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HeadSet says
CBOEtrader says
Christ, this racism witchhunt should end

Oh, it is just starting. In Florida they are going after a pol who at 16 dressed up as his Black best friend (and that Black best friend dressed up as him) for a party


He sounds like a monster. Get a rope
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Does the OP read? From the post it isnt clear
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marcus says
Likewise, you don't find the

Lolz dude, you are posting about how you despise America and Americans. That's not reality, it's a dark, sad perspective.

I feel for you man, you've been lied to
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marcus says

Proof Marcus is brainwashed.
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marcus says
Kakistocracy says

This one is pretty damn on point.

As if this were a bad thing.
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Tenpoundbass says

Wasnt this in regards to the black/Cuban proud boys leader bein de-banked by Chase?

This is a legit, 1930's weimar germany style problem
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willywonka says
He and Aniston split up a year ago, just after her 49th birthday.

11 months from 50, I'd break up w her too.
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Goran_K says
Whatever it is, I like it. She's the best GOP spokesperson since Pelosi.

I wouldnt be so sure. The left was convinced that Trump would be the end of the grand ole party, and gave him enough airtime to win the presidency.

I agree w Rin. Giving her airtime is making her relevant when she should be invisibly irrelevant.

I'd still bang her thoug
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WookieMan says
the Dems it may seem have figured out the new "game" so to speak.

The dems havent. AOC has. Call her a political idiot (true). AOC's skillset is in branding herself. Remember she is selling herself to the most narcissistic and smugnorant group our country has ever seen. Shes playing her part as the idiot leader, and shes doing it well.

28 year old idiot intersectionalists love her, mostly because fox news hates her. If this was by design, I applaud her.
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Booger says
including a "below the belt selfie."

Lolz, the world finally gets to see what Bezos is compensating for w a $100 billion fortune.
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Heraclitusstudent says
Is AOCDS a thing yet?

If not, it should be.
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Rin says
doesn't cause one to go into frat boy mode.

Yeah your Montreal hoes are hotter than AOC. She still has huge tracks of land though.

I'm 41 years old bro, I'd bang AOC
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OccasionalCortex says
This is why the Dem Crony Globalist Elites going after her is going to blow up in their faces. Uh...like how they obliterated her district for the 2020 election by having off-census year redistricting JUST for that very purpose.

Ok straight up... if AOC overcomes a redistricting to pop up in another state as a Rep, she would legit establish herself as a political force (albeit unfortunate and retarded).

Fox needs to stop giving her attention. Fox is riddled w AOCDS
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marcus says
Me ? I'm just an observer of reality.

No, you are an observer of CNN, and a manufactured brainwashing success story
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CovfefeButDeadly says
It’s as if Marcus doesn’t actually know any conservatives and simply imagines them all as either hillbillies or a monocled old guy in a tuxedo and top hat.

Prof Haidt of NYU did experiments and proved that today's liberals do not understand todays conservatives.

Paraphrased because I dont feel like looking it up: "Conservatives were more likely to hear a liberal counter point and say 'I see how you came to that conclusion, but heres what I think you are overlooking' whereas liberals were more likely to just say 'That's racist'. "

When asked to respond like the other side, liberals consistently misrepresented their conservative peers, whereas conservatives accurately represented their liberal classmates.

^^ just more proof of brainwashing.
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Elgatouno says
Actually, if you listen, Trump says 35,000.

Yeah, Trump also said his burgers were stacked a mile high. Who cares?

The best estimates put Trumps crowd at full capacity inside and another 10k outside.

Beto maybe a few thousand tops. Ask yourself why the MSM always tries to attack trump on his crowd sizes and popularity? It's almost as if this is core to their propaganda....hmmmmm
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Elgatouno says
CBOEtrader says
Yeah, Trump also said his burgers were stacked a mile high. Who cares?

Exactly who cares? Apparently Trump cares if his is bigger than Beto's, that's who

Trumps was indeed many times bigger than betos.

Yes popularity matters. The fake news wants you to think every trump supporter is a knuckle dragging hillbilly, representing maybe a small fraction of voters.

The reality is Trump is wildly popular, and we have about 20% of the population who are drooling propaganda products believe anything CNN tells them. This thread is an expression of that deeply confused 20%.
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curious2 says
Actually, the article describes multiple methodologies. For example:

Ty for sharing. Very good stuff.

It is amazing that the physical world disgust spills over into moral disgust. Very interesting study
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theoakman says
I'm sure they could auction it off in Brooklyn for thousands of dollars.

That hat is a legit historical piece. They should sell it to a collector, for sure.

My father spent many years in panama. Central America (and I assume SA) is a totally different place.

Citizens there expect total corruption from their elected officials. Our neighbor down there was the chief of police, which is basically like a general because Panama has no army. His side business was private intelligence. He researched the outgoing regime and placed a dossier on her desk accusing her of stealing $350 million from the country. Mutually guaranteed destruction is apparently how the criminals work together. This is the guy who taught me that blackmail is the way that all top level officials operate, the world over.

This guy was eventually put in prison for helping his president insert spying equipment to capture and save all cellphone calls/texts in panama.
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Elgatouno says
CBOEtrader says
Yes popularity matters.

But does money matter to you?

Elgatouno says
If you were a sub contractor for Trump and he told you he was going to pay you $35,000,000 but then, when done, he only paid you $16,500,000 would you care?


Lol, dude I make money during the day. You should try it. Caveat Emptor, working hard and making money will probably turn you into a conservative.

Crickets? LMAO at the idiocy.

I like how you throw all nuance to the wind and act like your hypothetical is some sort of gotcha. This is willfull ignorance.

Ofc a contract negotiation would have specific terms, whereas trump eyeballing a crowd outside will almost always result in trump overestimating the crowd. That is both human nature and Trump's egotistical nature.

It's called normal human communication, you should try it.
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Every time this chick says something "stupid" she makes thousands of dollars. To me, this looks intentional, and frankly, its brilliant.
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Hugolas_Madurez says
Yeah, left are famous for hating and burning the books:

Yup. Collectivism will always result in book burning, and eventually people burning. Today this is embodied by the intersectionalist left, as well as the extreme right.

The problem is intersectionality is being pushed as moral righteousness (think 1930's weimar germany).

Whereas the right has no issue whatsoever in drawing a circle around right wing collectivists and saying GTFO to those assholes. The left cant seem to get enough of their own toxicity. This is why the KKK has a few thousand members whereas antifa has a few thousand chapters and potentially millions if active supporters. It's absolutely gross.

Individualism is the answer, but the left will call you nazi (again think 1930's weimar germany out of control righteousness).
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Better, but CNN still desperate to make the racism accusation seem possible. Read the article. They never mention the elder as the known liar he is, and they quote NAACP leaders who refuse to give up their narrative.

Fake news, again. Sigh.
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FortWayneIndiana says
Those they supposedly help seem to never better, while charity owners get wealthy.

I once dated an extreme lady-douche. She was an ex reality 'star' running a 'charity' in chicago.

I broke up w her when I found out that about half to 2/3rds of donations directly funded her life, meanwhile she was advertising "100% of donations go to the cause!"

She simply defined her own financial needs as "the cause" :) all the fake women in that world were just terrible human beings. Interesting observation: they spent an inordinate amount of energy complimenting each others 'inspiring' charitable work. Almost as if they were saying "we know we're all completely selfish free-loaders looking for rich men to hustle. BUT- it's cool as long as we pretend we are all amazing, charitable people." Fucking terrible people.

It was gross. Like, really, really gross
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marcus says

This would be considered positive press compared to what they actually call Trump.
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You have to remember that eugenics was the science de jeur. Scientists were obsessed w genetic differences between races. Blacks were legitimately seen as half retarded by educated westerners.

In these deeply racist times, Lee beautifully expresses his empathetic sentiment for blacks, and complete disapproval of slavery.

Considering England outlawed slavery only 20 years earlier, general Lee expected slavery to end by political means. He rightfully considered the peaceful, yet longer route as preferable to a civil war. It is also difficult to suggest the north had righteous goals, considering Lincoln neither freed their own slaves NOR the slaves of southerners who were loyal to the north. "On September 22, soon after the Union victory at Antietam, he issued a preliminary Emancipation Proclamation, declaring that as of January 1, 1863, all slaves in the rebellious states “shall be then, thenceforward, and forever free."

RE Lee was a great man. It is both absurd and innacurate to judge a letter written from husband to wife in the 1850's by todays PC moral standard. If the congressman doesnt want this piece of history, I'd gladly accept it into my own library.
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Onvacation says
marcus says

Now that muller is finished, do you still BELIEVE?

I love this meme. It accurately describes how propaganda works: selectively report only details that support their propaganda targets' pre-conceived perspective. See covington kids case as a perfectly contained micro case.
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marcus says

You do realize people are being attacked for this lie. Therefore you are helping to fan the flames of violence and discord.

Good job, marcus.
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HeadSet says
RE Lee was a great man.

Fully agree. I was just showing the absurdity of the poster who put a quote by Lee to assert Republicans were for immigration. Lee did quite a bit for Virginia after the War.

Yes the OP is indeed absurd.

Trump wants to increase immigration. Legal immigrants are employed, responsible adults AKA good americans.
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Elgatouno says
CBOEtrader says
You do realize people are being attacked for this lie.

Why is it that Trumpcucks get sooo upset when nonTrumpcucks decided to be just as honest as the Trumpcucks?

I would be equally against any pathology encouraging violence and oppression. It called being a good person.

Do you care that people are having both their livelihood and lives threatened by your anti-Trump hate mob? You dont care because you think it'll never spill over to you. Wrong. History suggests you are very, very wrong.

Either draw a line here, or watch as this pathology grows into full blown murderous tyranny.
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I wouldnt suggest anything to do w William Burr is good news. Very suspect of that guy.

Hope you are right tho
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d6rB says
Goran_K says
Dude is a huge proponent of the war on drugs

Other than surveillance state, war on drugs is probably the worst overreach of government.

I feel like reasonable people on both sides of politics feel this way.

Our overloards keep the sheep fighting so they can continue to spy on americans, and make money off the war on drugs.

If idiots put down their CNN, intersectional garbage, and Fox news we'd end the war on drugs and repeal the patriot act within 2 years.
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curious2 says
Are Psychiatric Drugs Causing Mass Shootings?

They MOST LIKELY are. The possible contradictory
theory though is that these kids were already the most distraught, and therefore their existing depression before the pills cause both the pills to be prescribed and the reaction? So the question remains, what is the murderous rage difference cause by the pills? Unclear.

What I THINK is happening : 1) these pills are designed to suppress your own normal emotional reactions.
2) these kids already cant conteol their impulsive minds, or they wouldn't be on these pills in the first place.
3) normal people have murderous thought "I'm so angry I could strangle him", followed immediately a healthy emotional and logical reaction reminding you to never actually follow through w this impulsive anger. To most people, these thoughts are just anger spats in their heads.
4)when you take a pill designed to suppress your emotional reactions, AND you are already a logically challenged 16 year old, think about what could happen? maybe just MAYBE in that situation when the kid has his murderous thoughts, the natural humane emotional response is blocked by the pill...and he starts to think perhaps I could actually 'strangle him'.
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Tenpoundbass says

This bar in SF would do well
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komputodo says
marcus says
That's weird, considering the history books will focus pretty much exclusively on the third reason.

Yes, the history books will point out that through sheer arrogance and incompetence, the democrat party and its shoo-in candidate lost the presidential election to a so called con-man who served 2 terms and created a new ailment called TDS. That alone boosted the GDP 1% through sales of pharmaceuticals and psychiatric services.

The history books will mention the FBI coup attempt and how 18 top officials all fired, and the subsequent 8 years of Trump. Under whom, we ended non-stop wars, eliminated a YUGE portion of government waste, and destroyed the PC brainwashing machine -- a New Awakening, if you will.
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marcus says

What has he done?

Amazing you find time for 10000 memes, and zero facts.
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P N Dr Lo R says

So long as it triggers TDS, who cares?

Ok let's start w what should be an easy one. Which criminal indictments and how many equates to "most"?
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He'll be too busy fighting the plague of white cis men from the bench

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