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Don't they need a warrant for spying on your shit?
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Nicotine crazed ADHD whirling dervishes in high schools, the next generation.
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"Let me introduce you to my little lobbying friends!"
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FL hurricanes don't affect Wisconsin either. To think of it, nothing fucking affect Wisconsin. ;)

The jet stream?
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APOCALYPSEFUCKisShostikovitch says
Insurance company's billing program receives affidavit and attaches it to cancellation notice.

I thought that under Obama it would just ram a pitchfork up your ass.
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I hope the Euro Army consists of topless female contortionists.
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Is tit fucking even sex?
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"The good news is, you can stop worrying about cell phones giving you brain cancer!"
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Suckling legal fees from the boundless tax tit is serious business. It's better than free shit. Like any lawyer, who would want that to end?
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I know a coupla guys in Bay Area who 'retired' in their late 30's. One is an elderly vet who went in at 18 and left with pension at 38, and has only worked part time-ish ever since. He got several degrees (courtesy of the gov), did a lot of sailing, and has wound up in a beautiful manufactured home. He was married twice to women who had some dough, and spent two years sailing around the world with one of them. Has a porsche, but I scratch my head at how he has managed to do all this when he was a dirt poor kid. A lot of it has been on the largesse of his military career from the day. I doubt that he ever had an equivalent of a 5 mill nest egg, maybe hundreds of thous short of a mill.

One of his friends also 'retired' in his 30's. This guy worked in the film industry, and had a small trust fund from family (like really small). He's pushing early 70's, has a small trailer and a boat moored on the peninsula. He is a docent in SF and goes up there and back. He is just a dharma bum and refuses to work at anything that doesn't tickle his fancy.

It's amazing what some people can do living hand to mouth almost indefinitely, without ever becoming homeless, and even thriving in their own way. Neither one have any alcohol or drug issues.

One has to remember, the Ormans of the world make their living on paranoia, and nobody wants you to spend your own money as long as they are making a commission on it.

I guess everybody has to make the decision about when their time and sanity is worth more than the salt mine.
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RC2006 says
I've seen a few guys like this but most the time they are getting side money from VA for bogus disability.

By his own admission, he has 'worked' the system to the max. He even thanked me for being a worker bee taxpayer. Considering the life of adventure he has led, I guess I'm the chump.
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Irish crazy is very special crazy, has to be seen to be believed. This damsel and Sinead O'Conner are spiritual sisters.

Just add alcohol and you get crazy with wheels.
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The Great Socialist Parasitic Paradise has not failed! It is the people who have failed! They need to accept the soaking for the Greater Good!
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If avoiding a minefield of borderline personalities, nefarious opportunists, entitled divorce hunters, feminists and hair trigger rape claimers to screw buxom hoes is gay, then I think that heterosexual must mean 'Kamikaze Cuck'.
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Is he suing Trump for destroying his relationship?
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Nonsense. She could have gone for months trading sex for heroin and speed and still survived. Dog is just a party pooper.
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He gets to screw with a holographic 12 inch dick, right in her holo-tweetie. Or is that tweetie-hole. I'm confused.
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Just another idiotic sex article. Nobody knows how much sex people are or are not having in any particular instance. Self reportage data harvesting is a boon to the serendipitous gonzo journalist and trash science psychologist/sociologist.
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An advertisement doesn't mean it's free.

Did they have to restrain the male jurors from wearing the panties on their heads?

The judge wound up sequestering the evidence in chambers and wouldn't give it back.
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Who needs stinkin' science. THE BONER KNOWS!
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"Let's start with a full tox-screen."

She's had serious mental issues, drug, and alcohol dependency. Looks like she's off the wagon. Manic off meds or stoned or both.

She's had a few good roles, hope she gets her shit back together.
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"Ocasio, you ignorant slut!"

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The judge was pelted with crusty bloomers by a group of drunken Irish IHL SJWs outside the court room. He said he thought they were old blankets until the rancid clam acids started eating his flesh.
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On Wednesday, the Tri Valley was absolutely choking with dense smoke. It approached 300 mark. I have never in all my dirty air years in Cali been in anything like that.

We packed up and went to the coast to get out of it, where there was still smoke, but the situation was breathable without exploding sinuses.
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clambo says
Females around me heard I had money and then received an inheritance; they are annoying because they think like communists that I should "help" them achieve their goals. I disagree. I was a big mouth with one and she told her friends at work, and so on and so on...

I wouldn't even talk with women in your sphere any more than necessary and would never be alone around them. Otherwise you will be getting a 'sex harassment' or 'rape' accusation, and will be sacrificing your dough to grinning, leering lawyers. If they can't get your money one way, they will get it another. I have known dumb stick guys who have fallen into this honey trap. Secondary Gain and False Testimony are the new 'divorce without marriage' bonus for some of women nowadays, and they should mostly be regarded as free range sexual extortionists and sociopaths unless proven otherwise through extreme vetting.
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It's probably less harmful to smoke a pack a day of cigarettes than this shit in the air. Particulates aren't just burned wood, they are fungi, moss, mold, mushrooms, toadstools, lichens, protozoa crap, tree and brush parasites, pitch, and with buildings, an extra helping of asbestos, formalin, plasticizers, lead, plaster, rubber and metals.

Masks only help a bit, because the path of least resistance is still around the edges of the mask for inhalation, and nobody likes to wear a mask for any length of time.
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He's counter-suing her because she strangled and bruised his penis with her demanding, restricted vagina, and traumatized him from consortium with his wife.
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"Last week, I read a report in the Santa Cruz Sheriff's Department media log (always an entertaining read!) and I came across this little nugget from last week:

'An adult female openly masturbated in a county park, wiping her body fluids on a mower tractor which was being operated by a male county employee. The female also groped the male operator while he sat on the tractor and exposed her vagina to his view. The male positively identified the female subject in an in field lineup. The female was on probation. A Superior court judge was contacted, and a bail increase was sought and granted. A request for a no pre-trial release or Sheriff's SOR was granted by the judge'."

If we deny these free range resources their right to zipless sexual intercourse, then we have only ourselves to blame.
Of course, she was probably a toothless meth freak, but free is free!

It took them a while to round up enough women willing to expose their vaginas for the field lineup. "Number four, step forward and wipe some vaginal fluids on the viewing window so our witness can be absolutely certain!"
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Booger says
When the smoke is that bad, do your farts still stink?

It's been so bad in NorCal lately, you fart just to get some fresh air.
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A replacement house shouldn't cost that much per square foot to rebuild, unless you are picking a really crooked contractor. Insurance companies always assume you are able to obtain slave labor at half the going rate.
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They have re-named the robot "The Great Socialist Paradise Pitchfork Machine" and have Michelle Obama on 100k a year retainer.
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Some Samoans got their pinky toes wet when they didn't want to, which means that Western Civilization needs to go under the boot of The Great Socialist Paradise, where central planning by really smart people will save us all.
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Which one? Looks like two Dogs.
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When you examine it in the correct perspective, votes are just another form of free shit.
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They'll slather you with pussy juice while stealing your wallet.
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Yes, the vaunted 'suicide', exonerator of all murderous misdeeds, and squelcher of all meaningful inquests. Political Suicide Convenience packages available on request for pesky problem people.

Hanging them outside of the palace bound and with their faces contorted in agony would be more effective, but we ARE civilized.
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Damn, it used to be so easy.
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Trump wanted to give himself ALL of the Presidential Medals Of Freedom, and sulked for hours when they told him he couldn't.
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Who cares about Fauxcohontas. How about Fuck-a-Hontas!
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It's the curse of the LibbyFuck Mummies!

The Housing Trap
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