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“Memories and Thoughts Made to Order,” he writes that “In The Matrix, learning the amazing skills of a black-belt karate master is no harder than slipping an electrode into your brain and pushing the ‘download’ button. Perhaps one day we, too, may be able to download memories which will vastly increase our abilities” [1, p. 104].

^^ these brain chip implants scare me more than genetic modification. Frankly I'm glad that I wont have to make this decision during my prime earning years
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mell says
They don't have to as long as you have proof of serve and make an appointment you will win, at least here in CA.

Wait, what? So you dont have to have proof of damages or a transgression, just proof of papers served?
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marcus says
Did anyone ever claim that the single mission or function of the Clinton Foundation was only to take money and channel it to other charities ?

Yeah Marcus makes a good point. Its the Clinton led initiatives that need to be investigated. Also, disingenuous to suggest their grants are the charitable work.

The Wikileaks evidence, combined w the fact that both poor and rich countries pulled out when Clinton lost election are totally sketch. However, we can not suggest a 3% cause donation ratio from the numbers.
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MrMagic says
That's the WHOLE problem. They DIDN'T spend all the revenues for charitable purposes, but held on to them for more of the scam expenses.

Maybe, but we'd need to get that info from an auditor. You can't just look at the numbers and come to this conclusion.
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mell says
Yeah but they also are strongly governed by stone-age dna (a couple hundred thousand years is nothing for dna memory) which favors the strong, bold, and psychopathic as these skills were necessary for survival back then. Hence the pool-boy, criminal, etc.

Therein lies the problem. Every woman fucks the bad boy, and the bad boy is the local gangster or club douche.
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alpo says
If intelligence was truly the end all of be all of all things, then those with highest levels of intelligence would be the richest and the most powerful if not both, but that is not what we see in the world today.

On average it does work this way though.

There are other factors in the net worth model. Besides inheritance, I'd guess that no factor is stronger than intelligence.
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Dont ever fight the eastern euro guy w the cro magnum brow line.
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Patrick says
Here he is, my grandmother's cousin Stanley Patrzykat, officer in the Polish army in the 1930's. Probably killed by Germans, and if not, then by the Russians.

Dude is a legit badass. Dont make men like that anymore.

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alpo says
To say that everything depends upon intelligence

Noone said this. Go read my post again if you are confused.

Bill Gates did make a good point in Congress many years back. He said that in past decades an average american had better economic success than a genius in India.

So perhaps in a world w vast economic system differences, the economic system is perhaps more of an indicator of success.

Holding other factors steady though and intelligence is an enormously powerful indicator. If you read the IQ thread recently, you'd know that JP suggested IQ accounts for 15% of the expected life success. This is far more than any other individual factor (according to JP)
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bob2356 says
The clintons are sleazebags, but the foundation is highly regarded. Charity Navigator gives it a top rating. The IRS accepts the numbers every year. But then again the IRS knows what a form 990 is and how to read it unlike the patnet "experts".

Yeah I agree w you for once (grudgingly).

The sketchyness regarding the Clinton Foundation isnt their charity navigator form 990 numbers. I do think there is massive corruption there, as evidenced by Wikileaks and countries pulling their investments. However, the numbers in their filings look fine.
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alpo says
"Life success" itself is a pretty subjective concept and to layer IQ on top at 15% level of contribution makes it sound very shady
theres a real point in there. Success is subjective.

alpo says
probably no better than pure luck

Do you really believe this? Why work hard if it's all pure luck? In your life do the pot heads have the same success as the PHD's?
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alpo says
Equating IQ with success is stupidity - probably a notch below hoping for good luck.

It's true I am not sure how JP measures "success" when he says IQ is the most determinant factor, but in my own experience this is also true. At least in so far as what is measurable.

I would say that discipline is more important but theres no way to measure that ahead of time.

Luck is a huge factor, but it's not something you can control.

I see what you are saying, but I think you are undervaluing IQ.
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alpo says
1) we don't understand what intelligence is, 2) we don't understand what "race" is, yet in some magical way we are 3) somehow supposed to understand what IQ (a supposed measure of intelligence is) and then 4) correlate two things that we don't understand (i.e race and intelligence) with some cooked up metric called IQ - nothing could be more stupider.

Not true. We understand IQ well.

Race is undefineable, but race hasnt been part of this discussion. Although I do now see your mental block in accepting IQ.
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Lol, pure wordgames. Conversation over.

"It depends on the meaning of what "IS" is. "
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TwoScoopsOfWompWomp says
Meanwhile, Ancient Aliens continues to play on the History Channel.

Rachel Maddow still allowed to cook up her hateful conspiracy theories.
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joshuatrio says
And wait... Trump got in trouble for calling some third world countries shitholes?


No the left showed they were crazy, again, when Trump maybe/sort of/probably said shithole countries are shithole countries in private.
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What does the Pilsbury Doughboy have underneath his apron?

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alpo says
only stupid people talk about “IQ”

Idiots like Jordan Peterson talk about IQ.

Aphroman says
All the most successful and wealthy people i know are open to cannabis consumption. I’m talking self made multi millionaires. I can’t say that about any PHD’s that i know

I'm not talking about consumption. I used the word pothead. Do you not differentiate between a degenerate drunk and someone who drinks 4 beers a week?
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bob2356 says
Goran_K says
Those who are cheering for censorship on Alex Jones are not being ideologically consistent, which is why they can't claim to support free speech or the 1st amendment.

Libertarians believe in business being in a free market where all trades are voluntary - nothing is preventing people from making trades or forcing people to make trades. Social media is a business. Accepting or not accepting infowars is a free trade. It's a simple business transaction not free speech. Social media accepts content to provide advertisers a platform. Content providers get their content aired to generate revenue.

If you are a libertarian then to be ideologically consistent you have to support social media's right to trade or not trade with infowars. Free market trade is a bedrock principle of libertarianism. You can't have it both ways.

The first amendment has nothing, nada, zip, zero ...

If there were 1000 facebooks, this wouldn't matter. Instead we have a 3-way oligopoly in social media: FB, Twitter, and Youtube.

If its a free trade decision, then these 3 CEO's shouldn't be colluding to make these market decisions together. That is blatant violation of anti-trust.

If these companies want to agree on social media community standards, they cant selectively enforce the rules on political groups. I do not know the specific legal angle, but this will be considered an infringement on the right of political expression.
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This is excellent news.
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Patrick says
The Narrative is a religion, and thus impervious to truth.

Jonathan Haidt points this out. He discusses how religious style righteousness is so ingrained in our psyches that when religion is removed, groups will often treat their existing ideology as a religion. He compared todays left to fundamentalists, who by definition virtue signal via their righteous unwillingness to compromise their ideology. Hence today's fundamentalist and godless left.

Prof Haidt started his academic career as a straight leftist liberal. After years of attained wisdom is now a libertarian. Ofc some on the left, specifically in academia or college students, call him a nazi for pointing out their flaws... and proving Haidts point.
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The democratic party
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That's one handsome woman
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MisterLefty says
CBOEtrader says
That's one handsome woman
Can't cook, but can change a tire unassisted.

Look at that jawline. Did she play linebacker at Notre Dame?
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Evan F. says
Go after her platform rather than cheap insults.

Stop being righteous. This thread is about trannies running for office trend, not the platform of said trannies
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MrMagic says
I don't want him/her anywhere near making or signing laws that affect other people

I think it's a virtue signal OR its affirmative action wherein the dems somehow think trannies are a special group now.

This trend is bizarre, but whatever.Evan F. says
Maybe you should have quoted a different article then

It's not my thread. I didnt post or quote anything. Do you know how to use the internet?
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bob2356 says
almost everything trump says is deceptive or simply false so I don't see how that argument can carry water.

His stats certainly need to be checked, but his underlying point is rarely wrong or deceptive. Do your homework, understand what hes talking about and you will find his message far more transparent than any POTUS in our lifetime.

Saying chicago murder rates are highest in 30 years (or whatever he said) when he meant murder rate increase is highest in 30 years is a legit gaffe, but it's not a lie. Also very easy to see what hes talking about w one glance at the numbers. Also, any political response would be the same: try to lower murder rates.

Compare this to Obama using the debunked M/F wage gap myth to push his college student indoctrination program via his Title 9 "Dear Colleagues" letter. This is willful manipulation w a diabolical ulterior motive.
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TwoScoopsOfWompWomp says
despite a full court press of Negative Media (which nobody in their right mind can deny) - Unheard for a President who is demonstrating success in hard numbers from GDP to Unemployment to Increasing Exports.

People dont like being deceived. As they realize, one by one that the MSM is lying about Trump, his ratings will improve. This also gives him a bullet-proof coating against the MSM attacks, since every Trump supporter has realized the MSM is lying constantly.

His approval will rise as the FBI/CIA/Hillary collusion against him during 2016 election continues to come to light. They never thought they would lose, and have been fighting against the inevitable ever since.
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Aphroman says
this is what right wing conservatives/libertarians are all about

Libertarians dont give af what you put in your mouth
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Rew says

TBF, the NYT waited 3 weeks int his term to declare his presidency a failure. Seems fair sigh
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Tenpoundbass says
She's blaming Trump for it.


Trump is a boogeyman to the left. Find problem > blame trump > get 10000 retweets from bots and brainwashed fools > repeat
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Aphroman says
They seem to be identical

Thats because you've been lied to
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clambo says
The premise was that the humans who have more of the Neanderthal DNA are slightly more intelligent than those who lack it entirely.

Isnt this a bizarre concept. Somehow Neanderthals were more intelligent? Yet they died, and humans thrived. Is there a scientific summary of this? I'd love to read it.

I have read that Neanderthals were physically stronger with larger brain cavities. So why did humans win? The answer I've seen is gender diversification of labor, which eventually led to more labor diversification. https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2006/12/061204123302.htm "The competitive advantage enjoyed by modern humans came not just from new weapons and devices but from the ways in which their economic lives were organized around the advantages of cooperation and complementary subsistence roles for men, women, and children," write Steven L. Kuhn and Mary C. Stiner (University of Arizona)."

Science suggests that we thrived BECAUSE OF GENDER ROLES. Science is obviously just a Nazi propaganda tool of fascism.
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"*Thus, it was the emergence of "female" roles -- subsistence and skill-intensive craft -- that allowed H. sapiens in ecologically diverse tropical and sub-tropical regions to take advantage of other foods and live at higher population densities.*"
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Quigley says
Say, more of them corresponding to emotional intelligence on the X chromosome and more correspondence with spatial and abstract reasoning on the Y?

Only Hitler talks like that.

Kidding, your theory makes sense. Remember when Lawrence Summers made a simple observation of gender specific behavior in his students and daughters, only to have the entire world turn SJW on him before there were SJW's? https://www.theguardian.com/science/2005/jan/18/educationsgendergap.genderissues
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APOCALYPSEFUCKisShostikovitch says
He'll be convicted of tax fraud.

Gates will tell the prosecutors where to find the notes that bridge the campaign and the live Russian operatives in Manafort's archives if they don't already have them isolated.

The deal will be Manafort walks for confirmation of Trump's participation in conspiracy.

Then the indictment that matters hits the desk.

Anything is possible but there is no publcily known evidence of this so far. Even if true this would be a fraction of HRC's collusion to influence our election.

There is ample evidence of team HRC colluding w intelligence agencies both within ours and other governments to attack trump. This doesnt even count the DNC using $200 million of Bernie donations for HRC's campaign, fake protesters dressed like Bernie supporters who were paid to cause mayhem at trump rallies, OR CNN giving HRC the answers to debate questions, or the 98% anti Trump MSM coverage.

Noone in their right mind could argue HRC didnt collude w every power establishment to manipulate our democratic process.
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MrMagic says
MisterLefty says
So she's appealing to Vermonters with a progressive message that includes a $15/hr livable wage, Medicare for all, free public college education and high-speed broadband access — even to those who live on remote back roads.

Think He/She can deliver on that? How about the rest of His/Her platform:

No free dog walker? I'm out.
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Aphroman says
What does any of this have to do with the comment you quoted?

I know you've been lied to so I understand your confusion.

Hillary colluded to influence our election. Part of that collusion is this entire Trump/Russian rouge. It is becoming more and more clear by the day that Trump did nothing, and instead this is all part of a cover up for HRC Inc's crimes.

They never thought she would lose.
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marcus says
CBOEtrader says
and instead this is all part of a cover up for HRC Inc's crimes.

Who knew there would be so much HDS ? Incredible considering she didn't even win.

Ample evidence of HRC colluding on every level including w Russia to frame trump as a traitor to manipulate our elections.

Zero evidence of wrong doing on Trumps part.

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