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Guess they think the transgender market is the direction to go. Trannies have more body area to shave from thick, matted testosterone induced follicles. They'll wear out those blades in record time and need a carton more.
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To get the Nobel Peace Prize, you have to deploy drones randomly at Middle Eastern targets like Obama. Everybody knows that.

The Nobel Peace Prize is now nothing more than a PC diversity convenience, like a medal on the chest of a banana republic generalissimo, and Trump is simply the wrong color for fake sanctity.
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A few days without intense brainwashing and apparatchik monitoring and the kiddies might learn to think for themselves. This is a tragedy of epic proportions.

It's a good thing the teachers can't add or speak proper English, they might be able to fool them at the negotiating tables.
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I shave in the shower. I wash my face with soap, and then use a blob of rotgut hair conditioner on my beard to shave. Hair conditioner is slick, and stays on well, but doesn't clog up the razor and then washes off to leave a nice skin surface.

My genuine Gillette triple blades last nine months to a year apiece. They seem to bite the dust from dropping and accidents as much as wearing out. I suspect my wife commandeers them from time to time for her body, hair, which is probably why they don't last the full year.
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epitaph says
An Alabama 7.

An Alaska 10: she still has teeth.
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A man who walks around with his french ticklers soaked in many different odiferous penumbras of pussy juice commands respect from men and women alike!
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Nothing to worry about. None of them could hold down a real job in the private sector, anyway, so all they can do is wait for the government gravy to come back.

Really, what can they put on their resume: "Professional Loafer, did as little as possible in between checks. Argued about parking spaces for first three hours of work day over coffee, then meandered over to where my nominal job was. PC appointment, so I don't really have the fake credential I used and I don't really know how to do anything."
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Ocasio Cortez says using genes to determine intelligence is ridiculous, because you just can't tell how smart a person is by the kind of Levi's they wear.
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Heh, Heh! Eat like a Trump! Cool.
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A nice tramp stamp just screams, "Go to pussy. Fuck righteously!"
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Just think about how many illegal meskins aren't getting free lunches over this.
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Rap and Hip Hop: Where minorities can exercise the First Amendment without conscience or repercussion, but nobody else can.
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Those cheese steaks look like a sex robot's tweetie when it hasn't been washed for a month.
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Immense Hirsute Lesbians are starting a 'save the fur' movement against Gillette!
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"Let them eat Botox!"
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Gillette is including instruction kits for auto-castration, sutures, and blood control loss with every pack of blades, now.

Male penance and penitence demand it! The Pecker is the Problem!
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The quasi educational cum glorified welfare and baby sitting/Great Socialist Paradise Indoctrination Services are on station identification, as Public Union extortion activities take precedence to further shake down the taxpayers.
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TwoScoopsOfSpaceForce says
Too often, you see a cute young pornstar, no tattoos or maybe a small one on the ankle.

Then a few jobs later, and she's got half a dozen tattoos.

This requires intensive linear pornstar monitoring. Does this place them higher or lower on the FWAP hierarchy? I always pass out before I get far enough to investigate these important issues.
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Only 90 percent? The shrill, hot winds of TDS in the legacy press MUST register at 99 percent at all times, or they have failed in their puppetocracy!
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clambo says
Obama didn't seem completely neurotic, but just enough angst to make him addicted to something to calm him down, like cigarettes.

Cigarettes don't calm you down. They take the edge off of nicotine withdrawal, which looks like the same thing. Nicotine when effective is a mild stimulant, not a tranquilizer.
Nicotine addicts are chronically nerve shot due to withdrawal, until they get their smokes, which calms them down for thirty minutes or so, until the withdrawal pangs start to ramp up again.
It's a common misperception in addiction to mistake the cause for the cure.
I do believe one of the ways Obama's masters control him is through his addictions.
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You have to realize the qualitative difference. These walls are to keep the illegal alien slave labor IN, not out. If they make a break for it, they can be pummeled, captured and dragged back quickly and discretely.
Now, aren't you going to say 'I'm sorry' to all these important people?
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This is what happens when your fake news marching orders don't leave any wiggle room.
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Ordinarily, pussy on pussy on the living room couch would be welcome.
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FortWayneIndiana says
They said they'd leave the country if Trump won.

Give the raving cunts enough dough and glory, they'll say anything. After all, they ARE drama queens for hire who pretend for a living and actually believe their publicity shticks.
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Heh, Heh, a panel of hallucinating SJWs were given the Madison Ave. contract. They don't even know their asses from a hole in the ground enough to send out coherent propaganda. This ad will be yanked pretty quick.
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Some cowardly politician will give them what they want, without voter approval, and just kick the can down the road. Even vampires know when to leave a couple of quarts when they want to perpetuate the victim, but not the California LibbyFucks.
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Enemy troops can smell the tuna from two miles away.
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Say hello to my little coin purses.

This is the difference between shaved hedges and hedges that need shaving.
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Ocasio Cortez will be imposing the 70 percent tax on the citizenry, but will demand zero taxes on bribes and emoluments.
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georgeliberte says

Finally, the brains behind the new Gillette ad!
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When I google "Trump", there are only 10 pages of "Trump Is Scum" before getting to some actual information, so it's improving.
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Yup, she's training for a marathon with no sign of disease.
  Ceffer   ignore (1)   2019 Jan 16, 5:42pm   ↑ like (4)   ↓ dislike (0)   quote   flag        

How cute. Moonbeam Jr. is already proposing new taxes to squander! Give him a rattle.
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Poor widdle wimousine wiberals have to put up with homeless on their doorstep, just like the peasant people?
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Can't tell the false flags from the real terrorists any more. Maybe the neocon US brass just blew up a few of our own to keep the military industrial complex marching through Syria towards Iran.
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Bitches would snuff out Patnet overnight if they had half a chance.
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Patrick says
I think we will know we have reached peak SJW when they start accusing inanimate objects of RACISM!

Inanimate WHITE objects.
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MrMagic says
Why Don't Democrats Care About Dead illegals?

I know. Since as the Dems have proven time and again, the dead can vote Dem, too!

The Housing Trap
You're being set up to spend your life paying off a debt you don't need to take on, for a house that costs far more than it should. The conspirators are all around you, smiling to lure you in, carefully choosing their words and watching your reactions as they push your buttons, anxiously waiting for the moment when you sign the papers that will trap you and guarantee their payoff. Don't be just another victim of the housing market. Use this book to defend your freedom and defeat their schemes. You can win the game, but first you have to learn how to play it.
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