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It’s becomming a huge issue, with people from outside California coming due to weather and easy access to food and other necessities. And it’s disgusting...where do you think the waste goes?

Hawaii’s homeless explosion is another example of how bad it can get. On Oahu there’s entire towns that have been overrun with homeless encampments.

The bigger issue imo, which no leftist will ever make, is that there’s no constitutional right to reside in public spaces. What really needs to end is the various govt programs that provide a cushion where these people can subsist at the lowest stamps, revisits of state disability programs etc. most people living in vehicles are shiftless and unemployeed(when McDonalds in LA pays $13 an hour).

There’s a vast difference from the guy in Montana living off the grid and the guy in LA getting free food and a general relief voucher while getting high all day every day.
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Considering most whites in this country arrived decades after the end of slavery and did not receive any free land, the author of the political cartoon you posted is either intentionally lying or unbelievably clueless. Or perhaps you think that Italian and Irish immigrants had that free white priviledge 1870 to 1930.

Oh, and also explain the success of Asians in the US.

Feux Follets says
In summary - all that minorities in inner city ghettos have to do to resolve their situation is to do as follows:

1. Vote GOP**

2. Graduate High School**

3. Get a Job**

4. Get Married**

5. Have Kids After Getting Married**

** required for safe passage to Middle Class America. (this is much much easier if you are white - a lot of things will get overlooked with a wink and a nod)

Anyone noticed those good paying jobs with benefits that would allow a high school graduate to work their way into supposed "Middle Class" status (I call it debt for life) are few and far between anymore and the ones that remain are disappearing as well.

And then there is this: (I know, I know - there is no racism in America, it's only Black against White racism now)

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Feux Follets says
CovfefeButDeadly says
What really needs to end is the various govt programs that provide a cushion where these people can subsist at the lowest stamps, revisits of state disability programs etc. most people living in vehicles are shiftless and unemployeed(when McDonalds in LA pays $13 an hour).

So when these programs are ended - does the Grand Republic establish it's own "final solution" to "help" these people ?

Ever try finding a studio let alone a one bedroom that someone can afford on $13 per hour wages in California ?

Going to guess consideration has not been given to the fine line between homeless and housed when the unexpected layoff, medical crisis etc. take place - those unexpected things that always happen to everyone else.

Straight to a hitler reference? You got me man. I wanna kill off the homeless, children, elderly. Pretty much anyone. All must die :|
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Absolute disaster. Garcettiville encampments all over, with the worst in low income and blue collar neighborhoods...the people who can do least about it and stand the most to suffer from the vile unsanitary disgusting conditions.

If there was any truth and reason from the media in this city, the citizens would be at City Hall with torches and pitchforks.
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NuttBoxer says

"there is no way we are going to allow Orange County land that is supposed to be used by residents to be occupied by the homeless"
"But I’m not going to intermingle this population with property owners, are you kidding?"

What a douche.

I can only surmise that you haven’t seen this homeless encampment that is just outside the Angel Stadium parking lot.

It’s a disgusting gross place of extreme despair.

If you have a better solution, there are people listening.
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NuttBoxer says
CovfefeButDeadly says
If you have a better solution, there are people listening.

The church in America needs to stop spending money on giant screens and worship bands, and start taking care of the poor and needy in their neighborhoods. I blame government a lot, but the church is really the first line of failure here. Of course getting rid of all government waste would stabilize the economy, and have kept many of these people from being homeless to start with. And lastly, legalize all drugs. Let the addicts OD and rid themselves of the life they so despise. And lastly, back to the community, engage these people, don't shun them. If you offer them help, you have a right to ask them to keep your community clean. I'm not saying enable them, but at least take the problem head on, instead of sweeping them into someone else's backyard(which is exactly what will happen here).

You should rea...

You are wrong about the churches. Just because its not in the media doesn't mean they don't do regular work. Every church I've attended, from small community churches with a few hundred members, to the huge Calvary Chapel churches all have run a food pantry and done deliveries to local families in need, And then of course theres the Salvation Army which actively houses homeless and attempts to rehabilitate.

I think you are underestimating how severely difficult it is to rehab the homeless. A local pastor who runs a couple of the programs at Weingart center in downtown LA estimated that about 1 in 25 people who enter his program actually complete it to the point where they get a job and residence(and some still subsequently fail).

What they do in fact do is have various faux non profits, subsidized by the govt, who help them get onto general relief, state and SSN disability, etc and backdoor refer them to the local drug dealer who pays kickbacks to the faux non profit worker, and then sell drugs to the formerly homeless person once they receive their monthly check. In some instances the homeless person actually subleases an SRO unit to someone else for more drug money and they themselves are back on the street.

Its a cycle that wont be broken until the govt money is taken out of the equation.

I agree with you on the drug legalization. It would remove a lot of the problem(of course you would have to resume arresting people for committing crimes while on drugs...california now has such lax laws that this frequently does not happen.

The more immediate issue is the nuisance and quality of life issue the encampment in OC was creating. The question was, do you remove the encampment and its various health and quality of life issues, or do you let it stay and fester and grow even more. I know what solution I agree with.
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Heraclitusstudent says
NuttBoxer says
Wait.. Unless the economy is really in the shitter, and these people are just the canary in the coal mine...

Not the canary... the price paid so housing can go up, and boost the economy.

Niether. People that cant afford rent on what they make need to move to the parts of the country where rent is cheaper. Texas strongly comes to mind.
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Ceffer says
Nobody even has demographics on these people. A lot of them are just the "one way ticket" to California vagabonds who are told they get sunshine and a welfare check out here. Of course, the drug pipelines are wide open, too. You can see them coming in with their backpacks along the boulevards.

I watched from by gym window as homeless people parked their junk on a couple of bus benches and simply took them by adverse possession. The people actually taking the bus had to stand a few feet away and run when the bus arrived. I saw at least eight different homeless milling about, and a stack of homeless shit abandoned across the street on the sidewalk next to a supermarket. If you make any kind of eye contact with any of them, they immediately start beelining toward you to panhandle.

The only way to end this is to arrest those homeless and make their lives difficult by removing the govt money.

The Democrat politicians, starting with asshole mayor of los angeles eric cuckcetti, fundamentally believe in a combination of Karl Marx and Saul Alinsky. They believe that individual property rights should not be allowed(except hypocritically for themselves and their friends), that personal property is an issue of marginal or no importance(again except for themselves) and they believe in never letting a political opportunity go to waste. So they play the indigent and homeless as pawns and let them continue to suffer until they can get political pay out of whatever they decide to do with the homeless. It sucks for consituents, especially the poor.

You ever want to see in real life what the pigs from Animal Farm look like?
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So South Africa went from being a racist economic success under apartheid to being a racist shithole post apartheid.
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Very practical automan empire. I lived in downtown LA for 3 years and had no illusions that my political views were shared by my neighbors. I read somewhere that 96 percent of DTLA voters voted for Obama in 2012. Yet within a few weeks of moving to DTLA everyone of my neighbors learned not to give change to homeless people. All it is is a marginal way to assuage guilt feelings. It’s neither helpful nor a moral good. The same thing goes for the govt money that rolls in. It’s almost as if some politicians are intent on creating a permanent underclass.
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Feux Follets says
Goran_K says
The "victim hood" game can never end, because anyone posting on PatNet can never win it.

Nothing to win, white privilege is alive and real just like "privilege" exists in other ethnic communities however white privilege is much more prevalent - even today in the United States.

You made the claim, now prove it.

I suggest the rest of us hold anyone accountable who makes fantastical claims, and be relentless about it.
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So you can’t.

You believe it on blind faith.

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Even if they had to give up everything or work 3 menial jobs to save and afford a move, every white person in South Africa should have been looking to move to US or Australia 20 years ago. If they had moved to Texas, Utah, Arizona, Idaho, or Montana, they would already have rebuilt and solidified their lives.

I feel bad for the people suffering there, but the writing was on the wall.
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TwoScoopsPlissken says
It is now March, 2018 and no war.

In fact, it's been rather quiet.

Maybe rocket boy figured out some way to suck his own cock and it’s kept him busy.
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Ceffer says
This is what happens when you are seduced and all your brains are fucked out at 15 by your voluptuous, predatory, femme fatale cock craving high school teacher.

I mean, your life can only go downhill from there. Most of us fantasized about fucking the hot teacher at school, then the hot girl in college, while fucking someone less attractive when we could get it. So the hope remained intact. But if you’re bonking the fine ass teacher when your 14, what is there to look forward to for the next 60-70 years?
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Are we still not allowed to talk about other users?

I'm dying here.
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Patrick says
CovfefeButDeadly says
Are we still not allowed to talk about other users?

I'm dying here.

Please, no. No good has come from the epic, endless flame wars.

I know it's fun, but it's a bad kind of fun, like smoking cigarettes. Catches up with you later.

I get it, but I feel like Michael Scott being instructed by HR
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DryMap says
Why are sex acts with animals forbidden? Animal protection?

You must be joking.

Animals that have been subject to human sex acts behave as abnormally as children who are molested do.
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mell says
Quigley says
So i got pulled over for driving too fast on the freeway last month. I was fully cooperative with the officer (Asian male), who asked me some basic questions and then, surprisingly, let me go.

White privilege? Maybe. But perhaps it was a reapectful and cooperative attitude that convinced him that i wasn’t worth the paperwork to ticket. He didn’t seem happy with me, but he didn’t write me a ticket either. So what do you call that?

Occam's razor says that it was 99% the respectful and friendly attitude. 99% of the people don't give a shit about who you are as long as you have some manners. This dividing by race, gender, sex, etc. has become so stale and needs to stop pronto.

That’s cold! Talk like that is gonna shake people’s faith in the inherent racism in America!
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Such crap. I don’t watch and wish I hadn’t this year.
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TwoScoopsPlissken says
Trump couldn't have won without White Obama voters switching to Trump in 2016 by some millions, in states like Ohio and Pennsylvania.

But that hurty the narrative, so it won't be discussed.

OP reads like a grumpy Democrats wet dream.
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NuttBoxer says
Not going to watch because it's a racist movie, not a Marvel movie. I've watched most of the super hero movies that have come out, but this one isn't about super heroes. When people stop being so racist, and stop focusing on color, then I'm interested.

I haven’t seen it but friends that are more right leaning than me(and both minorities) have said it was fantastic and not political in a way that bothered them.

That said, these always going to be racists. You can’t eliminate/outlaw human nature and human thought without an extreme totalitarian govt involving reprogramming and other insidious abuses.
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Lol the nukes are not what guarantees we don’t attack North Korea. It’s China that is guaranteeing that.
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Feux Follets says
BlueSardine says
Still ya gotta give trump credit for starving the FatFucker

Nope - both of them look to be the same degree of chubby to me but ours may be gaining hence the new diet.

The sanctions didn't cripple anything about the Nuke program.

Kim is not a fool - there is more to this than meets the eye at the moment.

Whether or not Kim is a fool is up for debate. However he is an evil fuck who kills his people and makes them suffer and I question anyone who lauds him as some sort of reasonable dictator.
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This is awesome!

Another notch on the Trump belt.
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Suck it beta male’s

Trump shows how real men handle business.
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I've known people that continue to decline better paying work while working at Disneyland. There's consequences to making your childhood your adult life rather than making it a hobby.

Pay scale in OC is pretty decent(albeit expensive to rent or buy a home). Fast food workers make more than some Disneyland workers. The cast members at Disney should be college students still living at home, or a part time job.
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bob2356 says
TwoScoopsPlissken says

You seem confused. The stock market went up on unbelievable job gains, that shattered expectations.

Unbelievable job gains,. Glad you pointed that part out.

You are really going to claim the stock market is based on rational analysis? Like the dotcom boom? Hahahahahaha. The stock market runs on rumor, speculation, herd mentality, and emotion. Always did.

I expect 2 more years of irrational run up in the stock market (and housing market) as the tax cuts are fully mis invested, peaking just in time for the 2020 election. Coincidence? I think not. That was the plan from the get go.

This train of thought is whats going to cost you at the election booths this year. People pay attention to if they are working, and how much they are making, not the media and certainly not the pundits. Right now people have really good paying jobs.
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Quigley says
Meh, it’s the glut of kids who want to work at Disneyland that’s the problem. They are too young and too idealistic to understand economics and just want to be part of the “magic.” That’s why Disneyland never has a problem filling jobs at low wages. Plenty of idiots ready to fill them!

This is correct. All that regulation would do is see Disney raise the already obscene prices even more.
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jazz_music says
CovfefeButDeadly says
regulation would do is see Disney raise the already obscene prices

only if people pay them.

Apparently you have not seen how crowded Disneyland is.
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Whats sick is we've already been through this, already had a solution(by a Democrat no less), and yet our politicians refuse to see it.

NYC esp the subway and Times Square were such a mess in the 70's and 80's. William Bratton(the Democrat) fixed it through increased and targeted police patrols. He fortunately had a mayor who backed his methods.

Considering there is already a solution available, I think its very safe to say that Bay Area politicians do not care one bit about the safety of the citizens..
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Feux Follets says
Strategist says
Not professional journalism at all.

Breitbart, Alex Jones, Gateway Pundit , Rush etc. are professional ?

Which one of these has a major network tv show and was lauded as unbiased reporting for years?
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bob2356 says
and 15 years mandatory for both the owner and seller when someone is caught with a gun who isn't legally able to own one. C

I am fully behind this proposal. Somehow I think you actually are not(and certainly the politicians you support are not).
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drB6 says
Quigley says
You can’t eliminate the possibility of mass shootings until you eliminate private gun ownership

Even then, you do not eliminate mass shootings completely. From my young days in USSR, where personal ownership of guns other than hunting rifles was forbidden, I remember two mass shootings (4 dead each time) in town where I lived in late 1980's.

The stats prove you cannot eliminate guns, and countries such as UK are actually lying in their reported gun stats. Keep in mind Bob was dubious of my claim that guns come in illegally from China. I personally find it fantastical that there are currently no illegal guns imported from China when a Chinese California politician is convicted of trafficking guns via another Chinese man named "Shrimp Boy", But this is what current stats show:

Thats right...millions of guns imported...into a country that legally produces guns?!?!?! Like I said, Corey Booker is a disingenuous....and now I'd say lying asshole.

FWIW,,,,,,we used to have illegal guns arrive her from China.....
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I'm highly conflicted on this.

I most certainly would appreciate impromtu blow jobs if the lady is halfway decent looking.

However, the law is the law, not to mention reasonable decency. If dude couldn't get her to go elsewhere to do the deed, he probably should have left well enough alone.
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Patrick says
Cédric Vaivre, who plies his trade as a baker in the small town of Lusigny-sur-Barse in north-central France, was found to have kept his bakery open every day during the summer of 2017 and now must pay a substantial penalty for having been overly industrious.

Local regulations in the region of Aube, where the bakery is situated, limit the number of days per week that a retail establishment can remain open to a maximum of 6 days. The laws, which date back to 1994 and 2000, do not mandate that business owners take Sunday off as a day of rest in the manner of traditional “blue laws,” but rather forbid businesses from remaining open every day.

When I studied in Germany, they had a law forbidding grocers from being open on Sundays. That made it hard to buy food if you forgot about it. But I understand that the intent was to make it easier for small businesses with just a few employees to compete with larger businesses with many employees.

This is generally the issue with intent as it relates to the government.
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How many billionaires are in the US and how many actually flaunt the laws and get away with it due to their money?

In other words, what is the problem that is needing solution.

There was a woman advocating socialism on the MIchael Medved radio show yesterday. It sounded to me like she was perfectly content with everyone being poor so long as no one was allowed to be rich. THats some pretty demented thinking there.
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Strategist says
I'm not sure if a billionaire would be driving his own car unless it's a Lamborghini.
I would not mind if very reckless and dangerous driving results in the car getting impounded. That would be fining the billionaires more.

My point exactly. If there aren't tons of billionaires out there speeding and committing other crimes, why are we even bothering with the line of thought in the OP.

Its like its back in 3rd no like bobby cause bobby has stuff my family cant afford. Which is rather a ridiculous line of thought for adults to engage in.

Though there are Bernie Sanders voters.
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Patrick says
The more important question is whether the billionaire and the nurse should pay the same tax rate on their income.

Currently, the billionaire is taxed at a lower rate (20% capital gains) and the nurse at a higher rate (25% to 28% of marginal income).

The key word is marginal. My actual federal tax rate paid is under 15% with the new Trump plan, and I don't even itemize. 457 plan excluded, retirement excluded plus standard deduction.
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Hmmm, if only the main stream had done this with Paula Jones, Juanita Broderick, Gennifer Flowers who all actually accused President Clinton of rape.

It’s funny the things the media does depending on which political party the acused belongs to.

It’s almost as if you are a democrat you can go on a drunken bender, drive off a bridge, kill your female companion in the process, and get away with it.