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justme, Not doubting it in the slightest? Again though ( and I wish skibum would weigh in on this ) the problem is that, freaking "peer pressure" shouldn't have a THING to do with it! If what we're relying on for fairness from the system is pity or "cuttin' a brotha' some slack" then we are truly screwed -before- we so much as developed symptoms. You don't have to get a whole lot older before you realize, every day you *don't have a problem is a day closer TO having a problem and they're just lined up waiting to exploit a condition that likely was in the cards from before you born.
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justme, Well or like Utility Boards that have to appeal for a rate increase? I recall reading a report in 2002 where in the 50's HC was like 4% of GDP. What is it now? 12%? I don't know. At what point does it eclipse any hope of real productivity? Having ( or not having ) HC Insurance shouldn't be a Do or Die proposition. If you'd 'prefer' to even out your expenditures, it should always be an option. But *not having it shouldn't be that big a deal either. THAT'S the America we need to get back to.
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sa, And there's nothing like that feeling of being "passed around" amongst HC providers now IS there!? Right, when you've got a system that's so generous they can afford to feed each other "referrals" you know something is wrong. The more HC expenses escalate... ( the more you need INSURANCE! ) It should be apparent that these people are plugged into the HR Dept's. as well? All in the interest of your good health of course. If *justme's link doesn't scare the hell out of you, nothing will.
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sa, Surprisingly I'm a little less cynical there. Can't speak for CA ( as Dennis has shared ) but in OR you will definitely be disciplined! I went to see a labor atty. regarding "alienation" in my former employer's 401K plan and being part of the Bar Ref. Svc. they agree to a 1/2 hour free consultation. Guy tries to bill me for $110 any...way. I contact the Bar Referral Service and in short order that is absolutely the LAST I hear of it! Try getting 'that' level of satisfaction from the medical community?
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Headset, In San Francisco!? LOL! Another reason I feel that HC costs have gotten SO out of hand was just like anything else, The Wealth Effect! What's next? Having to pay for parking when you go to have an appointment at the clinic? I mean after all, what hasn't had the patented REIC "these are people that -have- money" standard applied to it?
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Whatever the system, it needs to be less cryptic. It's unbelievable to me that someone gets paid a 'bonus' for denying you coverage?

When I got into it w/ my wife's insurer, they said "Before you were even admitted, you signed a form that clearly states... YOU are liable for any medical procedures that are 'not' covered by YOUR insurance!"

On it's surface that "sounds" reasonable enough, until you apply it to practically any other service? So... basically whatever we quoted you was at best, an estimate and likely we'll be billing you more and whatcha' gonna' do about it?!

For example they said that the "surgical facility" was not covered in full? I said what do you mean the "surgical facility"? Oh, that's the Operating Room! I said, "Well where did you 'think' they'd be doing the procedure, in the f@cking parking lot!?" So... if that's a given, why wasn't I made aware of that prior to doing this? Please tell me you've done this before?

Again, here we are w/ the REIC correlations. Everyone in the HCIC is indoctrinated in deceptive practices and how to live with it.

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I don't bring up my personal experience as a means to solicit empathy or anything of the sort. I only share that w/ people to expose just how hysterical the whole game is.

It illustrates that you don't have to be broke, bleeding or oblivious to be taken advantage of? I kept hammering on "How could I -possibly- have been more thorough going into this! What more could -possibly- be reasonably expected!?"

And they had/have no perfectly good answer for that. Just sheepishly shrug their shoulders in coy fashion and say "C'mon, you know the drill, hike 'em sweetheart". And you're absolutely right, after little more than a few days, your policy turns back into a pumpkin anyway.

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"the house always wins statistically, but you may hear of big payouts"

Hey, and that's what keeps me coming back! Hell I figure if I allow myself to slide into a total state of disrepair, I TOO can cash in on one of those big paydays!

( You just have to hope you don't "cash in" altogether? )

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Well said across the board. Most doctors -are- over trained! Their reliance on 'tests' borders on maniacal. Dude, make the call, o.k?

Actually one of our long time posters ( SFWoman ) shared that the "end of life" expenditures are even -more- dramatic. I believe those costs are actually compressed into the last 90 days of one's life?

NOW... if they could give us that 90 days at an -earlier- time of our lives, well... then it might be worth it? But when the nurse comes by twice a day to wheel you into the sun like a potted plant..? No f@cking thanks!

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I don't even charge for that! No probalo.

Just yesterday I was returning some cans for the deposit ( which NO one else in my family has -ever- done ) and there were these 3 "emo" guys really making a day of it? I stood there ( somewhat annoyed ) as each-and-every movement they made was exaggerated to the 'nth degree and the one kid ( w/ mismatched sneakers ) finally... finishes.

So ( like you didn't know what was coming? ) his butt-buddy starts feeding cans over into his shopping cart, and I mean these things are crumpled and nasty... Anyway way I say "Huh uh dude, you're done!" Predictably he launches into a windy explanation as to why their egregious behavior is perfectly "acceptable" and I completely shut him down. "You're DONE!" More objections ensue. "You're DONE!" Grab your receipt and pack it in.

"It's not OUR fault we have bottles and cans to bring back!?" (Ever the victim)

"OUR"? What, are you guys "goin' steady"? You're done. Huffs off in protest. So just keep in mind, -whatever- Health Care System we elect, this is what's coming behind you to 'support' it! Btw, it's usually like this every time.

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We pay around $200 a month for (2) empty-nesters ( 46 and 50 y.o ) in decent health. BC/BS thru wife's emp.

Our problem is that we'd be better off going w/ LifeWise and just getting a catastrophic policy and recoup premiums off of Sched. C but it's difficult for people that have always been on an emp. based system to "just let go".

I'll be on Tricare @ 60 but I'm sure it will be different by then.

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I really wish I 'could' respond to that? It's a constantly moving target. Of late we're paying on an 80/20 and the deductible is $500 per person per year. The... copays vary depending on whether the HC providers are in or "out" of Network and we have to regularly end relationships if they are dropped or the company changes the insurance provider.

We 'were' w/ CIGNA forever. Then they decided to go w/ BC/BS and you start to wonder if these changes aren't made to keep people off balance? By keeping the shell game it's almost impossible to plan ahead. IMHO.

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Right, not knowing who'll be on their coveted PPO List from qtr. to qtr., costs but most importantly, billing procedures.

Earlier, some d!ckhead ( who apparently hadn't read the WSJ interview w/ Patrick and his modest oak table ) called everyone that "can't pay their mortgage" loosers. You needn't "lose your market chops" to not know WHO is billing you, WHAT they did ( if anything? ) HOW they even got your address or WAS their involvement even necessary?!?

Not to mention all of the double and even TRIPLE billing! The other thing that hasn't been brought up is all the monthly publications and "feel good" pulp that gets snail mailed out to you on a regular basis.

"It's cold and flu season! Are you ready?"

Ahem, some putz is getting paid and paid well to do all this promo cr@p and I'm sure they have a staff complete w/ graphic arts designer etc. You're PAYING for that glossy cr@p and the only 'use' "I" have gotten out of it is for puppy training and bird cage lining.

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Right, the current system is designed to reward those that can limp into Medi-care age on a wing and prayer and we'll take it from there! See? You made it! You are now officially someone else's problem.

By implementing 'some' kind of a Lifetime Cap we could legally say, Dude.

Oh, that's "it". Just... Dude.

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Niiiice! So now I'm painted into the corner of "clubbing baby seals"?

I mean, why NOT?! Since I'm so f@ckin' good at it.

At 24,000 pounds a year ( that's like what 50k USD? ) what am I supposed to say? Screw 'em? O.k, let's try this, how many starving school kids will go *without* a second helping to make sure we can keep a 62 y.o alive for another year? ( While we're tugging on heartstrings? ) :)

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"let's all have entitlement programs and bankrupt this country together"

LOL! I suppose there is... something to be said for "togetherness" 'eh?

I'm in no way saying that people can't make valuable contributions throughout their lives, but I think statistically OO is right. The lunchroom kids have a better liklihood of having a positive impact than an older poet, commentator ( or blogger for that matter? )

Any long time poster here will tell you that if "I" am diagnosed terminal I will make a beeline for TJ and get the most ridiculous sombrero I can find! Then I'll get a bottle of tequila' and a sleeping bag and "move in" to the bathroom! Hey, let's have some dignity here.

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Exactly. It's like "Crawling from the Wreckage" ( in to a BRAND new car! )

Dave Edmunds wrote those lyrics almost 4 decades ago but they're as true today as they ever were. Along w/ DennisN's "friend" we need to make sure these clowns know -just- how we feel about them! Remember, no one can abuse without your permission.

If there's the slightest recognition as to what their actions have led to, "I" certainly haven't seen it? At -any- level! The yokels here in OR tend toward having an attitude of "Don't worry about 'me'! I'll get by working these short sales and repo's".

Oh, and we're SO happy for you...

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Oh God. As it goes to eat it's own head they are implying that CALPERS and teachers could "offer it to their own members".

This just makes being in the Cram Down Camp all that much tougher. There's no freaking need to involve the taxpayers or... calpers... or anyone 'other' than the bank that just couldn't loan enough against the home!

You bought it, you name it! Saying "just let the current loanowners default and it takes care of everything" kind of let's the bank off the hook in that they'll get the write off, the option to keep it off the market and re-sell at a time & price of THEIR choosing!

Besides, most of the MEW-aholics are Long Gone. They're either on the lamb or actively defending their multiple purchases/ponzi in court.

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That may depend on whether they are a state chartered or nationally chartered bank. I believe at some point the OCC steps in. I just think it's unfair for cities that are struggling to provide basic services even having to throw time, effort or money at what clearly is a private sector, banking created problem? Don't they have enough of their 'own' self inflicted problems?

As for demolishing these nigtmares, AFAIK they weren't even finished homes? Foreclosed on whom? Maybe these builders should send the bill to the city or form some sort of public/private venture to deal w/ that too?

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Gonna' beg to differ here, building them in the -first- place was obscene!

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As far as "I" could tell? I'm not sure if the video off of Mish's was Victorville but the homes getting the ax were in the middle of NO where. In fact, other than sand, the only feature at all.

Personally, I think they're a liability for all involved. Locals included. I will say that *astrid among others predicted this as early as 2006. Of course then, half jokingly. We argued that at some point, providing b-a-s-i-c services would become totally impractical!

How will people of limited means commute? Where will they work? Even at a reduced rate, how can that make that remote locale viable? But it was a lot easier to determine their fate back then.

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Oh... that was only added to make it more freaking dramatic. Anyone that owns a CREIT knows that. Would it make anyone feel better if you weren't able to access it in your CASH account!? Sheesh.

Ahem, over the years many here and elsewhere have bemoaned the loss of Defined Benefit Plans. Want to talk about "illiquid"!? One of the Plans I was involved in, long before even the Tech Wreck, had access only granted ( once ) a year. As I'd -just- missed the Liquidity Window I had to wait about 15 months just to transfer the damn thing. Not 'liquidate', t-r-a-n-s-f-e-r.

We had absolutely no choice in terms of 'what' we were invested in, 'how' it was invested nor the right to make -any- changes! We were paid less than our counterparts elsewhere in the industry and we were told "the company PAYS for your retirement benefits!" What a joke.

I am hereby permanently shutting down all 401k's, IRA's and Qualified plans! Period. End of discussion.

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After utterly slamming the idea of Dozing homes yesterday, some folks at Ben's have had a change of heart. There's some sober realities I think we all need to face. Particularly the remote nature of this extreme edge of the rolling bubble?

Had these homes been in the heart of the city, I'd be protesting in front of the bulldozer my DAMN self! What are you doing!? People might actually be able to live there!

Some of these developments were so far flung, their sole support was cheap gas. When that evaporated, so did these.

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I definitely appreciate Deepak's candor. A little late... but I appreciate it. Personally I don't believe DB was unique in any way and that culture was not only widespread but widely accepted.

Where I differ is that he also seems to imply that it was this very culture that would have gotten them into 'some' kind of peril sooner or later, if I understood him correctly. The truth is, it *wasn't later and it *wasn't some vague yet to be defined debacle. It-Was-Real-Estate-Loans!

There just isn't any other single commodity they could have chosen to be making rogue bets on that would have wrought such disasterous results. Simply because of the sheer amount of leverage -already- baked into RE transactions. Pure and simple. We can only 'wish' they'd have loaded up on Gold CDS's or... whatever.

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Oh, in 'that' case you'll definitely find this interesting?


Who needs to be able to read english to work on airplanes? Yeah I'm pretty sure the union was subdued into silence over that one.

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( How endearing? ) Nice plug but the good folks here at Patrick.net have the art of frugal living down to a fine science. We appreciate your concern.

Hey, any of you guys remember a true PITA that used to post here as Rick Schmendrickus, or Rick of Schmend etc? I went through the blog search and evidently I've no idea how to make it work. Just curious if any one can access the archives to find some of those "golden" posts? TIA.

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Oh thank you so much! And no need to jump through any hoops whatsoever, it really is a one time request. Again, thanks.

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