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Those protesters got balls like our founding fathers almost.

Ironically Americans, at least here in CA, have been submitting to big government like pushovers.
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I tried listening to that Jazz. It was terrible, those talking heads are like "stupid propaganda". Zero facts and a whole bunch of poorly thought out opinions with frequent insults and fallacies.

Sorry man, that's just too stupid to listen to. That bold headed comrade should go work for North Korea, he doesn't understand basic economics and incentives.
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I literally remember movies from early 1960's where they had "global warming" rumor conversations. Apparently the bullshit line isn't new, and was never true.

Liberals constantly scream sky is falling, and to fix it you just have to give them everything you own. They wait 10 years, and try again, god damn stupid.
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Because left is always offended by everything.
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Dude this is fricken awesome. This is an opportunity for sure, talk about creating jobs and opportunities.

And left, well all they got is trannies and feminists duking out for who owns the party, hahahahahaha! Party of mental disorders.
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Rocketmanjoe says
Patrick says
@FortWayneIndiana I agree with all your points.

Opinions are like assholes everyone has one.

Talking about yourself there Joey?
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Tim Aurora says
FortWayneIndiana says
Transgendrism is not a mental disorder.

None of your business. It is not hurting anyone. Keep your nose out of it

It became my business when Leftists started pushing this bullshit onto normal kids. Kids are easily confused, and now its in our schools where left is trying to tell every child that they should be "gender fluid". This is fucking Child Abuse. Democrats declared war on children. Aborting by millions wasnt enough for you fascist assholes, now you need to mutilate them and give them disorders. This mental disorder pushed onto our kids, this affects everyone here now. You sick fascist fucks pushed it too far, and yes it is everyones problem now. You people are anti science and anti children. Fascist baby murderers!!!!

Tim Aurora says
Healthcare is NOT a right but it has to be AFFORDABLE . If not affordable, being a need like Food and water, it will create a crisis

Its unaffordable because of how heavily regulated it is by government, there is no competition, government took competition out becuase of you leftists screaming "its a right". and there are no incentives. So that's why it costs a lot. You go to doctor, you cant get a price, they dont have it. Becuase of regulations pushed by government by people like you! If government was the answer, then North Korea and Soviet Union would have had amazing healthcare, but they didn't. People died from things that were cured in America. So learn some history before you people propose insane anti scientific crap.

Tim Aurora says
No one is saying that Constitution is wrong. But we do amned it every once in while.

Your party kept screaming repeal second amendment for many month in a row, so dont pretend its not happening when it happens every day by the leftists. Who want to ban weapons, want to remove second amendment to feel good about themselves without realizing how it'll ruin America.

Problem with you liberals is that you still know too much that isn't so.
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LastMan says
On the flip side, would you argue that a person should die on the steps of a hospital because they don't have the means to pay?

First of all it is absurd to say that free market system murders people. Because facts say otherwise, and facts absolutely disagree with socialism. Who had better healthcare Soviet Union, North Korea or USA? Everyone knows it was way better in USA. USSR had socialized healthcare, and it was utter shit. And with more Americans starting to believe into Bernie Sanders shit that it is a right, healthcare is getting more regulated, shittier, and more expensive. That's how that game always ends.

So if I had to choose between free market system that will make better healthcare, have incentive to make it affordable, but let a few people die. I'd pick that over "Universal" socialism where system is shitty, expensive, and millions die because of how bad healthcare actually is.

If you are advocating universality, socialism, just remember that history proves that you'll achieve exact opposite of what you wish.

LastMan says
You need to rethink this. Sick workers don't work. A society that doesn't care about the health of its workers is uncompetitive compared to ones that do. Workers that know that health care is covered feel more empowered to take on entrepreneurial endeavors.

You can't force someone to work for you for free, and you sure as hell can't force someone to pay for your choices in life. It's why free market system works, because the incentive is there to do something with your life. I swear this generation of Americans, probably starting with GenX and up are the laziest and most entitled generations I've ever seen. And decline of America is showing.
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Tenpoundbass says
While I agree with your list and your spirit of Libertarianism.

Accessible Healthcare for the masses of a country is a DUTY of the leaders.
If you don't think so, then Rome would have never built aqueducts, toilets and flowing sewer systems.

TPB I agree with accessibility. However, left is arguing for universal healthcare, universal always ends in utter failure and death. Just listen to Bernie Sanders and millions of leftist followers. What he proposes destroys all incentive in healthcare to make it affordable or to even provide it. It simply becomes unaffordable for the country. Even CA, a very left leaning state, failed to pass universal healthcare, because we'd be broke in a few short years.

Leftists are tearing down the aqueducts, and building hell on earth instead, tearing down freedoms, and giving government that control over our lives. So a distant capital in Sacramento can plan our lives for us better than we can for ourselves, who are we to know what's best for us. When liberals set out to accomplish their "noble" goals, somehow it always starts with tyranny. And they call themselves "liberals". The absurdity of their mindset is astonishing.
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I just don't trust WAPO to honestly report anything. They always spin it anti immigration, anti Trump.

if they cared about children, they wouldn't be promoting leftist crap. But they do. So this really is just likely another lie, fake news, anti immigration, and pro open borders, bullshit piece.
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Why would any parent take their kids to a place that will have to instill gender studies bullshit onto their kids? Dumb ass parents might, everyone sane will not put their kids into that kind of brainwashing situation.

Boy Scouts were about teaching boys to be men, not to be fucking gender neutral all accepting wimps.
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Strategist says
FortWayneIndiana says
1) Healthcare is a right
No it's not a right. Someone has to do the work, you don't have a right to someone else's work.

Eventually, Health care, Education and opportunities will, and should be a right just like food, clothes and shelter is a right today. Health care, education and opportunities for all will go towards helping mankind progress. I understand we are not ready for that today, but eventually it will be a norm. My concern is, we should not give enough to losers who want to do nothing. That's just money down the drain.

It's not a "right" if it can be denied? Reality is that any product or service that someone has to make or perform, can't be a right. Because that requires slavery, forced labor, compulsion. If you are talking about years into the future when robots are doing everything for human race... I suppose, but 100% won't happen in my lifetime, still waiting on flying cars which didn't pan out. (was such a cool thing to look forward to).
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I'm down for the trip
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Put a nail in a coffin of housing with that plan that takes from working people to pay to bureaucrats, unions, and little left overs to few poor souls for which some money is left.
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next you'll blame America for death of Muslim pilots on 9/11?
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WineHorror1 says
I think you're missing the intent of the "State". The "State" is mother and father to everyone. All discipline goes through the "State". This is very important psychological conditioning of the plebes by the "State".

Notice how the parents thanked the "State" for doing their job? Very effective. You are nothing more than a cow to the "State".

For some reason, this post brings to my mind a Twilight episode called "The Obsolete Man".

Watch it.

Thanks, that's a great reminder. Used to love that show.
Found it on youtube, brings memories back. It's frightening how close to reality that is today in CA where our rights are nothing more than what a few bureaucrats decide that very day. People in CA are sheep, they gave this government all those rights away.
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Just wait till they complain about "Move Bitch Get Out Da Way" just because it has word "Bitch" in it.
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Only Republicans can fix it. Because they would simply find ways to build a lot more.

I've seen what Democrats propose, it always involves shittyfication of well off neighborhoods, constantly dividing the pie instead of making it bigger. They aren't capable as a party of anything else, it's their whole fucking useless party of socialist shit.
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Merry Christmas everyone.
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LastMan says
TwoScoopsOfSpaceForce says
Are we going to cap payouts to legitimately ill individuals but not Bastard Factories?

If you want to propose some kind of forced sterilization program for Bastard Factories, you go ahead. I'm suggesting that there be some kind of official basic health care standard for workers to minimize missed work days, and a safety net that encourages entrepreneurialism. I'm sorry if these ideas to increase competitiveness make you uncomfortable.

The problem with any universal program is that it's going to destroy free market and the incentives that come with free market. with government, you either get shittier care, or unaffordable care. People are entitled lately, dumb as fuck too, they think government will give them what free market created. It doesnt' work that way simply.

You can't have universal care, have open borders for people to mooch off the system (like California that is overwhelemd with illegals and costs), and expect free market innovation solutions. It doesn't wort hat way simply.
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LastMan says
I never said that a free market system would murder someone. I implied that it would let someone die because they can't pay. Tell me, what does someone do who can't afford to pay?

They can seek charity, ask for help. be responsible.
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komputodo says
Is Christmas Town at the north pole?

Used to be, but apparently China had cheaper labor force, so entire outsourced. Accounting to India, Manufacturing to China. Elf staff lacked diversity quotas mandated by the state, and lost their tax benefits. Santa and some bureaucratic staff mostly left around the pole for old time sake. Also there are rumors that some old fuck named Bernie is running around demanding all presents be equal.
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Screw football.

So LA has rams now. I watched 10 minutes of it. Only 2 players are from CA, rest are from all over the country. And all sports are like that, I am not watching until they stop kneeling during anthem, and have players from the city they are supposedly representing. We have 10 million people in Los Angeles, I'm sure they could find 10 jackasses willing to play for Rams and do fine at it. All you need is to be a size of a fucking refrigerator, and work out when told. It's not that hard.
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It's insane here, CA pension system is out of this world. They've way overpromised. You work 27 years, you don't have to work for another 35 with full salary and benefits. They turned government employees into masters, and taxpayers into worker bee slaves. Taxes are insane out here. And every year they go up too with various "Propositions" that always increase sales or income or property taxes.

There is a promise of another major tax increase in 2020 when teachers union is supposed to ask for pension increases, which would require $600/household of additional taxes annually to fix a problem for a few years.
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Strategist says
TwoScoopsOfSpaceForce says
It;s a good thing Muhammed doesn't have the wheel, or the truck would ram through a Xmas Market at High Speed.

Mohammad's followers do. :(

Ban all trucks! Duh!!!
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Jazz that is completely fake news. Every single point is easily proven wrong. Just shows that left lives in world out of touch with reality, whatever they imagined in their heads.
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I voted for Trump becasue I voted for economic policy and America first policy. Not for tranny rights and redistribution feminist crap that left was promoting.

Voting for Hillary would have been insane, only lowT males would vote for someone like that. You got to be a feminists male bitch to vote for someone who promotes feminism and socialism.
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So far America has improved and as long as Trump is running the country it'll get better.

economy is better
immigration is slowly getting fixed (despite Democrats who want to import more slave labor from Mexico, fucking leftist slaver mother fuckers).
world respects Trump a lot more than Obama, they know Trump will defend America, and is not going to roll over on command like Obama did.
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ThreeBays says
FortWayneIndiana says
world respects Trump a lot more than Obama, they know Trump will defend America, and is not going to roll over on command like Obama did.

It sounds like you don't get out in the world and get your news from liars. Obama was very respected in the world, and Trump is a laughing stock.

I do, I get to talk to a lot of folks outside America regarding business, I even travel overseas for business (logistics). Everyone thought Obama was chicken shit, but they think Trump is a tough dude. Surprisingly people overseas are aware of liberal propaganda corp Voice of America, because VOA are also overseas bashing Trump heavily. It's strange to have an American company, spend lots of money overseas to bash Trump, but that's what they do. It's really a strange thing, I wonder if it's ran by like Chinese or Russians trying to undermine America, or if it's truly our own undermining America.
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Neither party wants to pass "Balanced Budget Amendment" that Reagan proposed. So basically our country is going to wait till we run out of money one day. Politicians are whores, they are there to make money and get bribes, not to solve problems.
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Evan F. says
Lol what? VOA is funded by the US government. Specifically, at this point in time, Trump's government.

Voice of America is way too leftist, not sure what the fuck is going on with it.
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worst bot post ever, site is blocked by paywall. dude not all of us have subscription.
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they'll find ways to tax everything else a little more. all you need here is a proposition on a ballot that says that it's going to help struggling poor, instant pass.

This is mob rule where majority can choose to tax and take away rights from everyone with just a single vote.
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Heraclitusstudent says
Goran_K says
Trump was the biggest gut punch against globalism in world history.

Which is why the trade deficit with China is up 11% this year.
Some gut punch.

Were you expecting instant results? World is not a computer program dude, press a button and everyone instantly switches places. They are winning for now, but they won't be winning for long. Nothing government does takes immediate action, but it's already clear that actions that Trump took, will bring industry back to US. Many companies are starting, it's not instant, but it's happening. And in next few years you'll see this deficit disappear.

China is playing "undercut competition and kill them with low prices" while they artificially keep their currency depreciated. It's a common business strategy to kill everyone off. But they won't win against Trump. If I could, I'd do that too. Under cut all competitors till they are out of business, buy them up, setup monopoly. Simple game really. It's what China has been doing to US, and we like idiots have been allowing them to do it for many years.
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HeadSet says
Quigley says
Update: the FCC (headed by a Trump appointee) has said that states do not have the power to tax text messages. The California bureau has abandoned their upcoming vote on this issue in response.

Elections have consequences!

All the left has to do is find a judge somewhere that will make a interpretation allowing CA to tax texts.

The best part is that it'll end up in Supreme Court where Kavanaugh will sit there remembering just how much left tried to destroy his life a few month ago before ruling against them.
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Once Trump gets his policies working this will get wiped out.

This is years of delusion by globalists who were selling America down the river to China. China keeps currency artificially low, undercuts all competition till competition dies, China sets up monopoly and fucking owns you. At least Trump, unlike Obama is fighting against this. And I'm sure in next few years deficits will be wiped out.

Because China isn't our "trade partner", they fucking hate us and would love to own us.
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d6rB says
Can't argue with FACTS. If trade deficit with China has increased, then Trump's policies do not work (assuming he wanted to cut down on deficits, which I am not completely sure about). I have very strong doubts trade deficit will go down from here, as usually we can extrapolate past results into future.

They haven't had a chance to work yet. Same happened to Bush Sr. His policies worked, but by the time the effect was showing he already lost reelection to Clinton.
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just_dregalicious says
I think California is a great place to open up the first boomer concentration-retirement camps. Start prototyping now before the rush. Get some voice-of-the-customer feedback then iterate the design.

they already got those.
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It's left trying to divide us, Russia is insignificant.

- Antifa
- La Raza
- Destruction of American families
- Destruction of religion
- promotion of fag and tranny crap (further to destroy families)
- use of child services to attack normal families.
- destruction of economic incentives

Shit is already here, and it's done not by foreigners. But by American leftist fascists.

The Housing Trap
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