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TwoScoopsOfSpaceForce says
GOP flips 3 Senate Seats so far: Florida, North Dakota, and Indiana.

Missouri and Arizona look great.

Sheesh, looks like my 2 seat pickup claim was too conservative.

By the way, Dems, what happens after the House votes to begin Impeachment Proceedings?

Maxine Waters’ Depends fail?
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marcus says
TwoScoopsOfSpaceForce says
By the way, Dems, what happens after the House votes to begin Impeachment Proceedings?

I don't know. But I'm sure what ever they do they do won't be a fraction as embarrassing as the countless Benghazi investigations.

When republicans go low, they really go all the way low.

Grab em by the pussy, amirite?
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TwoScoopsOfSpaceForce says
Is Romney Back? Can't we send that old suit to some really shady dry cleaners so it gets sold out the back?

More shitty news: Anti-American Islamist Ihan Omar won Minnesota CD5.

Romney will not matter with the majority we have.

Also, I know folks are really fans, but I’m a huge supporter of Senator Cruz and super happy he beat Beto. After all the money the Dems poured into that race too. What an embarrassment.
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Goran_K says
Beto - Cruz called.

Texas decided it was “Beto” off without him.

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Quigley says
I voted for Feinstein. She’s a horrible old hag, but she’s the hag we know vs. the open borders communist we don’t. Bout killed me to have to pick one of those clowns.

Same. Kevin De Leon advocates against US law and some of his own relatives are here illegally. Like he is borderline traitorous.
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What do you have against me retaining my breakfast?
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Booger says
How the fuck did she manage to get something like 48% of the vote?

What was the turnout of black voters in Georgia?

Blacks vote in lock step and shun and humiliate those that don’t tow the line.
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Why is harm being wished to her
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100% certainty of a partial repeal of prop 13 on the ballot in the next four years. The mouth breathers that vote in this state are ready for this crap, so it shall be.
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Until it comes to where you live also.

Look what the mouth breathers from CA who moved to Nevada just did.
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LastMan says
CovfefeButDeadly says
Strangely nothing about the first Korean congresswoman! But nah, there no mainstream media bias, amirite?

Of course there is bias. Is there any organization/group this isn't biased on either side? Have you wondered why Fox hasn't discussed Young Kim (who you failed to name)? Here's a theory:

"Kim also ran on a pro-immigration platform, separating herself from President Trump on issues like DACA and chain migration."

Kim may be in the unenviable position of facing bias from both parties.

The difference is that the msm (and ridiculously CNN which is clearly biased) is still held up by the left as not having a bias.

Everyone admits Fox is biased, even republicans.
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socal2 says
Heraclitusstudent says
Folks, If the SCOTUS is seen as partisan and rubber-stamping policies that are seen as unconstitutional by half the country, then we have a constitutional crisis.

What else is new? I've heard Left wingers complaining about the Constitution, electoral college and State's representation as long as I can remember. Especially this week in terms of the Senate. "Why does Montana get 2 Senators the same as California!!!"

Every time Liberals lose at the ballot box it's a "crisis".

Like I’ve said many times, the left creates a continual cycle of hysteria.
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Really should have read this after knocking back a few.
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Do I get to demand they make me a sammich?
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Looks like McSally is now trailing as well.
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Vote early vote often vote Democrat.
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curious2 says
APOCALYPSEFUCKisShostikovitch says
Ted Nugent

I'm waiting for the Muslims in the House to detonate during a joint session. We'll need to hose down the building and elect a whole new House and Senate. Whoever wins that Senate election will decide the judicial confirmations.

I really like a few Senators. I like a lot of congressmen.

Still this doesn't sound like an absolutely horrible idea.

Someone warn Rand Paul ahead of time.
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NuttBoxer says
Once documented instance of police doing their job doesn't make thousands of times they look the other way disappear.

Its been an ongoing investigation for over a decade. Yet the first time its being reported in a nationwide msm format.

Don't you think law enforcement investigations are often kept quiet while ongoing?
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I’m saying that you won’t hear about most instances where there’s investigatuons into employers.
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No manufactured fake news from CNN?
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Can we ship our homeless and 90% of the population of Mexico there?
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Why is Fox the only ones running these stories?

Are Senate races and potential voter fraud not national news?

Does any reasonable person buy into the bullshit "all votes must be counted" nonsense?
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Completely fake.

BTW Jazz, USA Today is not a bad source of news. They do lean a bit left of center, but they still do investigative journalism, they try to be mostly fair, and they prominently post retractions when they are wrong.

Occupy, Now This, Daily Kos, etc are ALL the absolute left wing equivalent of Infowars. If that’s even a small part of your news reading, you are getting half truths and propaganda.
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Patrick says
Quigley says
Bouncer turned me and my date away at the door. “You won’t fit in here.”

Why is it OK to discriminate against white people, but not against black people?

It’s been a very long time...early 90’s...but that’s happened to me a couple times as well at clubs/restaurants in Los Angeles
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Patrick says
Quigley says
Bouncer turned me and my date away at the door. “You won’t fit in here.”

Why is it OK to discriminate against white people, but not against black people?

Honestly Asians can be the worst. Super subtle but they definitely have a way of making people feel unwelcome that aren’t part of the same ethnic background. Black people have it even worse in regards to facing discrimination by Asians.
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Pointing out incompetence is not the same as alleging fraud.

The article you posted, and by extension you, are very incorrect.
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I think there's maybe two regular posters here who would be against pot legalization and I suspect not very passionately against.
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FortWayneIndiana says
I can't tell you what CA spends it's money on. All I know is that all our taxes go into a giant bottomless pit, because every year all new taxes that were supposed to solve the problem seem to not be enough and they are asking for more.

Not entirely positive, but I think Police and Firefighter pensions are beyond out of control, along with the jails.

Cops and firefighters seem to be REALLY into milking the system for all its worth. Not that they arent worth paying well...neither is an easy job...but when dudes are retiring after 30 years with $125k+ pensions, and in the case of the guys that climb high, $200K + pensions, something is grossly wrong.

One change I'd like to see is different pay for guys that stay in patrol/detective/fire fighting positions vs the ones that move to an administrative positions. Its really rather irresponsible of govt agencies to let someone sit at a desk and make the same amount of pay they used to get for being on the streets. The pensions should also convert more to what the average Calpers pensioner gets instead of that fat salary they got for being an active duty cop or fireman.
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Crap, just realized my post is chock full of gender microaggressions. Dammit.
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I have relatives and friends in Phoenix. I’m beyond shocked that Sinema was even close.

I suspect pretty strong malfeasance. I can tell you that AZ isn’t nearly as close to the edge as Nevada. Truly the Democrat voters in Nevada are fools about to screw up the best things ever. No state income tax, very pro 2nd amendment gun laws, and a part time state legislature.

Why do the boobs flee a place that leftist politics have destroyed and bring it to a new place?
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dr6B says
lostand confused says
I just never had a fancy for TX

There is no one TX. Dallas is very different from Houston which is different from San Antonio etc. People have this stereotype but it is wrong in most TX other than may be Lubbock or Amarillo.

I have 11 years until a retirement that would be the envy of most people, but isn’t nearly enough in CA if I don’t already own a house(and of prop 13 is repealed wouldn’t be enough no matter what). However it’s fantastic anywhere I can buy a house under $500k that has no or minimal state income tax. Nevada was always my backup but now who the hell knows. I’d be very ok in Dallas or Austin..but so far the wife says hell no to Texas. We will see.
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Why are GVA Mass Shooting numbers higher than some other sources?

GVA uses a purely statistical threshold to define mass shooting based ONLY on the numeric value of 4 or more shot or killed, not including the shooter. GVA does not parse the definition to remove any subcategory of shooting. To that end we don’t exclude, set apart, caveat, or differentiate victims based upon the circumstances in which they were shot.

GVA believes that equal importance is given to the counting of those injured as well as killed in a mass shooting incident.

In that, the criteria are simple…if four or more people are shot or killed in a single incident, not involving the shooter, that incident is categorized as a mass shooting based purely on that numerical threshold.

If truly there were 300+ mass shootings(and I think likely the number these guys are using includes stuff literally no one would consider a mass shooting) then I think it bolsters the argument for easy gun access as clearly things are WAY more dangerous for the average citizen than any of us realize.
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jazz_music says
jazz_music says
jazz_music says
307th mass shooting this year

Care to share the whole list of 307 mass shootings this year?

Why would I?

To prove you didn't lie?

I didn’t lie, and I’m also not interested in arguing that number.

You post a number, but suddenly "not interested" in it? Lovely.

It is a rather ridiculous position to take.
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Please please please run Hildebeast, with crazy eyes for VP!

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TwoScoopsOfSpaceForce says
Sure, people split the ticket sometimes. But it's fairly rare, and happens between charismatic centrist candidates running for different offices. Here we had a Conservative Governor and an AltLeft Pussyhat wearing ex-Green Party Member.

You have to believe that ~350000 people who voted for the Republican Governor also voted for an Ex-Green Party as Senator, instead of the A-10 Pilot.

I think you'll get no responses as the Dems also find it very odd. They won't look a gift horse in the mouth, but deep down they are thinking it.
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lostand confused says
RC2006 says
Do they have enough to kill Prop13? Normally I would think that would be political suicide but this is California we are talking about.

Yup the fools voted to keep gas tax increase. Did any of the fools question about cutting pensions for gubmnt workers/masters instead and funding infrastructure with that??

This. California taxpayers voluntarily bent over, placed hands firmly on butt cheeks, and spread em.
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HeadSet says
Why would one need a "veto proof" majority in CA anyway? It is not like CA has any danger of electing a Republican governor. Or is the rift now going to be between Democrats and Democratic Socialists?

Because the California Legislature is further left than anyone can imagine, to the point of seeking to restrict free speech thanks to bills like this:

Introduced by this dangerous boob
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Ceffer says
Is tit fucking even sex?

Depends on what the definition of “is” is.
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FWIW, in most states it’s already very very difficult to send someone to prison for drug use only. Even with associated other low level crimes.

For instance in California courts there are special drugs courts that send people to rehab and offer to dismiss convictions once the person completes the program and other terms and conditions.

Basically, it is not true that people get sentenced to prison for drug use, or even low level sales. They have to blow a number of chances, and almost always have other criminal record, before they get sentenced to prison.

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