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The Wall Street Journal reported Sunday afternoon that federal agents are getting ready to parse through roughly 650,000 emails from former Democratic Congressman Anthony Weiner's laptop. Officials are trying to determine how many relate to the Democratic presidential nominee's previous investigation into her private server while serving as Secretary of State, according to The Journal, which cited people familiar with the matter.

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Why is everyone discussing an incident that took place in 2014 like it just happened in the last week or so? TPB's article was published 08-19-2014.

Here is another version of the events from 08-21-2014.
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Fake News. Unless the news is praising Trump or defending Trump, it's fake.

According to an article from one of TPB's (along with a few other posters) favorite sources of news an "Expert Pours Cold Water on North Korea Testing Hydrogen Bomb". Expert's country of origin the same as the ones who found biological growth on the ISS - go figure.

Straight from the totally upfront, honest and unbiased "Gateway Pundit" website but overlooked by usual posters on this forum as well as MSM etc..
Then again China and Japan have announced no detectable levels of radiation so far as reported earlier today in most news sources in that part of the world.
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Success or failure of the response will not be known for weeks, more likely many months and probably years.

Everyone has more or less already forgotten the flood victims from earlier this year (except for those affected) and how well that response is or isn't going and with two good months left in hurricane season Texas is quite likely to be forgotten or mentioned for comparison and afterthought, should a Cat 3 or larger hurricane due similar damage in another part of the country.

Then again no agreement has yet been reached on funding for anything including the "wall" so don't break about the party hats, noise makers and balloons just yet .

"The floodwaters hadn't even crested in Houston when experts started calling Hurricane Harvey the costliest natural disaster in U.S. history. One estimate put the damage at $190 billion, or more than the costs of Hurricane Katrina and Superstorm Sandy, combined".

"That money will have to come from somewhere, which means Congress will need to approve it when it reconvenes next week. In recent years, emergency aid packages have tended to become politicized events. Here's what's expected this time around".

1. A Fight Over the Border Wall

2. A Fight Over the Debt Ceiling

3. A Fight That Could Be Payback for Sandy
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American public being played for fools again and MSM in collusion.

"The nation's biggest independent refiner says the operator of the largest U.S. gasoline pipeline is blocking its efforts to supply more fuel to the East Coast in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey".
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TPB - few questions on your rebuild plan, by the way Irma is a Cat 5 now, bought flood insurance yet ?

1. Does the current zoning in your neighborhood and on your lot permit building 8 units as you indicated you wanted to do.
2. If the current zoning does not permit building 8 units, what does it allow ?
3. If the zoning does not meet your needs/desires/dreams - do you know anyone in local government whose palms you can grease to get what you want?
4. If the zoning does not meet your needs/desires/dreams - have you pissed off one or more persons in local government etc. who will prevent you from getting what you want?
5. What are the details/particulars of construction/design/etc. if such multi-family building is allowed ?
6. Since you are self employed, who is going to fund your project ? As I recall getting a mortgage for your current residence was quite an ordeal for you.
7. Are you sure beyond a reasonable doubt you will still be able to do your current job or find another job that pays as well to cover repayment of a building loan as well as your day to day expenses including health care etc.?
8. Do you have experience in construction of this type (multi-family) in any capacity other than carpet laying ?
9. If you can not fill the role of construction manager/general contractor while keeping your current job, who will do that to build these 8 units and at what cost to your bottom line ?
10. Should your area take a more or less direct hit from Irma and you suffer some degree of loss, will your identify yourself on television as TPB, if given the chance to do a spot as a victim of the wrath of a Cat 5 and not having flood insurance ?
11. Have you considered writing fairy tales as part time job outside of coding ?
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Here’s What Happened When Companies Were Given a Tax Break on Overseas Profits. P

Part of the tax plan President Donald Trump unveiled this week includes giving companies breaks on profits earned overseas, an idea that has provided little economic benefit in previous attempts.

The move would allow corporations to bring those earnings back home at a sharply reduced rate.

A similar effort more than a decade ago provided a nice windfall for firms, which then passed along most of it to shareholders in the form of share buybacks and dividends. The effort provided little in the way of hiring and in fact saw some of the beneficiaries actually cut payrolls.
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TPB - you mean there won't be any post even interviews with evacuees coming back to see what's left or how much damage has been done ?

Being a self starter though can we put you down right now for you or anyone in your family not taking a single bottle of water, slice of bread or any other type of assistance from the city, county, state or federal government is that correct ? Remember if you or anyone takes even a single item, you and your family are subject to turning into a socialists.

Can we put you down right now as well is that you will be one of the first to bitch, whine and complain about traffic, shortage of supplies, overpriced gas/evacuee accommodations etc. and the same after the hurricane passes ?

Can we also put you down right now to whine, bitch and complain about the increased premiums for your house and auto insurance premiums which if this does a direct hit on Florida will be worse next year than already planned even though you choose freely to live there ?

Can we put you down right now to whine, bitch and complain about anything associated before, during and after the hurricane and blame whatever on everyone and everything except the current administration along with Potus and his wife Hurricane Barbie ?

By the way who are those "SOME" people that "we" know ? If my memory is correct at one time you took government assistance so are you trying to erase the socialist out of your past ?

In case you don't go back are you planning on being one of those deadbeats that just sends in the keys and stops paying on your mortgage ?
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Petition To Declare George Soros A Terrorists Gets Enough Signatures For WH Response.

Notice anything about the headline ? Not only are they going after Soros, there must be more than one of him.

One mighty fine quality "patriotic" rag appealing to those who envision themselves saving the country from whatever except their own members
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TPB - Are you still talking shit about things you don't know fuck about? I'm in Florida, how hard do you think it would be to build two quadplex townhomes on a 10K lot, that Jesus cleared via a Hurricane?

Can we start by adding weather prognosticator to the things you are claiming to be and not only an expert, that you are better informed and more knowledgeable than the scientists etc?
Then again being a Trump supporter it’s not surprising since Trump claims to know more than his generals

For the record you claimed – wrongly, spectacularly and galatically that:

It's not going to rain for a week. The dry air to the west behind it, is transferring all of the moisture out into the Western Atlantic.

Surges are not tidal water, or waves pilling up like NASA explains them. Surges are the Fresh water dumped on the ocean that is lighter than the salt water, is being pushed along the surface of the ocean. So the more rain the storm dumps the bigger the surge.

When this is all said and done it will be some Southern Atlantic states that get the most flooding. Georgia wont be able to absorb all of the Rain that is just miles off their coast right now.

(Hurricane Harvey, comments made on 26 August on thread indicated below)

Earlier in this thread you claimed – wrongly, spectacularly and galatically that:

"This hurricane wont survive to make it through the three fronts ahead of it. Ira is not the problem, the problem is the Tropical depression over the Yuccatan building up heading east, pushing Ira back out and up into the Northwestern Atlanitic."

The tropical depression off the Yucatan is now tropical Storm Katia could strengthen into a hurricane as it stews in the southwestern Gulf of Mexico.

The system may wobble to the north, east and south this week, but it will move very little overall. (Accuweather about 30 minutes ago)

Is the lot valued at 10,000 dollars or is it 10,000 square feet ? If the lot is only worth 10 thousand, it must be quite a neighborhood.

Jesus sent the hurricane? Going to guess this was to punish someone. Is this going to work like it did in Louisiana?

Louisiana floods destroy home of Christian leader who says God sends natural disasters to punish gay people.
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The Empire Comes Home Counterinsurgency, Policing, and the Militarization of America’s Cities.
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Five types of gun laws the Founding Fathers loved.

The colonies and then the newly independent states kept track of these privately owned weapons required for militia service. Men could be fined if they reported to a muster without a well-maintained weapon in working condition.

There was no general right of armed travel when the Second Amendment was adopted, and certainly no right to travel with concealed weapons. Such a right first emerged in the United States in the slave South decades after the Second Amendment was adopted. The market revolution of the early 19th century made cheap and reliable hand guns readily available. Southern murder rates soared as a result.

Under traditional English common law, one had a duty to retreat, not stand your ground. Deadly force was justified only if no other alternative was possible. One had to retreat, until retreat was no longer possible, before killing an aggressor.

One of the most common claims one hears in the modern Second Amendment debate is the assertion that the Founders included this provision in the Constitution to make possible a right of revolution. But this claim, too, rests on a serious misunderstanding of the role the right to bear arms played in American constitutional theory.

In fact, the Founders engaged in large-scale disarmament of the civilian population during the American Revolution. The right to bear arms was conditional on swearing a loyalty oath to the government. Individuals who refused to swear such an oath were disarmed.

The notion that the Second Amendment was understood to protect a right to take up arms against the government is absurd. Indeed, the Constitution itself defines such an act as treason.

Gun regulation and gun ownership have always existed side by side in American history. The Second Amendment poses no obstacle to enacting sensible gun laws. The failure to do so is not the Constitution’s fault; it is ours.
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The Republican’s are devoid of leaders and ideas…what happens if Trump gets impeached?

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"Is anyone paying Pence to vote against the public interest?"

The Koch Brothers Want A Tax Cut. Pence Is Ready To Help.

In New York City last week, Vice President Mike Pence asked billionaire David Koch and around 100 other wealthy, conservative political donors for help in supporting a Republican tax plan. Since the plan would overwhelmingly benefit the richest Americans — like those he was addressing — Pence probably didn’t need to do much persuading.

“To get this tax cut across the line, to give the American people the tax relief that they need, we need every ounce of your energy and enthusiasm,” Pence told the Republican mega-donors who make up part of the powerful, right-wing political donor network headed by David Koch and his brother Charles, who together run a giant industrial conglomerate and are worth a combined $96.8 billion, according to Forbes. The Koch brothers, whose political operation rivals either of the two major parties, are libertarians and fiercely oppose taxation and government regulation.

Same Koch brothers who would like to rewrite the constitution.

You really do not want Pence in the White House
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Everyone is making Donald Trump sad. Being President is soooo hard, and Donald hates everyone in the white house…everyone! He is so glad it is the weekend and can run away to play golf and not get locked in a closet by John Kelly. NBC made him look like a moron, and everyone agreed. His big IQ just cannot remember the names of those little countries in Africa so he made some up. He was so excited to sign the latest executive order to destroy Obamacare, that he forgot to sign it, so sad! Senator Corker said those nasty things about him and then said that Liddle Donald would blow us all up by starting WW3, and he’s a Republican. He’s pretty sure he invented the word”fake”. Donald Trump is sad because he looked and sounded like an idiot all week long… he must be tired of winning.
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Somewhere in the suburbs of New Jersey

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me123 + TDS = Total Dip Shit.
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Many top White House officials have ties to the Koch brothers, further magnifying their influence on federal policy-making, and chief among their allies is Pence.

The New York gathering on Oct. 13 marked the first time that Pence has addressed Koch donors since becoming vice president, but it was by no means his first encounter with the group. In fact, Pence owes much of his political career to the Kochs.

“To get this tax cut across the line, to give the American people the tax relief that they need, we need every ounce of your energy and enthusiasm,” Pence told the Republican mega-donors who make up part of the powerful, right-wing political donor network headed by David Koch and his brother Charles, who together run a giant industrial conglomerate and are worth a combined $96.8 billion, according to Forbes. The Koch brothers, whose political operation rivals either of the two major parties, are libertarians and fiercely oppose taxation and government regulation.

One of the Kochs’ primary political advocacy groups, Americans for Prosperity, has already spent millions on a campaign urging GOP lawmakers to pass sweeping tax cuts. The group has, since this summer, planned events in 36 states, launched ads targeting Democratic incumbents in swing states, dispersed activists door-to-door and had its donors call Republican legislators.

As a private company — the second-largest in the U.S. — Koch Industries is not required to report its financial information in the states, but it likely pays a large amount in federal taxes simply because of the size of the corporation: It boasts over $100 billion in revenue per year. However, a 2016 study by a liberal super PAC claimed that Koch Industries own 610 subsidiaries located in 17 global tax havens. And an International Consortium of Investigative Journalists investigation in late 2014 claimed that Koch Industries created a complex tax scheme in Luxembourg that may have significantly decreased its U.S. taxes.

The Koch machine already helped kill a proposed border adjustment tax, which would have taxed companies’ domestic sales and imports. Despite this victory, the Kochs want further tax cuts. President Donald Trump’s tax proposal would move the corporate tax rate down to 20 percent, although this move may not affect a company like Koch Industries, which may already pay a lower effective rate. The plan would reduce the estate tax and eliminate the alternative minimum tax, likely saving the brothers billions of dollars in personal and family taxes.
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Paul Manafort and his former business associate Rick Gates were told to surrender to federal authorities Monday morning, the first charges in a special counsel investigation, according to a person involved in the case.

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But if you are talking really conflicted minds - look in the mirror.

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Sniper aka Ironman aka CiC aka Piggy aka whatever hunting - then again in might be TPB on a winter vacation, six of one, half dozen of the other so not a big difference anyway.

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Why $1 Trillion Deficits Will Soon Be the New Normal

Economists at Goldman Sachs just increased their deficit forecasts for the next few years “to reflect the effect of disaster spending, expected tax cuts, and an increase in spending caps.”

Goldman now projects the deficit to reach $750 billion in 2018, or 3.7 percent of GDP, up from 3.5 percent this year. Goldman sees the deficit rising to $900 billion (4.3 percent of GDP) in fiscal 2019 and $1.025 trillion (4.7 percent of GDP) in 2020. The estimates are $50 billion higher than Goldman’s previous forecast for 2018, and $75 billion higher for each of the following two years. They are also significantly higher than the Congressional Budget Office’s most recent projections, released in June, which said the deficit wouldn’t reach $1 trillion until 2022 — though those baseline estimates assume that current tax and spending laws won’t be changed.

The spending and taxing policies about to be put in place by the Trump administration and the Republican-controlled Congress will balloon the federal deficit to $1 trillion or more every year going forward,” he writes at Forbes. “And unlike the four consecutive $1 trillion deficits recorded during the first years of the Obama administration, these trillion-dollar annual deficits will be the result of enacted changes in federal spending and taxing rather than on a temporary economic downturn. Some of these changes will be permanent. Others will need to be reapproved annually but are unlikely to be rejected in the future.”

In other words, barring a drastic change to the tax cut plan Republicans have put forth or an unforeseen focus on spending cuts and entitlement reforms, “the Trump/GOP-supported $1 trillion budget deficits are the new normal.”
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TPB - You don't know what it's like to be a White Patriotic American in a post Obama dystopia

Can you elaborate ? I'm not having any problems and whatever ones I had along the way were of my own doing, not someone else.

What about non-white Patriotic Americans in a post Obama dystopia ? Any insights on how they are faring or aren't there any non-white Patriotic Americans ?
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There’s a Shady Puerto Rico Contract You Didn’t Hear About. A separate $200 million contract has faced little scrutiny, but may ultimately be even more scandalous for what it says about the effort to rebuild the island in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria.

The deal was inked with a company called Cobra Acquisitions LLC, which didn’t even exist until this year. It’s a subsidiary of an Oklahoma-based fossil fuel company, suggesting that neither the Puerto Rican Electric Power Authority nor the federal government has much interest in seizing the opportunity presented by the storm to rebuild Puerto Rico in a sustainable way that relies on renewable energy rather than imported oil.

Unlike the Whitefish contract, the Cobra deal with PREPA involved heavy input from the Federal Emergency Management Agency, which — according to a recent conference call convened by Mammoth Energy Services — was “in the room” and there “every step of the way” as it was being meted out so as to be in line with the agency’s reimbursement requirements. (Neither FEMA nor PREPA representatives have responded to The Intercept’s multiple requests for comment.)

“We expect this to be a credit to our corporate margin,” an unidentified Mammoth executive (likely Chief Financial Officer Mark Layton) said on the conference call. “Quite honestly, we wouldn’t have entered this contract if we didn’t think we’d get paid.”

“The Cobra contract is less flashy and less obviously crazy,” Cathy Kunkel, an energy analyst at the Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis, told The Intercept. “But together with [the Whitefish contract] shows the nexus of PREPA with oil and gas interests — the kind of companies that are go-to companies for PREPA.”

Mammoth, Cobra’s parent firm, is primarily an oilfield services company, with several smaller subsidiaries selling a range of support offerings to fracking and other fossil fuel extraction operations. HBC Investments, one of Whitefish’s major financiers, owns several fossil fuel holdings. PREPA itself, like most island energy systems, is also inordinately dependent on imported oil, generating 47.4 percent of its power from that source alone.

PREPA is currently $9 billion in debt and gives more than $1 billion a year to off-island oil and gas companies. Yet even as the utility’s leadership has acknowledged that its fiscal sustainability relies on a transition away from oil, its plan has been to transition not to distributed renewables — which are more resilient to storms — but to centralized natural gas. In 2010, Puerto Rico’s legislature set out a plan to get a full 12 percent of energy from renewables by 2015. As of 2015, just 3.3 percent of its power was derived from clean energy. Nearly a third of the island’s generating capacity, meanwhile, came from natural gas, and PREPA’s plan for 2035 includes the construction of a $400 million liquid natural gas import terminal. Currently, all signs point to PREPA rebuilding its energy system back to the pre-storm status quo — or worse.

There are reasons to be concerned about Cobra beyond its ties to the fossil fuel industry, though. Cobra’s creation is Mammoth’s first foray into the utility sector, the result, Mammoth CEO Arty Straehla said on the call, of their expectation that it would produce a “stable cash flow” and the “potential for significant growth,” adding later that the utility business is “less cyclical” and “less capital-intensive” than its other work. Earlier in the year, he said, “we hired an experienced management team with an average of 25 years of industry experience at much larger companies to begin the process of entering the energy infrastructure business,” officially forming Cobra in the second quarter of 2017. Straehla said Cobra is currently operating 58 fleets across the United States and employs 275 “highly trained professionals” as of October. They hope to have as many as 500 personnel in Puerto Rico in the near future.

Cobra, then, is an even younger firm than Whitefish, founded when Mammoth acquired two small transmission and distribution companies for around $8 million total, at which point Mammoth “quickly deployed capital to expand,” Straehla said on the call. According to Mammoth’s most recent SEC filings, one of those companies — the only one acquired before the filing date — is Higher Power Electrical LLC, based in Plainview, Texas. According to the Better Business Bureau, Higher Power had been operating for five years before its acquisition by Mammoth and its owner’s name is listed as Robert Malcolm. On the conference call, Straehla noted that another firm that was part of the acquisition was based on the East Coast.

Alongside FEMA, Mammoth negotiated a $15 million payment from PREPA upfront and will be paid biweekly. The initial contract is for 120 days of work, though Mammoth stated repeatedly on the conference call that they expect that to be extended. “We hope,” Straehla said, “this leads to additional work in rebuilding the infrastructure after the emergency situation.”
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What's the dig deal? I am sure it happens all over, we used to do it back in the day and not one doubt there were some out of area kids around here last night as well. Actually hitting all the bars and taverns in the area was like winning the lottery. The drunks would give you whatever change they had in front of them or buy full size candy bars etc. from whatever was on hand in the place. If you got really lucky and hit a bar that was alive, you could walk out there with enough money to tide you over for a week or so plus some really good chips, candy bars etc. - none of that fun size crapola and asking where you came from.
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WookieMan - there are so few children out and regardless how little candy I have on hand it's always too much. The good thing here is the Trick or Treat hours are from 6:00 to 8:00 P.M. which is actually enforced.

Growing up we tried the "wealthier" neighborhood routine - waste of time.

The issue though of going to outlying neighborhoods was on the local news but so far - not much of a problem. Crime in certain areas the reason some parents gave for considering taking their kids elsewhere and then most of the smaller cities etc. have come up with alternative activities so no one should really have to travel outside their area.

The downside which you mentioned is the thought process that gets instilled in the children by the parents.