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Gee, the escalators didn't last as homeless shit and diarrhea water falls? I bet the new ones are some kind of contractor graft arrangement and will self destruct in record time. Gotta keep up that third world image, California!
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Tenpoundbass says

You can even skip the sammich, it was just wishful thinking.
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Scapegoats! We need bloody Scapegoats to beard our Honor and Decency etc. etc. etc.!

Stanford, Yale and Harvard: "We didn' do NUFFIN'."
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Don't they have recognition software that will recognize the homeless and the escalators will deploy claws and saws to shred them? Get composting in the bargain. Do plants thrive on heroin and speed residues?
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You wind up teaching yourself, anyway, and often have to 'unteach' the inbred, programmed atrocities inflicted by your educational institution.

Remember the saying, "Half of what I learned in school was wrong. I didn't know which half, so I had to learn all of it." That means you spend the rest of your life learning which half is which.
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Typhoid HEYYOU is on a vectored rampage! Good thing he doesn't have ebola or we'd have to get out the flame thrower.
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What a relief. I thought it was 'Duckmeister' and Iwog was coming back. Iwog's carcass is probably in a ditch somewhere, beaten to death by an Immense Hirsute Lesbian he insulted into spittle tossing rage.
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Are those his butt buddy protectors from Marion Penitentiary?
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Ivy League is the proverbial 'foot in the door', make what you will of it. Aside from atmospherics of poncing about with the various entitled royalties of the nation, it opens a few otherwise closed doors that stay open for a while.

Of course, you'll probably meet more entitled royalties of the nation and ponce about with them in rehab than any college. That's just getting close enough to get your nose flattened on the glass.
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Trump's tiny little fingers let him pick his nose really well for about a quarter of a centimeter up. The rest, he just has to blow out like the rest of us.

Trump flips the bird at people all the time, but nobody can tell, they think it's a knuckle.
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Hey, give her a handful of Valiums and she can be stage managed to read from a programmed script! Congrats, AOC. Obama needed nose candy and a teleprompter, AOC just needs be brought down a bit. Maybe some kind of heroin lite for the mania.
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He has a shit eating, piano key Kennedy grin. That's all that's needed to shelter in LibbyFuck politics.
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Tim Aurora says
CNN maybe biased and has a leftist spin, but they are not fake news. In a few incidences when they reported wrong news, they promptly fired the people responsible.

HaHaHaHaHa! etc. Fake News about Fake News! The circle is complete.
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"Again, Ocasio, read it without giggling!"
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The DWI just meant it cost Daddy and Mumsie a lot more to fake credential him and get him into Columbia. They had to give him the same drool abatement medicine they give bloodhounds for his interviews.
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Yes, I am really afraid of a few Chinese and Russian soldiers with radiation sickness stumbling in with their hair falling out in clumps to greet our devastated infrastructure and piles of burned bodies. I'll already be safely in the boneyard.
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They paid Columbia five million to admit him, and Columbia paid them ten million to take him back.
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This is Trump's fault. IMPEACH TRUMP!
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Pitchfork stocks just went up!
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Trump said: "Who'd grab a Pelican when you can grab pussy? What's Pelican, slang for Republican?" IMPEACH TRUMP!
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It was completely harmless. All they did is give tips on goose stepping and the proper way to hold your fingers to Sig Heil.
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The NSA wants kids taken down, because the kids' health keeps interfering with their cell towers!
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It's those Global Warming Rays. Can't be seen or measured, but THEY ARE THERE!
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Appropriately psychopathic for leadership? Can't teach that in school! He gets the Bill 'n Hillary blue ribbon psycho award.
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There's nothing wrong with our Great Socialist Paradise that the death of 30 percent or our intransigent population can't cure.
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I love free form, unfocussed and self defeating retaliation. It smells like anarchy in the morning. Thank you, LibbyFucks.
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Encase the kids in lead in the classroom with breathing holes. Works for me.
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All he has to do is wear a head borne strap on bobbing from his forehead and a chicken outfit at the next couple of rallies, and the LibbyFucks will just laugh it all off as an "in joke".
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Where's the part in the video where she somersaults onto the limp dick of a LibbyFuck Cuck in handcuffs wearing a French Maid's outfit, failing completely to bring him to rigidity?

Now, that would be some white privilege.
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  Ceffer   ignore (1)   2019 Mar 16, 6:51pm   ↑ like (0)   ↓ dislike (0)   quote   flag        

Legalize All Drugs! People know when to stop!

What's that's smell? Another homeless guy fired a stream of rancid clam diarrhea on my front steps and left some syringes? How'd that happen?
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One nice day in California is worth 100 nice days anywhere else. Waddafuck? Fuggin' blind asshole, geddoudamyway!
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Worst retirement: drop dead at 62 and The Guv has all your money to squander.
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Male ballet performers are mostly knee-shot by the age of 26 or so. Then, the slow grinding of bone on bone painfully into middle age.

Breeng me Wodka, Beetch! The Great Socialist Mafia Paradise likes to make sure nobody is alive long enough to collect a state pension.
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There were some calculators about those who don't NEED SS at 62, but collected it anyway and invested the proceeds.

Remember, if you have other income or are tapping retirement savings, portions of SS up to 85 percent become taxable at your tax rate. Also, if you DON'T collect SS until later, SS amount increases by 8 percent a year, which is pretty good for an investment.

If you don't pay tax on SS and invest, there are break even points, but they are only based on theory, and they change depending on how much tax you pay if you still have income from other sources (and almost everybody does). If you collect at 70 and get the highest benefit, you have to be in your 80's for a break even before you start pulling ahead.

So, unless you have some pretty firm longevity, I wouldn't blame anybody for taking SS at 62 assuming it isn't taxable at the 85 percent rate, but it would be a good idea to wait until 66-67 if you could if you are fully retired and your other sources of income are more limited.
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Using Jordan Peterson's reasoned approach as bitch deterrent just makes committed bitches even bitchier.
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On a similar guilt trip note:
  Ceffer   ignore (1)   2019 Mar 18, 1:55am   ↑ like (2)   ↓ dislike (0)   quote   flag        

Basically most everybody in that age range that I have talked with, even if they have lots of money, opted to collect at 62.

I know one guy who waited until 66. Part of it is psychological, that they just want to make sure that they get some of their money back from the goddam government, just in case they do punt.

Financial planners love you to accumulate huge nest eggs, because they often get their commissions based on the size of your nest egg. Spend nest egg=lower commissions over time.

When people spend while they are still vertical and healthy, as long as they were reasonably prudent, I don't see that it's such a problem, even if they go skinny at more advanced ages.

Remember, one out of seven males do not live long enough to collect social security. That means the system depends to some extent on their dead bodies, like annuities.
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Another item that is a scam is nursing home insurance. Only a minority percentage of people ever go into 'nursing homes' to begin with. Most die at home or in hospitals/hospice. Also, most people die after a year or two in a nursing home, anyway, so if it eats up all your money, who cares?

Usually the only ones who care are the heirs who wish to cash in when you croak and don't like seeing all those greenbacks going into your elderly care to begin with. If you spend yourself into destitution, the state will usually step in to finance some form of nursing home, but you are probably better off dead at that point, anyway.

You've become part of the 'end of life' industry where you wind up cycled in and out of hospitals/emergency rooms and are tortured by the medical profession with needless operations and procedures that do nothing to either extend your life or improve your quality of life.
Most people's last months or year are in fact a medically induced hell. A lot of doctors don't go through these therapies themselves, they just get their affairs in order and perform a clean Kervorkian.

Insurance companies 'luv' the idea that they can get premiums from you for 30 years, while they degrade the policies with exceptions, codicils, or just plain selling the policies to insurers who are a lot sleazier than the big giant you may have bought it from to begin with. When they don't pay and cite fine print, waddya gonna do at 85 and headed to a nursing home, sue them for ten years? It's the perfect insurance vehicle for insurance companies, who are always a moving target to begin with.
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Retirement: Fucked and getting Fuckeder. Excessive money helps a bit.
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