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rdm says
Patrick says
There is simply the ancient and well-known vice of sodomy

I've heard rumors, unsubstantiated of course, that sometimes heterosexuals engage in this, can that be right?

Still a vice.

Sticking your penis in an hole meant for pooping is not exactly the natural order of things.
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CNN employees fucking commie cunts like this freedom hating gash:

Amanpour asked: “Of course, ‘Lock her up’ was a feature of the 2016 Trump campaign. Do you in, retrospect, wish that people like yourself, the head of the FBI, the people in charge of law and order, had shut down that language, that it was dangerous potentially, that it could have created violence, that it kind of is hate speech?"

Even douche Comey knows the Feds ought not be doing that.
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EBGuy says
Don't worry FortWayne, South Bend has got your back. Chicken diplomacy.
Riffing on a similar theme, Charlamagne asked Mayor Pete if he liked Chick-fil-A. “I do not approve of their politics, but I kind of approve of their chicken,” Buttigieg replied. “So maybe if nothing else, I can build that bridge. Maybe I’ll become in a position to broker that peace deal.”
Charlamagne clearly liked this answer, telling the politician, “We just live in this era of extremes, and people can’t see the nuance in things anymore.”

The problem is, if Buttugueg starts to gain any traction the femitrannyLBTbutthurtsomuchraceiseverything portion of the Democrat party, ie the Democrat party, will crucify him.
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HeadSet says
Sticking your penis in an hole meant for pooping is not exactly the natural order of things.

True, but same for sticking your penis in a hole designed for eating. I do not care for anal, but like many on this blog, I will not turn down oral.

Sticking penis in poop is far different from saliva.


Frankly, I'm a fan of anal at times. Just don't think people should be touting it as natural and due to being born that way, despite ample evidence of environmental factors and almost no evidence of genetic factors.
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This is funny.

I just attended a seminar put on by a psychologist.

The idea that you can’t do this or that was largely related to depression and a poor overall outlook on life.

Essentially this idea that life is random luck is put on by life’s biggest sad sacks.
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You thought wrong.
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Wait, what are you calling luck?

Being born to wealthy parents? Yeah that’s fortuitous, but there’s relatively few of those and they don’t tend to have big families. And of course even if absolutely loaded there’s families like the Getty’s

OTOH are you saying that being born poor is an insurmountable obstacle? Because that’s straight bullshit. I work with a lot of people who grew up very poor and are now successful.

So what are we calling luck?
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Ceffer says
Biden would take sloppy thirds on Whoopi with a cherry on top.

I don't think you understand how horrible that woman smells. Just look at creepy Joe, leaning as far away as possible.
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FortWayneIndiana says
Monopoly is bad in business and in electoral college.

One man,one vote!

Lol you have any more meaningless statements not in the constitution?
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So basically just copy what Gore did in 2000.

Figures the Democrats would be the experts at this
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Vile. Don’t know how any of the Democrats can justify this crap.
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There’s only one side in this that’s mealy mouthed sumbitches.

There’s only one side that doesn’t give a rats ass about the first amendment.

There’s only one side that fits the narrative of the pigs in Animal Farm

The Democrats.
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Definitely the fault of Republicans

“The political registration of full-time, Ph.D.-holding professors in top-tier liberal arts colleges is overwhelmingly Democratic,” Langbert divulged in his NAS article. “Indeed, faculty political affiliations at 39 percent of the colleges in my sample are Republican free – having zero Republicans.”

It’s ok at this point to label OP fake news, isn’t it?
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This is all so silly. The Democrats and the left are busy building a new religion around ideals where government replaces God.

Amazingly, supported by nearly all the ardent atheists!
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WineHorror1 says
Can someone explain what is so bad about 401ks?

It doesn’t result in a check cut from the Federal Government.
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The criticism of Foxx isn’t due to her race.

It’s due to her being a corrupt bitch.
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They should try not buying things that they can’t cars...until they work long wnough at two jobs to afford to buy a good car for cash.

That was easy, right?
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Name the white nationalist! Out him! You surely know one since they lurk around every corner, right?
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The “cheapest cars” are from whatever company is financing the campaigns of the most city council members.

The charts are totally fucking worthless for purposes of this discussion.
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HonkpilledMaster says
The legislation — Flordia House Bill 527 and Senate Bill 168 — would bar municipal and state government agencies from upholding sanctuary policies. The bills would also mandate agencies to work with federal immigration authorities.

“It’s shameful that the state of Florida seeks to further harass immigrant communities and erode public safety,” said Florida Immigration Coalition political director Thomas Kennedy. “Taking precious local resources away from law enforcement to further target Floridian families for deportation comes at an extremely high financial and moral cost. The insidious attacks against immigrants on the national level are being amplified by Florida lawmakers pushing for anti-immigrant policies.”..

Is there a reason Thomas Kennedy lies to justify his position? Nothing in the law is an attack on ANY immigrants. In fact, such a law would be illegal. This law ONLY addresses illegal aliens.

Thomas Kennedy is a lying asshole.
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Look at the devastating effect Islam has. Most European nations in green except those with strong Muslim influence.
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ThreeBays says
High birthrate is associated with low IQ and poor economic stability, so it seems like education plus encouraging world prosperity will improve this - exactly the opposite of what rightists support.

One world government is a good idea?

It’s whats required to achieve what you propose.
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Wealth gap doesn’t tell the whole story.

In an expanding pie....which we had under Reagan, Clinton, Bush, and now Trump, if everyone is seeing increased incomes and standards of living, it matters little how much the wealthiest make
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Elgatouno says
Blue says
May be ok for a regular folks

I've got way more fear of Christian Republicans taking my freedoms away than a couple of Muslims.

Do you really fear/hate all these people?

Post of the year?
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But the same idiots that support this call president Trump a facist!
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Democrats are the most economically illiterate people ever. It’s why Trumps heading for a landslide victory in 2020.
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They’re upset about Donald Trump in part due to his treatment of women...yet Calvin Broadus used to pimp girls out, many of which were probably underage.

Calvin, what changed?

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Just FYI Patrick, the msm has some people so delusional that despite what the numbers show and despite what we can empirically measure, they think the US economy is doing poorly. I have multiple co workers that will not acknowledge the unemployment rates, have no clue whatsoever about gdp growth, and when I explain to them rising wages, they think it’s due to minimum wage increases.

What’s worse is literally nothing can sway them. They actually won’t listen or read what the facts are. And that’s sad.
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HeadSet says
So unless Fox fires Ingraham, all the rappers will stop watching Fox news. Fox will lose the hip-hop and rapper audience that currently tunes in daily.

If Fox fires her we can change the title thread to “more stupid stuff white people do”
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All this organizations and grandstanding and publicly virtue signaling are bullshit.

After 911, friends and I decided we were gonna be extra careful and nice to people, particularly Sikh as there are a lot that work in the local 7-11’s and we figured people would fuck up and give them crap thinking they were Muslim and we might as well show them that’s not the way most Americans are.

The Friday on the week of the WTC attacks I had to run a few errands. You know what I saw all over the San Fernando valley? Groups of people holding vigils, burning candles, waving American flags...mostly Hispanic. I was really proud to be an American at that moment. People coming together from varied backgrounds behind common beliefs in individual rights and freedom is what I was brought up to believe.

I’m tired of the race baiting, freedom and liberty hating, rights of the individual be damned stance the Democrat party has taken. I hope Pete Buttigeig breaks it and forces the Dems into two parties. We need three or more parties anyway. I’m the meantime, screw racist anti Americans like Illhan and useful idiots like AOC and Mazie Hirono. illan should be a marginalized outcast, not a US Representative.
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No one screws with my well marbled rib eye.

No one.
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Lol. Leftist politicians like Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garbagecetti have intentionally ignored the homeless to make political hay and now the problem has gotten so big the idiots don’t know how to handle it. Instead they toss cash at shady nonprofits that are basically pseudo Gov agencies and fatten the wallets of those “outreach” groups while the poor and middle class suffer with non stop growth of homeless encampments.
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How else can you pay the hookers?
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It’s absolutely ridiculous how scripted they all are.
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