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In these articles, there are always an editorial slant and 'untold' associated stories that provide a different insight into the how and why.

I would say some of this stems from the admissions process, where political correctness and quotas generate students who didn't belong there to begin with, and wind up being 'post-culled' after the fact of attending the schools and being pushed through. I have witnessed this myself. It doesn't work to just say that the educational process rectifies this, because it doesn't. Even mostly free competition does not eliminate a scheming, connected or hapless 5 percent of candidates who should not be there.

I have watched programs struggle to 'over train' candidates who just didn't get it, or were the foolish errors of the politicized admissions process.

I would suspect there is a segment of these students who are graduated and rather than embarrass or subject the parent institution to lawsuits, they are in various ways red-tagged to warn off post graduate programs from admitting the train wrecks.

Yeah, even Harvard, Yale and Stanford produce mighty duds. Now, with the government and public demanding over-production of degrees, the degrees themselves are no longer magic tickets, even in medicine it seems.
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HonkpilledMaster says
There's nothing like a good Celtic Row. It's traditional. ;)

Heh, Heh! I guess I got the 'calmer' genes from the other half.
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HeadSet says
The remarks came just hours after AOC accused Congress of using woman and minority groups as ‘bargaining chips’ for lawmaker's own political gain

Another great AOC observation from the annals of DUHHHHHHHHHH! Them's plantation serf Congress members needs to know their place! Just take the bribes and STFU while the in-crowd adults make all the real decisions.

"Do we need to increase the graft that goes their way, or are these dim bulb third worlders just incorrigible?"
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"The check is in the mail. Sincerely, Jeffery Epstein."
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Who cares about the cost of housing when you can live in a tent and sanctuary cities keep the drugs cheap and plentiful.
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If it runs on fermented yams, it's a sale!
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The wallet is mightier than the gag reflex!
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I like threesomes, too.
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I'm so relieved! Guilt free farts again!
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This has been going on forever. In the day, the local massage parlors were great ways for the girls to make their way through college. I had a wild and pretty girl friend for a while when I was undergraduate at UC. She had a guy talk to her in class. He pimped his wife out as a high price mistress to a couple of RichFucks, and she paid his way through school. He tried to recruit my girl friend because he saw it as an expansion business and she asked my approval and said she would support me from the ample proceeds for a couple of sessions a month for exclusive clientele.

I probably should have done it, but I was too numb nuts at the time to really decide. Instead, I stayed poor. That was the closest I ever came to actually being with a hooker. I doubt she did it, but I suspect she actually did some hooking when she later moved to San Francisco and our relationship became more intermittent.
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Nature never makes them needy enough to somersault onto your face and rotoroot their tweetie on your nose, but it can sure step up the advertising campaign.
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IHLlary: "Trump's election will lead to economic collapse!"
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Well, pandertarding hooker-fu may not be such a terrible thing in a President, since our nation has decided that flagrant and unembarrassed corruption are the orders of the day.
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HonkpilledMaster says
Well, According to the Left, America is fundamentally flawed for having some Ancestors that practiced Slavery.

Therefore, Kamala Harris is fundamentally flawed for having some Ancestors that practiced Slavery. And cannot be President.

Are you trying to apply logic? They don't need no stinkin' LOGIC! They need appeals to the craven, the grasping, and the convenient. Forebrain activities are verboten.
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Pelosi: "Why, AOC, you ignorant little slut. Do you think we actually MEAN any of the swedo altruistic and free shit party line we flog? It's just to manipulate the masses to keep power. Get into character, spout your bullshit, take your graft then shut your yap and let the party seniority decide how the spoils are divided!"
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Who was it who said: "You want they guys who will be inside the tent pissing out, not the guys on the outside of the tent pissing in!" AOC is inside the tent pissing inside the tent. BRAVO AOC! Keep up the good work!
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Her job is to exonerate, camouflage and misdirect, while creating a premise for higher fees and taxes. Why would they ever hire an objective auditor? The Founding Fathers wouldn't.
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I thought that 'journalists' were now called ' payola'd, aggressive and violent propaganda thugs'. Journalism was a fey, charming pretense of an antiquated society.
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Somebody is going to gain 100 pounds eating free ramen and avocado, collapse their bunk, and crush the person below to death.

When I stayed in a hostel in Hawaii with a friend a couple of years ago, we had cute young girls sleeping in my room. I didn't like it because I felt that I couldn't be at ease, I always had these girls around, like bratty sisters who didn't talk. Then, we had "The Snorerer", a big Polynesian guy. He was the nicest person, but stentorian, you could hear the rails and the walls vibrate. They passed him around so nobody had to be around him for more than two nights in a row.

When on a retreat many years ago, I was bunked with a bunch of guys who ALL snored. It was the weirdest phenomenon, because they would literally trade off in their snoring tenor, baritone, and bass, with one guy who did snorting percussion. I couldn't believe it, it was a snoring barber shop quartet. I didn't get much sleep.
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Not the first or last time intelligence agencies honey trap high level targets en masse for assured blackmail in order to maintain their control and existence. Epstein certainly looks like an intelligence store front operation.

Intelligence agencies are not for the people. They are for the banks, corporations and the military industrial complex. They get along well with organized crime because they are state sanctioned organized crime performing similar tasks with state exemption.

Although Epstein was known to have a few millions in Florida, nobody who ever knew him could figure out how he became 'billionaire' status. Some reporters looked at his investment firms, and said they don't have infrastructure that you see in 'real' investment firms. They are Potemkin.

If you want to rub shoulders to seduce the glitterati and pols, then having the 'billionaire' tag with the accoutrements of the lifestyle are an automatic 'in', because the swells swarm to that kind of thing like bees to honey.

Epstein was likely press ganged for the role by being blackmailed himself I would bet. CIA officers, if their true identities are even known, are largely exempt from indictment or testimony, and some literally have a license to kill like James Bond. However, they are free to use and abuse their 'assets' as they see fit with lies, seductions, threats, manipulations etc. The assets are NOT free from indictment or testimony, so throwing them under the bus after they are used up wouldn't be unusual or out of character.

The reason Epstein has come up again is because some reporters sued the courts to release the documents related to Epstein that the previous court illegally sealed.

I don't know why intelligence would have to go after Bill Clinton, because he has been in their pocket as a willing butt boy since he was Governor of Arkansas working for George Bush Sr. doing CIA drug running through Arkansas airports. I could believe Clinton was complicit with Epstein's honey trapping role, while enjoying some exempt Lolita down time himself. Clinton is 200 percent political psychopath.
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Only chumps pay fares.
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The Great Socialist Paradise has 'poo acclimation goals' to be reached by 2021. Being poo acclimated is a badge of politically correct urban living.

No plastic bottles, cups or straws, but being surrounded by piles of steaming human dung and used needles is OK. After all, we have to get our priorities straight.
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Quigley says
So what he is saying is that black people are used to living in shit.

He's so clueless and ranting, he doesn't even 'get' his own subtext.
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Starbucks bunk nipples $10 a nite extra.
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Section 8 housing in California comes with a complementary crate of spray paint in dozens of colors as a door warmer.
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If they would just allow mugger fare discounts, this would never have happened.
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Guess they'll invest in a 'go fast' sub next time, if the cartel doesn't douse them in gasoline and set them on fire.
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The group called "Anonymous Pedophiles For Justice" filed the motion. Will the judge be somebody who has been on Lolita Express? Has Dershowitz filed a friend of the court brief? Is the CIA muscling the courts with threats?

Aren't we so proud of our legal system AGAIN?
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Clinton is an audacious, fearless psychopath. The main thrill is 'getting away with it'. Psychopaths don't have the same fear element as most people, so they are always taking risks for excitement.
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I guess you missed the part about the virtue signaling.
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It's more like America is crumbling from within and the Visigoths are at the gates, escorted by the various Globalist inspired Dem whores and LibbyFuck apparatchiks.

It's a typical third and fourth world delusion that they can plunder indefinitely while destroying the infrastructures. Then, they sit in the wreckage with their warlords feeling sorry for their sorry, fly bloated, primitive condition with no brains, industriousness, or capacity to work their way out except to dream of another infrastructure to attack.
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Dershowitz is under the same blackmail cloud. Epstein is a co-conspirator and a proxy for Dershowitz to defend himself.

He's like the guy with a gun to his head digging his grave. He hopes that as long as he keeps digging, he won't be shot.

He keeps blustering on when he should just be quiet and try to tiptoe away. The more he spouts off, the guiltier he looks.

What is it that the detective show lawyers say to the guilty client? 'Don't say another word to anybody'. Deep in the shit without hip waders, he just keeps going on and on with bullshit.

What do you say about a lawyer who is accused of the same crimes as his client, and was WITH the client when the client was committing the crimes?

"Oh, I was with a 300 pound babushka with hands like the Hulk. If there were Lolitas somewhere else on the island, I never saw them. Besides, I never took my underwear off."
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Hugolas_Madurez says

You mean we have another ethnicity to deal with, now?
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If they are vegans, they won't mind being pod people.

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You mean the pedophiles or the array of crooked lawyers, government prosecutors and officials who covered things up and gave Epstein a token punishment? Is there a difference any more? Whose worse, the pedophiles or the array of trusted public servants who allowed them to get away with it.
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Ghislaine Maxwell, daughter of disgraced British publishing mogul Robert Maxwell: " Maxwell had used hundreds of millions of pounds from his companies' pension funds to shore up the shares of the Mirror Group to save his companies from bankruptcy.". Robert Maxwell mysteriously fell off the back of his yacht and drowned shortly thereafter? Suicided, since his family said he would never have killed himself?

"Maxwell's death triggered a flood of instability, with banks frantically calling in their massive loans. His sons, Kevin and Ian, struggled to hold the empire together, but were unable to prevent its collapse. "

So, here's daughter as Epstein's pimping madam and wing-person. Trying to get top marks for dynastic psychopathy and trying to make it back into the big leagues. "See, I can run with the best!"
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Obama a faked Manchurian Legend manufactured for his role? I'm shocked. Shocked I tell you. He's the proudest accomplishment of the Deep State in manipulating the ignoramus population, pure Deep State poetry.
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By the time they're done, Epstein will be a victim of Trump's evil cabal, with the twisted OrangeManBad holding the poor Epstein in thrall to do Trump's twisted bidding.

Prince Andrew? I never saw any Prince Andrew. Those Lolita shots are photoshopped fakes. Clinton was only there as an undercover investigator of Trump's crimes. Such a servant of the people, that man.
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zzyzzx says

Fuck California!

Nobody can fuck California more than it has fucked itself, and there is no end in sight for the downward spiral.

i have been in LibbyFuck homes on the cliffs in Santa Cruz, and they weep about how they can't go down the beach at dusk anymore to have a sundowner with a camp fire, because of the freaks, muggers, homeless and druggies, so the law is that nobody can be on the beach after sunset. Higher and higher costs and more strangling restrictions, rules and fees.

Even the rich have to drive or pass through the crowds and crazies. They have become hop scotchers, trying to hop from RichFuck oasis to RichFuck oasis without getting soiled by the gang bangers and psychos they engendered with their fake compassion.

Plus the crowds. Typically, the TV shows clear a big area to make everything look so slick, clean and hip. They don't show places like Venice choked with ghetto whompers, gang bangers, third worlders and homeless psychos screaming at everybody passing by.

They make it look like you can wear your cutoffs and T'shirt and have a nice tidy whitey lifestyle on the beach in a cheap 50's style 1000 sq ft. bungalow surrounded by white people and an occasionally PC correct, hygienic, well behaved, civllized, well spoken, house trained minority.. People come here and find out the cutoffs and bungalow are a minimum ten million dollar lifestyle now, and that's still to be surrounded by crime, hordes and threats.
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Heh, Heh! Where's the "Epstein Innocent, Trump Guilty" billboard?
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