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marcus says
It's just unfortunate that so many right wingers in government have been bought by big oil and coal,

This is a lie you've been sold.

First, both sides are bought by big everything, oil/coal included. That's a different topic, albeit appropriate to at least look for the influence of oil/coal.

Second, it is the political representation of global warming that critics are justifiably scared of.

You have been taught that BS like the Paris Accord is akin to accepting that carbon traps heat. You are talking past the critics w/o attempting to understand them, which makes you a useful idiot rather than a friend of science.
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marcus says
like Michelle Obama being a dude.

It's funny cause she looks like a dude.
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marcus says

IT's almost as if he really does lie a lot.

Show us the actual quotes/videos. I'll bet you can't, and this meme is a lie.
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marcus says
I suppose to you "the southern strategy" is some kind of myth ?

The way you think about it is indeed a myth.
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Booger says
Dholliday126 says
Can anyone name one majority black city that's not a shithole?


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"...and rebelling against the EU."

Lolz!!! Fuck these lying leftists
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I'm shocked not shocked at the dishonesty of reporting and politicizing of this man's motives.

1) he is a separatist, but doesn't show any ill-will towards other races. He discusses how could never Americans of other races.

2) his target is immigrants. Mexicans provided an easy target.

3) he is a Christchurch like eco-fascist. Environmental and economic reasons are his motivation.

4) this is obviously a kid with no purpose, no direction. He sounds as godless as he is jobless . I'd like to blame feminism and aderal -however- as he points out

5) automation could bring a lot more unemployment to our youths.

"Idle hands are the devil's workshop". -- automation, and jobless, direction less young men will result in more of this.

Calling this a function of white nationalism is absurd.
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APOCALYPSEFUCKisShostikovitch says
Why, oh, why do America-hating libbies like this guy refuse to receive PRECEDENT! TRUMP!'s message of Christ-like love and acceptance of Mexicans and Muslims?

He wasn't America hating, but it does sound like he's watched CNN one too many times. He stole al gores title. He thinks keeping our population low is the only way to maintain our way of life. according to him this is due to environmental decay and technology automation causing impending unemployment. He even brings up universal minimum wage as a necessity.

This is CNN/AOC idiocy in action moreso than anything coming from Trump.
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theoakman says
You can travel through he entire midwest and not get assaulted. I doubt you make it 10 blocks into Baltimore before you are either assaulted or robbed as a white person.

Maybe if you walk around w jewelry or cash, which I don't do.

Looking like I have nothing of value on me, I've walked though many bad neighborhoods in Chicago w zero problems. I've been told the local gang lords highly discourage random violence. 98% of the murders, fights, attacks are territory disputes.

The one time a black lady through her dogshit on me was in a rich neighborhood, by a well-to-do social justice brainwashed type . She was no gangster , just a spoiled elitist.
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Marcus, yet again hiding behind words of strangers.

Tell us how the Republican party appealed to racism, then show us your evidence to suggest all the racists switched parties.

You can start by defining racism and perhaps explain how hyperfixating on those darn white men isn't racist as fuck.
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Well researched professors in 2005? (Thank God it's not from 2019 or they would've been fired.) Or Wikipedia? Which argument do you find more compelling?
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A 2 year David Duke bump?

Oh the TDS!
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It's not wrong. Shaming and judging an entire group while setting up systems which favor every group but them and at the same time oppressing that group's basic rights to free speech will absolutely lead to resentment and eventually violence.

Im glad we agree identity politics and PC culture need to end.

Does this mean Marcus may vote Trump? Since, ya know, he's the best weapon we've found against this ills of society?
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jazz_music says
The overwhelming majority of climate scientists,

Ok Jazz, name your favorite 3 scientists, or admit you are being told what to think.
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marcus says
Don't you think that if we all agreed about AGW, or at least agreed that the probability that AGW is happening is high enough to stop denying and debating it, it would be much easier easier to make progress on this ?

The problem is idiocy like the Paris Accord. Stealing public funds for power is far a stretch from agreeing that we should go green.

We don't need to agree for private citizens to invest in green energy research and development?
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HeadSet says
marcus says

So, start talking about these solutions. Everything on that list works best with a sustainable level of 1st World population.

Correct. It also works best w low taxation and private innovation, not tyranny.
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marcus says

Losing brain cells looking at Marcus's memes.

Hard to believe people can be this stupid
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marcus says

You love lying to yourself don't you? This meme is a straight lie.

Also, are you ignoring the fact the Dayton shooter was antifa?
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marcus says
CBOEtrader says
Hard to believe people can be this stupid

Yes yes, I know. Only the left is violent (said an honest and intelligent person NEVER).

Nice change of topic.

Anyone from any group can be violent. Violence is human nature.

What we see today, though, is out of control righteousness combined w constant villification of anything Trump including his supporters. This righteousness wherein leftists feel the need to violently resist anyone who disagrees with the establishment narrative is exactly how we get the worst behavior known to human history.

The people you are calling right-winger are lone, crazy, basement dwellers lashing out against the world. Often these people are leftists, or antisemitics, or Bernie supporters who are anti govt, Latinos, angst filled teenagers, or any group that the lying media can pretend was influenced by Trump, which is a total lie. Maybe some of these people could be considered right wing. I wouldn't know considering the term has lost all meaning. None of them are part of politically mainstream Republican groups, or embraced in any way by 99% of conservatives. All of them are labelled evil by anyone on the right immediately.

Compare that to Don Lemons "these kids aren't evil" response to the Chicago black youths who kidnapped and tortured the white kid. Or the "not all black lives matter" people who ignore the "what do we want, dead cops" chant preceding the BLM supporter who targeted and killed 6 cops-- and event that happened multiple times, btw.

The left today is celebrating #resistance and villifying white men. The right wants everyone to get along.

Huge difference.
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680 illegals from one industry?

Owners should be the target. Send the illegals home, prosecute the owners.
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marcus says
Where can we find the objectivity to know who is correct about which side is more hateful and divisive ? Seriously, any ideas ?


Ask yourself who is being silenced, banned, oppressed, and openly villified. There's your answer.

I've never voted R or D. I'm not on your political spectrum, which is itself nonsense. Establishment R's and D's want the same tyranny, and seem to play for the same team. Bush Jr passed Patriot act allowing spying on Americans, then Obama kicked the door in and uses it on millions of Americans. 2 sides of the same team.

I am only considering voting for Trump in 2020 because the left is totally out of control, which is easy to identify through their righteous oppression of anyone anti establishment.
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Turns out the manifesto may indeed be a fake?! This begs the question of who would know to submit a manifesto so quickly after the shooting?

Who is lying? Who is politicizing? Who is psy-opting?

Ofc the fake news media just ran w this manifesto with their "fuck Trump supporters cause meh racism" narrative it allowed.

So, now we may have lying media lying about a fake manifesto ? Cartoons plus YouTube randos would be more informative than our MSM these days
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Get woke go broke
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marcus says
to make coordinated world wide efforts to move away from fossil fuels in an expedited but reasonable time frame.

Was with Marcus all the way to this part. So far, the coordinated efforts haven't been reasonable, haven't worked, and seem to function as power grabs for the establishment billionaires and their cronies.

Private innovation is the way.
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marcus says
although I guess statistics/probability is involved in understanding how averages relate to "noise."

His question isn't about averages. Go read the myriad of problems with worldwide data collection of temperature over time. When you see the scope of the problem, a .3 degree rise or whatever they say we've experienced could easily be structural error, i.e. noise.
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marcus says
That is that temperature data readings should distribute around actual values in a way that would make the relative averages (of thousands of temp readings) way more accurate and to a higher precision than individual readings.

Have you read about the actual problem?

What do we do about sparse data collection at the poles, you know, the areas that are most in question?

What about the changes in processes of collecting data over 100 years? These aren't random changes, we are talking about widespread adoption of new techniques, new technology, and new ways to evaluate the results. How do we even relate data from 1920 to today?

None of this has anything to do w averages.
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Quigley says

Dude went on a knife rampage and killed four people Wednesday. No guns involved.

Bizarre story. Makes no sense. Reminds me of a tiger that gets a taste of killing humans and keeps doing it until out down.
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marcus says
WineHorror1 says
Is it actually racist to want to stop the white genocide?


You think it's racist to be against racism?

Or do you deny the open racism against white men?

How about oppression against anyone anti-establishment who get smeared as white supremacists or tools of white supremacy or as racists themselves?

Do you think it's ok to oppress people in the name of anti-racism?
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marcus says

Ok then can we TRY to have a rational conversation about gun deaths?

Start by admitting suicides are more than 2/3rds of deaths.

Then, admit that murder rate is the comparable stat to compare to other countries, not gun deaths or even gun murder rate.

3rd, let's admit demographics are the predictive variable in murder rates. The more black "diversity" in a city/county/state/country = the higher the murder rate. This is consistent everywhere you can find data to compare. Black people = higher murder rates. Places w less diversity which are either white or asian have extremely low murder rates. New Hampshire's murder rate is comparable to Finlands. Compare that to Baltimore.

4th, admit fatherless households and mental health are the next most identifiable predictors. How many of these white mass shooters (representing less than 1% of gun deaths) have fatherless homes and are on mental health RX's?

5th, stop politicizing facts.
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marcus says

When people use the term

You are psychic now. Got it.

Answer this, do you deny the open racism against white men?

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theoakman says
It's not even on the front page of yahoo news. Everyone also knows, Friday is the best time for bad news to come.

True story.
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theoakman says
It's not even on the front page of yahoo news. Everyone also knows, Friday is the best time for bad news to come.

True story.
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jazz_music says
You already know Trump was partying buddies with Epstein.

Trump kicked Epstein out of mar Lago, and helped in the legal process against Epstein more than 15 years ago.

Also, Trump doesn't "party". Doesn't even drink.

Clinton flew on to Epstein's island multiple times.
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HonkpilledMaster says
Barr: Our investigation isn't over. Co-Conspirators shouldn't "rest easy"

If Trump is serious, this will be the killing blow to the Transqueer Pedo Lobby AND the Democratic Party.

A bit early to get ahead of ourselves.
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marcus says

Sure. That's at least partially why the current criticism of Trump is so hypocritical.

Also why loudest DNC voices today are calling Obama a Nazi... ^^ these are the anti-Trumpers being mentioned.
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marcus says
Fortwaynemobile says
Or they are too busy trying to bury Epstein evidence

You keep posting these Epstein/Trump memes, as if it wasn't released in actual provable court documents that Trump kicked Epstein out of Mar-Lago, and helped the case against Epstein almost 15 years ago when very few would.

Facts over fantasy Marcus.
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marcus says

Let's hope that if it comes down to Biden versus Trump, that in a debate they drill down about this quote, what Biden meant, and on which of them is more likely to make up their own facts.

Which fact would you like to drill down? Watch him not answer again
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The same people promised Obamacare would lower prices.
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marcus says
Also, for the record, Nazi germany called itself socialist - but it was fascist, authoritarian, and somewhat corporatist.

All different words for the same problem.
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