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Patrick says
"I don't care where someone goes to the bathroom, I'm just trying to put a roof over my head."
Lots of people do care where someone goes to the bathroom. That's why the Republicans come up with the legislation. There are SJWs on both sides of the isle, and a whole shitload of them voted for Trump. He did better among the evangelical SJWs than most Republicans do. I think I read that being an evangelical was the best predictor of voting for Trump.
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Patrick says
Trump mentioned this during his campaign, but seems to have quietly dropped it.

That's one thing that I agreed with him about in the campaign, but as I posted at the time, it's not going to happen. He conveniently stopped talking about that.
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Goran. Did you mark comment 27 as uncivil? Why is that uncivil?
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anon_80c08 says
You have to define "entitlements".

That's true. That's why the Republicans love the term so much. They can say that they are going to cut entitlements, and lots of people think that they are referring to welfare that those 'entitled lazies' are receiving. However, the big money is in cutting social security and medicare, and that is what they intend to cut. However, if they repeated over and over that they were going to cut social security and medicare, they would lose elections, so that repeat over and over that they are going to cut taxes and slash 'entitlements'.

This whole question came up because I said that the government will come after social security and medicare, and I mentioned that Paul Ryan was recently talking about slashing entitlements. So, for the purposes of this conversation, we can define it the same way that Paul Ryan and the other Republicans define it. It refers to all payments that people are entitled to, whether because they paid into the plan (e.g. social security and medicare) or because they are poor and qualify based on lack of income (e.g. food stamps).

As an aside, the word entitlement doesn't work as well for welfare and food stamps, because you have to assume that a minimum standard of living is a basic right that people are entitled to. It works much better for programs that people paid into, because they have an obvious right to get something in return as the government promised.
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anon_6a51a says
He's calling Goran dishonest, that's a personal attack and uncivil.

I asked Goran himself why it was put in jail and stays in jail. He has not responded. I did not call him dishonest, although I did say that I believe that most posters are more likely to think he is not honest than the other option, which is that they don't want a couple of thousand in easy arbitrage money.

Goran_K says

I think this is a fair bet. Any leftist that wants to put their money where their mouth is, let me know. We can go up to $5,000, but I kept it at $1,000 to make sure anyone could bet.

A lot of loud mouth leftist on MSM and various communities talking a lot of bull shit.

Goran implied that leftists will not put their money where there mouths are, which implies that they are full of shit and do not even believe the crap that they are spewing. I think that my response called him on it with about as much civility as he was displaying. This is a good example of how the rules are enforced selectively and arbitrarily. As I keep saying: the hammer is biased.
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anon_4e80d says
Of course none of this will matter to you because its patnet, I'll just point out your hypocrisy instead. If voting for Roy Moore is immoral, why was it moral to vote for Bill Clinton. Bill Clinton had much more credible rape accusations against him then Roy Moore does, and the Democrats still elected him.

I haven't said that I know that Roy Moore a rapist. I did say that his accusers are credible, and I think there's a good chance he did commit statutory rape of a 14 yr old. Here's what I think about Clinton: There were credible allegations against Clinton, and Dems elected him anyway. Perhaps people didn't believe the charges. Perhaps they thought that it wasn't worth worrying over. In hindsight, I'm sure that many wish that they had not voted for him. I for one was happy that he was impeached, b/c he lied under oath.

One thing that people don't seem to discuss, though, is the impact of time. Society in general is not standing for things that were routinely done 25 years ago (when Bill Clinton was elected). Clarence Thomas would not have been approved if he were appointed last year. Franken would not have resigned 25 yrs ago. I actually think that the Dems are overreacting on the punishment of Franken. But, the Democrats are saying enough is enough. Republicans are acting like Democrats did 25 yrs ago, even though 25 yrs ago they were arguing that Clinton should not be elected for similar accusations. So, the Democrats have evolved to be less tolerant of rape and harassment. Republicans are showing that they are either just 100% partisan or that they are evolving to be more tolerant of rape and harassment. It's pretty funny to me.
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anon_6a51a says
Is it an entitlement to collect on your homeowners insurance when your house burns down?
Is it an entitlement to collect on your auto insurance if you total your car?
Is it an entitlement to collect on your health insurance if you have a heart transplant?
Is it an entitlement to collect on your life insurance if you die early?

Yes, one is entitled to collect money for all of those things.
People often used the word to describe someone who feels entitled to something when they haven't earned it. You seem stuck on that use, but the word clearly means that someone does have a legal or moral right to something.

In politics, the phrase 'entitlement programs' definitely refers to social security and medicare as well as other programs. Are you really claiming that it doesn't?
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The odds for Trump "To Leave Office Via Impeachment Or Resignation Before End 1st Term" are listed as even right now. If you bet that he doesn't resign by end of term at ladbrokes for $1K, and then place $1K down that he does resign with Goran, then you break even at worst or win $4K if he does resign. If you bet $3K at Ladbrokes that he doesn't resign and $1K with Goran that he does, if he does resign, you win $2K ($5K-$3K). If he doesn't resign, you win $2K ($3K at ladbrokes - $1K with Goran). It's a guaranteed $2K winning. Who wants a free $2K. I've shown you exactly how to do it.
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Wake me up when she retracts her story. Even if she did, it would be even odds that someone paid her to retract it.
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I will tell you how to place the bet when you tell me why comment 27 is in jail. I asked you politely in comment 30 and am still waiting for a response.

Feel free to delete the anon posts that are duplicates of mine.
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Patrick says
It's just an attack on another user.

@Patrick, how about now?

Goran was allowed to imply that leftists (he thinks that many posting here fit that description) will not put their money where their mouths are, which is essentially calling them liars. I merely offered up my guess as to why people are not taking Goran up on his offer, and I intentionally did not state the reason as fact. It seems to be splitting hairs to call Goran's behavior civil but call me out. In any case, I edited the comment to see where the line is. I certainly ought to be able to point out that Goran's bet is far far more generous than the going rate, and that anyone interested in free money could obtain it with a little arbitrage. The issue is that they have to believe that Goran will pay up.
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@Patrick, How is comment 27 now? I've removed any speculation about why nobody is taking Goran up on his offer. I merely present the options without speculating on whether or not nobody wants a free $2K.
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Goran_K says
Democrat logic

Republican logic: Admitting that B is fake is the same as admitting that A is fake. Also, admitting that you painted your Nissan is the same as admitting it is not a Nissan. Also, admitting that you put ketchup on your hot dog makes it no longer a hot dog. Also, admitting anything makes you a loser that should not be trusted.
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Patrick says
Agnosticism, on the other hand, is simply admitting that you don't know.

Agnosticism includes admitting that you are not 100% sure. However, it is interpreted as being on the fence, perhaps 50/50.

Strategist says
You know agnostics are described as "atheists without balls"

A complete lack of evidence for God provides plenty of data that increases the probability that there is no God. There are also now and have been a but load of religions around the world, and there can be only one (that is correct) so to speak. So, the most reasonable explanation is that humans invent religions and follow religions for various reasons. Also, cultures that have a religion thrive, because it provides common cause and social rules. I put the chances that God exists at some unscientific, but very low value. So, when I used to refer to myself as an agnostic, it just led to confusion, even though it was technically correct. Now, I use atheist to cut down on confusion, and avoid an unwanted conversation. Ironically, moving to the claim of atheist to avoid conversation is sort of cowardly in my case.
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lostand confused says
Admitting you added ketchup to your dog-when you accused someone else of adding ketchup to trigger your allergies-that is fake.

What about admitting to putting ketchup on a hot dog that Roy Moore gave you? What if expert hot dog analysts agree that they hot dog came from Roy Moore?
Tuesday will be interesting. If Roy Moore gets elected, we can look forward to a Senate ethics hearing. Trump better hope that Moore is clean. I'd hate to see the fallout from a guilty Moore hitting a beleaguered Trump.
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Quigley says
But Democrat voters are ignorant.

They are also assholes. They agreed with Hillary that half of Trump supporters were deplorable. Republicans would never hurl blanket accusations like that at 92% of Democrats.
On a side note, what is a bigger insult, calling someone deplorable or ignorant and gullible?
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lostand confused says
Which is what Roy Moore is asking for.
Doesn't he have a picture of the signature? Does he have an analyst who gives reason to doubt the claim?

Roy Moore claimed that he knew some of the accusers, but now claims he never knew any of them.
Should we now doubt all of Roy Moore's claim's? There were 30 people who either accused Moore or said that they heard of the encounters at the time that they happened. You would have to believe that they are all liars, and the Washington Post is doing a bogus hit job, and believe Roy Moore, who specifically and obviously lied about the issue.
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lostand confused says
Roy Moore's accuser and Gloria Allred lied and said the date and place were signe dby him-now she admits to forging that. Case closed.

OK. By that logic... Roy Moore admitted to knowing the women. Then he lied when he said he did not know all of those women. Case closed. Lock him up.
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anon_d0bb5 says
biased liberal media couldn't push the old hag across the finish line

She was a bad candidate, but the biased media wrote more sentences that were negative of Clinton than they did of Trump. The bias is only there if you ignore Trump's faults and believe all of the conspiracy theories about Clinton.
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Goran_K says
I'll offer you any odds that "Bovada" is offering Hutch if you're "so sure" my money will be taken, up to $5,000.

Why don't you go back to your initial offer?
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lostand confused, why don't you just let us know what video you want us to watch? Why should multiple people run around trying to figure out what you are referring to?
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If the ink is old, she might have forgotten adding the notes about who Roy Moore was and when / where he signed it. If she added the notes recently, then she certainly lied in the linked video. That would make her about as believable as Moore who also changed his story. There are an additional 29 people for Moore to say are lying. If AL wants to elect the guy despite the likelihood that he chased young girls, they can go ahead. It will end up being investigated in the Senate.

The claim that Nelson admitted to forging the signature is clearly just as dishonest as Nelson's original claim, so let that reflect on those who make the claim.
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Can you guys differentiate between saying that you believe that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel and moving the embassy? Many leaders around have stated that this will make a peace agreement more difficult. Trump either thinks that's not the case, or he doesn't care. He promised middle east peace in any case. We'll see if he and Jared can deliver (holding back laughter). If Flynn were not fired, we'd be desperately hoping that there was peace, because Flynn had plans to approve multiple nuclear reactors in the middle east.
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lostand confused says
Now remember this is not something that was an ambush in court. Nelson had the document for a long time, Gloria allred verified it-Moore was a public figure with hundreds or thousands of signatures in the open-she could have easily reviewed and compared.

Stupid mistake by Allred. I don't know why anybody uses her. The Washington Post had an article a long time ago stating that those annotations were in a different ink and appeared to be different than the rest of the inscription. Roy Moore basically admitted that he did the inscription when he said that the inscription had been tampered with. Interestingly, he didn't call it a forgery. What does that tell you?
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When Trump said drain the swamp, he was referring to Democrats and Bannon was referring to libertarian leaning Republicans as well. Roy Moore is apparently what they are getting replaced with.
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TwoScoopsMcGee says
"He's an idiot like Trump. Figure they cancel each other out." 
Strzok says of Mr. Trump that he's "awful" and "an idiot." 

Sounds a lot like the secretary of state.
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Score one for NYT. Zero for smug Bannonites.
Hell, I didn't even think Jones could beat a faceless ultra conservative child loving Republican in Alabama.
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Jesus. Did you get a blog?

goat tweetee lappers? Is a certain PatNet alumnus running for congress?
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Republican logic...
Republicans win close election: The election is the only poll that matters. An electoral win is a mandate no matter how narrow the victory. All close but wrong polls were rigged.
Democrats win close election: The election was rigged. Definitely bogus election. Election results are meaningless. Evil Dems will make much ado about nothing.

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Quigley says
How about the white supremacist who drives to a black owned bakery asking for a cake with a burning cross and “death to ni**ers” in red icing? Should they be forced to make it?

Why don't you try it and find out.

Is saying death to ni**ers the same as saying 'happily married gay people' or whatever the cake was supposed to say/depict? Or are you drawing a false equivalence?
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Everyone deserves to freely pursue happiness... as long as it involves wholesome Christian things like setting up nativities, putting Christian law above secular laws, giving tax cuts to wealthy donors, and coaxing teens to polish your nob. Liberals want to do unChristian things like help the poor and the sick. The only help the poor need is tough love and the warm fuzzy feeling they get knowing that nobody is getting a legal abortion or fucking the wrong hole.
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Quigley says
It not only pays better, but some doctors will even consider you disabled if you don’t have a college education.
Sounds like a job for the people who were searching for Dem election fraud. They found a few stale registrations including Ivanka's. I can't wait to see how many people they find on the disabled list for lacking a college diploma. They might even find some young men with bone spurs.
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Apparently that fat guy from Texas doesn't want to be the new Roy Moore. Nobody believes that guy can find his own cock. Everybody knows he just shoves paper towels into his fold before urinating.
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anon_425a8 says
When was that? They've never been Politically neutral.

I forgot. Breitbart is neutral and Daily Stormer is slightly right of center.

If true Dems ran CNN, they'd be stating what everybody knows. Donny got down on his knees in front of Russian oligarchs and begged them for some of that sweet warm Russian laundry money. In the end, he took it up the ass and is now owned by Russians. In frequent fits of projection, he claims that others would have done similar - 'Mitt would have got down on his knees' (to blow me).. 'Gilibrand would have done anything' (I'm talking about the really nasty shit). We all know the dark nasty place he goes to when he comes up with these lines.
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There are 435 seats open in the House. Getting the Senate only requires +2, but you are correct, that the Dems are handicapped by the numbers defending in 2018.
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This tax makes it costly to change cars as your needs change. It's a silly burden on people who are trying to live efficiently. Same goes for large fees/taxes on selling a house.
Our local will hit you with sales tax, plus a yearly tax of about $500 on a $30K car. I've often thought that both these taxes and the absurd practice that insurance companies have of hitting you with a large premium increase for having an extra car are bad for individuals and the environment. If people could have two commute cars and an SUV/Truck for family stuff, towing, or whatever, that would be much better than having people commute with big gas guzzlers. But, it will cost you in extra taxes and insurance. This limits people's ability to live efficiently.
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My family will still be penalized. Thanks Trump.
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WookieMan says
wang slap to the high tax (income and/or property) states

It definitely is. It's also a big FU to Dems who are in Congress serving those States. It's also a big plate of happy for Trump supporters who hate the rich city fucks.
It's not doing/going to do Trump any favors in the suburbs of many states.
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There's already plenty of evidence of collusion in my book, and you should start the clock when Mueller was appointed. But this thread isn't really about collusion, unless you are talking about collusion to get senators to suck Donald's little schlong while Melania rapes him with her stilettos and Ivanka feeds him KFC until his dick goes limp and he starts crying and asking where he is.
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Trump's only achievement (if you can call it that) is a very strong stock market. The rise in prices reflects the optimism among investors that Trump is about to take a hatchet to corporate tax rates. Lower taxes on profits means more dividends or more growth for companies, so each stock has more intrinsic value to stockholders. It's essentially a transfer of value from government to stockholders.
The religious seem to count nomination of Gorsuch as an achievement. If you want to credit (or blame) anyone for that stolen seat, you ought to credit McConnell.
Unemployment and growth are doing about what they were before Trump. Growth has been pretty good for two quarters. We'll see where it goes from there.