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spot on comparison.

Also ridiculous to suggest that this woman is somehow african, at what 10%?
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MegaForce says
The US needs to radically decentralize along these lines it if is to avoid Civil War 2 down the road. The Reds and Blues can not see eye to eye on many common things that Americans used to, so the Feds should devolve health care, welfare and many other functions to the Sates or interstate compacts of the States.

Decentralization is another core american liberal value that we have lost and/or dont agree on.

I would suspect this goes by party lines as well. Blue wants centralized control over everything, and Red wants state powers reaffirmed.
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Rin says
London's got some great hookers ...


This chick is hot and smart. Shes charging the most on the page, which inherently makes me think she has a magic vagina. Also shes very hot
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P N Dr Lo R says
ohomen171 says
#536ADThe Dark Ages
It was pretty bad back then, no power steering, no air-conditioning.

What about that ice age vagina?

Was listening to jordan peterson GQ interview yesterday. He mentioned that before simple tampons invented in late 1800's?... that women would basically be house ridden and completely unhygenial during their special time.
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1984's wet dream
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TwoScoopsOfSpaceForce says
This is part of the SJW/Multi Cult: "All problems are from Whites" attitude

It was the idiot whites who invented SJW culture, so perhaps I agree w the SJWs on something
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TwoScoopsOfSpaceForce says
Since a Lord in Volyhina didn't want to spend money and troops to defend Silesian border from Prussians; A Danzig Merchant didn't want to pay to defend Lvov from Cossacks or Austrians.

Yeah I was contemplating what I considered Trumps biggest flaw : increasing the military size for "peace through strength".

Libertarians dont want a huge centralized armed force... but tbc, our centralized armed forces successfully defended the world against nazis and communists, so perhaps we should be grateful for a neccessary evil.
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You are seeing ghosts.
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This dude is calling for the end of Israel, to be replaced by Palestine. At the least he is an extremist who CNN wouldnt want to affiliate with.

Disregarding CNN, can someone try to spin replacing Israel w Palestine as a peaceful sentiment?

The ADL is certaiy being dramatic.

I'd write this off as stupidity more than hate.
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Why do leftist hate rural people?

Its gross, and they deserve to be called out on it.
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clambo says
These guys are all incredibly stupid;

This was certainly stupid.

We should just be honest w boys though, just like my football coach/principal/dad were w me as a kid.

"Son, more will always be expected of you as a man. That's goes double when you are physically large, and triple if you have money. When/if there is a problem around you, you will always be the one blamed"

This talk happened after 1 was driven home by a cop at 12 years old. I was invited by older guys to come drink beers at a friends empty house (parents just moved and hadn't sold the house yet, so PARTY!!). But the cops knew noone was there so it was easy to bust.

When the cops come in, they see a bunch of pimple faced, 100 pound 14 years olds...and me. I was 12, the youngest boy there, but already almost 6 ft tall and 175 pounds. The cops let everyone go but the owner of the house and myself, who they labelled as the "ringleader" based purely on my premature physical size.
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This model is flawed.

Young people only have "priviledge" of they are female and beautiful.

Otherwise older people are the authority and the ones holding the capital.

Also funny how going from Christian to Jewish to Muslim knocks you down their list. The left has gone legit insane
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Ceffer says
Summary judgment usually means the defendant did not put up much of a fight

7 years of legal games capped off by massive evidence spoliation. Judge had enough of it

Ceffer says
It also may mean that they intend to declare bankruptcy

Very possible. This is a discussion we are having as well. I spoke to a BK attorney today about this.

Ceffer says
It is impossible to determine what should be asked without knowing the defendant's solvency or ability/willingness to pay without appeals, bankruptcy, or further legal proceedings. I would surmise that that would be in the lower ranges of the amounts you are dealing with.

Bro you have a knack of getting to the point. Very logical thinking. Yes the individual is in the low millions (our guess), but we have a strong vicarious liability case for the company and owners of the company. This would ofc require another legal fight. The company acknowledges $40 thousand that they disnt pay me on my way out the door, and claim no responsibility for the individual's actions. They want me to accept $100k and leave them out of it.

Ceffer says
A judgement that results in bankruptcy against an insolvent payer just winds up in another court, with likelihood that the judgement itself could be nearly worthless, competing with other debt claims etc. no matter what the face value, so going for a nominal high face value on the judgment could be meaningless.

Court, yes. HOWEVER the BK attorney today told me they can not waive a summary judgement awarded for fraud via BK. I'm probably using the wrong words here. Therefore I would have first claim against assets, and the lawyers think the company would eventually be held for the difference.

We will potentially start negotiations by reminding them how much more money they will owe us via another court battle, and ask them for full financial asset reports before we decide on our first ask price.
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Not sure anyone has any actual experience doing this. Maybe the duck will come back?
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Automan Empire says
Ceffer says
all the other ones who wouldn't cross to street to piss on you if you were on fire becoming your new best friends

Hey CBOEtrader, it's me ur best friend

It sounds like a high sticker price, but after lawyer fees and their pro bono %, plus taxes, we will only keep maybe 40% of the paid settlement.

It's enough to buy a Ford Raptor and juice up my current biz, but FAR from enough to retire.
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HappyGilmore says
And it was 100% accurately foreseen by Iwog a LONG time ago.

This is stupid
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Tim Aurora says
impeached evan for saying things

You think a president should be impeached for expressing an opinion?

This is a scary world we live in
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Lol at anyone who thinks Trump has legal issues.
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Ceffer says
When is this goddam drek stage prop and vomitous fake travesty of unctuous praise for Monster Bush going to be over? Duck blind for other political shenanigans?

Wonder what they'll do for 45?
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Only the left is violent because of their group identity. Fact.

Show me a group from the right who outnumber and bully wrong thinkers (you cant)
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Ok Marcus, so in 20 years when Chicago winters are just bad as they are today will you admit you were wrong?

The environmental tyranists have set up a current worldview wherein any empirical evidence or lack thereof supports their view (warmer= global warming, colder = climate change). For once I'd like to set up an actual empirical experiment. Do you accept?
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marcus says

So lets figure out how to have more decent jobs and not too many poor people. THen their candidates can't win.

IT's simple, no ?

Yes. It's called free markets w private charity.

Big brother state control will create more poor people, and condense power more and more into fewer and fewer hands
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marcus says
Maybe some haven't heard the story that supposedly some left wingers or I don't know, #metoo activist types took issue with that song as sounding a little "rapey."

Yes I know.

Theres a joke in there somewhere, but taking it to the guaranteed extreme global warming conclusion isnt funny. It's just not realistic enough to have comedic value, sorry
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marcus says

That complaint about global warming versus climate change is one of the lamest arguments from the right wing deniers.

Requiring empirical evidence is lame? Yeah...perhaps you should look in the mirror before calling others science deniers.
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The thesis of this video is both ambiguous and lacks any factual support.

This is just terrible intellectualism.
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Let's attempt to salvage this garbage thread: 1) how are "Republicans" in general or specifically attacking the poor? 2) "welfare queen" is dead? Yet... our societal payments to all things welfare is higher than ever, and the result is 80% single black mothers and murder rates at 15 times the national average.

Trying to rationalize through this irrationality is impossible.
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Herdingcats says
They are saying that there are only 3 forms of federal government welfare. SNAP, EITC and ACA.

Ok, so the thing about Republicans attacking poor people is pure clickbait? Got it.
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HeadSet says
Interesting. Stealing women is what the ancients did when they thought there own population needed replenishing.

Military aged males coming as refugees should be trained for battle and sent back to fight what is causing them to be refugees.

Yeah but gender roles are just social constructs so the women are staying to fight while the men ditch them for safety! I think you've identified why the left loves these 35 year old "children".
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TwoScoopsOfSpaceForce says
Dear God, here is the Audio of the Police talking to Noor's Mother.

"She's in critical condition"
"Good, Good, She needs to leave this family."
"You're a sick individual".

Holy fuck man this happened in a well off neighborhood in Peoria IL?! Wow.

This is gross behavior.

Meanwhile if some redneck gets drunk and uses the word wetback, don lemon declares the second coming of the KKK.

We can only Trump permanently kills PC idiocy allowing society to honestly discusses threats and how to address those threats
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jazz_music says
The undisputed champion of easily debunkable myths continues to be the Republican Party

Followed by... easily debunked myths.

Yet again, another jazz masterpiece devoid of any intellectual rigor whatsoever.
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MrMagic says
jazz_music says
The president promised to cut the deficit in half. He's doubled it!" No. No he hasn't.

No he hasn't?? Must be using Marcus math:

Looks more like doubled to me than cut in half.

These fools are using the inflated 2009 deficit as their benchmark. It's so easily identifiable by any 3 year old who glances at the data.

Yet again, this was posted by Jazz in an attempt to say others harbor easily debunked myths.

I am embarrassed for Jazz.
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marcus says
THese people thrive entirely on repeating lies. It's really something when you stop and think about it. What kind of person operates that way ? It's a level of dishonesty that I honestly can not fathom.

Which lie are we talking about? I pointed out how the OP is lying, and Mr Magic provided a chart.

If you dont have any actual LIE to discuss then calling someone a LIAR is adhom. If @Marcus has any integrity whatsoever he will offer examples of lies to actually discuss rather than just blanking calling others liars which is ofc against all rules of the forum and intellectualism.

My honest assessment of @Marcus is he wants to add in quippy replies, but he has no support for his claims therefore ALWAYS disappears when asked to prove his BS.
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marcus says
No trying to mimick Rush Limbaugh or some other talk radio moron with a straw man reason of why the phrase "climate change" came in to being, is lame.

*trying to mimic* implies you are psychic and can read my mind.

^^this is ofc stupid and proof that @Marcus 's brain has been effectively washed. @Marcus you are literally word associating in the most childish way. "Rush uses the phrase 'climate change' so anyone using that term must be copying Rush."

I've never listened to Rush. Not once. Ever.

So yet again, we are at empirical evidence. I think evidence is important. You choose to believe what you are told and attack those who disagree w emotions rather than facts.

^^brainwashed mind in action
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marcus says
You must know that eventually you'll probably have to admit you were stubbornly buying in to Koch brothers propaganda for all those years.

Ok here we are again.

Under what specific circumstances would any of us prove global warming? What is the empirical observation leading to that proof?
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marcus says
Strategist and CBOE know about the crash, and about the ZIRP. Largest deflationary pressures since the 1930s. Strategist knows about it all (if he isn't a moron). They know full well exactly what the situation was when Obama started.

Let's ask ourselves why the OP, who also knew this, didnt mention it when comparing the 2009 $1.4 trillion deficit to the 2012 $600B deficit.

Why would he do that @Marcus?

Do you think its honest to cherry pick stats to support a theory? Almost like that's fake news, and deserves to be called out.

Yet again, for at least the 6th time... @Marcus wont give us specifics preferring instead to do broad ad homs then disappear.
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marcus says
CBOEtrader says
wont give us specifics

Just say you don't understand my point. It would be more honest.

Instead you lie again.

You didnt make a point. You called us liars. Your posts are zapped :)
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marcus says
CBOEtrader says
Why would he do that @Marcus?

Becasue it contradicts a republican lie maybe ?

Yet again, you choose slippery words instead of making a point.

Obama roughly doubled the deficit. This is a true, factual, easily provable statement. See the chart above as well as a therapist to understand why your brainwashing allows a simple article to convince you that up is down and green is red.
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marcus says
Your dishonesty is implying that was a bad thing (reflecting poorly on Obama) under the circumstances.

I dont imply. I state things in actual words. You are projecting your slippery wording onto me.marcus says
CBOEtrader says
ALWAYS disappears

Yeah, Im going to do that again. I call it going to work.

Yeah you've been 'at work' for the last six month minus the 25 daily posts where you broadly ad him entire groups w no facts or support. Totally no time left to actually use facts and stuff, I'm sure.
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This thread: "Republicans lie about Obama doubling the deficit. Just look at 2009 to 2014 deficit declines by $800 B"

Rational response : "Even excluding 2008-2010, Obama's average deficit is roughly twice GWB's"

Marcus: "Even though the OP has proven to be a lie, anyone who pointed out this lie must actually be the liar BECAUSE mind reading"

Bravo kids. Nice chat
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Heraclitusstudent says
Based on the mountains of global warming evidence that accumulated in the past 20 yrs, will you admit that you are wrong?

Wrong? About what exactly?

I am asking for standards by which we can measure extreme climate change predictions. We know al Gore's predictions are nonsense. He was/is wrong. Who/what/where are the predictions? The scary reasons we need our global elite siphoning money from our economies for discretionary funds to rescue us from ourselves.

If these standards and predictive models exist provide the links

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