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The stentorian bellowing of the ostensible minority has become the new sacred cow. If your garden gets trampled, then fuck you.

Next, a codicil to the First Amendment including spray paint graffiti on public and private property as protected speech.
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I didn't know Trump was a caffeine head. That explains the hair.
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They would have to ramp up the vodka production of Michigan by a factor of eight. Why do you think Russia needs all that grain from US?
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Pulling the heads off of immigrant children and drinking their blood has it's advantages.
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Police in Washington and Colorado are all smoking dope and eating three times as many donuts. No time or motivation to solve or document crimes, not to mention 50 percent more ballast.

Hey, dope is great. If you're not aware of it, it's as good as if it never happened!
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Do they lie like steamers or puddlers?
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Woman with a double chin: testicle tee.
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So that's where IHLlary hid those e-mails!
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Marijuana reminds you that you have lots of excess, annoying brain capacity and unnecessary brain cells. That is, if you can still remind.
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It will be the source of health, wealth, and mental well being as long as somebody is making a hefty profit on it and can afford the lobbyists and slanted "medical research" by white coated grant whores.
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The pusher man doesn't care about the fallout, just making the sale to the suckers. Sow to the addicts, reap the fuckers into the ground.
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Many addictive substances have therapeutic uses aside from their addictive liabilities. The problem is keeping them within the boundaries of legitimate therapy.

Pushers preach therapy while they are really selling addiction for profit and personal gain, fuck the fool consumers. This is what makes pushers such lovely people.

Saying that pot is less destructive than alcohol is like saying a broken leg is better than cancer. It doesn't mean having a broken leg is a good thing.
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I don't think alcohol is good for you at any dosage, and any "good" quality it may have is easily mimicked by low dose aspirin. All alcohols are general, water soluble toxins. The metabolic side effect of alcohol, even in low doses, is generalized inflammation and elevated blood pressure, sometimes spiking into dangerous, if temporary, peaks.

Even low dose aspirin has shown a liability for increased bleeding diathesis and stroke in susceptible individuals. Why drink when the downsides are many and the ostensible benefits are hypothetical and clouded by the for profit lobbies promulgating usage?

The idea that everybody is able to utilize addictive substances in a healthy, rational and moderate way calculated for the therapeutic benefit only is the main lie of the pusher. Just admit you like the feeling of getting fucked up, and that the therapy angle is just an excuse.

There is also the 'crab bucket' of the chronic user: I be fucked up, so everybody has to be fucked up, too. I have never known a smoker who wasn't eager to give me a cigarette to have somebody to smoke with.

I have a friend that uses THC tincture because he uses it in lieu of narcotics for painful orthopedic problems and surgeries. He uses it rationally, but even he admits he sometimes just uses it for the high.

He cracks me up, because he keeps a marijuana plant in a pot on his porch, even though he can get all the pot he wants through RX. He is trying to figure it out, and has not found it that easy to grow properly.
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Relief, like, a massive destructive earthquake or something? A dirty bomb?
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It's just "Mom's Basement Withdrawal Syndrome". They'll get over it, as long as they can hug their game consoles as they go to sleep.
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Snuffing stogies on the foreheads of beggars isn't trickle down, it's Caligulan Splendor in action.
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Golly, being a dust drenched, rutting, naked hippie in the desert is really expensive. Not to mention all the drugs you have to buy to actually attract and sequester those writhing beeyatches.
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Even the park bargains are disappearing in places like Santa Cruz, where the county still enforces rent control.

I saw one single wide trailer wreck @ 650 sq. ft. (including roofed porch) in a bottom tier owned park go for $220,000 recently. Since the wretched trailer actually has 'negative' value, the cost is for the lot.

Hauling out the trailer and putting in a manufactured home would run from $130 a sq. ft for rudimentary to up to 250 a sq ft for deluxe. That would wind up around $300k to 380k total or more for a 650 sq. ft. manufactured home with over 3600-4500 dollars a year in taxes. If he managed to get a larger sq. ftage, it would increase the cost and taxes proportionately.

That still ain't cheap.
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Stoopid Millenials can't even consume a healthy, longevity inducing substance without killing themselves.
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It seems they had canned fake news assaults and improvised rages ready before Trump even stepped off the plane in Finland.
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"You're a wobbling, dissipated lousy excuse for a pile of fetid, oozing protoplasm. Anything you have to say about it is irrelevant. Now, get out of here before I Kervorkian you (AFTER you pay the bill). I now have to spend ten minutes on the goddam computer describing you in purely defensive terms in case you sue me like some kind of ASSHOLE."
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We need to put THC into mother's milk, so they don't turn into little twats when they grow up.
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A faithful dog may be the last friend who will piss on you when you are on fire.
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MMM, barbecue. He dragged them out because he thought they were done.
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"Thriving Jewish Colony on Moon claimed by Palestinians as reparations."
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Actually, all kinds of dogs have been implicated in maulings and deaths, even Pomeranians. Dachshunds can be cross, aggressive biters. The goofy, friendly Labrador Retriever is a more frequent flier than might be expected.
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I thought paying back loans WAS wage sharing.
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Police have caved to the lobbies.

Marijuana Possession is now cited as Nutritive, Therapeutic and Healthful Herb Possession.

DUI's are now called Driving Under The Influence of Life Lengthening Elixir.
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"Housing is main cause of poverty in CA"

Why didn't they think of this before. Destroy all housing and you get rid of poverty. It will also solve the homeless 'problem' because everybody will be on an equal footing.

You see, The Great Socialist Paradise really works!
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If we can just abolish the Thirteenth Amendment, none of this would be of any concern any more.
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Malcolm Gladwell:

"Does the notion of a pit-bull menace rest on a stable or an unstable generalization? The best data we have on breed dangerousness are fatal dog bites, which serve as a useful indicator of just how much havoc certain kinds of dogs are causing. Between the late nineteen-seventies and the late nineteen-nineties, more than twenty-five breeds were involved in fatal attacks in the United States. Pit-bull breeds led the pack, but the variability from year to year is considerable. For instance, in the period from 1981 to 1982 fatalities were caused by five pit bulls, three mixed breeds, two St. Bernards, two German-shepherd mixes, a pure-bred German shepherd, a husky type, a Doberman, a Chow Chow, a Great Dane, a wolf-dog hybrid, a husky mix, and a pit-bull mix—but no Rottweilers. In 1995 and 1996, the list included ten Rottweilers, four pit bulls, two German shepherds, two huskies, two Chow Chows, two wolf-dog hybrids, two shepherd mixes, a Rottweiler mix, a mixed breed, a Chow Chow mix, and a Great Dane. The kinds of dogs that kill people change over time, because the popularity of certain breeds changes over time. The one thing that doesn’t change is the total number of the people killed by dogs. When we have more problems with pit bulls, it’s not necessarily a sign that pit bulls are more dangerous than other dogs. It could just be a sign that pit bulls have become more numerous."

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Congolese Rapefugee plays race card and immigrant guilt trip card while trying to peek up the skirts of Lady Liberty. Demands tripling of lifetime welfare benefits.
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Yup, you're right. The Malcolm is a clever inductive propagandist, working backwards from spot information and results to 'prove' various broad theses i.e. somebody was 'successful' for X Y an Z coincidental reasons, rather than perhaps X Y and Z are irrelevant, and the 'successful' person was just successful from sheer luck or probability out of a large field of strivers . His dog article was interesting, though.
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How about the Boner Stoner. Quaaludes and pot with round the clock sex orgies, slathering everything and everybody with precious bodily fluids. Usually wind up in the porn industry.
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Their punishment is having Whoopi Goldberg sit on their faces while bellowing liberal delusions at 120db.
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MisterLefty says
It's all spent on filthy whores!

They could at least spend it on clean whores.
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Dogs have been used to hunt and kill people for a long time.
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Kamala Harris? It's wonderful legislation, though they should entitle it "Parasite Enablement Act" rather than "Rent Relief Act".

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