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Russian bot is back at his kind of late thing again. Meh...
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Lightweight for Democrats

To be elected Democrat this day you have to scream "fuck white people, fuck men, it's all about gender choices and feminism inclusivity". Otherwise you are dead end candidate.
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I swear if someone shoots her in the face, the verdict should be "someone did something" (aka not guilty).
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zzyzzx says

What I noticed from reading news, it's not the kids choices, it's the idiot parents pushing this onto children. I'm telling you, this insanity is coming from really really stupid parents.
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it's not a myth. I'm very real.

but liberal alpha males do not exist, that part is true.
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Found this on fox too:

That's about it. Mall of America, black dude, really crazy asshole, threw a white kid off, and tried to run away.

Wasn't important enough by liberals to make fuss over. After all victim was white, they hate white people. If he threw a faggot over, that would be a different story of course. At minimum half the fucking commentators on left are fags/lesbians so that they get upset about. Straight white people, no one gives a shit about, especially normal white children.
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marcus says

Obama didn't create the economy. It was going downhill, anemically. The only credit he gets is for helping steer it out of depression early on via huge cash injection. After that he just went stupid with crony bailouts and idiotic regulations. Then he went all SJW on America. Obama kept on bringing more regulation, which caused businesses to hold back, he kept on promising more taxes which scared business. He lastly spent at least 2 years promoting transgenderism (for whatever fucking reason i don't know). Dumbest president in my lifetime, him and Bush Jr were both very dumb.

Trump on the other hand, is one of the smartest presidents we had. He actually made America better, much better.
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Some posters sound like a communist poster from the 70's. Labor masses unite, rise up with hammer and sickle, if you have a job you are oppressed...

Kaki you bring back memories and what Reagan spoke against.
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I think more than anything history tells us where "big government leads". I remember the fall of the soviet union and all other communist/socialist nations. Only truly gullible think that "equality" can make things work. It only drags everything down.

I'm not against social programs, or some government. But when government becomes too big, it goes past the inflection point where it's beneficial and just becomes an organization that sucks life blood out of the working sector, killing the host. Because you can't change human nature. All those government employees don't give a fuck about anything but themselves. Government is inefficient, completely useless for most part, and expensive, and when the cost of government becomes a permanent and inefficient burden it drags everyone down.

Right now the cost of CA government far far far out-weights the benefits. Half of it can be removed and life would likely improve significantly. When I look at how much government pays their employees, you can see the cost inefficiencies (especially if you consider how they never get shit done). Pension system is a racket, programs are a racket, private sector partnerships are a total scam. Whole thing is pure bullshit built on lies on top of lies.
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Kakistocracy says
Patrick says
That's just not true.

Bullshit - we always claim God is on our side - the same God referred to by us - we are always doing God's work and fulfilling his mysterious ways
by inventing more deadly ways to kill people, not save them. Just like Jebus told us to do.

if you are talking about "peace through strengh", than you greatly misunderstood it. which is fine, if you ddin't grow up here. its an advanced concept.
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marcus says
RC2006 says
Media ignores most black murders

THe national media ignores most murders period, especially if the people involved are poor.

"Affluenza" outbreak is a serious problem.
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this pronoun shit is hella unconstitutional.
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best pronoun so far?
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Is Omar throwing a party in celebration yet?
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there was another article today (some isis dude raped a little girl, called it a gift from god or something like that). yeah religion of peace.

left is so blinded by hatred toward christians/right, that they are literally inviting someone to behead everyone in America just to hurt Christians (in their mind). so stupid.
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marcus says

black dudes are Christian mostly in our area. So there's that little inconvenience truth.

It's funny how left tries to pull blacks out from houses and churches, and push them into welfare. They put more effort into fucking blacks over (for votes) than getting a job.
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Heraclitusstudent says
Macron said he will have "the best workers in the world" rebuild it. Maybe Chinese?
NPR started news this morning by gloating about the European Union countries promising funds to rebuild it.
It will be rebuild into something global with a vague French after taste.

It's like the American flag on the moon after Hollywood dealt with it.
We don't want no fucking national(ist) symbols.

it'll require approval from every PC department, so gender neutral, culturally vague, all inclusive kumbaya... no references to "god" or anything of that sort.
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SunnyvaleCA says
I think many of the Bernie supporters (and supporters of other socialist/democrats) believe that changing the tax rates on high-income workers won't change those workers' behavior. They are told that, mathematically, a 90% income tax will bring in the revenue — that's probably true as far as it goes. What they don't understand is that the people taxed at 90% will simply stop working (if they are honest) or figure out how to cheat on their taxes so as to avoid paying the 90% rate.

Now apply the same [il]logic to healthcare for illegal alians: These same people don't realize that giving free stuff to illegal aliens will induce an even larger inflow of illegal aliens.

The thing is that out of that 90% taxes, even if some pay it... it'll all end up in pockets of bureaucrats and their wealthy friends. It won't go to people. Even right now, CA is great example of this... government lives well at expense to private sector.
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those naughty children.
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To their defense, strategy works because their women don't go around in stupid pink hats screaming how much they hate men. A few nice ass whoops and they are back cooking dinner.
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Haven't seen any action outside, so probably not.
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I think that media really promotes stupid people it agrees with to far greater extend that they deserve. That Ford woman, is a washed up liar who lied to get attention. Dems promoted her for personal gain reasons, still failed. I wouldn't put loud idiots on the list, just because crazies on the fringe left are suffering from TDS and will believe any liar if it makes them feel better.

At the end this crap just devalues the times 100 list, if I look at the list and see really stupid shit on it, it might as well be a list compiled by my drunk ass neighbor. Media is just trash now a days, no real reporting, just lots of clickbait.
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HeadSet says
Everybody’s income taxes should be public

Health records, too? Voting record?

I like of Voting Record being public.

It pisses me off that we have 0 way to tell who voted and for what in CA. They made a website, which only knows if you are registered voter or not (and it bases voted off that). One year I did not vote, on website said I did. Basically whoever counts the votes runs the show.
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CovfefeButDeadly says
Lol. Leftist politicians like Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garbagecetti have intentionally ignored the homeless to make political hay and now the problem has gotten so big the idiots don’t know how to handle it. Instead they toss cash at shady nonprofits that are basically pseudo Gov agencies and fatten the wallets of those “outreach” groups while the poor and middle class suffer with non stop growth of homeless encampments.

I worked with a few agencies. It's fucking insane how much backscratching there is. They don't do shit without a kickback in return. Fucking hate them all.
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I use cash for very few reasons.

- haggle over taxes and discounts works better if you pay cash to a small shop. They'll haggle and usually discount for cash off the books.
- privacy (bank doesn't know your transactions)
- easier to keep budget, since it's very visible and shrinks when you spend.

Main reason probably is the fact that I spend less if I use cash, because I really feel and see it. With card it's very easy to go over budget.
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Hugolas_Madurez says
ForcedTQ says
I don't think it's prudent to pay 3%-5% extra for what I am buying so that I can get bullshit cash rebates/miles/points. You'll never recoup the losses (vig) for the cost of your horseshit convenience....

Right. But this works only if the merchant offers cash discounts (like many gas stations around here, for example). Otherwise you are pretty much paying these "3%-5% extra" just like CC guys but don't get any bullshit points back.

If they use Square they are paying through the nose. A good reasonable rate is usually between 1.5% to 2.25%. I usually negotiate discount for paying cash if I can, but yeah not everywhere. Saved me $80 on last purchase where we agreed I don't pay taxes (10%) if I pay cash.
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I guess according to leftists and ACLU unless you can shit on the streets and shoot in plain view for children to see, while discarding needles... freedom has no meaning.
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Drugs devastated black communities back in the days, now everyone else wants to destroy theirs with drugs. I see a mistake being repeated, pisses me off.
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APOCALYPSEFUCKisShostikovitch says

Simple rules.

Divide student body in half.

Cancel classes.

Everyone stops by the liquor store on the way to the field.

Coin toss winner goes first. Coin toss loser gets the designated sniper.

Band get to pick the winner in case of complete wipe out of both teams.

that would make football a bit more interesting
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next step is to trick them to get into a giant cargo plane.
fly that plane off to Africa somewhere and drop them all off (tell them it's outside of SF, they won't know a difference for at least a day).

Best plan ever.
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On NPR all they talk about is how compassionate they are and every single one of them is a poor misunderstood refugee who just needs us to give him a chance to live in America. Some total dumb left wing shit, considering none of the leftists want them in their neighborhood.
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Patrick says
Why exactly would a US feminist ever wear a hijab in a protest? To show solidarity with Muslims who burn feminists alive?

In my opinion, they are rebelling, because they are stupid, and they don't know where the boundary between ok and too far is. And since most men won't put the foot down with them, those chicks are craving that authority to order them.

Unfair part is that laws unfairly do jail aggressive male behavior, instead of jailing provocative and neurotic female behavior. In name of equality they should make it 50/50 and change laws to equal it out.

I'm just thinking along the lines of those equality women, after all this would be equality right? :)
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Credit cards are irresponsible simple. If one needs credit to buy loaf of bread, they are not managing their finances well.
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marcus says

Most men (real men, aka not liberals) would rather look at beautiful woman instead of looking at someones taxes. Just stating the obvious here.
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Maybe. But how often do you see feminist protests in muslim countries? You won't find pussy hatters there, they are all keeping their stupid shit to themselves, because they know there will be consequences.
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