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Didn't Trump already take all of the credit for NK peace, which has already taken place? Trump supporters have repeatedly given him credit for bringing peace to NK. Why do we need Pompeo to do something that Trump has already done?
I realize that Pompeo has been confirmed. Schumer must have failed in his hysterical evil plot. That must be more proof about how awesome and winning Trump is. It can't be proof that this hysterical publication was wrong.
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Feux Follets says
The Golden Golem

That's pretty good. Everything he touches turns to fake gold.
His real victory is making his ball licking locker room supporters believe that he totally pestorked that porn star and cucked his wife, while providing enough deniability for his evangelical ostrich supporters to ignore reality. It's quite a talent to thread needles like that.
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bob2356 says
Appreciation is a myth unless you know you will be selling the house to move to a cheap area that didn't appreciate and never ever going to move back anywhere high demand again.

This part isn't true. Appreciation only a myth if you never gain enough equity to pay off more than the selling fees, as you wrote.
If you buy a house, and sell 10 yrs later after 40% appreciation, you are still up 33% or so after paying 5% selling fees. Even though you may plow that appreciation into a down payment on another house, you are that much better off than someone who rented, whether or not the renter buys or continues to rent. If the renter had lower monthly payments, that has to be factored into a comparison of course, but to say that appreciation is a myth isn't correct. If you do own, at the end of your life, you can reverse mortgage if you absolutely need to, and if not, your kids get to inherit a house. Appreciation matters in those events as well.
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If she is really just after a payday, and Trump is really rich, he should have paid her for her claimed damages. It seems like a stupid mistake considering how predictable this whole thing has been.
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bob2356 says
Big assumptions like 40% appreciation in 10 years.

That's 3.5% appreciation, which is large, but not crazy for a hypothetical. If I used 2.5%, and said 30%, the same argument applies. Obviously, there are expenses to be accounted for, but the appreciation is real and directly benefits the owner whenever they choose to take advantage of it.
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bob2356 says
Investment income is real and comes in every month to be further reinvested therefore compounding. Appreciation can only be used when the house is sold. Unless you want to heloc and pay interest. Expenses are real and come directly off of the appreciation.

On a personal property, the house will always be sold. Maybe it is on death, which I pointed out, and the benefit goes to the heirs. Maybe, the owner eventually is in dire straights, and they borrow against it or just sell it. Either way, the appreciation is there, and can be tapped, just as a stock can be sold to tap the appreciation. A house is less liquid in terms of a sale (takes two months instead of a day), but it can be tapped immediately by loan. If an owner sells the house, and gets the equity out, they have to rent. But the renter has to rent to. So all other things accounted for (in the buy/rent calculator), the equity is real.
If running a business, the equity should occasionally be tapped anyway and used to invest in more property. Otherwise, one doesn't utilize the appropriate leverage.

When I say appropriate leverage, I mean that housing is not as volatile as stocks. Higher leverage is typically used to raise returns and the risk is generally not higher than stocks. I say generally, because it depends on the amount of leverage and the state of the market. But, I think it's generally accepted that to accept equal risk, one can use more leverage in real estate than stocks.
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Either Giuliani is a bumbling idiot or the strategy is to drag out this porn star hush money fiasco, so that people start associating Mueller with a porn star instead of Russia. If so, it's not a bad strategy to harden the base before his continued assault on Mueller.
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I'd say that unless there's something much bigger than sex and payoffs, the Stormy story is ultimately going to help Trump's case. If some bigger story arises that involved coercion and mob connected violent threats, that's another story. If Cohen's files give some proof of business tactics that are more Russian mob connected than just typical shady Trump shit, that's another story as well.
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The Trump cheerleaders are very optimistic. It feels like we are 20 minutes into the Trump/NK movie, and the Trump/Iran movie just started. You guys are all claiming victory before the opening credits fade away. I'm not rooting for failure, but I just cannot muster the confidence in Supreme leader.
All I see is more evidence of a bought off corrupt guy who is faking it 'til he makes it, so the best hope is that the world just waits him out and he doesn't fuck things up permanently.
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The federal gov't ran a surplus in April (the month taxes are due). Who would have guessed?

Fiscal year to date, we are $382 billion in the hole. That's 10% worse than the previous year in the same period.


We are probably running the biggest deficit (yearly) in the history of the country right now. Congress doesn't have to increase any spending to keep that rolling. They would have to slash social security and medicare, and sideline the military, making our oldsters die hungry and ceding military control of the world in order get our budget into the red with our current tax rates.
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Strategist says
We want them to permanently eliminate their nuclear program.
It's that simple.

Nothing's permanent, and we are unlikely to achieve success by starving Iranians. They will likely blame the US, and that will make it advantageous for their leaders to wage rhetorical war with the US and develop weapons. You think old bone spurs is going to put his military where his mouth is and force the issue? You think he's going to get our allies to pull their weight and pay for those services?
But it's Trump's shitshow now, and he's intent on going with his gut.
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At first I thought that Trump was acting on Iran as a prelude to NK to make sure that Kim knows that his 'deal' (if their is one) will not be as favorable as the Iran deal. That seemed obvious enough.
The anouncement was made out of nowhere on the day that Cohen was caught receiving more than four million bucks in an apparent pay to play scheme. In the early part of Trump's presidency, the company he started to pay off Stormy also took in $500K from a Russian oligarch connected company, the CEO of Novartis (the day after he met Trump), and various other people looking to buy influence with Trump. They didn't even bother with a charity. Just fired up 'essential consultants' and routed payments through Trump's lawyer and business partner.
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Satoshi_Nakamoto says
This doesn't make much sense. We were successful in persuading the horrible evil nazi racist South Africans to give up their nukes, why won't be successful with the great, smart, chess-playing, cuddly Iranians?

Does SA seem similar to Iran to you?

SA gave up their nukes, because the perceived threat (Soviet Union) collapsed. If you want to follow that model, you could make the US collapse, and then let Russia convince Iran and NK to give up nukes. Or, you could just get D Trump to threaten Iran and NK with hell-fire the likes that no one's seen before. He's very scary, and that might work (j/k).
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De Klerk listed Russia's operations in Africa as the main reason for building the bomb. Ergo, without that event, it probably wouldn't have been given up, even if De Klerk wanted to.

Sanctions didn't work with NK. They have a bomb now. They are not going to give it up. They are coming to the negotiating Table with a big stick to defend themselves.

Satoshi_Nakamoto says
The big part in USSR's collapse, BTW, were sanctions imposed on the Soviet fucks by Ronald Reagan

I thought it was because communism sucks and capitalism is great. In all seriousness, I'm not against sanctions. I just think that they are only useful if a carrot or stick choice is presented, and the carrot option is better than the stick. The only Carrot we have heard about D Trump using is the one he dips in playmates and porn stars (in exchange for fat cash of course). If the stick is better (for the leaders) than the carrot, then you get NK.
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Fake News is a meme that Trump made up to trash news that makes him look bad. To 50% of Americans, it makes him look a bit like Baghdad bob.
He trashed the intel agencies, and claimed that his (Trump's) beliefs were just as valid as what the agencies said.
Therefore, most people will not believe him if he ever makes any claims that drag us into war. He has thoroughly discredited himself and he has claimed that his intel agencies are no good evil institutions, so he cannot use their claims to logically support his assertions.

However, most of Trump's fake world view was gleamed from watching the worst of Fox news and listening to the likes of Alex Jones, who is a world class con artist nut job. So, people who are hooked on that media see Trump as a truth teller in shining armor who came out of nowhere and took the country back from evil deep staters.
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You could just ignore people who are off their rocker or who seem like they might have taken a trip to Charlottesville last summer.

Tim Aurora says
this forum is nothing but a right-wing brotherhood.

I don't think there is any going back.
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TwoScoopsOfDragonEnergy says
Then, pooh pooh that it was the Tough Stance that got us to a POTUS-Kim meeting, say it was the legacy of Obama, Ben Rhodes, etc.

It wasn't the legacy of Obama. It was the fact that Kim has a bomb and delivery system. Could he use some more testing and development to nail things down? Sure. But, he is a credible threat now, so he's achieved deterrence. Now, he's coming to the Table. He's not going to disarm, and give up his security system. Do you think that he is? What do you think that Trump has won?

Trump talked tough, but did nothing, and Kim got his weapon, which is what we have been trying to prevent. That's a loss, not a win. It can't be blamed on Trump, because most of the work probably happened during Bush/Obama, and earlier. But that's where we are.
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TwoScoopsOfDragonEnergy says
1. US withdrew from nuclear 'agreement'
2. Left went nuts, screamed
3. Iran attacked Israel because the US withdrew from the agreement
4. Left says nothing.

1. Trump withdrew from nuke agreement
2. Left said it was a huge mistake, and that Bolton is going to get his war with Iran. Trump supporters said that Iran would cower in awe of Trump's manhood.
3. Iran attacks Israel, and Israel strikes back.
4. Nobody on the Right connects Trump's actions with war escalation in Syria and Iran. Trump supporters still think that Syria, Russia, and Iran are going to submit to Trump, and we will be able to leave the region.

What's the end game? Are we just going to give Israel the go ahead to bomb Iran's nukes, and then bomb the shit out of Islam while random suicide bombs go off everywhere? Are we going to get some popcorn and watch some full on asymmetrical war?
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socal2 says
What was the end game for the Iran Deal supporters?

I think it was to see if they could get used to not developing a bomb. When the time ran down, then renegotiate with the help of European allies. If their economy had improved a little bit, there might have been more pressure on them internally to play ball. If it's always threats and bombs, then they will probably just try to go the way that NK went. That's my guess. Most people in the pentagon and intel agree with that. Then again, we could just go with Trump's gut, fail to uphold the current deal, and leave Europeans pissed and less likely to want to help us in the future.
Strategist says
If Trump withdrew from the nuke agreement and not the US, then Obama made the nuke agreement and not the US.

I didn't say that the US has not withdrawn, although, I don't know that we've done anything other than make an announcement.
You are correct. Obama and his administration made the nuke agreement, and committed the US to it.
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Ham sandwich? Did Trump try to eat Carl Rove's head?
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@Patrick, check for people logging out, opening a thread of an ignored user, then logging in and commenting. I just tried that on a thread of someone I have on ignore. It works fine. So, it seems that you are just filtering what threads they can see when logged in, but not filtering when a comment is uploaded.
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Quigley says
Nationalism, infrastructure spending, trade protectionism, labor protections, and a focus on the economy would aptly characterize FDR’s Presidency. Sound familiar? Those are all things the Left decries daily about Trump!

Trump as FDR?

Infrastructure spending: FDR started WPA, which hired millions. That was something that Obama should have done. It's totally not needed now, since we are on the longest reduction in unemployment in history (most of which happened under Obama). Anyway, Trump hasn't done anything of the sort, and the only infrastructure spending has been plans to privatize things.
Nationalism: FDR brought us into WW2 and oversaw most of the victory that would lead us into a position of strength in the world. We have used relationships since then to keep us out of another big war, using a world order Trump calls globalism. Trump is tearing down that world order.
Focus on the economy? All presidents focus on the economy. If Trump achieved what Obama achieved, his supporters would be bragging on it all day long. Obama brought unemployment from around 10% down to 4.7% or so. Trump has taken it from 4.7% to 4.1%. Yet, Trump supporters say Obama sucked, and Trump is great. Lowest unemployment in years!!!!!!!!
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The Bankruptcy president. I like it. Moral and economic bankruptcy.

Obama kept taxes low to pull us out of the great recession. Republicans bitched and moaned about the debt the whole time. Now that we are out of the recession, unemployment is low, and the fed is raising rates, one would expect to pull back on the Bush tax cuts to bring the deficit back down and possibly run a surplus. No! No! No! Big, bigger, biggest tax cuts. Must give more money back to the people. Don't worry about the debt. The economy will expand so fast it will make up for the shortfall. Oh, and deport millions. Don't worry about the effect that will have on the economy, tax revenues, and future SS/Medicare issues.
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Trump directly produced those 1200 jobs. The 10K loss is Obama's fault. That much, he can tell you.
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Any criminal would have to be an idiot to use a phone tied to their name. That goes for any bozo who is just pulling off a single crime rather than a career criminal. Fortunately for cops, there are many bozos.
As for the various uses mentioned in the article, the carriers ought to be responsible for how 3rd parties use their data. They ought to also offer a different price for users who want their location or other information never to be sold to 3rd parties.
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I'm also inclined to think that the buzz of the tax cut and optimism will wear off, and we will be left with a recession with a housing correction. There would obviously be a stock market correction preceding the housing correction, so anybody who remains long in stocks with no cash reserves will not be able to benefit from the low house prices, because they would have to sell stocks at a low point to do so.
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These news channels pretty much come down to Fox news toting the pro trump line and catering to his followers, and the rest toting the anti-Trump message and catering to the Trump-hating crowd. Fox always wins, because they are the only major channel on one side competing against the others. It would be interesting to see the ratings of Fox versus CNN + MSNBC. I think that CNN is just losing viewers to MSNBC, which is even more anti-Trump.

The NYT and WaPo readership is up.

As for Maddow, she's quite popular and her popularity has increased in the Trump world. So, there is clearly a large market for what she's selling. While it's clear that her reporting is one-sided, I'd trust her reporting much more so than Hannity's or whatever comes out of Trump's mouth. You just have to know that she's only reporting one side of a story. Most of the thing's she's actually reporting (rather than openly speculating on) are also being reported elsewhere.

Morning Joe is also doing very well by selling an anti-Trump message. He's clobbering CNN.
“Morning Joe” at 6am continued to dominate CNN in both total viewers and A25-54. In total viewers, “Morning Joe” bested CNN for the 12th quarter in a row, averaging 1,073,000 and posting the most cable news growth in the time period (+35% vs. FOX News’ -6% and CNN’s +5%). “Morning Joe” hit new highs with an average of 249,000 viewers A25-54, beating CNN for the 3rd straight quarter and growing more than the competition (+37% vs. FOX News’ -8% and CNN’s +6%).

Breitbart scans the news for factoids that they can publish with misleading headlines to make Trump supporters feel good without the least bit of analysis. It doesn't take much work for an average brain to see what is really going on.
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Those of us who pay attention to the real (so called fake) news have known that an indictment was always unlikely. The most likely end game is a report to Congress, and let the voters decide.
Hopefully, it is before the next election.
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Maybe they are just making some threats to get Republicans moving on their agenda. From the article, they dislike that Trump and Ryan are blocking a deal on DACA, they are miffed about tarrifs, and have some other agenda items that they want to force their Republicans to act on prior to getting the fresh $400 million midterm election cash infusion. They can't be giving a cool half billion to Republicans in exchange for nothing over a little midterm election. Don't expect a full on switch to Dems.

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socal2 says
I just think it is funny and illustrative how the Koch Bros who are the pro-immigrant, pro-marijuana, pro-gay marriage, pro-prison reform and anti-Trump are so vilified by the insane Left.

David Koch is sort of a libertarian. As such, his views on social issues are more in line with Democrats than Republicans. His economic agenda is more in line with the traditional Republican platform than Democratic one, so he has been a huge donor for Rs. However, he is becoming more aligned with centrist Democrats like Obama and Clinton, who were pro trade. He is becoming less aligned with the Republicans, because Trump is leading an anti-trade agenda. However, the Kochs are corporatists and favor low taxes, so they will still give to Republicans. They are just fighting Trump for power over the Republican agenda. Trump has twitter and Bannon/Cambridge analytica's agenda. The Koch's have money.
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LeonDurham says
We don't have to speculate. He did so. And then ADMITTED that he did.

It's a fact that he lied on Television about the legal case.

Trump and Giulliani are not trying to get the truth out. They are trying to fight their battle in the media. As such, they have gone on air with everything but the simple truth regarding Stormy Daniels for some reason.

Giulliani did not say that Mueller's findings were exculpatory, which implies that Mueller's interpretation of the facts are that Trump is innocent. Giulliani said that they have nothing but exculpatory information. That is Giulliani's interpretation of the documents that he has seen, which is quite different from Mueller's interpretation of the facts that he has. Notice how it is misinterpreted by Trump fans. That is by design.

Team Trump is trying to get the American Public to turn on Mueller, and they are betting on Giulliani's reputation for that move.
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socal2 says
So why have the Democrats painted them as the devil incarnate for all these years, even turning down millions in grants to help build hospitals and fund colleges?

They don't turn down all Koch money. I believe that the Kochs fund NPR in a pretty big way, although I don't know the amounts. However, the Kochs have historically and continue to support Republicans, many of whom are regressive toward social policies. Perhaps Dem's are watching what they do, and not what they say and coming to the conlusion that the Koch's are not their friends. Seems perfectly logical to me.
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socal2 says
Just curious at the burning white hot hatred the Progs have for the Kochs for all these years.

I believe it is the political influence that they have gained and wielded against the Dems through massive private expenditures.
bob2356 says
Koch bro's don't donate to NPR

I stand corrected. I must have heard it on PBS, or maybe there is a different Koch that donates to NPR?

bob2356 says
he koch bro's are crony capitalist hypocrites who only believe in private profits and public loss
This is what I meant by corporatists, as all major corporations seem to follow this model.
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If people don't bestow the appropriate respect and honor that the Donald deserves, he will just pretend that they have. Fake Nobel prizes, fake Time magazine cover, whatever. And people believe this guy when he calls other people fake. Pretty funny stuff.
NO COLUSION!!!!!!!!!! FAKE NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
keep repeating it Donnie. They will all believe you eventually.
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Did the Brennan and the FBI plant Manafort, Flynn, and Page?
Did the Brennan or the FBI convince Donnie to start doing business with the Russian mob after bank money dried up many many years ago?
Brennan sure did have a lot of foresight to get Donnie to start associating with Russian mob before Obama was president and colluding with the Russian government way back before the election.

With all of the blatantly obvious shit that was going on, the FBI would have to have been negligently asleep at the wheel to not be trying to prevent the Russians from infiltrating Donnie's campaign. Jared has been caught shaking down Qatar for cash to keep his 666 building afloat. The kids have surely been up to similar shenanigans.

If the FBI wanted to prevent Trump from becoming president, Comey would simply have kept his mouth shut about Clinton. If he brought up Clinton, he would have said that the FBI had open investigations into both Clinton and Trump.

The deep end just keeps getting deeper as the bullshit piles on top of bullshit.
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Trump is so jealous. If Bezos were as petty as Trump, he would renegotiate the stupid USPS deal, and demand a lower rate due to the hassle of dealing with such a petty sore loser as Trump.
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By spying on, you mean that an FBI informant contacted some people and had conversations with them? That should definitely be illegal without a warrant. Fucking hell. He called me and had coffee with me. I feel raped!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You realize that the FBI was interested in Carter page before Trump announced his campaign, right? Either the FBI are clairvoyant, or Trump just picked a bunch of suspected traitors to run his campaign. Trump is now complaining that the FBI was spying on said suspected traitors. How fucking dumb does he think people are?

And the doing it to protect Trump rational has been part of the reason all along. They were protecting Trump and America when the told Trump that Flynn could have been compromised. It's their fucking job to watch for these things. Since Trump is such a Magoo, the FBI had better be working extra hard. Hopefully, they have 'infiltrated' Jared's company, too. Magoo needs some protecting on that front.
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No collusion!!!!! Numerous people in my immediate family and in my campaign made many efforts to communicate with people in the Russian government about getting dirt on the Clinton campaign. A few of them are under indictment, and others lied to my administration and the fbi about it. My family members are not indicted, though, because Mueller knows I would go ballistic if they were. These people I hired and sired were successful at times, and have changed their stories so many times I cannot keep up myself, lol. No collusion, though. Witch hunt. Russians hacked the Clinton campaign and the DNC, and leaked tons of shit to Wikileaks, a great great organization by the way. Russians also hacked voter rolls in many states. I told Russia publicly on TV, that they would be greatly rewarded if they could get Clinton's emails. No collusion!!!!!! Russia spread fake news using their many years of experience manipulating dummies through fake news. Lots of people forwarded this obvious fake news about Clinton, because they are useful idiots. It was brilliant. The best part, No collusion!!!, is I just claim that Clinton was the real collusion, and Clinton was the real watergate, the real news is the fake news, and blah blah, and the idiots eat it right up even though it is chopped dog food type bullshit. Witch hunt!!!!!!

The whole thing would be super funny if it weren't so real and so sad.
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It looks like one cannot say 'If you are not smart enough to understand 2+2=4, then you should go back to school or stop trying to understand math.' One could see such a comment as a personal attack. Or, you could see it as just stating the obvious. Apparently, stating the obvious truth is too personal for some people. We will have to go along believing that 2+2=nobody knows. Otherwise, oh no - FEELINGS.

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