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APOCALYPSEFUCKisShostikovitch says
This must be a lot like Trump and Putin's meetings.
without the strap on.
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curious2 says
Try comparing 2009 to 2015. Here is a larger version of the chart:

How do overdoses due to "synthetic opioids" aka fentanyl along with heroin, cocaine and meth have anything to do with the ACA? You do notice those are the only categories spiking in your graph.

Oxycodone is a semi-synthetic opioid and in your graph although is rising does not have a parabolic shape.

So can you please explain the link between the spike in deaths by illegal drugs and Obama Care? I'm not seeing the link. Did Obama Care somehow make it easier to get illicit drugs?
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curious2 says
FPBT says
So can you please explain the link between the spike in deaths by illegal drugs and Obama Care?

The links have

Not going to pay to open the FT article but I'm guessing there is no link to the ACA made there.

What I do see in your links are Doctors getting paid by drug companies to prescribed drugs. I'm not seeing how the ACA is linked to that, other than more people having health care.

If we were to be honest, shouldn't we take away the monitary incentive for doctors to prescribe drugs instead of taking away health care from our citizens?

Please explain how the deaths of Philip Seymour Hoffman, Tom Petty and Prince are linked to Obama Care?

If over prescription is happening why aren't we going after the Doctors who are doing so?
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Patrick says
Note the conspicuous absence of marijuana from that chart.

And why the spike in cock, meth and H? Is it because they had been cut with Fentanyl and not properly categorized?
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curious2 says

Toothless women smoke cock to get Rock but what I meant to say is coke. Bob was right, that sure does peeve you.

Ok, here is a serious question, why do you blame Obama Care and not the doctors? It's the doctors who have been over prescribing oxycontin since the drugs first apperence. Shit, even Rush Limbaugh was addicted well before Obama care. So why don't you put the blame we're it's deserved? Is that an honest enough question.

Yes, more people have health care. Which means more people are able to have access to a prescription to Oxy. So your solution is to cut access to health care because some abuse the system?
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bob2356 says
The blame is on the drug companies. The doctors got sold a bill of goods as did the public. Some doctors were greedy bastards making out like bandits, but the vast majority were sincerely following what the drug company said was safe and effective treatment.

You are preaching to the choir. Though I think you let the doctos off a bit too easy. With all that training they can't see what is going on? That they we're being feed a bunch of shit?

curious2 says
BTW, don't let Bob distract you with fake numbers

Don't worry I won't. I get the issues with Obama care. Where is the evidence that deaths from fentanyl are happening to people on Obama Care or Medicaid expansion?

What you are asking is that I take your word for it. Remember you started here with a graph and the assertion that the spike in fentanyl ODs was because of Obama Care. Or is that not what you were alluding to? Irregardless ;-) that's what I took you to say.
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FPBT says

I know there is no such word as irregardless.
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curious2 says
Fentanyl is an opioid.

I know and it is the main cause of synthetic opioid deaths, which are not from prescribed fentanyl. My dog had a fentanyl patch and he didn't OD, like Bob said it's hard to OD from a patch. I'm guessing nearly all fentanyl death are from Illicit fentanyl, prove me wrong.
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Aphroman says
He’s seen here making the universal sign for “Two dicks, facial time!”

Putin and who?
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marcus says
Why is 538 still saying +3.

Goran_K says
Uh because they’re wrong?

marcus says
What do you say we make a $100 bet. If it's 3 I win, if it's 5 you win, and 4 is a wash.

You're sure it's not 3 right ?

Goran_K says
Uh because they’re wrong?

marcus says
What do you say we make a $100 bet. If it's 3 I win, if it's 5 you win, and 4 is a wash.

You're sure it's not 3 right ?

Goran_K says
Yes positive it’s NOT 3. I’ll bet $1,000 it’s not 3.

Bet confirmed?

marcus says
Are you going to delete this is it is 3 ? Just wondering, becasue you are a republican. It seems kind of like something you might do.

Don't get me wrong. I'm not betting that is is three, but I will do the bet I said for $100. 3 I win, 5 you win, 4 neither of us win.

Goran_K says
Braun, Scott, Harley, Cramer.

Pay me.

Can we ban Marcus and his IP if he doesn’t pay up?
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Sure sounds like Marcus meant plus +. He never said anything about flips
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Herdingcats says

Looks like Trump is way ahead of Obama at the same time in their presidencies by like 13-14%. #Winning

Uhhhhh? You do realize that is disapproval Trump has a yuge big league lead in?

Looks like Obamas approval rating is ahead of Trumps.

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Herdingcats says
Why am I not surprised.

Dishonest people are dishonest nothing to be surprised about.
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Herdingcats says
The irony.

That's gold, Jerry! Gold!

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It's how the Republicans buy their vote, that and Medicare, it's in the play book Republican 101.
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MrMagic says
Where are they now?

About 1 year away from Trump doubling the deficit.

Where is the outrage?
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Nancy hanging ten?
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In other news HRC is 99.9999% favored to win.
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MrMagic says
Rocketmanjoe says
I picked that 1 special for you.

Herdingcats says
Yes, why indeed?

WaltertheoFlanders says
So you think the house didn't pass a budget?

What do we have, Sock Puppets signing on with THREE different accounts?

I'm confused, so are they all Joey?
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“Without white boys being able to empathize with other people, humanity will continue to destroy itself.”
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In a letter delivered to Barack Obama and George W. Bush and posted online Tuesday, Jones called for the former presidents to tour the country and help repair civil discourse amid political and social turmoil, which he said was emblematic in the government shutdown and fierce rhetoric over immigration.

“Recent news reports and events occurring around the country are widely creating civil unrest among the American citizens. The extreme divide between our Democrats and Republican parties needs to be rectified,” Jones wrote.

He continued: “The country needs the two of you to show the American people that our political parties can get along even if opinions differ. We are a great nation with a history of great leaders. The people need to hear from you. America needs your help.”
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Fireplug is reference to the highest IQ of Republicans.

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Onvacation says

Trump Dick Sucking ... that's probably why he blew his load so early. He needs to get into Kama Sutra
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Rocketmanjoe says
Trump lacks leadership skills he said so himself.

Wait ... So you are saying, since Trump said a shutdown shows lack of leadership skills, and he is holder of the longest shutdown, he has the largest lack of leadership skills of any US president?
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marcus says
Is this a reference to that George Will piece on the forum this morning. That felt like a violent attack to you ?

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MrMagic says
FACT, the president can't pass a budget unless it's been voted on and passed FIRST in the House and Senate.

So why the hold up by McConnell yesterday. When will the president realize he is President of a democracy not a dictatorship?
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Health care alone accounted for more than 50,000 new jobs in December

Thank you Obama.
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Elgatouno says
While we socialize the losses of the wealthiest of Americans.

Ain't that the truth.
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Sure, why couldn't he. He can just take money away from defense and move it to free schools.
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MrMagic says
If Trump was so concerned about the safety of Americans, why didn't he put a ground stop on cars?

Was there a fix in that the FAA didn't get to because the government was shutdown?
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justme says

CIC, is that really you?

I thought this was like fight club and in the end we find out that all the comments here are made by Patrick
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Duck duck goose
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Devin Nunes—pathetic Donald Trump sycophant and yawningly corrupt California Republican congressman (in that order)—has been caught on tape telling GOP donors that keeping control of the House must be done for the express purpose of shielding the president from potential criminal prosecution.
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Aren't we supposed to be draining the swamp?
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His thesis is that the war on drugs resembles the Vietnam War in its futility and its collateral damage to Mexicans, more than 250,000 of whom have died and another 40,000 have disappeared, according to the Financial Times, in the past dozen years from violence associated with rivalrous cartels and law-enforcement measures. Those endless photos of confiscated sacks of drugs do resemble old photos of dead Vietcong -- body counts of replaceable bodies. El Chapo, 61, will die in a U.S. “supermax” prison, and his incarceration -- he has been in custody since 2016 -- will make no difference regarding drug flows.
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