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Ceffer says
Where are the Bill, Obama and Trumpligula look-alikes wearing French maid outfits to lick up the cum?

Is this a pornhub channel? Would make millions
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Heraclitusstudent says
I think nothing could convince right wingers at this point.
Any proof will be rationalized out.

Try finding actual evidence first. This is seriously weak man. 8 generations ago we have a solid maybe?

That makes her claims about racism a flat lie.

The irony is her critics accuse her of taking advantage of fake hardship claims. Now, here she is, further taking advantage of something any European would have in their 23andme report, while claiming 8 generations ago (less than the white american average) somehow proves her claim. Then the ad ends w her lily white family standing proud of their 99.99% white heritage.

Suck it 100% white supremacists, you arent racially speckled like E Warren.
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I cant imagine the thought process of .15% native (possibly) equals she is vindicated in claiming familial knowledge of american indian oppression.

So the question is: is her mom both insane and her paternal grandparents racist? Or did she make it all up? I'm gonna guess it's the latter.

FYI: my grandmother's parents made my grandfather prove he was part Indian before they would let grandma marry him. Even today Jewish, indian, and chinese parents HATE it when their kids date generic whities. Why does noone talk about anti-white racism?
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I'm 1/45000th jesus himself.
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marcus says
You all were sold a bunch of hogwash.

We are still awaiting your hogwash example. (I hear Washpo has a few thousand for you.)
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The dems are devoid of human talent.

Trump is making this look easy.
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marcus says
Guess what ? Nobody has even tried.

We shared our top laughs from the first page of that group last time it was posted. You chose not to defend any of those. You also chose not to defend any of your choice. You should sincerely ask yourself why. If you were honest with yourself, you would admit you've been lied to. These lists are propaganda designed to convince the soft minded that Trump is the bad guy (with the goal of them never reading or researching any of the claims.)

Prove to us you are better or admit you cant make a case for trump being a liar.
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"He said we are going to weaken Medicare coverage for the elderly."

-This is an absolute fact and has been proven already. Obamacare was meant to be the precursor to Medicare for all. The plans are designed VERY MUCH like Medicare advantage plans. Part of funding for Obamacare came from Medicare. Therefore people who have paid for a system (Medicare) were handed a bill for people who havent paid (Obamacare).

I'm sorry you were lied to by your corporate propaganda. Anything else you need clarified?
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Yeah this was amazing to watch.

The best part was the MSM spin. "Warren 'proves' her heritage" . Hahaha.

Second best part is the leftists who March in line w the lie.

Just amazing to watch. Trump is singlehandedly redpilling all but the most brainwashed. Midterms will be a dem massacre.
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marcus says
Medicare for all would increase the medicare tax rate, and everyone would be on medicare.

To do this, "medicare as we know it would die".

Your assertion is Trump lied. Please point out where/how.
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marcus says
Wouldn't be easier for once in your life to admit it was a total lie designed to get the republican senior vote out in even higher numbers than usual ?

Please point out the exact Trump lie you are referencing.

I have pointed out where Bernie is lying to you. Medicare as we know it will absolutely be pillaged in favor of Medicare for all.
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doik says

Now the adult thing to do would be for all the patnetters who lambasted her for "lying" to apologize and admit they were wrong.

Holy brainwashed!

True or false: E Warren's mom was oppressed as a native for only being %99.83 white?
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doik says
Warren never claimed her mother was oppressed. Nor did she claim to be oppressed herself.

Wrong. She told a story about her grandparents disapproving of her parents love, and made up a romantic story of overcoming racism to be together.

Is Elizabeth Warren lying when she tells this story or not?

How about when she talks about her grandfather having native facial features?

These are obviously both incorrect statements. Do you think they are lies, or is her family just crazy?
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It was the Russians.
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Goran_K says
doik says
Warren never claimed her mother was oppressed

No she only claimed her parents had to elope due to racism her "native" mother was facing.

That's all.

Also, both she and Harvard were praised for being so deliciously progressive https://www.wsj.com/articles/SB10001424052702304371504577406901777485754

"1997 Fordham Law Review article described Democratic Senate hopeful Elizabeth Warren as Harvard Law School's "first woman of color," saying in footnotes that the information was based on a 1996 telephone interview with a Harvard spokesman.

The spokesman cited, Michael Chmura, also described Ms. Warren in a 1996 Harvard "
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doik says
Put simply, there is no evidence you would accept that Warren is distantly descendant from Native American.

Her claim was that grandpa had high cheek bones and mom was discriminated against, and she was therefore enough native to check it on an application in which she knew it would help her.

Noone would give a shit if she said, "somewhere back there we all have a common ancestor."

Pretending Warren is anything besides factually wrong is insanity.

Being wrong doesnt make you a liar, but when you look at the opportunity to pull a quick one and her total lack of any evidence of Indian heritage, the evidence suggests she knew she was lying.
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doik says
Again, how is her ancestry relevant to her position as a senator today?

Lol dude she made this political piece yesterday w intent to (now knowingly) manipulate people by pretending she is part american indian.

Normal people are just laughing at her, and at the fools who eat up her lies.
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Heraclitusstudent says
She never claimed she was native American.

That's the point of the question on the application.

She also claims an ancestor in the ad she produced and released this week. Yes you are correct, this is no "weddings and yoga" lie.

Heraclitusstudent says
Trump cultists, whose leader does 10 times worse on a regular basis.

Lol you too? Ok, please show us how trump has lied worse than Elizabeth Pocahontas Warren.
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Patrick says
One possible solution is to let everyone buy in to Medicare, at any age.

They only make you work 10 years to get free part a. Your part B can get expensive if you are rich though, as they charge more per higher tax brackets. Add in a supplement, RX, dental and vision...

All-in the we pay in $800 a month between A/B/supp/dental/vision/RX, to have almost no extra out of pocket costs of healthcare for average senior. No idea if this is a sustainable market value of care. Even at $800/month w no extra financial risk, most people couldn't afford it
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marcus says
CBOEtrader says
I have pointed out where Bernie is lying to you. Medicare as we know it will absolutely be pillaged in favor of Medicare for all.

You made a ridiculous assertion based on nothing. Please point me to a thoughtful analysis of this topic done by a serious (AND HONEST) source.


Facts arent an honest source to you? That's bizarre.

Let's review: Medicare benefits have already been sacrificed to help finance Obamacare. Fact.

The exact same thing would happen if we went to medicare for all, effectively killing Medicare as we know it. Fact.

Do you have an argument? Or do you always run when it's time to use specific facts?
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mell says
The (probably still in the minority) women who are conservative are usually more attractive and amenable to the nuclear family, so a yuge win.

If they could also recruit some Russian try-hards looking for visas then I'm definitely in.
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marcus says
No offense intended, but your assertions are political spin, and downright silly.
marcus says
As for the cuts, they come from eliminating a massive subsidy to private insurers and gradually reducing the rate of growth in payments to some providers.

One of these statements cant be true. You are literally contradicting yourself.

Let's remember your original assertion that trump lied w evry word. Medicare as we know it dying in favor of a medicare for all is NOT a lie. It is a fact.

The fact that more can be said than what Trump said in a speech is ofc, completely irrelevant. More can always be said on a topic.

You have gotten to the point where you believe the propgandized lies, this is a dangerous time for our country
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Read the article. It's mostly dramatized fluff. 1) employer plans havent changed that much. Ex: A small company could still reject someone w a major medic condition because their group rates would go up. 2) Trump has stated over and over again that pre-x coverage will stay. The articles links to the court argument wherein they say the same thing, yet the author of the article says the exact opposite.

The ACA deeply hurt most people w increased costs. The middle class got hit the hardest. The ACA did certainly did simplify the life of a few people who have no access to an employer plan, who aren't on medicaid, and have pre-x's.

Trump is bringing much needed reform to U65 health. So far everything he has done is reasonable, and effective.

Somehow, even the market place rates were flat this year going into 2019 (down 1.5%) for the first time in recent memory. Compare that to a 20+ % increase last year.
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Vote out the D's and we may have a chance for a color-blind society.
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This is immature Marcus. Take your adhoms somewhere else.

Perhaps if you tried to offer facts for your multiple trump is a liar assertions, youd maybe have an actual discussion and wouldnt feel your time spent here is "this bad".
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marcus says
Let me get this straight. A policy that doesn't exist yet, that is, a policy that could come to exist and be structured in an infinite number of different ways, negotiated by congress, can not be done in a way that doesn't damage another policy, even though a huge and powerful and growing interest group (old people) that votes, is deeply moved to politically support the well being of the latter policy.

Medicare - for - all implies everyone is paying into it. You said this yourself multiple times.

Seniors have already paid into medicare. Why should they risk a good system for them which is already paid for?

So yeah, the only feasible way to have a medicare for all program would be for existing medicare funds intermingle w medicare for all funds. This is guaranteed hurt those who've already paid. History has shown this to be true w Obamacare.
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marcus says
Economies of scale baby ! And everyone is paying in. So of course the cost is less.

They made the same arguments about Obamacare. How'd that work out?
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Goran_K says
Just look at how the government has handled the VA.

Or medicare part D. Or Obamacare.
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dr6B says
CBOEtrader says
Or medicare part D. Or Obamacare.

Part D was R's. Obamacare was D's. Both are budget- and commons-sense busting monstrosities, enacted to pay off Big Pharma and Insurance. And we are arguing here if R's or D's are worse...

Well this argument started when Marcus posted an article claiming every word of Trumps speech was a lie. I asked him to get behind one of his claims and he wouldn't again.

So I took the liberty of pointing out the valid criticisms and truthful statements in trumps speech.
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Goran_K says
bob2356 says
Pretty funny he boffed someone he calls "horseface".

Let’s be honest, a lot of guys have some sessions they wish they could take back.

Chubby regret = rape.

We should start a hashtag. #shefatrapedyou
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Aphroman says
Can we make six figures by 931am tody?

Lets hope you do! Report back
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WookieMan says
There's ZERO point in ever changing your anonymous name on a forum. ZERO.

Little do you know all these avatars are just patrick, and yourself. This is a 2 man forum. Its a micro truman show to see your reaction.

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Aphroman says
That’s been the script past few years. October-January is the running of the bulls.

October is one of the historic crash months. All crashes show signs of tremors first. A mini drop last week seems like a nothing burger, but keep your eye on it.

How correlated are these weed stocks to SP500? If SP500 crashes 30%, what happens to aphro's portfolio?

Could be similar to tobacco stocks that dont drop as much into recessions?
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Aphro, do this, could you pick out up to 10 of those products w the best stock historical data available.

I may have time to run some analysis, see how they correlate and cointegrate to overall market as well as each other.

^^been doing this w crypto daily.
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Am I the only one secretly hoping we hear the tape soon?
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Goran_K says
Iran and Afghanistan were beautiful countries before hardline Islamist took over.

We arent exactly innocent in that process.

Why has our deep state been pushing for Islamism for 40+ years?
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Here's one from my school. The title 9 diversity officer apparently publicly and privately guided students into the "regret equals rape" mindframe. This particular young man had sex with this girl at least once after the incident. After finding more interesting lady options to chase, his old hook up was guided by private counsel with the title 9 officer and reported their many months old sexual encounter as rape because of regret... so shameful.
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Aphros comments are personal far more than anyone else.

Its funny watching him complain being forced to follow the rules.
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Can you imagine the catfight between Warren, Clinton, and Harris? Progressivism will make the rules of engagement quite bizarre.
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She is pasty af. I'd be ashamed too.

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