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I want the Paige Spiranac one!
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NuttBoxer says
I believe the question about cops stems from the fact that some in this country have a false belief(perpetuated by government), that cops are somehow better than the rest of us. But the generalization you made about dumb people committing murders holds true regardless if they are cops or not, as cops are clearly regular people, and therefore a percentage of them are dumb.

One of the biggest issues in discussing black vs others and incorporating gun control is that the various movements...Black lies matter, nfl protests, etc perpetuate false information along with a compliant msm in omitting relevant information such as that no evidence of crime or civil rights violation was found by an President Obama and Eric Holder led justice Department in the deaths or Michael Brown, Freddie Gray, Trayvon Martin. Yet these incidents are falsely held and regarded as racist killings by cops. The msm ought to be pointing out the blatant lies of the nfl players and various leftist movements every single time they are used as justification for “racist killings and cops”.

Until the msm can be honest about what they are reporting, I really don’t see any way to have fair conversations about gun control or policing.
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NuttBoxer says
CovfefeButDeadly says
no evidence of crime or civil rights violation was found by an President Obama and Eric Holder led justice Department in the deaths or Michael Brown, Freddie Gray, Trayvon Martin.

The problem with that statement is that it assumes race is more important than government, it's not. Government will sell out their own ethnicity a billion times over before they'll put the system on trial.

As to the anger, I gotta say, there is some truth to the fact that black people have been putting up with this shit longer, more due to poverty than race, although that has certainly led to racial profiling, if that makes sense.

I don’t think it makes sense. I think that things have changed drastically but due to msm propaganda, there’s a healthy portion of the population that believes the US is preposterously racist. This is evidenced in polls from the 90’s showing nearly everyone believed that race relations had improved since the 60’s vs polls now showing only around a third believeing the same, with most of those thinking things are so bad being Democrats.
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dr6B says
clambo says
I know some people who were not normal Republican voters who voted for Donald Trump a couple of years ago.

Nueces county TX: Hispanic 228,989, white 107,843, black 14,143. Vote in 2016: Trump 49%, Clinton 47%
Cameron county TX: Hispanic 90%, white 9%. Clinton 65%, Trump 32%.

"only KKK white supremacists voted for Trump" - another mass delusion.

Well this is of course the absolute idiocy of the left. Thinking that Latino voters are a monolithic block is racist Democrat folly.
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Goran_K says

Would Goran go back again? More than likely. I actually did look at 3 properties with an agent while I was on Oahu. The real estate prices are extremely high. We're talking 1 bedroom condos being listed for over $500,000. I can't help but think it might be worth it though to own a piece of property in an area that is literally built for relaxation and recreation. I haven't felt this relaxed in a long time, and it's a feeling that I definitely want to experience again.

Just FYI, I don’t know if you got over to the east side of Oahu, north of Waianae. Most tourists don’t go there because the road dead ends and also it’s considered the rough neighborhood.

I think the rough aspect is overblown and I’ve lived in way more dangerous parts of Los Angeles. It’s where I’d live if I moved to Hawaii as it’s more relaxed and less crowded. And $500k buys you a house.and it’s stunning.
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WookieMan says
Going to be honest and am genuinely not trying to be a dick. A little underwhelmed by the photos. Have plans to do Hawaii when SW gets their route going. You've actually made me concerned about those plans now. Sounds like there's stuff to do, but there always is in any tourist destination.

The photo with the bus and those high rises reminds me of a tropical Soviet Union. 1 and 3 don't seem any better then a Miami or Panhandle of FL with 6 hours of less travel for me. And yes, before the troll train comes out, I know it's only 5 photos. And yes, I appreciate Goran taking the time to post this. Seriously.

Any reason you didn't do a house (VRBO, AirBnB, etc)? The 2nd to last photo is the stuff I like. Great views, less people. I've always found the house to be a better value, albeit I haven't rented one in Hawaii, so maybe it's different there and I know you kind of said fuck it for this trip and maybe a hotel was easier. No issue either way, just wondering.

Maybe the Big Island for you

Of course Waikiki still has its selling points
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Rin says
We're at the half-way point between years 7 and 8.

As for PatNet, as this forum grows more right leaning, there are fewer Rin detractors than ever before.

Was it that in prior times, Maginas and Femi-Nazi sympathizers were more prevalent here?

As the classic liberals continue to flee the Democrat party, you will see more and more that the truely tolerant people are those with liberal and libertarian leanings.

Most of the posters here still don’t get or understand you though. Of course they are wrong. I do. I spent a lot of my adult life single, willingly. I put my 3-4 days a week in at work, then I spent my 3-4 day weekends playing poker. Poker put an extra $8-15k a year in my pocket. I didn’t specifically eschew dating like you do, but for over a decade I didn’t date anyone seriously. Humaniplex was a fantastic advent.

Essentially, outside the workplace and family obligations, I lived the life of utter indulgence. Smashing up the tables at Commerce and in Las Vegas, fucking girls half my age, drinking and eating to my hearts content. I found great satisfaction and enjoyment in it and sometimes still miss it.

I actually don’t understand why people ever objected to what you post.
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I think I’ll eat more often at in n out. Hate their fries tho. Always two cheeseburgers with grilled onions and pickles for me.
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What an amazing person Ms. McSally is. Easiest voting decision ever.

“She appeared on national television in October 2012 saying, "You want to talk about a war on women? Walk in my shoes down the streets of Kabul. Walk in my shoes down the streets of Riyadh; where women have to be covered up. Where they're stoned, where they're honor killed if they've been raped, where they can't drive and they can't travel without the permission of a male relative. That's a war on women."[118]”
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You have to be the biggest fucking idiot in the universe to expect that people won’t do things that are in their own self interest. Maybe even a bigger buffoon if you somehow beleive that’s morally wrong.
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clambo says
Ask yourself; if you had all the money you could eve spend, would you waste your energy on politics or would you travel to interesting places, eat different foods, get a sailboat or yacht and explore the Bahamas, Caribbean, Brittany France, the canals of Europe, ruins of Maya in Mexico/Belize, Peru, etc?

I dunno, humans are weird beasts. John Kerry has the money and the yaht but still choses to be in politics.

For any sensible person it’s hookers and blow. How can the answer be anything but?
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It’s political payback and nothing else. If it ever gets built, it won’t have been needed.

That money should have gone for a light rail system in Los Angeles, something that’s truly necessary.

Jerry Brown is a corrupt asshole and anyone that voted for him has rocks for brains.
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There’s gonna be a whole lot of butthurts when President Trump is re-elected.
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RafiMaas says
TwoScoopsOfSpaceForce says
one 1-Y for bone spurs

TwoScoopsOfSpaceForce says
Pants on Fire

Yes, Trump didn't really have bone spurs.

You just cited a letter to a newspaper, containing literally zero factual evidence, as basis for proofing up a statement out of nowhere.

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marcus says
Real Americans will never think of the press as the enemy of the people.

If and when we have a dangerous and terrible President, it is only fitting that he gets far more bad more bad press and less good press than the usual President. THe 30 to 40% of Americans, who somehow can't see Trump for who he is, and who claim the press is unfair to Trump can go fuck themselves as far as I'm concerned.

To those who want to call those that appreciate the institutions of democracy and the reputation the U.S. has earned in the world, the "Deep State," then fine, color me a Deep State lover.

This might be plausible if the two msm organizations championing the cause wernt lying their asses off. CNN and MSNBHEEHAW not only lose all credibility but they also give President Trump an infinite amount of “fake news” to deride.
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LeonDurham says
TwoScoopsOfSpaceForce says
Can somebody give me an update on the many organized Neo-Nazi Group fatalities over the past few months?

Did Illinois Nazis claim responsibility for any of those Chicagoland shootings last weekend?

Ah--now I see. A group only exists if they kill people?

No ones denied their existence...only their numbers, relevance, and influence.

Even citing the leftist Southern Poverty Law Center, the BBC can’t find evidence for more than a few thousand of these dastardly individuals.
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bob2356 says
CovfefeButDeadly says

Even citing the leftist Southern Poverty Law Center, the BBC can’t find evidence for more than a few thousand of these dastardly individuals.

Reading comprehension is important. It says 1600 they are following, not 1600 total.
Multiple white supremacist factions saw their memberships increase, according to the SPLC, with the number of neo-Nazi groups growing from 99 to 121 and anti-Muslim organisations increasing from 101 chapters to 114...

I never said 1600 and I am not sure why you are attributing that to me. The article cited somewhere between 9,000 and 12,000 and that is in line with what the bbc previously reported in other similar articles where the spread was more like 6,000-25,000

Nonetheless, even if you accept the high number, it’s an extremely small number in a nation of nearly 400 million. Hardly a concern and hardly the boogeyman the left wing media like msnbheehaw would have one believe.

To put it in perspective, I showed a co worker this article. He is an msnbheehaw and cnn only news watcher. He was stunned. He thought there were a few million members of white racist/nationalist groups. And that’s the intentional impression that cnn and msnbheehaw are trying to create.
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bob2356 says
CovfefeButDeadly says

I never said 1600 and I am not sure why you are attributing that to me. The article cited somewhere between 9,000 and 12,000 and that is in line with what the bbc previously reported in other similar articles where the spread was more like 6,000-25,000

A couple thousand is in line with the tracking of 1600 quote. 9-12,000 isn't a couple. I don't buy that number either, but even if true they have a hugely outsized influence far beyond the numbers. The number of sympathizers without active affiliation is many many times higher. Curiosity overwhelms me, how many active antifa do you think there are?

Actually I said several thousand. I now wonder why you are deliberately misquoting me, slightly changing words to shade things I said differently. That sucks and you really ought to apologize for it.

I don’t know how many antics members there are and I really don’t care except to the extent law enforcement is not allowed to stop violent people.

And I disagree that somehow racist people and organizations have some oversized influence. Without the news media I’d know Antifa exists. I wouldn’t know there’s white racist organizations. Some oversized influence.
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Fraud who reports incidents as racially motivated where no supporting evidence exists. Even the Obama and holder led justice departments found no evidence of a crime in the deaths of Freddie Grey, Michael Brown, and Trayvon Martin. Yet the NFL players continue to cite these incidents as racial motivated crimes.
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Well of course it’s just one huge shitshow.
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Maybe he’s a cultural cuck and loves seeing Swedish women get assfucked by Muslim men?
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Strategist says
marcus says

Tenpoundbass says

No Way Trump will cause a recession

That's true, because he's not even going to be close to being elected. Now if he were ? That's another question. Considering that something like 70% of the U.S. and maybe a higher percentage of those outside the U.S. have an extremely negative view of Trump, it's easy to think that it would be terrible for market psychology alone.

Don't know what to say. I'm still laughing.

I revised how I viewed the housing market after being so incorrect in my long term prognostications I posted a decade ago.

Bobbo, cabroncito, and Marcus may want to go back to jc and take Econ 101 and 102 along with Money and Banking.

If my fundamental understanding of the economy was so miserably incorrect, I certainly would try to re educate myself.
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This one needs a bump. We talk about the left and their push to censor, but equally as bad is their treatment of women.

Of course Coulter had to have known she was going to be a target. But lets be real here...she is a target because she is a female who dares to go against the standard feminist line(others have experienced this including Camile Paglia and Tammy Bruce...both of who are feminists who frequently attack the feminist establishment).

I'm still south of 50, but am very much a traditional male who believes in a certain treatment of women, and I believe most women appreciate it...things like holding a door open, speaking in a polite manner etc...IOW most young feminists probably thing I'm an asshole.

The true hate, as you can see in the roast video comes from the left, including pillow biters like Pete Davidson who was absolutely despicable and ought to have been put in his place.
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Quigley says
I think she realizes the damage done to civil and political discourse by the hyper partisanship of Congress and intensely partisan media which supports and strongly encourages this behavior.
It’s a rejection of discourse, a negation of other points of view, and a reckless headlong spring towards Civil War.

We need the fairness doctrine back in media immediately to combat this trend. Right now the media awards the most partisan and ridiculous politicians, pundits, and celebrities with recognition and airtime, while completely ignoring any vestigial people of reason.

There’s a reason we are all turning the tv off, cutting the cord, and tuning out of the relentless attack on the fundamental basis for the United States. That we ARE united, in purpose, in mission, in goodwill towards our nation and towards each other should be self evident! Instead, everything we hear is carefully crafted to put Americans at each other’s throats.

It’s disgraceful what the ol...

Courtesy of Harry fucking Reid. So curious that the MSM can't currently point to the shithead and his all or nothing tactics that started this all. .
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Evan F. says
Well, he actually said 'SOME of them are the dregs of society,' and unfortunately, ultra-right alt-righters and white supremacists generally support Trump (except for that evil Jew Kushner and his bitch wife).

So, actually, not far off the mark. Unless, of course, you don't think neo Nazis are the dregs of society, in which case... Eesh

The are. All fifty of em.
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She should go wander around Grape and 101st and offer herself up to the poor downtrodden men of color, alleviating their suffering if only for a brief bit of time.
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Am I the only one confused with the mashup of this post? An article from 2016, combined with a Pravda “news” video, and a fake billboard?

Again I don’t understand the leftists. There’s more than enough material to criticize President Trump on factually. Why the series of hysterics that has been non stop since before the election?
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Patrick says
You're right, I shouldn't generalize to "leftists". It's a convenient shorthand for the worst people on that side, but it is divisive.

I'll try to avoid that term and stick to specific issues.


Reminder that this is what you are dealing with. One of the 3 MAJOR MSM networks, and this was their coverage:

When I say propaganda, I don't mean its from the fringe.
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Gotta laugh at articles based on non facts.

How can you verify the claims the author makes?
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LeonDurham says
lostand confused says
Allow unlimited illegal immigrnats-who work for cash for 5 bucks an hour-no taxes either

Can you show me ANY liberal that is for unlimited illegal immigration?

More of a leftist, but this asshole propagandist for starters:
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And this treasonous bastard:ón
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LeonDurham says
CovfefeButDeadly says

More of a leftist, but this asshole propagandist for starters:

lol--a Mexican news anchor for Univision? Really?

Let me rephrase then. Can you come up with any American liberal politician that is for illegal immigration?

He’s an American citizen and the most influential Spanish language news person in the nation.

Of course if you’d read the wiki entry you would know that. That he is American is literally the first line in the entry.
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LeonDurham says
CovfefeButDeadly saysón

I see no quotes from him advocating unlimited illegal immigration. Do you have a link to one?

He literally has family members that are illegal aliens.
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Michelle Moore is a lying propagandist who serves no one but his own capitalist agenda. Fucking hypocrite.
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Tim Aurora says
FortWayne says
This isn’t fight for or anti abortion. It’s a fight of men vs feminist bitches.

You can make out whatever you want but Real men do not force themselves on girls.

Correct. And neither did Kavanaugh.
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Par for the course and directly from the Alinsky play book. Make sure you take everything the opposition does right and turn it into a complete shit show.

The Housing Trap
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