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marcus says
Perhaps this is the master plan of the globalists ?

Nazi Germany, Soviet Russia, and especially modern day China are the master plan template of the "globalists". The global elites don't want individual freedoms to get in the way of their plans for world domination. See the EU as an example.
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'An Unprecedented Scandal': How Billionaires Around the World Reacted to Trump's Behavior at the G-7 Summit'

Fixed it for you.
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Smell is subjective. Unless he's provably diseased, wtf is a gate agent supposed to do?
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LeonDurham says
Better outcomes for 1/2 the cost.

So you want the opposite of Obamacare just like trump. Glad we agree
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Goran_K says
Feux Follets says
The same people who gleefully keep us in one war after another !

7 at last count !

No money for health care but we have money to kill and maim people. No money to take care of our wounded "heroes" either when they return from nation building misadventures.

Bingo !

You mean the Democrats who started proxy wars in Syria, and Libya?

Can only assume he means the D and R establishment who are equally guilty for wars and terrible healthcare.

It's interesting how we can all identify the same problem, yet some refuse to blame those responsible.

R's and D's are the same team.
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LeonDurham says
Why not? The outcomes of such conditions is BETTER. If the goal is to keep living, studies show you'd be better off in either of those countries.

Source, or you made this up.
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LeonDurham says
Easy wins in terms of statistics (child mortality or other acute conditions).

Child mortality is largely about lifestyle (drugs, violence, basic health decisions while pregnant) of the mother. Our child mortality in the US is overwhelmingly amongst populations of people w FREE healthcare.

Our less than 1st world child mortality rate is a function of less than 1st world decisions by low functioning segments of our population. It is NOT an indictment of the medical system.
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LeonDurham says
If the total amount paid is less, then it's a positive.

Then a largely free market system should be the goal.

I think we should socialize 1 yearly wellness visit (would cost maybe $100/person), and publicly supplement terminal/critical condition insurance for the poor. Everything else should be a free market.

We'd see prices drop to 1/10th of what they are today
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LeonDurham says
authoritarian personality.

I do hope you understand the difference between an "authoritarian personality" and an actual authoritarian ruler. Lots of 2 year olds have authoritarian personalities, not so many todler authoritarian dictators.

Also, any psychologist who suggests they can diagnose Trump from the news is a professional joke.
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Goran_K says
Here's mine.

This is what you'd call a fuck truck, cause, well... it helps w the ladies libitos
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Aphroman says
what your definition of Authoritarian is

An authoritarian is a leader who grabs and wields power beyond those granted to him by the democratic process and constitution.

Every POTUS of our lifetime has crossed the authoritarian line with some of their worse decisions, such as wars (Bush and Obama) AND expanding the Orwellian surveillance system (every POTUS of our lifetime but especially Bush and Obama).

Only the libertarians who want a constitutionally limited POTUS seem to care about authoritarianism. The D's and R's turn a blind eye whenever their team is leading. Obama was as authoritarian as a POTUS gets, for example. Almost no D called him out.
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LeonDurham says
Authoritarian personalities, when put in positions to rule, tend to be authoritarian rulers.

Personality is subjective. Trump certainly has plenty of bizarre quirks.

Authoritarian rulers do actual tangible authoritarian things. If Trump is an authoritarian, what has he done?

Noone gives AF about subjective opinions of Trumps personality.
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Goran_K says
Okay, good luck with that.

Historically the party of POTUS always takes a few steps back after winning POTUS election. This year may be an anomaly due to massive revealed D corruption. A large part of the D base left after it was discovered they steal primaries. Today's D's similar to R's in 2006. The base no longer trusts the leadership. Either the D's will reinvent themselves or they will splinter, just like the R's over last 10 years.

Prdiction: in POTUS 2024 election the successful D candidates will openly criticize the failure of clinton and the D establishment very much like Trump criticized the failed R establishment. (Can McCain die already?)
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Goran_K says
CBOEtrader says
This is what you'd call a fuck truck, cause, well... it helps w the ladies libitos

I get a boner from not being susceptible "Climate" shamed.

Was lectured at a party last weekend by a dude who flies around the world to go scuba diving, for not driving a hybrid or some soyboy ride.
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LeonDurham says
CBOEtrader says
Source, or you made this up.

Is this a joke? Just google health outcome by country.

Here's one:


Your comment was about longevity. Arbitrary rankings aren't even data, much less facts. It's basically some pundits top 10 list.

Try using facts to make your case.

The fact is longevity and IMR are both functions of lifestyle choices. Drugs, terrible eating habits, and skipping free pre-natal doctors appointments result in a much higher IMR in our black communities, for example.

Ask yourself why New Hampshire has an equivalent IMR to europe whereas in Alabama the IMR is more than double Europe's.

Ask yourself why the white IMR in US is marginally higher than EU, where black IMR is 2.2 times the white IMR. Keep in mind ALL the poorest mothers have medicaid.

Access to prenatal care isn't a problem for the despondent in the US (though it may be a problem for the working middle class).
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LeonDurham says
US rations based on a person's wealth.

Yes, and there would be far more care in a free market. I'm glad we agree
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LeonDurham says
I'm pretty sure there is a relation between IMR and $$. You think that might have something to do with it??

Insofar as the lack of money results in unhealthy lifestyle decisions, then sure. Your claim is it's the healthcare system though rather than lifestyle decisions.

Are you admitting the healthcare system is a minor factor in actual population health?
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WookieMan says
ironically, the DMV's in Chicago are amazing. Far better than anything I've experienced in texas
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What a cute little monkey.

(Bush also deeply afflicted w TDS)
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Downside: things stay the same.

Upside: Nuclear disarming of NK.

Feux Follets says
might succeed—at a terrible price

Price? at the terrible price of things remaining the same as Obama's 8 years in office.
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According to Bill Maher, good is bad cause Trump.

^^TDS logic.
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RC2006 says
Aphroman says
Is it race baiting to point out that the war on Drugs was born of racism? Obviously perpetuated by racism.

Is it wrong to point out that abortion and the welfare state were born of racism and perpetuated by racism?
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Pro choice should be for men's right to freedom from parenting if he so chooses.
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LeonDurham says
No-I'm saying that access and quality of healthcare in poor areas is much, much worse than in rich areas.

Wrong. The poorest people on medicaid go to the ER for the common cold. They have the most accessible care available to anyone. A mother on medicaid could do prenatal anytime she wants. Sometimes they simply choose not to go, sure. However the facts are that the personal health decisions of the mother (drugs, doritos for dinner, etc...) are the reason why their newborns have problems. This has nothing to do w our healthcare system. Any doctor will tell you the same.

Your poor choice of words forces me to make assumptions. If you dont like it, be more precise.
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LeonDurham says
My word choice was precise and accurate. I'm afraid your opinions are just wrong.

Ok let's explore. My opinion is to agree w the facts that suggest poor health results are a function mostly of poor personal choices rather than an indictment of the healthcare system.

LeonDurham says
Nope--not missing. Obesity definitely plays a part.

So does obesity play a part? Or am I wrong?

Who is right? The Leon who says it's about poor healthcare for those in poverty or the leon who agrees that personal choices are the driver?

Didnt you speak out of both sides of your mouth in the global warming discussion too? Almost like you argue to argue.
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Heraclitusstudent says
better quality than the US for 1/2 the price.

Define better quality. People from all over the world come here for the best and newest health technology.

If we dropped the govt intervention prices would drop like a rock.
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Goran_K says
LeonDurham says
If you normalize for obesity percentages, it won't really change the result. Poor people will still have worse outcomes.

It's hard to believe anyone would argue that point.

No one is arguing that point, we're arguing why the South has the "worst outcomes" according to the article your posted.

The article he posted proves my point. "8% uninsured" is significantly less than 12% nationwide. The reason more people in that county are insured is because most are on medicaid. Their personal decisions are the cause of their lower life expectancies and higher IMR. There is no serious healthcare professional or doctor who could argue otherwise. The statistics are very clear.
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LeonDurham says
I showed you the article describing the shortage of healthcare professionals in many areas of the Deep South.

You are conflating issues. There is a lack of top quality specialists in rural areas. There is no shortage of professionals who can do prenatal care and annual wellness checks. So yes, if you are diagnosed with a rare cancer, you'd have to get to a big city doctor. However, not doing a prenatal visit or eating doritos are personal poor decisions. The lowered life expectancy and IMR in our black communities is a direct result of bad decisions. It has nothing to do w healthcare.
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LeonDurham says
Goran_K says
The truth is poor people tend to have the worst outcomes for everything; health, graduation rates, becoming criminals, etc.

No kidding. And it's not because they're fat.

Being fat is an effect of the same cause = poor choices. Is obesity your doctor's fault, or your fault?
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LeonDurham says
Is it that hard for you to accept reality--that healthcare access differs based on $$?

This isn't true man. Someone on Medicaid has better access to care than any of us. To be on medicaid you need to make less than $12500/yr.

These same people have much higher rates of IMR because of poor choices. Go read any legit study on the topic anywhere. The causes of IMR are pre-teen and young teen pregnancy, drugs, poor eating habits, and stress. All of these women have access to a few pre natal screenings. All of them. Usually they have free access.
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bob2356 says
Heraclitusstudent says
The US GOVERNMENT already spends AS MUCH on healthcare per capita as other developed countries.

and US spends almost twice as much per capita as other developed countries and 14% don't even have health care insurance. But hey just post prices in doctors offices and it will be all better.

Those numbers are a few years old. Situation is worse now, and spiraling out of control.

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MisterLefty says
Heraclitusstudent says
"Health care spending per person is expected to surpass $10,000 in 2016 and then march steadily higher to $14,944 in 2023."
To be a bit more honest, and accurate, for those covered by the employer:

The 2016 KFF survey looked at annual average employer contributions to health insurance:

For single plans, employers paid 82% of premiums ($5,306)
For family plans, employers paid 71% of premiums ($12,865)
Employees paid the remaining 18% ($1,129) for single plans and 29% ($5,277) for family plans.


This is why most gainfully employed people dont realize the extent of the problem. Try pricing out an Obamacare policy without a subsidy. Prices are absurd.
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Heraclitusstudent says
"the average American spent $9,596 on healthcare"
Heraclitusstudent says
So let's see: for a family of Americans with 2 children, that's $38,000. Let's say the median household income is $60K. So that's potentially a tax of 63% IN ADDITION to the taxes you pay.

It doesn't work like that. Healthcare costs are highly skewed. Averages in healthcare are a flawed measure of normal. The median family spends nowhere near that much. Now if your kid has epilepsy or if your brother catches HIV, you will have $8k/month meds to pay for.

A normal kid does one wellness exam per year ($200 value) and maybe goes to urgent care once ($200 value) plus some antibiotics for $50. Those are actual costs w/o insurance.

Price of that family's insurance policy will vary based on ages and location. It used to be possible to get healthy underwriting and lower your premium, but Obamacare threw that out. So now, even healthy families of 4 are forced to pay between $20 to 30 thousand for annual premiums. Allowing for UW to get lowered premiums is part of Trumps plan, which does call into question the preexisting condition issue under this new administration.

At the very least trump is opening competition within short term medical carriers and removing the individual mandate nonsense.
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MisterLefty says
CBOEtrader says
This is why most gainfully employed people dont realize the extent of the problem. Try pricing out an Obamacare policy without a subsidy. Prices are absurd.
Indeed and that data is available, too.

I have a quote engine if you'd like to price out Obamacare policies.

Ex: I'm looking at a family of 4, 40yo father, 33 yo mother, 8 yo son, and 4 yo daughter in johnnson county TX. The lowest priced silver plan is $1786/month. This includes a $15 copay, 1700 (5100) individual (family) deductible, and a 7350 (14700) individual (family) max out of pocket risk per year.

That means the family pays $21432 in premiums. If one person has large health issues they will pay up to $28782 for the year. If multiple family members have problems this family could pay as much as $36132 for the year.
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Aphroman says
So my question is, are these people just not too bright, or are they just being disingenuous?

this is called projection.
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Patrick says
Then you can see their comment, and then re-ignore them

If they ignore you, you still have to log off to read the thread. Its annoying and something I've mentioned as a possible change. Someone else grooming their personal experience should NOT block the user who wants to read all content.
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marcus says
But my guess is you know Trump isn't a true conservative.

I didn't know you considered conservative to be a good thing. Is that why you support team neocon: Clinton/Bush/Obama/Clinton?

I'm glad we agree that Trump is not on team neo-con.
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This is my college town. sad
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bob2356 says
CBOEtrader says
This is my college town. sad
bob2356 says
Hypocrites on patnet.

lol. project much?
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Automan Empire says
refusal to serve someone whose beliefs and actions make life miserable for hundreds of thousands of gay people.

haha, sure pal. simply doing her job making life miserable for hundreds of thousands of gay people? It looks like the entire left has fallen into a righteous fantasy. Its scary AF.

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