are you even responding to my post? if i'm simply saying why i'm happy to stay in CA? that's right. worry about your own life an finances.
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joshuatrio says
Zillow got brought into the equation, because your buddies claimed that Zillow showed only 2.2% appreciation. When in fact, certain pockets have had much higher appreciation. And no, nothing was wrong with my house. I live in a nice, suburban, well-kept neighborhood.

Atlanta's appreciation rate is 2.2% everywhere. it's only 7.9% last year because it was depressed many years. over time it will be 2.2%.

joshuatrio says
I choose to live completely debt free.

and many people chose to make money long term leveraging, staying where they are, without having to move to a worse neighborhoods.

joshuatrio says
And you only qualify for a $1million dollar mortgage? LOL!!!!

and you only had $250K for a house? LOL!!! if i paid cash in Atlanta I would have been able to buy a much better house. i have looked at Atlanta market. $250K is rental home quality.

joshuatrio says

So now liberals are racist/stereotyping against blacks? Hahaha.

thanks for admitting that, TYPICALLY, only Trump supporters are racist against blacks.
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she's not like Obama daughters. she works in the in the Whitehouse. she gets paid with tax money. she's not different than Kelly or Miller. anyone can make a political commentary about her. according to some men, she's "protected" because she has a vagina? sounds like a bunch of white knight menginas to me.
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WookieMan says
That said it's not worth researching.

precisely why some don't care to respond. because it's not worth their time.
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NewGuy says
Because if you live in CA probably 45% of you identity is what kind of housing you can afford and another 45% is what tech company you work at and every conversation devolves into 1 of these two topics.

quite a grotesque stereotype of Californians and it smells like jealousy.
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anon_215c8 says
I wonder the same thing, from a guy that claims this:

BorderPatrol says
my income more than qualifies for a $1M house and the average home here is only $650K. i drive a new MB every 3 years and i have more money than i can spend while my 401K is maxed.

Something doesn't add up?

i knew it the jealousy is high! keep it going.
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WookieMan says
I want to understand this, seriously.

don't. you rarely get anything right.

anon_d06f9 says
I think this guy is funded by the same guy who funds mark dice who trolls and triggers the "liburuls" with his anti Hillary Clinton screeds. He and Dice are likely fast friends who compare notes and laugh about how angry they make their audience.

apparently he got on Trump supporters' nerves here.

Strategist says
Not a fair comparison. The Obama daughters, nice as they were, were too young.
Nothing wrong with working in the White House.
Aren't you getting carried away with attacking anything to do with Trump?

i'd call this an English problem.
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WineHorror says
And you take this seriously?

only the FBI is investigating this. why would anybody want to believe this nonsense.
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guys, i have been such a good supporter. can i get a pat on the back please!!!
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krc says
And, so, I guess I just think CA real estate is a better long term value, though time will tell on that.

CA certainly is a much better purchase long term. even Los Angeles gains 5.8% a year ( buying in places like Atlanta may sound like a good idea now, because the numbers "make sense." but in 20-30 years from now everyone will wish they bought in CA. in 30 years a $500K house in LA will be worth $2.7M and the same house in Atlanta will be worth $960K. the total property taxes paid in CA will be much less as well if prop 13 remains.

krc says
For whatever it is worth:
Though, honestly, I don't see how Milwaukee ranks higher than ATL. That seems wrong...

Probably why some of the cities in the bay area ranked so high is because of the job engine here. I didn't look too closely at how they ranked by each sub-category.

interesting list although I think LA should be a lot higher in the ranking. people always say where they live is the best due to various intangible, emotional, unmeasurable factors. well the only thing that's measurable is appreciation or rate of return for your money and CA wins hands down!
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wake me up when the wall gets built.

keep on cheering pointless "victories" over problems Trump created for himself in the first place.
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more posts about a pointless "victory."

not to mention there would not have been a shutdown in the first place if Trump was half as good as he said he was.

so stupid ass Trump solved the problem he created in the first place, great job.
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fact checking an article can be a challenge for some people.

anon_fad35 says
There are many other reports confirming the OP’s story, going back as early as 2015, if one cares to google.

anon_0e788 says
BorderPatrol says
straw-man attack when there's no proof to support your claims.

If we only had a Ring of Fire video from that bald dickhead to clear up all the questions. Now that's some QUALITY reporting!!
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errc says
Wow 20 downvotes lol

Keep that in mind when attempting to reason with the Trumpcucks

23 down votes and not a single credible response refuting any of the article's claims.

apparently Trump sheep are not big on facts.

APOCALYPSEFUCKisShostikovitch says

Trump isn't tied to the Russian mafia; he's fully integrated into the laundering infrastructure. They can't take control of banks the way they do in Russia so they have to absorb and co-opt fuckwits like Trump.

The side effect of the Mueller investigation is going to be revelations about American and European banking interests that will be healthy for everyone to know about.

There have been A LOT of talks about money laundering. Trumps days are numbered. he has pissed off enough that he is going to join Nixon soon.
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considering Fox News has been beating the drums non-stop about various supposed "scandals" nobody cares about like Clinton Foundation, Uranium One, FISA memo and other nonsense as Mueller investigation is going on, it's not hard to see what they are trying to divert attention away from.
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FortWayne says
Just living in CA for a long time, I can tell you that it doesn't work out quite like that. Those who truly cashed out are the once who bought before the housing prices speculation that occurred Clinton/Bush. Left the state to retire in cheaper CoL states. Now everything has appreciation priced in, and since property taxes are no longer a write off, you can imagine it's going to make buying in CA a bad proposition.

that is the average appreciation rate since 2000. it has been that way for a while.

the change on SALT deductions affect all states not just CA. GA income tax rate is 6%, a mere 3.3% lower than CA, it will have the exact same impact for every home buyer.

if CA home prices go down because of this tax bill, so will GA's and most states'.

Ironworker says
But if you don’t make at least $250K and most likelly much more, you’ll live in a shithole. Your kids will go to shitty schools, you’ll be constantly strapped on time, you’ll face lot of crime.

i'd agree with this more than "CA sucks - some other place is better." it all comes down to cost of living. i'm pretty sure somewhere else someone is complaining the same things about GA or SC saying this place sucks because cost of living is too high. look at all the things i can buy after moving!!! I'm moving to a cheaper state.
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BayArea says
Not necessarily because the real estate portion of the bill has the biggest effect on expensive houses in metropolitan cities within blue states.

nope it will affect most states. a family doesn't need to make much to begin being affected by this tax bill.
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anon_26e00 says

Based on CA home prices, that sounds like a very nice double wide that you own. What does the mobile home park charge for monthly HOA fees, or is that included in the $2440?

you definitely know a lot more about mobile homes than I do. but i'll tell you this home was a brand new townhouse in a middle class gated community. it pays to buy and refi at the right times.

i'm never jealous of people who do better than me and i'm flattered when it is the reversed.
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Sniper says
"End Mueller Investigation"

this right there tells you the intention or should i say, wishful thinking, of these supposed "next Watergate's."
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anon_4460e says
WineHorror says
And you take this seriously?

Of course, but what matters more is that 1% captured 82% of the wealth that was produced last year PLUS a big break in taxes. Most of them already got our taxes going to them instead of our national interests.

The 1% claims to BE our national interests.

even this doesn't matter, as long as i get my $2K this year!!!

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Heraclitusstudent says
If you are counting for a 6% gains on your home in CA for 20-30yrs, you are not doing basic arithmetic. You have to ask what supports such wealth - outside just that: prices going up. There is nothing in LA. Most cities around LA have zero industry. People would leave and the economy stall. This is already happening, and 20yrs of that getting much worse would shred the economy to pieces.

that is only your speculation and everyone has their own. how many % are you going to add to Los Angeles appreciation over the next 30 years as China gets richer and buying more L.A, OC, and SF houses? what if Amazon moves to Los Angeles? these are things you can't anticipate. it's best to avoid going this route. remember when you are in the business of predicting macroeconomic for a large place like Los Angeles, chances are your odd is just as good as a coin toss. just ask Peter Schiff, Kaiser, and others how hard it has been for them.

am i saying the house will be EXACTLY $2.7M 30 years from now? absolutely not. but if one is to estimate the price 30 years from now, it would be ridiculous not to use existing appreciation rates already available.
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Strategist says
BorderPatrol says
impeachment is right around the corner.

if you hire a hitman to murder someone, even if the hitman doesn't do the job, you are still charged with attempted murder.

ROFL. Who did Trump hire to kill who?

English problem again. i know a good ESL teacher.
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it's obvious why niggers can't be "serial" anything because their dumbass usually get caught the first time.

ever worked in the same building with a nigger? pay attention and you'll hear them make "primate" noises occasionally. sounds like the noises monkey make when they get excited.

too bad crops couldn't be grown in Africa so most was left untouched - hence today's negro overgrown problem.