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marcus says
Wait, what ?

You are fixated on the fact that a different group of victim mentality assholes is oppressing a different target demographic, and suggesting that means Nazi's and progressives are different.

I am pointing out that Nazi's and progressives are almost identical, right down to the words they use to describe the outgroup.
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drB6 says
I'd say that it should not be gun deaths, it should be gun murders

Gun "deaths" is a stat only used by liars or the ignorant. Gun murders is better, but the most relevant stat is violent crime rate per capita.
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RafiMaas says
Please explain which means of production leftist want to make publicly owned?

Education, banking, healthcare, energy, food, and housing are the big ones.

Yes, leftist are totes cool w less regulated private frisbee making companies.
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marcus says
IS this a continuation of the thread about how liberals have a bizarre need to call right wingers names and insult them instead of having legit arguments ?

No this is about leftists need to oppress wrong thinkers and behave like collectivist authoritarians.

Interesting comment from Haidt in the video you shared in which he compared todays progressives desire for purifying speech to the Nazi's need to purify their communities from Jews. (Great video btw, thanks for sharing.) In fact, he went on and described the language and behavior of the progressives as anti-liberal.

Remember that the Nazi's also created an education and workplace echo chamber in the 1930's. Anyone who disagreed w them was either fired or never hired. Hmmmm, who is doing that today?

Progressives are collectivist authoritarians. Their concepts of white privilege, violent speech, and the need to purify the discourse from wrongthinkers is terrifyingly similar to thee Nazi's and the communists. It will end in widespread violence if people like you continue to fascisplain for their terrible ideas.
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marcus says
They're not pushing a narrative.

Lol, David duke is completely irrelevant. The #fakenews MSM turned him into a boogeyman as a propaganda tactic. Then they sweepingly associate anyone who supports Trump w duke. It's the purest form of propaganda.

Creating a sense of righteousness is an easy way to control people.

The Nazi's did the exact same thing. Please be better than the Nazi's. This can not end well.
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Mueller has Trump & Rep/Cons shaking in their shoes

Lol, no he doesn't. He may have HRC shaking though considering he's investigating Podesta group, and DOJ us investigating her emails as well as related conflicts of interests.

Still zero evidence of Trump wrongdoing. Fact.

HRC otoh has undeniably broken the law. Fact. All they have to do is provide evidence of motive for her indictments to fall in line.

Vegas us setting Trump indictment odds at a few thousand to 1. HRC, meanwhile, is about 50:50.
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RafiMaas says
Trying to? Too much, I rest my case.

Try using grammar others can understand.

RafiMaas says

Education is the most important industry for any collectivist authoritarian to control. See the "dear colleague" letter as an example. Or refer to my other thread wherein wrongthinking teachers and deploreables are removed from school so as to purify the environment. Progressives = nazis
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Goran_K says
Leftism in a nutshell.

If the waitress was white, then she deserved it. If she is straight she double deserves it. If she supports Trump, she triple deserves it.

Also, you can't blame the poor blacks, history of slavery and all.

In fact, simply posting this is racist. You are either a russian bot or a white supremecist. The federal dept of diversity and inclusion requires you come in for questioning.
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bob2356 says
What is he waiting for?
Legal due process. Even HRC has rights.

bob2356 says
What law has hrc broken?

Grossly negligent handling of classified material. This much is not in question.
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bob2356 says
CBOEtrader says

Education is the most important industry for any collectivist authoritarian to control

Wrong, the press is the most important industry for any collective authoritarian to control.

Great point.
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justme says
They had a hunch, and correctly so, that the bomber was a white guy.

It's not a hunch. The dude is white.

justme says
Is it terrorism? Is it WHITE TERROR?

If there were a politically ambitious group whose defining cause or group identity is "white" then yes. Since there is no such group, nor has this man identified himself as being part of this fictitiousgroup, then no.

Your desire to call him a white terrorist is 100% about politicizing tragedy. It's a deplorable move.
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justme says
Then the public should relentlessly hound rightist politicians and blog jockeys why why WHY have they not denounced the act as a cowardly act of terrorism.

Lol, it's not exactly difficult to denounce murder.

justme says
the rightists always want to brand violence by Muslim or brown people as terrorism

Exactly no-one is defining the 500 murders per year in Chicago as terrorism.
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justme says
they are very eager to call any violent Muslim and/or possibly political brown person a terrorist.

Show me anyone anywhere who classifies the 500 murders per year by blacks as black terrorism.
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justme says
Personal much ? ;-)

Certainly not my intent to be personal. Apologies if it came across that way
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HeadSet says
She also teaches Intro to Sociology at NCSU, but thinks a sample size of 20 is fine and dandy.

Dress size 20 may apply, too.

You win for the day!
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indc says
Here is how the leftist threaten people seeking freedom of speech.

Progressives today = Nazis in the 1930's. Purifying schools and workplaces is the first step towards fascism. Threatening freedom of speech is part of the first step, and will get worse as it continues.
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Rin = awesome.

That's a beauty of a steak!
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HappyGilmore says
what the rationale could be when declaring that someone planting bombs designed to kill people isn't terrorism?

Its called murder. This guy was indeed out to cause mayhem and terror. He was not, however, a terrorist since he has no known political or group motive. He was just a nihilistic FUCK, who wanted to murder strangers. If he was a member of a group that had a goal of overthrowing the patriarchy, for example, then there may be a case for calling this terrorism. THAT still wouldnt be WHITE TERROR unless his group identity and motivation behind this attack was somehow linked to a "WHITE" group.

OFC everything is an assumption at this point, so we really don't know.

This isnt complicated, just seems like the left cant skip a chance to shit on white men. Quite pathetic
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HappyGilmore says
Pretty sure most here would assume it was Islamic terrorism if he was Muslim.

If he yelled "Alahu Ahkbar" before he did it, the muslim terror would be a reasonable guess.

If there were a string and pattern of christians terrorizing the country using bombs like this, then assuming christian terror may be valid.

In this situation, there is no association between his christian family, and his actions. Unless they find a manifesto where he says something to that nature than calling it WHITE or CHRISTIAN terror is pure bigotry. Its a deplorable move... but go ahead and try to make your bigoted point if ya like.
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Sniper says
What's been pointed out with the delusional Libbies is that laws already exist on the books that make these acts illegal, but the Libbies think adding NEW laws will stop future attacks.

Yeah i noticed his bait and switch too. Very weak, illogical argument
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HappyGilmore says
No, it's just a chance to, once again, show the hypocrisy of the Trump supporters.

So you are being hypocritical with the intent to show that someone else is hypocritical. FACEPALM

The left is today so lost in their foolish righteousness that they justify obvious deplorable behavior. Its ok to be racist against whites, because some white guy somewhere behaved racist once.

This is the logic that leads to death camps. Please stop the righteous racism before things get worse.
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marcus says
If you wanted to, you could address those leftist authoritarians more accurately without generlizing, and you would be saying something I, and Jonathon Haidt and many progressives would agree with. Why don't you do that ?

Progressives is the specific group.

If you believe in white privilege and inter-sectional oppression, and/or that communism is the solution, then you are part of the problem. This thinly veiled communism repackaged as third wave feminism is the problem.

So do the people you call progressives reject the above? If so, they are not the problem. I would accept another term for these authoritarians, but currently progressives is the most apt.
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marcus says
progressives that are left wing authoriarians over 10%

Perhaps, but they put themselves into positions to do HUGE damage. Please refer to the video that you posted, wherein Haidt and Peterson discuss how almost every elite college campus in the US and Canada are overrun by this anti-free speech authoritarianism.

I'm sure there are plenty (perhaps even most) on the left who disagree, but they are too weak to speak up. Why? Because its those deplorable "alt-right" people who are being oppressed, and fuk them. Amirite?

I may buy into your perspective a bit more if the left stood up and exorcised their own demons the way the right has cast out the white nationalists. The right will not allow themselves to be associated with .000001% deplorable minority... which is exactly why the white nationalists arent a threat. The extreme left, otoh, is kowtowed to by politicians, academians, business execs, etc.

Before Trump, the average american was too scared of being called deplorable to speak out against these terrible people. Trump has helped crush PC culture to the point where most people who arent in the left are starting to speak out. There are still risks of blowback though. See the examples above of people losing their jobs, having their reputations thrashed, and look around at the general oppression piled onto those who speak out.

This is perhaps the biggest problem we have in the US today. Grow some balls and support the deplorables against these authoritarians and MAYBE ill believe you are genuine. But nah, you'd rather call trump supporters white nationalists and do nothing while entire swaths of the US population are oppressed.

I wish you'd prove me wrong.
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In case you werent completely convinced that this PC authoritarianism results in TERRIBLE, TERRIBLE oppression. See wherein cops, teachers, parents, were all too afraid of speaking out for fear of being called racist.

It was only a tiny fraction of the nazi's who worked the death camps. However, virtue signalling in righteous indignation against the deplorable Jews was widespread. Much like the Germans in the 1930's, today's left is afraid to do stand up to the tyranny growing amongst them. Girls are being raped and killed, people are losing their livelihood, and free speech is being demolished in front of our eyes. When would you say its time to speak up against the alt-left, rather than chasing white nationalists ghosts?

Be part of the solution please.
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TwoScoopsPlissken says
Sniper says
..."In their June study, the foundation decided to examine groups “engaged in violent extremist activity” and found that white extremists were by far the most dangerous. They pointed to the recent Emanuel AME Church shooting in Charleston, S.C., and the 2012 attack on a Sikh temple in Wisconsin, as well as many lesser-known attacks on Jewish institutions and on police. They found that 48 people were killed by white terrorists, while 26 were killed by radical Islamists, since Sept. 11.

Debunk this very quickly:

Whites are more than 70% of the US Population.
Muslims are 1% of the US Population.

Therefore, White Supremacists would have to kill hundreds of people each year to merely EQUAL the Islamic Domestic Fatalities in the USA.

That doesnt even count cherrypicking dates. "Since 911..." You mean when terrorists killed 3000 americans? OK, so since then they have to manipulate data to suggest that white extremists have killed 48 people. How does anyone not see the foolishness of this logic?

Sure lets just leave out the event that killed 60 times the number of people that white extremists supposedly have killed in the last 17 years. Seems totally reasonable. DOUBLE FACEPALM
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TwoScoopsPlissken says
A terrorist maybe, but not a White Surpemacist one.

Yeah if you go into the details of the data, it is all garbage. Total idiocy on a platter only accepted by those affected by the worst confirmation bias.
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The only correct response to this story is "who cares"
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Rin, you should start a self-help book, a MANifesto for lost souls.

You genuinely have no desire for an emotionally intimate relationship w a woman again? You're a stronger man than I am
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HappyGilmore says
lol--Is someone going to tell me why we have any laws on the books at all??

So we have legal recourse when someone breaks them.
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justme says
Indeed, there is a group of predominantly white and so-called Christian men in Washington that are responsible for killing large number of Muslims, and by a huge factor, maybe 400X if you look at 5k dead US soldiers and 2M dead in the Middle East wars. Not to speak of completely demolishing entire cities in order to rid them of terrorists that the US Government pretty much enabled or created with previous and ongoing evil and stupid actions.

Yup thats why voting for D's and R's is a terrible idea. I'm glad you are on the Trump train. #maga
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justme says
What this thread is about

According to the OP, the thread is about calling this guy a WHITE TERRORIST. Dont expect anyone to read your mind or follow your "dog whistle" if it isnt explained in clear language.
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I prefer real boobs.

And maybe a few tears
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HappyGilmore says
The US should be a place where everyone has equal opportunity.

Equal opportunity is a tyrrsnical fever dream. Equal rights and representation under the law is the goal.

Currently, conservatives, men, whites, and asians are being oppressed. Are you ok w this?
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Patrick says
Asians sued Harvard for discrimination against them:

As they should. Any idea what happened?

Limiting Asian acceptance to universities is racist as fuk. Just terrible.
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I want to hear the lecture.

I'd probably get high and bring popcorn.
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Blaming white people as inherent racists, and accusing anyone who brings up facts is probably the best way to solve the problem.
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Feux Follets says
is increasingly populated by figures who share Trump’s penchant for exercising U.S. power unilaterally.

your propoganda is cute
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Feux Follets says
Things are not going quite well in reality - only in the world of alternate realities and facts.

whats not going well?
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RC2006 says
who crys over this shit?

Its a sign of brainwashing. Brainwashing manipulates emotions to control people.
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Blind pursuit of equality is tyranny