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Looks like it would make a nice twist top for holding cocaine.
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Trump was saying, "I'll have a burger with those cries!"
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Quite the ongoing legal industry trying to leech into the revenue stream from popular songs. Everything has been stolen from some poor wretch, or a competing star.

There's probably a computer program that finds a few matching chords and progressions and voila, extortive legal action.
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How about a caped "HonkeyMan", the super hero who can't jump.
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"Mommy's going to be very upset with you if you are NOT a transgender fashion child! We have a surgery fund AND a college fund!"
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A blue pill with caviar ain't half bad.
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Hey, the favorite pastime of a hooker is blackmail. "Carnivorous pelt hooker honey trappers preying on innocent politicians."

"Where are the good ole days when you could fuck the shit out of them and then have them murdered!"
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I thought this was just their new sideline of mobile euthanasia services.
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Gee, Uber is beginning to sound like BART.
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Musta lost the fuse for his vest bomb, and was hoping somebody would light a match.
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It's the new "Homeless Industrial Complex". Liberal delusional attitudes given force of policy toward the homeless, translated into tax sucking service bureaucracies that ultimately lobby for their own ongoing existence and funding in spite of being totally ineffective due to said delusional attitudes and proliferating token employees. The Homeless Industrial Complex should have logos and arm patches showing a pile of steaming shit covered with used needles. The bureaucracies WANT more homeless in order to GROW, like the schools want all of the illegal children to keep growing. GROW THE HOMELESS!

In Santa Cruz, they used to have newspaper articles welcoming the homeless because Santa Cruz "knew how to show them the proper compassion".

Welcome to the Great Socialist Paradise.
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At least he extorted the sex and didn't just take it. That's called incentivizing in a capitalist society. MAGA!
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What better captive audience for a pathologic farter than an airplane cabin. Shouldn't the air marshal be authorized to push him out the door with a parachute and a sparkler stuck in his butt?
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P N Dr Lo R says
The proper response would be to engage in reasoned debateā€”to attempt to explain, using logic, evidence, facts and substantive arguments, why those opinions are wrong.

Why would anybody want to do this? Pitt Bull ad hominem is the order of the day, anything else is just too much fucking work.
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As an aside Ceffer has also lost it! lol

Can't lose what you never had.
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I'll have some snails and frog's legs with that face.

Cannibalism without the anarchy, a perversion of cause and effect!
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The only reason those women got the fridge to the 3d floor is because it is full of chocolate ice cream.

My gym has actually changed the bathrooms to universal, without men's or women's any more. I am waiting for them to do the same with the lockers and showers.

"Do you need some free protein balm on your leg, madam?"
"Whoever stole the underwear, will you please return them ASAP?"
"Who are the bastards who are using all the tampons in the dispenser for squeegees?"
"The toilet lids are up again. Who do you think did that?"
"No, the potpourri are not beer nut snacks!"
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Honey trapping is a Constitutional Right, just as the Founding Fathers intended!
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They need to stop using the fish as toilet paper at Costco.
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anon_0c33d says
San Francisco merchants pay their bail and invite them dine in their city.

In San Francisco, do they get a welfare check enhancement for eating the faces of the homeless?
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They only stopped the show because she was masturbating with the collector's edition Black Panther Vibrator that she purchased from the merchandising stall by the popcorn vendor. That was better than the movie.
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Horrors, they have turned our male skaters into transgendered pussy boys!
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If she can fire ping pong balls across the Senate floor with her tweetie during boring sessions, what's not to like?
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"Pound me, pleasssssse! But I reserve the right to declare it rape after the fact for secondary gain."
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Do things always have to deteriorate into a shekel heckle?
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mmmarvel says

What's that, a blueberry that comes in your mouth?
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She's the gaping, hungry Shelob Tweetie of Death!
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I think the testosterone driven video game heathen market is already tapped out.
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georgeliberte says
National Anthem episode od Black Mirror wherein the British Prime Minister eas forced to have sex with a pig on national TV

Bill would have dove in for sloppy seconds, cheering like Slim Pickens on the atom bomb in Dr. Strangelove.
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It's just a little money laundering. Who doesn't like clean money?
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Maybe they should start calling them "Panic Agencies".
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There was already a game called "Postal" which was literally about a Post Office worker berzerking. However, it was a while ago, was widely shamed, and is probably primitive by modern game standards. It came out after the original Post Office whacko cut a swath.
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He oughta be able to plink 20 kids at 100 feet without dropping his coffee or the donut in his mouth.

A little collateral damage is understandable.
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Do you really want a guy whose main job is intimidating children with his pot belly flinging lead around a combat zone full of children, especially with a hand gun? Not to mention the sheer confusion of the situation.

I spend time in an area where firecracker assholes are common. The firecrackers sound like gunfire, and you can reliably seldom tell where they are coming from. If they were live rounds, and you went by sound, you probably would wind up in the wrong spot and the damage would have been done somewhere else, anyway.

Unless this guy had a clear line of sight at an obvious shooter by accident, it was probably better for everybody that he just stay out of the way and let the rest of the goons handle it.
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I have seen UFOs twice, so I believe in some kind of "other intelligence". I wouldn't expect anybody who hasn't seen these objects to believe in them.

If any of the alien sightings are true, they are likely bio-formed robots designed for our planetary conditions. Any life form we see could be a combination of earth DNA, alien DNA and alien tech so that they could adapt and function here. The hosts may be some form of life or intelligence we can't imagine, operating at least partially with telepathy and mental radiometrics, if they are even that curious to explore our galactic area or motivated to go to that much trouble.

If they have been able to conquer space and time, they are unlikely to be constrained by lowly motives of tribalism, resources, hierarchy, reproduction and territoriality, so most anthropomorphizing as is done in religion is likely just as inappropriate in trying to understand alien entities.

However, insect colonies survive by having multiple nests in different resource areas. Some or many colonies can be wiped out and the insects survive. Colonization is a species survival instinct, even if it results in the death of many explorers. It is only natural that life anywhere would continue to colonize and establish many fronts of survival, even if the individual nests eventually differentiate away from each other.

The excellent SyFy show "The Expanse" explores human differentiation in our own solar system with colonization of Mars and the asteroid belt. Even after this "local" differentiation and space tribalism, they wind up being confronted by a powerful, amporphous alien entity.
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The legal system is a branch of government, and the main role of government is to draw money and power from the people. The legal system is set up to do that by exploiting inevitable human conflict, so it is a conflict vampire.

Most law students probably realize pretty early in their education that their primary function is simply to resolve conflict by disempowering their clients by taking their money away from them through legal process. Legal process is designed to be too expensive for anybody to routinely use it who is not financially in the top 0.1 percent of the population. That would include large financial entities. Thus, the Law is also in the business of preserving status, money and power.

In the olden days, the king would resolve disputes by taking all or most of the money away from fighting peasants, then killing or imprisoning one while setting the other one free with some kind of pittance. He would do what most political entities do, he seized any source of money and power as much as he could, and released as little of it back as necessary to the population to preserve the peace. If an aristocrat and a peasant got into a conflict, the aristocrat would simply bribe the king, and the king would kill or disenfranchise the peasant for him. (Nowadays, we have included contingency law and the legal lottery to keep the idiot peasants invested in the system through depraved motives.) Concessions would also have to be made by the law to preserving public order and maintaining systems of property ownership and monetary systems for predictable commerce.

When kings found the process of resolving disputes tedious and burdensome, the various common laws were engendered. Since most people were illiterate, clerics often wrote up the common law, and in English societies, included a lot of Latin to make the law further imponderable and opaque to the masses.

Since you have enlisted the power of government to come down on your side in a dispute, you have agreed to a process that is designed by tradition to be as slow, complicated and expensive as possible, while holding you and your legal opponent hostage as long as possible to the practices of lawyers, whose main goal is to get as much out of you as possible for often arbitrary and unpredictable outcomes. Lawyers represent first the legal system that feeds them, second lawyers themselves including opposing counsel, and only as a distant third, their clients who are assessed according the means that they can put at the lawyer's disposal.

The saying is that when you have a lawyer, you have a wolf by the ears. Only ludicrous amounts of money keep the wolf from eviscerating you or tearing you apart by design, no matter how much the devil may flatter you or appeal to your worst instincts of greed, fear, resentment and vindictiveness.
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The "speed of light" is likely a local condition of time and space, rather than a galactic requirement or a requirement of the universe. Science is already discovering linkages that indicate that information can be transferred intact across space with simultaneity. Lumps of life and vehicles are just big lumps of information of a particular form. The speed of light could be like your 25 MPH zones in your local solar neighborhood, whereas space and time might be more like an autobahn that has many faster capabilities, if not instantaneous transfer.