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SubOink says
BorderPatrol says
Apple, Amazon, Google. these companies will always make money.

But that does not mean the stock goes up...unfortunately...

true, except all three i mentioned have out-performed NAC and ARLP by far in the past 5 year, 10 year, 20 year...pick a time frame.

i hope people didn't buy these stocks based on the 5 day charts iwog posted. someone above suggested holding ARLP long term...only if they looked at its long term chart. ARLP is where it was 10 years ago. even with 10% dividend, it is just as good at the average stock for the past 100 years. might as well invest in an index and save the commotions. on the other hand, if you bought Apple, Amazon or Google 10 years go...
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fingerprint and facial recognition data are only stored on the phone.
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mell says
BorderPatrol says
fingerprint and facial recognition data are only stored on the phone.

But everybody is free to download it from the phone.

not that simple. it's stored in the cpu and definitely encrypted. you can crack the case open and physically access the chip but the data will be garbage.
Apple says fingerprint information is stored locally in a secure enclave on the Apple A7 and later chips, not in the cloud, a design choice intended to make it very difficult for users to externally access the fingerprint information.

In order to overcome potential security drawbacks, Apple's invention includes a process of collapsing the full maps into a sort of checksum, hash function, or histogram. For example, each encrypted ridge map template can have some lower resolution pattern computed and associated with the ridge map. One exemplary pattern could be a histogram of, e.g., the most common angles (e.g., a 2 dimensional (2D) array of common angles). The exemplary pattern could include in each slot an average value over a respective vector of the map. The exemplary pattern could include in each slot a sum of the values over a respective vector of the map. The exemplary pattern could include the smallest or largest value within a respective vector of the map or could be a difference between a largest and a smallest value within the respective vector of the map. Numerous other exemplary embodiments are also possible, and any other exemplary pattern calculation can be used, where the exemplary pattern includes enough associated information to narrow the candidate list, while omitting enough associated information that the unsecured pattern cannot or cannot easily be reverse engineered into a matching texture.
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just_passing_through says
BorderPatrol says
on the other hand, if you bought Apple, Amazon or Google 10 years go...

How do you know I didn't?

you missed the point
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wouldn't gov implementing their own blockchain crypto-currency only cause bitcoin to crash?
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reading threads like these makes me glad those loud, biased, obnoxious, my way or the highway users are gone.

patnet has been a much better place.

those universities are over-hyped and overpriced anyways. waste of money. i think they might be doing Asians a favor.
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anon_32253 says

This logic suggests that all writing done on all securities except those that will perform the very best, is worthless.

i did not say that. You did.

read it again until you get the point.

furthermore, you can go back to that thread and see many gold holders came out of hiding cheering iwog for "approving" gold buying again. some single mom even said gold will soon "go through the roof." where is gold now but not exactly where it was when iwog made the post? even a "mediocre" stock made a lot of gain since. gold is not mediocre, it is much worse as it has gained...pretty much zero. many people lost money following this advice of his compared to an average investor who has been passively investing in indexes. explain to me how is this not a fail call?
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this form's missing a section:

Identify the gunman's race:

[ ] White
BayAreaObserver says
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whatever happened to all 12 of Trumps accusers? did they all drop dead?

logic dictates only real victims hang around, like Paula and Juanita.
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i hope McCock will successfully sabotage it. it would make sense why he has not died yet - a final chance at redemption before his impending heart attack.

these tax plans or should i say, tax scams, punish states that didn't vote for Trump including Trump supporters living in them.

shame on Trump for endorsing this garbage.
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i wouldn't mind if they test the missiles on the House & Senate buildings. preferably before they pass the the biggest tax scam in history.
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mell says
Everybody should get the standard deduction or no deduction at all.

itemizing is still allowed so apparently the IRS disagrees with you and you socialist ideology.
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although after re-thinking, what i said regarding the itemizing vs using standard deduction was incorrect. that doesn't matter.

what matters, or what decides who gets screwed actually depends on how big their SALT are.
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mell says
It's not socialist. The opposite is socialist, having itemizations benefitting some at the expense of others, That is socialism. No deduction at all or the same standard deduction for everybody only levels the playing field and upholds equal opportunity without fostering bubbles. There are absolutely zero reasons except for crony capitalism / socialism to allow a homeowner to deduct mortgage interest for their homes but not to allow a stock investor to deduct their margin interest. Or a piano collector to deduct their interest from debt accrued from buying pianos.

sounds like you can't itemize much so you hate seeing other who can itemize and come out better than you. that is pure jealousy.
"if i can't take advantage of it no one can" bullshit.

by your pick & choose what can and cannot be deducted, you demonstrated a very poor grasp of the how the government use taxes to encourage economy growth as a whole. investing in stocks does nothing for growing the economy. buying a house will because it creates jobs for a lot of people. you are just angry because you can't afford a house.

same thing they'll give you tax breaks for having kids and helping produce a future work force or take out a student loan and not a personal loan. nothing crony capitalism about any of these. you spend money on growing the economy in a way not many are willing to do (like opening a business or hiring) or benefiting society as a whole (teaching expenses as you mentioned), you get a tax deduction. that is the essence of the tax deductions. instead of complaining no fair you should think more objectively and stop having a victim mentality.
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thanks to Trump and other crony republicans the rich are going to pocket millions a year so of course they are going to invest in stocks.

patnetters cheer at saving $2-3K which won't even offset the incoming inflation.
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Trump's mental health is deteriorating too quickly. he won't have a chance regardless who represents the democrats.

i'd be surprise if he would be able to talk coherently at the end of this term.
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she does look part indian.
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she went the extra mile. usually jew girls don't do BJ because it's too close to the gas chamber.
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this is just a show in one big political theater. if Trump cared about American lives he would have banned Saudi Arabians.

but he has businesses there so that wouldn't be wise now would it.
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hurry up and jump in now right before it goes down.
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Trump's companies will save tens of millions a year but as long as I get my $2K it's all good.

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who cares? looks like Trump can't even get it up now.
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not a time to invest in anything as i see this tax bill is going to increase the chance of a coup by 10,000%.

Trump has pissed off enough people. this won't end well for him.
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Rew says
"Oh yes, that's how a good trickle down bill would be constructed."

cult followers like sniper are opening their mouth waiting for the feces to drop down from above.
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you can thank trump for the next terrorist bombing
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although, if i were these bombers, i'd go after Trump supporting states. after all it's Trump who did this.

just a logical prediction.
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where are you going to vacation next?
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"israel unfairly attacked oy vey" LMAO this woman must get paid a lot too to say this without even blinking.
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i'd rather buy lottery tickets.
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we can all thank trump for sticking his nose in the middle east. i predicted this.
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trump looks so weak and unhealthy now. Pence get ready to replace.
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Get Apple products and save hours/week from skipping on infosec news.
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even people working for him, Nikki Haley, want him OuT!
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say GOOD BYE Trump's TaxScam
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perfect app for Trump and McCain
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i didn't watch the whole thing but he said three things:

- bitcoin can never be money because it's not back by anything. why not the other 1300 coins but bitcoin especially when the other 1300 have features that help function better as money? people will argue that the dollar is not backed by anything and Schiff will have a problem responding to this point, but i think it's only because he doesn't want to end whatever career he has by saying out loud "it's backed by 10K nukes and the Military Industrial Complex."

- big recent jump in transaction fee. this is the opposite of one of the things that made bitcoin popular.

- big delay in transaction time. he said hours but my google reveals minutes.
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Ceffer says
I bought a 1200 sq foot foreclosure in 2010 for cash. Not as an investment, just to have a second place to decompress. It has gone up 250 percent in value. I had no intention of speculating, and actually spend a lot of time there.

wow. and i thought mine was a big win. which city?
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bob2356 says
How do you calculate 66% ROI? It's up 26k but closing costs are going to eat up a big chunk fast if you sell it. Plus capital gains eats another chunk. You calculate ROI on the net not the gross. You will pay 25% tax on all the depreciation when you sell. Even if you don't take the depreciation the IRS will charge you for it. Look up how depreciation recapture works.

OK so let second year appreciation pays for closing costs 8%. 33% each year for the first two years is still not bad.

i know depreciation recapture. the advantage is i get $1.3K/y now which is re-invested in stocks at 10% year. in 27.5 years i will have $182K. but when the IRS gets it back in 30 years when i sell the house, it's worth much less. by then i will have claimed $146K of depreciation. so at 25% tax, i'll give them $36K back but i made $182K from it.

not to mention $3K principal pay-down every year. this should be included in the ROI as well.

when you calculate ROI for cash flow you don't use after tax number so same here, ROI should use before tax income. also the cash flow gains are considered income which is taxed at a much higher rate than capital gains (for me anyways).

so ROI = depreciation tax advantage + principle paydown + appreciation == BIG BIG return $$$