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I watched NBC. Very weak. "No collussion found doesnt mean no collussion." and other fabricated conspiracy theory nonsense.

Fake news gonna fake news.
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marcus says
Words such as treason might have been thrown around, but nobody really thought there was much chance of evidence coming out that was worthy of convicting Trump for direct involvement in Russias hacking of the election.

If you thought zero evidence would come out, you'd be right.
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marcus says
I get it that you want to paint the Mueller report as some kind of a victory for Trump. I dont see it that way at all

Zero evidence for Trump collussion isnt a victory?

What do you consider to be problematic or less than victorious?
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marcus says
CBOEtrader says

Zero evidence for Trump collussion isnt a victory?

No, insufficient evidence to indict a sitting President for direct involvement in Russia's hacking of the election, is not a victory.

Um, dude, there was zero evidence. Wtf are you talking about?
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ThreeBays says

I don't think that is true. Attempting and failing to commit a crime, is still a crime.

Fact free statement as it compares to trump.

Knowing what you know about trump, do you think his subordinates control him? Lolz.

As per the report, entire Team Trump was transparent and easy to work with. Trump never used his executive privilege. There is also no underlying crime.

Whatever conversations Trump had to understand the scope of his personal options is irrelevant. The mueller report "legal theories" on obstruction were rejected by barr.

None of this is surprising if you've paid attanetion to this situation.
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HonkpilledMaster says

Yeah hard for Rew and Dan to be more wrong in this thread, now proven.

I think Dan was smart enough to see all his Trump predictions going 180 on him, so he left the forum.
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HeadSet says
Mueller finds 10 cases of obstruction.

No, Mueller investigated 10 cases looking for obstruction.

Even so, you are looking for "obstruction" of an investigation into an event that did not occur, and even if it did was not illegal.

Lets not forget there was ultimately zero actual obstruction, as determined by mueller. Hard to suggest trump really, like really really wanted to obstruct, but somehow didnt.
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marcus says
That is that the Trump campaigns contact with the Russians was dishonest, immoral and unethical.

Nowhere in Mueller report is this suggested. You are making up fantasies.

However, Team HRC had MANY illicit contacts w the Russians and Ukrainians which is now indeed under investigation of actual real crimes, not made up fake CNN crimes.
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stone age peoples awareness day!
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A child rapist and a multi murder plot award avon middle school the 822nd rank out of 1085 middle schools in FL.

20% of schools in FL are worse. Wow.

Also, note the 25% white and 87% free lunch participation rates. This is what diversity looks like.
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marcus says
and the school massacre in Parkland, Florida, carried out by a student who wished that “all the Jews were dead.”

Would you consider a Cuban school shooter a white supremacist?

What about the Bernie supporter who stabbed people on the bus?

This is more so about destructution of definitions than any relevant trend.
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marcus says
Not true. But apparently facts are subjective ? Either that or killing doesn't count as violence ?

You linked to a list of murders commited by people who are accused white supremacists. Some are proven white supremacists, who murdered someone. Ok. If 48 is all the violent crime related to extreme white supremacists they could document in 2018, we're doing pretty good as a society w white supremacy. Chicago gets more black supremacist murders every weekend.

Try reading the source data. It's almost as if the core claim is made up
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marcus says
CBOEtrader says
Chicago gets more black supremacist murders every weekend.

Wtf ? You really have absolutely no idea what you're talking about.

You are saying that because you didnt read your own article. It is a list of violence perpetuated by anyone loosely acquainted w maybe white supremacy. It is NOT a list of white supremacist terrorism. That is a lie.

By the same logic every murder in Chicago would be called a violent black supremacist terrorist attack.
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HonkpilledMaster says
Maybe, maybe the anti-semite attack could possibly be White Supremacist, though as Arabs and Blacks show you don't need to be White Supremacist to be anti-Semitic.

If the guy is white, commited a crime, and he likes jordan Peterson's facebook page, then it's considered white supremacy terrorism.

Another game they play is by using right wing, white nationalism, and white supremacy interchangeably.

Its gross. Apparently the @Marcus 's types dont care if they are lied to. Righteous judgement feels too good.
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zzyzzx says

Shes shaped like a chicken nugget, sorta like a sorority girl after her first semester drinking.
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HonkpilledMaster says
Leftists know that Hardwork, Discipline, Meritocracy, and even Timeliness are "White" values

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marcus says
But the hatred ignorance and fear I hear on the right annoys me just as much.

Sure, theres simply immeasurably more coming from the left.

White supremacists are irrelevant. They are a fabrication of the globalist propagandists.
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marcus says
Do you read ?

Do you? Tell us @Marcus, which piece of data or transparency was obstructed?

Hint: the answer is none. There was zero actual obstruction. Not even a delay. Fact.
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FortWayneIndiana says
marcus says

black dudes are Christian mostly in our area.

Black dudes did attack churches today. How many tweets has trump sent about it so far?
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marcus says
When moderates such as Jordan Peterson or Jonathon Haidt are thought of as white supremacist, that's absurd.

Let's gain an agreement of what white supremacy is. I'll let you lead here, since it is your team who is obsessed w them.

Please point out your top 3 most relevant white supremacists.
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Tenpoundbass says
That's some dishonest cockshit right there. That was not what was said, that is not even in any context other than a Leftist mentally deranged fantasy.

People did some things Marcus, and people are going to do some things in 2020 and vote these Cocksuckers out of office, the Commies, the Finger asshole wipers, the Floor Smoochers, the Fags the whole American hating loathsome lot. Lying dishonest mother fuckers the every damn one of them.

marcus says

Marcus, try posting the actual quote. This meme is lying to you, most likely, but I'm looking forward to seeing what I've missed.

Show us where Fox misquoted her
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HeadSet says
Sounds like spoiled brats looking for sympathy.

It's a virtue signal. It's how the weak minded tard masses communicate.

I recall my favorite virtue signal of all time morning after Trump won "I just cant see myself bringing babies into this world filled with Trumps racism and homophobia"
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HonkpilledMaster says
That's actual White Supremacy.

White Nationalism:

yes, and almost zero terrorism is committed towards these ends. that's why i want the marcus types to define it instead. Then we can go line by line and point out how almost zero of the murderers in his list are WS terrorists.

marcus can point out how silly it would be to label the 50 murders/month in chicago as black supremacy terrorism. yet he offers his list without critique, using equally as atrocious logic
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Ceffer says
Quigley says
I’m pretty sure I just sprained a chakra.

I did that once. I spewed effulgence for days.

Same. Then I manifested my balls again.

All better
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marcus says
Why is it that when you look at all the graphs it just looks like a continuation of all the 6 year trends that Obama established ?

If you know how to read charts, the Trump bull market was a clear break in the sideways trend of Obama's final years.
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Quigley says
If you have a fucking solution, I’d like to hear it! And it had better be good, because you know on this site it will be critiqued.

Trump is following the best possible plan. 1st) cut taxes and let the economy roar 2) push to end wars 3) cut unnecessary waste.

Trump has a lot of work to do on part 3. Maybe stop trying to commit treason and let the man work?

Instead of calling him racist, remind him to decrease govt spending. OR just sit there and scream racist while trying to negate the democratic process all in the name of team game politics.
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NuttBoxer says
Think the US States pre-Civil War

Small, trustworthy, industrious, and culturally monogamous communities do OK w socialism. It takes a TON of personal accountability and even then, I'd bet a free market would work FAR better. However, zero chance a large, multi-cultural country like the US should ever try socialism. States, perhaps.
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The left cant meme. Fact.
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Theres no OP?
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marcus says

Btw, I think TRump was right when he said, "Im fucked." It's going to take time for the dust to settle, that's all.

Any valid theory can be falsifiable. How is your theory falsified? Under what conditions can you be proven wrong?

If you can't see how wrong you've been by now, I will assume you neither have a way to falsify your theory nor would you be willing to accept a falsifiable condition. You will continually adjust your theory so you never have to admit you were wrong about Trump. Dammit, eventually we'll get him!

Pay attention and let's see how long it'll take this blind mouse to find the cheese (many expected you'd have found it by now).
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marcus says

If it was proven to all be a witchhunt hoax, then yes, but only if the law allows them to walk away.

Many will be arrested. Guaranteed.

Will you admit you are wrong then?
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It's exclusively the non murderers sneaking across the border OR you're a nazi
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ForcedTQ says
why is it wrong for them to help enforce our immigration law?

It's not. Militias are a specifically guaranteed right.

Idk anything about this guy, but the article reads like a garbage hit piece. If they have a real case against this guy, they could simply lay it out. I wonder why the author didnt do that?
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jazz_music says
All these fine patriots with their arsenals can finally get their jollies and feel manly with their paramilitary gear.

Of what crime is this guy accused?
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BayArea says

Could have mentioned the story in the OP. No clue why you were posting a pic of a random 7
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Hugolas_Madurez says
Is it big among pinkos?

Anything they can use to slander the perceived opposition is big amongst the pinkos.

I'll bet Jazz couldn't explain Q anymore than he can explain why the MSM is freaking out over these (seemingly legal) militias.
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willywonka says
CBOEtrader says
Could have mentioned the story in the OP. No clue why you were posting a pic of a random 7
Never heard of her before. Thought she was really hot looking. I actually had a girlfriend who was 5' 10"". I am 6 feet tall. I dug it.

Theres a thread for hot pics.

For those of us who dont watch TV or gossip news, please explain when you post. Had never seen her before didnt realize she dropped a #metoo on luke Walton 2 days ago
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WookieMan says
CBOEtrader says
posting a pic of a random 7

Whether it's right or not, at least for taller guys (in my opinion), most fit/thin women over 6' are almost a shoe in for a 7 once they cross that height (unless their face is fucked up). I'd say she's closer to an 8/9, so not far off, but I'd say 7 is a touch low.

Agreed. Shes probably 8 to 8.5 fair value
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016e says
Does the car insurance send money directly to the mechanic?

This is how it should be. There should be more direct to consumer payments not less.

Your overlords are using their CNN mouthpieces to convince you that cash payments to you directly are "dirty money".

CNN = #fakenews
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