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"SIEG GMPff HMPff Grunt. Stop twerking, bitch, you're making me seasick. I won't be tuned up for the fluffer auditions this afternoon!"
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anon_8f378 says
Is this tweet even true?

When did that ever matter?
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She thought that feminism was a food line.
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The only chicks with pubic hair any more are the Balkan goat herder chicks with unibrows and hairy ape legs.

The Kardashians have to wax every day to keep the five o'clock shadow off of their tweeties.
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Trump eats Ivanka's discarded waxing patties with syrup for breakfast.

"They tickle my throat!"
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This fantasy would benefit from faux Hillary packing a faux Roscoe and blowing away a faux Vince Foster, then rearranging the faux body to look like a faux suicide, before attacking the faux Beyonce with a strap on.
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Getting Sirhan's endorsement isn't easy, since he spends most of his time mumbling incoherently and painting blood sprays from head wounds in craft class.
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Heh, Heh, could be true. Rin claims he hasn't dated for six or seven years. Maybe this chick was the last smelly sock that put him off dating forever.
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Lights, cameras, STRAP ONS!

This is hooker-fu you can sink your teeth into!
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"I am George H.W. Bush, and I have approved this assassination."
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"I demand to see President Trump! I'm gonna break my boot off in his ginger ass!"
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This should appeal to angry feminists. It gives new meaning to the term "pussy fart".

"He died from carbon monoxide poisoning eating muffler pussy!"
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I bought a 1200 sq foot foreclosure in 2010 for cash. Not as an investment, just to have a second place to decompress. It has gone up 250 percent in value. I had no intention of speculating, and actually spend a lot of time there.

Aside from that, primary residence homes have been break even propositions at least with maybe a bit of overall gain, but mainly just "equity savings accounts".
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"A president who'd all but call a senator a whore"

I know. Anybody who wastes time stating the obvious like that is just plain senile.
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They were talking about severance packages with guaranteed appearances in "The Apprentice".
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TRUMPLIGULA! should start every day shrieking at a TV camera commanding AMERICA! and everyone in it to such his dick. After a couple of years, it would seem normal and homey.

Yes. Warm, fuzzy and paternal, just as the Founding Fathers intended.
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It needs to dispense hot shots and incinerate the bodies with napalm and a flame thrower.

Smearing feces is a homeless tribal ritual of passage, and is no reflection on the robot.
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Finally and decisively exposed the liberal press for the pandering, perditious fakes they really are.
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Third world shit, where the shades of gray between cop and perp start to blend.

"Seize their cars", meaning the purpose of the op was to seize assets, not make arrests necessarily. Cops shaking down users for revenues, also third world.
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Two reproductive sexes and variants, just as the Founding Geneticists intended.
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"She grabbed my junk and put it in her wet spot over and over again. I felt so used and soiled, sob sob!"
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High Housing creates Low Housing. Low Housing causes High Housing. I'm confused.
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Could this be why they installed an oversize diaper changing station in the Oval Office?
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Homicidal IHLlary gets a chuckle from the crowds every time. Only fart jokes do better.
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Somebody has got to pay for Rin's Aussie hookers.
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He's sending the unsold inventory to Gitmo to give to the prisoners for Christmas.
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Barratry, Champerty and Maintenance, along with publicity whoring for profit. Underlying "contributors" are less interested in the proceeds of the action, and more in the injurious effects to opponents caused by the legally rendered slander. In any vaguely ethical legal system, these actions would all be considered crimes.

Jus another day in the ole law firm in America.
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A few SJWs and IHLs will fix China.

Haven't you seen Marco Polo on Netflix? The Chinese will listen very politely and agreeably to whatever you say, up the point that you are rubbing them the wrong way, and then they just shoot an arrow into your chest.
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Sounds like a Senate putsch is required for the greater glory of Jesus and the Founding Fathers! This insult will not stand.
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Gloria Allred and her daughter are now representing psychiatrists, psychologists, and brain doctors who are suing Trump for offending and enraging them with his public displays of senility. Their legal actions are being funded by the Democratic Party, and Gloria are getting a cut of the talk show circuit proceeds.

Several press conferences with Gloria's clammy claws patting shoulders and handing hankies to weeping psychiatrists are planned.
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Nobody can trumpet and exhibitionize being special any more. Guess the family rebels will have to go back to being cisgender.

"Jane, stop kicking your brother in the twat."
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Anybody who can't take a l'il old vest bomber in stride is just over reacting.

Where they come from, a day isn't complete without an act of terrorism, a grudge killing, a revenge killing, an honor killing or a killing in the name of the Prophet.

Multiply like flies, die like flies.
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The family fights over pronouns are epic.
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The telepathic hard on is a well documented phenomenon.
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Quigley says
Don’t be an idiot.

Really? As if I don't have enough obstacles in my life.
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Oh, Oh, I want to be a libbie and concoct vast confections of idealism while ignoring actual human behavior, obvious reality, the lessons of history/economics, and hard won traditions, and then make whole societies suffer under the stark ravers while me and my centralized inside group gloat.

Oh, and kill the fuckers that don't agree, that always aids consensus.
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"Oh, Oh! I'm a liberal. I keep a stable of pet psychotics, completely at odds, and have convinced them they are the 'new normal'. They are out protesting the injustice of society right now!"
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Coulda been worse. She could have been invited to have lunch with Trump at the White House.
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McCain is seeing blurry orange, and thinks Sponge Bob has been elected President.
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He has some nice gang tats poking up around his neck. Don't gangs offer pensions?

Wish they had shown the obligatory shot of him smoking a cigarette.