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Strategist says
For that nirvana to happen we would need to:

Who's talking about Nirvana? I'm talking about a simple, direct improvement to the existing system that can be phased in gradually.

Strategist says

This is where I completely disagree. It's a form of communism

There is nothing remotely communistic about my plan. You clearly don't understand what communism is.

I'm proposing that we shift from taxing productivity to taxing consumption of scarce public resources. How the flying fuck is that communistic?

Strategist says
We need more and more technology, discoveries and inventions to better our lives, and only countries that practice capitalism have been able to deliver it.

Empirically false. The Soviet Union got to both space and the moon first. Today most things are made in China including all advancements in clean energy.
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Strategist says
I believe it was the industrial revolution in England that set off a sustained economic boom.

The industrial revolution started around 1760. The Renaissance started in 1350, a few years after the Black Death. The industrial revolution did not take Europe out of the Dark Ages. The increase power of labor, peasants, after the Black Death did. This is well understood and accepted by historians.
The social consequences of the plague on society came to be profound. The high mortality rate resulted in a drastic decline in the labour force.[7]. Wages rose for both agricultural and urban workers. The survivors of the Black Death generally had a higher standard of living than before the plague.[8] This was a phenomenon that occurred in both urban and rural areas. The crisis caused by the Black Death led to many changes in the economy, in response to the fall in the population. Because of the labour shortages there was a move from labour intensive farming such as cereal to livestock and increasingly both in industry and agriculture more labour saving devices employed.[9]

Where labor is cheap, life is cheap. Where wealth and power is concentrated into the hands of the few, the economy falters. Your inability to see this is due to thorough brainwashing during the Cold War. Well, the Cold War is over. It's time to think again.
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anonymous says
Dan - no worries on the trolls, but I'm still not understanding what motivation one would have to build structures to sell.

My tax plan does not at all decrease the profitability of building. In fact, since land rather than buildings are taxed, by tax plan greatly incentives the most efficient use of land and disincentives hording land and letting it sit idle.

anonymous says
In your example a guy purchases land for 200k, adds 50k in improvements. And gets 250 back when he sells (the 10k excess price being taxed). I get that.

However I'm not understanding WHY he would do that? Say he spends 3 months building this house to sell, but his earnings during that time were $0. Why wouldn't he just work at McDonald's instead?

Buying a house just to flip it would no longer happen. When a person buys a house just to fix it up and then sell it, he is essentially performing a less efficient version of being hired by a homeowner to fix up a house. The contractor is speculating that he will pick the right amenities, the right kind of cabinet wood, the right kind of flooring that will appeal to buyers. This is guesswork which decreases the effeciency of the work, that is the value added for the time, material, and labor. it would be better if the person who will live in the house chooses mahogany or maple wood.

Under the existing system, such speculation would be less likely, but actual home owners would be more likely to hire contractors after they purchase a cheaper house and have money to hire such contractors. The overall wealth creation would be greater due to both less incorrect guessing and less profit taking from land. Such profit taking from land comes directly from the buyer who then has less wealth. It's a zero-sum game.
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BlueSardine says
Because dan hates his job and realizes other people would not want to work there...

Actually, I love my job. I have an awesome career. You are simply jealous.

Furthermore, the messenger is irrelevant. You clearly cannot find any faults in my plan, so you are resorting to an ad hom attack, and a childish one at that.
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joeyjojojunior says
me123 says
Hey Dan, have you figured out yet how a building can appreciate? Since you own so much property, that question should be easy for you to answer

Why don't you tell us?

He won't. Piggy is too much of a coward to answer the question.

The fact is that buildings don't do anything more as time goes on. Buildings only deteriorate. Sure, you can add a wing to a building, in which case that gets included in the cost basis, but buildings are most valuable when they are first built or refurbished, and only deteriorate. Like cars, buildings only depreciate. It is only the land that appreciates, and land only does this because the population has been increasing. If immigrants are kicked out like Trump says he'll do, then the population and land and real estate all fall together.

Everyone should take note that no one has yet made either an economic or moral argument in favor of individuals being able to hoard scarce public resources and profit from their sales at the expense of everyone else. The only argument in favor of such a system is "I personally will profit at your expense, so fuck you". The economy as a whole is far better with individuals obtaining wealth by being productive than by swindling others out of wealth. Zero sum games NEVER produce wealth by definition.
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jazz_music says
Especially where we have trolls, 14 votes does not equal 14 voters.

PatNet is the one place where in-person voter fraud actually exists.
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Onvacation says
This is free speech where all voices are heard.

Trolls prevent voices from being heard. Countless people don't participate in PatNet precisely because of you trolls.

Onvacation says
Often when you go into your long rants i just scan right over them.

Your short attention span is your problem, not ours.

Onvacation says
I could point out ALL of dan's inaccuracies, inanities, and hypocrisies. But I don't. Life is too short.

Every attempt you have made to discredit my posts have been baseless assertions that I easily debunked with evidence. You think that climate change is a hoax and the tens of thousands of lines of evidence independently gathered by hundred of thousands of competing scientists around the world is all just a conspiracy. Your belief in you abilities is not warranted.

Furthermore, you frequently present debunked false evidence and don't even have the honesty to admit you are lying when caught red handed.
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I'll take the five up votes by real users over 14 ballot stuffed using alts votes by trolls. Oh, and I didn't vote because unlike the trolls, I have a sense of ethics.
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PeopleUnited says
Devices that hurl projectiles have recreational and self defense purposes when possessed by an individual.

Pot has recreational purposes. That does not make it a right.

As for self-defense, guns are worthless against the government, and fighting the government was the SOLE purpose of the Second Amendment. You need nukes to fight a nuclear power. So your entire analysis is wrong.

Furthermore, every person is safer in a society that has few or no guns than in a society that is well-armed. This has been proved by the Australian example and by western Europe.

Finally, you still haven't addressed all the other arms that individuals are not allowed to possess like land mines, grenades, flame throwers, etc., all of which can be used for home defense.
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PeopleUnited says
Dan has a lot of personal experience in not being sexy,

Your wife begs to differ.
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bob2356 says

Jesus christ dan. Grow the fuck up.

Your entitled to your opinion, but you have done nothing to help the situation and you fling insults as often as I do, so you are a hypocrite. You clearly hate me, yet you do not follow your own advice and ignore me. Lead by example.
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joshuatrio says

Quote of the year. You summed up Dan perfectly in this one sentence.

In other words, you cannot make an intelligible counter-argument to the original post and must resort to ad hom attacks instead.
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Strategist says
Reaching Space first with captured German scientists was probably their only achievement.

America stole as much German tech and as many Nazi scientists. Are you saying that America did not earn it's place in history during the Space Age?

Strategist says
Most things are made in China because of cheap labor.

Which is a failure of capitalism. The bottom line is that the largest Communist country with the strongest Communist culture is kicking America's ass. This means your assertion is wrong.

Strategist says
To date, China has contributed very little to scientific progress.

Empirically false. You are simply sticking your head in the sand. China is rapidly owning all STEM and manufacturing infrastructure. It builds entire cities in less time it takes America to build a 9/11 memorial. It is at the forefront of many technological industries.

CNN: China is crushing the U.S. in renewable energy

The Guardian: China cementing global dominance of renewable energy and technology

CNBC: China emerging as a tech and innovation powerhouse

Tech World: Eight examples of high-tech innovation in China

Ignorance may be bliss, but it's also dangerous. You are letting your nationalism blind you to a very real economic and political threat to the U.S. Blind nationalism is stupid and dangerous.
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Strategist says

Hey, I agree. Examples of wealth and power concentrated in the hands of the few are kings, dictators, religious wackos, and communists. Not in democracies such as ours.
Why can't you see it?

God, you are brainwashed.

First off, America is not and has never been a democracy. That is just factually wrong. There hasn't been a democracy on Earth since the ancient city-state of Rome degraded into a republic.

Second, political systems are not economic systems or vice versa. Democracy and capitalism have fucking nothing to do with each other.

Third, the tax proposal I made had nothing to do with kings, dictators, religious wackos, or communists.

Fourth, the current system concentrates wealth and power into the hands of the few. My proposed system does the exact opposite, allowing each individual to maximize his wealth by and only by maximizing his productivity.
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Onvacation says
Dan8267 says

If I answer it, will you admit you are wrong?

If you could answer it you would.

Don't dodge the question like a bitch. I'll answer the question immediately after you agree to the terms. You have to admit that you are a lying sack of shit spreading misinformation about climate change after I show you exactly how temperatures are measured with that precision.

Right now you are just being a coward.
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Onvacation says

You also laughed when I said I turned down the power to control topics. You were wrong then too and not man enough to admit it. There's a pattern here.
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I don't have to quote piggy out of context to show how deplorable he is. He constantly makes racist and homophobic statements. Like Iwog pointed out, he accuses others of using the tactics he employs commonly.
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me123 says
Translation: I got nothing.

If you think that, have your butt buddy call my hand.
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me123 says

Do you think if you keep repeating the Alt lie over and over, it will become true?

Only your team repeats lies to attempt to convince people. I am confident that should Patrick reveal the down votes, they will be exposed as your alts.

me123 says

3 of your 5 upvotes came from Iwog and his Alts. How do you like that?

Iwog doesn't use alts. Only you and your butt buddies do.
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@Patrick, I believe this thread has thoroughly demonstrated how piggy destroys PatNet by making every thread decisive. Since he came back to the site after being kicked off last time, he has proceeded to ruin every single thread he's been in. Is this really how you want PatNet to end? Do you really want a troll to drive away any possible conversation on any topic?
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anonymous says
Dan - I'm read your response but if we can carry your hypothetical to the end I think I would understand better.

So if our builder friend bought the land for 200k and spent 50k on building improvements (again new build- not flipping). If he sold for 3 months later for 260k, and the 10k gain was taxed at 100% (meaning he got his original 250k back) where is our builders profit?

The 50k of improvements added to the cost basis of the house includes payment of the labor of the builder. When a builder augments a house, whether it's a house he owns or someone else does, the cost of the augmentation includes parts and labor. The builder makes money, tax free, on his labor. He just does not make profit off the appreciation of the land.

That said, it would be more efficient for the builder to fix homes owned by other people using their preferences for flooring, cabinets, etc. than to speculate on what the market wants. The only reason the later is more common today is that it's a way to extract rising land values.

Your builder's livelihood is not harmed by my tax plan. In fact, his livelihood is improved since people who don't waste money on zero-sum land games have money to hire your builder. The more people have to spend on land due to hoarding, the less they have to spend on builders and all other services.

Eliminating zero-sum games maximizes the profitability of productivity. Where do you think all the wealth that goes to the winners of zero-sum games come from? It comes from other people's productivity. Wealth is created only by productivity.
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FortWayne says
Man you are an idiot.

Coming from you, that's a compliment. I'll take ridicule from a homophobic right-wing nutcase any day.
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Onvacation says
dan. Can't we have a civil debate?

Not as long as you are a petulant, lying troll. Don't pretend that your being at all civil. Your comments on other threads are all public.

Onvacation says
Why are you running away from these questions?

I'm not going to play your games. I gave you an ultimatum. Agree to it and I will answer the question. Otherwise, you get nothing. I've debunked every lie you've told. Unless you are willing to go on the record as being wrong when I debunk this lie, this game is over.

Why are you so afraid to admit being wrong if I have an answer?

You are a coward.
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Strategist says

Wrong. China is proof positive of the success of capitalism. China started shooting up the moment they adopted capitalism in their economy. They now have well over a 100 billionaires. Think that's communism?

China has a city entirely devoted to making buttons. And you don't think that's government centralized economic planning? You are so ignorant of the world.

The Chinese government builds entire cities from scratch. That's centralizing planing on a scale not ever even seen before.

The fact remains that your assertion that capitalism is the one and only way for an economy to be productive is outright false. Now you're redefining anything that succeeds as capitalism. This is completely dishonest.

Strategist says
Dan8267 says
Strategist says
To date, China has contributed very little to scientific progress.

Empirically false. You are simply sticking your head in the sand. China is rapidly owning all STEM and manufacturing infrastructure. It builds entire cities in less time it takes America to build a 9/11 memorial. It is at the forefront of many technological industries.

Inventions, discoveries, and creativity is firmly in the hands of America. You just love to bash America don't you? Pathetic. You should be stripped of your citizenship and booted out.

I could say the same of you for whitewashing history and attacking your fellow Americans, and I could make a better case. Nonetheless, acknowledging that China has made rapid progress in science and technology is hardly bashing America. What does harm America is your brainwashed mentality that everything big business does is right and American can learn nothing from anyone else and nothing can be done to make America better. You do nothing but harm America. If anyone should be kicked out, it's you.

Strategist says

You need both for the kind of success America has achieved.

Empirically false. America is not a democracy. Therefore, democracy cannot be responsible for "the kind of success America has achieved". You really are an idiot, aren't you? You're not pretending to be a brain washed identity politics cold war moron. You really are one.

Here's a litmus test. A democracy, by definition, is a system of government in which people directly vote for the laws and policies, as oppose to a republic, which is an entirely different kind of government in which people elect politicians to create laws and govern. Is America a democracy? Hint: Fuck no, it's a republic. Prediction: You'll still get the question wrong even though I just gave you the answer.

Strategist says
The livelihood of the whole country is destroyed by your tax plan. You need to stop dreaming.

A baseless assertion. That which can be asserted without evidence can be dismissed without evidence.

Strategist says
Dan8267 says
Wealth is created only by productivity.

The credit for which goes to capitalism. e.g. Ford created the assembly line in his car factories.

There is nothing about an owner class siphoning the vast majority of labor's wealth creation that is necessary for prosperity. Nor does the tax reform I propose in any way change our economic system. You are now just making red herrings.

Strategist says
Dan, If someone purchased a pice of land for $20K, and he is willing to sell, and I am willing to buy for $50K, why do you care?

There is no legitimate "first owner" claim to land, a fixed public resource. Hoarding drives up the cost of land, the cost of living, and prevents people from spending their money on everything else. Allowing hoarding and zero-sum games interferes with the virtuous cycle of productivity and consumption which is responsible for all wealth creation and good economies. You are a fool if you cannot understand this. Even junior high students can understand this.
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me123 says
joeyjojojunior says
And the land under them has appreciated. That was Dan's point.

No, Dan doesn't have a point, he's clueless, just like you.

So let's go over the things that piggy thinks.
1. All niggers are guilty of crimes for simply being niggers.
2. Climate change is a hoax perpetrated by hundreds of thousands of scientists around the world and every scientific organization as well as both NASA and the Pentagon. They are all in on it.
3. Obama was a secret Kenyan Muslim who wasn't born in the United States.
4. Land does not appreciate, buildings do.
5. Patrick is a dumb ass who can't code.
6. Goats are better than women for fucking.

Did I miss anything?

So why is he still on this site? Patrick should just nuke all his alts as soon as they are detected along with all their posts.
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joeyjojojunior says
me123 says
Wait, you've been saying all along in this thread that the building doesn't increase in value, only the land. Are you confused?

It didn't. Someone put money into it. That's not appreciation.

Precisely. This is why cost basis are calculated in taxes on capital gains.
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jazz_music says
@Dan8267 look at each response you got and analyze what is supposed to happen. You are supposed to feel some negative feeling, right?

I do. I feel pity for trolls like piggy. But then I realize that his life is both his crime and his punishment. Then I feel happy knowing that he'll always be a sad, lonely loser. Should I feel guilty about that? Because I don't.
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jazz_music says
So here is CIC, tactical leader, is logged on using 3 different emails/names plus anonymous, flanked by Strategist, TL, FortWayne, all of them just rarin' to swarm on anyone who comes and speaks out against GOP talking points. --that's the oppressor, they want to feel the power of the oppressor.

Mind you, it's not because they love GOP so much, and not because they love Trump so much, they just love being a dominant tribe, and they feel powerful telling themselves they can make you feel bad, and no matter what you know you are going to lose and feel it too.

You just nailed it.

And their verbal masturbation is killing PatNet. That's the sad thing. This used to be such a great site.

I have no doubt the trolls you named are exactly why Patrick lost Amazon ad revenue. Amazon specifically cited racism and bigotry and hate speech as the reason.
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lots of old threads being resurrected
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Everybody uses smart phones today. It's a critical infrastructure in the 21st century.
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tn2 says
Every decent man is ashamed of the government he lives under.

This is and has always been true. The question is, does it have to be true forever?
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Strategist says
Stop sucking up to Patrick. It's disgusting.

I'm not, you lying sack of shit. However, Patrick isn't an idiot who can't code his own site. He's been doing this for over a decade. So my objection to piggy's attack is quite valid.
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me123 says

Only a child declares victory and runs away.

That which can be asserted without evidence can be dismissed without evidence.
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Strategist says

Dan8267 says

The FBI is spying on your cellphone without a warrant

No shit. They are all criminals. Our court system is the largest organized crime syndicate in the world.

It's a victimless crime. No worries.

That's bullshit. More people have been killed by Hitler and Stalin each than by all the criminals and terrorists in all of human history combined. The worst kind of evil is systematic, stable, governmental evil. Have you learned nothing from history?
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zzyzzx says
Record $135 billion a year for illegal immigration, average $8,075 each, $25,000 in NY

And the cost of climate change is even greater. Yet with few exceptions such as myself, the people against illegal immigration ignore that.

Perhaps if we tied climate change policy to immigration enforcement, the conservative right will finally give a damn.
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You should really stay off Earth. You're destroying other people's mind with your verbal masturbation.
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Strategist says
The land that you hate.

The fact that you actually believe that is proof that you are brainwashed. Any attempt to make America better or to save Americans you don't like, such as innocent blacks being murdered by cops, you call an attack on America. You are so full of shit.
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freespeak says
There's never been a good government.

Not true, but even if it were, it would not mean that good government is impossible. Things are either good or bad for reasons. Rationality allows us to correct all mistakes and create a better world.