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T L Lipsovich says

if they can prove they are an oppressed minority, like the Yazidi (who aren't really Monotheistic, but Dualist Gnostics).

Doesnt' matter. It is all based on religion.

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rando says

White supremacists and the KKK barely exist at all.

I don't agree with that. And Trump will cause a greater number of people to become them.

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Drumpf is from Germany, in case you all forgot. He believes he has a special gene. Yes he has a special gene to screw people over.

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CBOEtrader says

Righteousness turns us into Nazis.

You are truly an idiot. You don't even know what you say. Nazis are Nazis because they are unrighteous racists. They cannot distinguish between peaceful factions and non peaceful factions. There is something missing in their brains. They reason like sub humans. I know that technically, they are humans, but there is something wrong with them.

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Rew says

Gary, did he ask the right person? ;)

You didn't read the article. Your statement is proof. You will Rew the day that you failed to read the article. :)

Here is a hint, he should ask me or he will be in for grief at the hands of the Fed.

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HEY YOU says

It's hard to decide if I want a strong or weak fiat currency.

Of course, however, there are more problems with a strong dollar than a weak one even though it would be helpful to the consumer.

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Patrick, Israelis are taught to hate Muslims. I will post a thread to show you what the Israelis did to Yemeni and Ethiopian Jews as well. I have been tested Ethiopian and Yemeni Jews as well as Sephardic, Ashkenazi, Moroccan and North African Jews as well. I will post the thread.

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Yep. Now, not all Israelis are Zionists, and not all Zionists hate daily. But the essence of Zionism, the inner core of Zionism is all about hatred of Muslims and world domination.

This is a man who was at the heart of regime change. I am not telling you his name, but this is his email. It is authentic:

He responded to me when I asked him about his responsibility, as a Zionist, for the regime change that has taken place in the middle east.

His response to me shocked me, and I was stunned by the hatred. These were a few of his exact words:

"fuvk you get lost die from cancer you son of the bitch get lost go to hell stupi moran may you die with all of them together."

The terrible words were an example of someone who thinks that there was nothing wrong with the killing of innocent men and women and children where regime change took place, namely in Iraq, Syria, Libya and other nations targeted by the neocons for this regime change.

This man is a bigot, no less than Pamela Geller, who hates all peaceful religious Muslims. This man and Geller have exhibited the real face of Zionism, which is not Judaism in any way.

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You cousins are all beside yourselves.

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So, why would China want to use robotics to put their population out of work? That is against all they stand for. It would devastate the economy if too many people were unemployed. I don't get why it is such a big deal for them.

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So, when are you all going to do your tests?

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curious2 says

You look a little pale for an Ethiopian, or even a Yemeni for that matter. Do you think the DNA test people might have switched your sample? Might they be part of the conspiracy against you? Did you get a good look at their arms? Have you been diagnosed with vitiligo, or maybe considered switching to a milder soap?

You should check your Luddite DNA. I am mostly European, 93 percent.

Actually, we may need some real Luddites if automation puts most people out of work, but you are a genealogy Luddite, You should be more curious and study. This will help:

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Also, Curious, if you read the entire article you would see my Ashkenazi and Sephardic connections. This will help if you scroll down to the Kush discussion:

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Patrick, I think Trump wants either an old fashioned housing bubble or a complete depression. Then he will be in charge. A complete depression will destroy the economy, and it won't bounce back quickly like the idiot Austrian/Libertarian economists believe.

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rando says

I disagree. What Trump really wants is the return of manufacturing jobs to the US in large numbers.

This is how you can tell if he wants a housing bubble, by what is repealed, specifically:

Someone tell me how all these manufactured products will be bought up by the world, when he impoverishes the world with tariffs.

And by the way, when the housing crash hit its low, no one could get a loan so houses were not being sold. Then the investors were allowed to come in and buy them up.

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Entitlemented says

Wish Clinton would have asked if NAFTA was going to create the US Jobs that he promised.

Clinton was duped by the same financial people who duped him to repeal Glass-Steagall. Now, we have collateral vulnerability up the ass. And those same financial people are advising Trump!

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So, if illegals are not here to build the houses, a shortage will drive the prices UP.

Oh, and by the way, if bankers didn't do the last housing bubble why do they want deregulation?

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Booger says

Americans will build houses

Oh, you mean like they harvest the crops when the migrants aren't here? Lol. That is funny.

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If Americans do it prices will go UPUPUPUPUP.

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That is not going to help those states get the superbowl, Einstein.

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Yes, Christ fulfilled the Davidic prophesy, and sits on the throne of David now. He was Jewish, tribe of Judah, but he fulfilled the law.

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And Blurtman, I checked out Ashkenazi and Sephardic on Gedmatch. So I am living proof of Romans 11 prophesy of the Apostle Paul. The descendants of Jacob would be saved at the end of time. The gospel, not the law, is the power of God.

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Add to this Trump wants to put a border tax to pay for corporate tax breaks. That is a tax on US consumers. On the poorest ones as well. He is a pimp for the rich.

They do not have extra to pay for strawberries. And neither will foreigners. trump is adding inefficiency to the US economy.

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Of course they do. But by using the name of Christ they may as well crawl back into their mother's womb and not ever come out. The end will be much more unpleasant than the beginning for them.

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Well, I am 50 percent northern European, Einstein.

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71 percent don't know squat about economics and what puts fruits and vegetables into their stores. They are stupid. Pure ignorance.

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Trump is a racist and sexist jerk. And he is failing because the powers that be won't let him spend money. And who knows, maybe they are right. He can't do a border tax because we are already close to a recession and labor is losing profit share of GDP already. Trump is a schmuck and a royal idiot. Or he thinks he is royal and is just an idiot.

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For economics students, this is a great overview of topics of the day in economics. For the long time Patrick people, it would help some understand the issues of the day.

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Strategist says

Hello Mr. Anderson. Welcome back. We missed your entertaining posts.

Nothing changed while you were gone. Muslims are still killing us, but we have started to hit back.

I see nothing has changed. You are still racist.

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Ironman says

Hey Gary, you're back after a 2 month hiatus, how was your stay in the loonie bin??

My blood pressure went down. But the fascists in power are still a threat to all of us. Let's hope they are corralled in by congress. Even congressional leaders from border states think the wall is a huge waste of money and offensive to Mexico. Did you know Mexico possesses the capability of creating a nuclear weapon? It isn't too funny once you know that.

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He has no one hired to do this. Why would we want Sequoia Trees not included in a national monument? Trump is a moron.

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So, there is now a glossary of terms for the articles written at the link above. If you have any suggestions on definitions to add I would consider them:


Base Money
Base money is Fed money, called High Powered money sometimes. It is money that is not created by banks out of thin air. That money is called broad money. Base money is backed by securities, with the exception of Eurodollars. Eurodollar money is likely to become regulated more and more.

Broad Money
Broad money is created when banks make loans. It is created out of thin air.

Clearing houses
Transparent centers where derivatives are cleared, and given collateral to back them. Clearing houses are intermediaries between buyers and sellers.

Counterparties take on risk in order to achieve a loan, or for other reasons. Banks often use counterparties to push risk off their balance sheets.

Derivatives are securities whose price is based upon the price of underlying securities. Derivatives are contracts between prices, based on underlying price. Over the counter derivatives sometimes are blind, and do not have collateral backing. Clearing house derivatives have collateral attached, and clearing houses can be unstable through systemic risk if the counterparties they bring together are unstable. Derivatives are used for speculation and hedging.

Eurodollars are US dollars deposited in foreign financial institutions. Eurodollars are used in a Eurodollar market, a money market. Eurodollars cannot be created out of thin air and are loaned out as base money.

Fixed Rate
Rate banks usually charge customers for swaps. This is the higher fixed rate. Sometimes swaps are required by banks for midsized and small firms qualifying for loans. Banks often take the floating LIBOR rate, which is a lower rate.

Greenspan Conundrum
In 2005, Greenspan pointed out efforts to raise short term rates should have pushed long rates up. But of course, that did not happen. The conundrum is that long rates stay low. The reason is there is massive demand for long bonds. It is simple supply and demand, not a conundrum. Greenspan's structured finance has created the derivative/collateral/new normal financial monstrosity we now have.

Putting up collateral in the derivatives markets requires some collateral to take a haircut. Often times this is corporate debt, not as pristine as treasury or other sovereign debt. Haircuts can be as much as 20 percent of the value of the collateral.

Interest on reserves and interest on excess reserves. These are terms used interchangeably. The Fed pays banks interest on reserves which are base money.

London Interbank Offered Rate. Libor is a floating rate as opposed to fixed swaps rates, which are higher unless there is a financial meltdown. Where a financial meltdown happens, the LIBOR rate can exceed the fixed rates, freezing the banks.

The discipline in economics most concerned with overall GDP (gross domestic product) and large economic issues such as interest rates and Fed behavior, as opposed to microeconomics.

The discipline in economics most concerned with the behavior of firms and individuals and how they react to the greater macroeconomic environment.

New Gold
New gold is actually debt. It can be corporate debt, or it can be treasuries. Treasuries are the highest form of debt, and are considered better collateral than real, physical gold in the swaps, or derivatives markets.

New Normal
Abnormally slow growth and low long bond yields, once thought to be abnormal, are now normal after the 2007-2008 credit crisis and the Great Recession of 2008-2012.

Sterilization is the act of the Fed tightening in one aspect of policy in order to loosen the money supply in another aspect of policy.

Structured Finance
Structured finance, often using swaps, pushes risk off banks and onto counterparties. It often puts risk onto clearing houses as well.

Exchanging one form of loan for another. Banks most often, but not always, take the lower LIBOR rate which is a floating rate, in exchange for their customers who want inflation protection and take the higher fixed rate. This usually works into the banks favor and when it doesn't the banks freeze up and Great Recessions with credit crises begin.

Westfalia or Westphalia Peace
This was an agreement between sovereign European nations to treat each other with respect. It is the perfect sovereignty, as opposed to the perverted sovereignty of Adolph Hitler or even Donald Trump. The excesses of globalization, ie. with banks having too much power over the nations, is another failure of interaction of the nations that destroys perfect sovereignty.

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rando says

The wreckage that you see every day as you tour this part of the country is the utterly predictable fruit of the Democratic party’s neoliberal turn. Every time our liberal leaders signed off on some lousy trade deal, figuring that working-class people had “nowhere else to go,” they were making what happened last November a little more likely.

But your solution is worse than the disease. You want to trade the reserve currency for mercantilism? I suggest you read this first, Patrick. AFter all, when you don't know anything about economics you can do something that would really screw the economy. The Triffin Paradox is something we just have to live with:

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Ironman says

Obama made sure of that. He was the first president to NOT have an annual 3% GDP in 8 years.

Its the Fed, not Obama. When will you political types ever wake up. Actually, it is also structured finance, as bond demand is through the roof. It is the new gold.

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Ceffer says

Golly, your heritage is a vast conspiracy.

No one could plan my heritage. :)

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CBOEtrader says

I used to have a colleague who i never met in person named gary anderson. Is this you? I hope not. ^^that GA is a straight moron.

No. I am not a broker.

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Racists and separatists really should take a 23 and me test and check their results. Otherwise, they speak from ignorance on most subjects.

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This coup is a serious possibility.

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I have been writing for Talkmarkets. I have been overwhelmed by what is happening in government. Dems and Repubs both cannot be trusted, imo. Hogg makes me nauseous. So does his bald sidekick, of Cuban descent like my natural father.

I just don't know what happened in Las Vegas. Witnesses died afterwards. It was sickening.

I just know that globalism includes the dual agenda of racial hatred and gun control. Each party takes one of the issues to turn America ugly. Hitler pushed both and now the globalists are fascists.

It is a disturbing world and leadership is wicked. I found out I have a sliver of Jewish DNA but Israel and the UK Square Mile boss America and our leaders are just servants. Mayor Bloomberg was involved in Sandy Hook and Every town is a globalist movement.
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Operation Northwoods had as one idea the establishment of fake funerals. All the caskets at Sandy Hook but one were closed. I personally believed no one died.

As for Parkland, it was likely a drill. Police scanner and witnesses confirmed a shooter at the football field, a second shooter. Swat guys got in trouble for showing up. That makes no sense if the shootings were real.
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ThreeBays says
Totally. I'm just wondering why there was a surge in mobile home loan delinquencies right at the time Trump got elected. Were the Trump voters so busy jerking off at their victory that they forgot to pay their bills?

I think that credit access has kept these people going, but credit is not filling the gaps of lost savings and ability to get ahead with wages or retirement funds. The poor are suffering more than ever and it will get worse because they are the ones the government and Trump could care less about.
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Lol. But it is sad that Youtube gave this woman 300 thousand views on which she made 10 cents! There is something wrong with YouTube.
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What activism government sponsors is always funded.
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TwoScoopsPlissken says
Trump is standing up to $500B in trade deficits (which are directly related to budget deficits) and $300 in IP Theft.

Something Clinton enabled, and Bush and Obama also.

Soybeans are a commodity, and not even 1% of GDP, including that consumed domestically or exported elsewhere than China. Worry about electronics, cars, steel.
Trump will fail. Too much of this cash flow is tied to derivatives, crop insurance, etc.
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Hey you, I tend to agree with you, but it will be tough to rebound from the next crisis without some form of helicopter money.
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Unfortunately, most racist are right wing. It is called FASCISM.
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Tenpoundbass says

Ten pound brain you are not. Read the article. Realize that energy is why we are shooting ourselves in the foot and it needs to be researched and fixed. Apple is not the only company that will suffer over energy concerns. Notice how China stopped buying US oil.
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Goran_K says
I guess Gary is right. The only solution is to let China steal all of our IP and allow them to put massive tariffs on us to compensate.

People said the same thing about Japan. We do fine with Japan. China is no different. Over a billion potential customers. But we turned on them. And we will lose them and the world economy will shrink. But I guess you will be able to find a cheap house in the Bay Area if you can find financing.
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marcus says
Was Sandy Hook a real school ?

According to the video from CNN, the curbs were curved as the police assault forces arrived. But the Sandy Hook School had square curves. So CNN didn't even film the right school.
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marcus says
Was Sandy Hook a real school ?

According to the video from CNN, the curbs were curved as the police assault forces arrived. But the Sandy Hook School had square curves. So CNN didn't even film the right school.
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But it lives at peace, Ceffer.
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Strategist says
We control the world now, and all I see is a world wide boom in prosperity.
Trump wants free and fair trade with China and everyone else. Stealing our technology is not acceptable.

The game isn't over, Zionist. Truth is, the trade gap widened in August. Trump is losing. People vote with their purchases and the strong dollar is making it less affordable anyway to buy American.
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curious2 says
Islam says to subjugate and discriminate against Jews,

The Talmud says the same towards Christians, but Jews in America don't do that. And most Muslims don't do that. You should be out there telling Jews they are diverting from their teachings. Wait, that would be a BAD IDEA.
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Corrected, Strategist:

According to the video from CNN, the curbs were curved as the police assault forces arrived. But the Sandy Hook School had square curbs. So CNN didn't even film the right school.
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Strategist says
Shouldn't you be out there telling the Muslims "don't do that"

You shouldn't tell Muslims they are diverting from historical teachings but you guys do it every fricken day! Same for Jews and Christian nationals. Although, Christian nationals must learn this because they can, with Trump, destroy the world, thinking it is for Christ.
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Strategist says
The choice was between supporting terrorists and suicide bombers, or those defending against them. I chose the latter. Who did you choose?

It is well known that Israel supported ISIS, as did the USA. So, I choose neither. Trump is destroying ISIS, sort of, but then he is fomenting danger in Iran.

Here is what I think will happen, Trump could make the world a much dangerous place than even the neocons because it is based upon his mood.
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But you are off the subject, Strategist. The most dangerous thing in the world is the trade war coupled with the emerging market meltdown.
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Wall is a waste of money. Pay for law enforcement. Walls are stupid, and people will always find a way around them. Or maybe they don't want to come live under a fascist Hitler type.
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Only problem is, The Dems know it is owed back, if borrowed.The Republicans want to destroy Social Security.
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FortWayneIndiana says
Gary, guys like you said same things about Reagan and Soviet Union.

Ronald Reagan despised Donald Trump.
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WookieMan says
Any proof of this? Not a fan of Trump, but please link some indicators that are showing a "meltdown" coming.

Stock market melted today. This may be the beginning. China not buying our excess bonds could cause rates to go up. Investors will rotate out of stocks, where you can lose your principle, to bonds where you cannot.
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Goran_K says
Why are all the illegals/rapefugees flowing into the West?

You are disgusting.
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You can't have massive tax cuts and spending and a tariff war at the same time. You dumbass Trump followers are being sold down the river by a con man. Nice post, Heyyou.
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Strategist says
China only owns 5% of the total federal debt. Don't tell Gary. He will just blame the Jews.

Here is my Jewish DNA, asswipe:

Using 4 populations approximation:
1 French_Basque + Morocco_Jews + North_African + Tuscan @ 1.283478
2 French_Basque + North_African + North_African_Jews + North_Italian @ 1.295459
3 Algeria + North_Italian + North_Italian + North_Italian @ 1.773581
4 North_African + North_Italian + North_Italian + North_Italian @ 1.865874
5 French_Basque + French_Basque + Morocco_N + Yemen_Jews @ 2.005640
6 French_Basque + North_African + North_African_Jews + Tuscan @ 2.092220
7 Algeria + French_Basque + French_Basque + Yemen_Jews @ 2.196563
8 French_Basque + French_Basque + Morocco_N + Saudis @ 2.307416
9 French_Basque + Morocco_Jews + North_African + North_Italian @ 2.344756
10 Bedouin + French_Basque + French_Basque + North_African @ 2.349786
11 Druze + French_Basque + Morocco_N + North_Italian @ 2.540855
12 French_Basque + French_Basque + North_African + Yemen_Jews @ 2.653674
13 Algeria + French_Basque + North_African_Jews + North_Italian @ 2.671610
14 Algeria + French_Basque + Morocco_Jews + Tuscan @ 2.674284
15 Morocco_N + North_Italian + North_Italian + Tuscan @ 2.679471
16 Morocco_N + North_Italian + North_Italian + North_Italian @ 2.799208
17 Algeria + North_Italian + North_Italian + Tuscan @ 2.911060
18 North_African + North_Italian + North_Italian + Tuscan @ 2.929565
19 Algeria + Bedouin + French_Basque + French_Basque @ 2.941865
20 Algeria + French_Basque + North_African_Jews + Tuscan @ 3.16300

So, Strategist, China and foreign nations own well over 40 percent of US debt. China is the largest foreign holder of US debt. It does not take much buying abstinence or selling to undermine the auctions and screw the collateral.
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Tenpoundbass, stock market was down 800 plus points today. Investors are getting worried about the stupidity of the big orange machine. They want to get the fook out, and can you blame them? Trump is poison.
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marcus says
Hasn't Alex Jones even acknowledged that he was full of crap, at this point, in an effort to minimize the cost of settlements that will eventually be reached with parents of children killed at Sandy Hook, that are suing him ?

I do not support Alex Jones. He diverted the truth into hatred for Muslims. He joined you guys. Sick.
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Strategist says
Alex Jones may be fucked, but he still has freedom of speech rights.

He was not banned for his conspiracy theories. He was banned for being a bully and threatening people. He also somehow became a Muslim hater even though he knows the government did 9/11. He is a shithorse.
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Quigley says
The mediocre and the below average seem most concerned with finding nobility in their ancestry.

Coming from you, Quigley, I am not phased. No, I tested because I am adopted and was finding my birth parents, which I did. This knowledge of my populations is just a bonus. But thanks for the confidence, anyway, Quigs.
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marcus says
We all have nobility in our ancestry, along with rapists, murderers and whores.

Sometimes one particular ancestor can provide all of the above.

This is an astute observation.
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Strategist says
Well, he got something right. Anyone who does not hate the Sharia Laws can never be civilized.

People hate the Talmud too. It is uncivilized too. But we don't go around being afraid of Jews, Strategist. The image provided was posted by a Muslim. It is likely fairly accurate, maybe not completely, but somewhat. I confronted him about it and he liked what I said:

"Yes, but most Jewish people don't follow this, just like most Muslim people don't follow similar statements made in Muslim historical documents. I argue this point with bigots all the time. If we don't fear most Jews even with this evil Talmud, why should we fear most Muslims? I believe in tolerance. Keep in mind, labeling peaceful Jews with this sort of thing is wrong, IMO. Just like it is wrong to label peaceful Muslims. Surely we don't want all of that evil brought into America."

Strategist, you and Patrick could have been great men, but you chose the path of bigotry. Now it is coming out that the great Churchill is forever tarnished by his crass bigotry. It is something that cannot be discarded. It clings to you forever, unless you are a gutless bigot without revealing yourself. Then you are just living a lie.

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PrivilegedtobeWhite says
Something is off with the Sandy Hook event. That was one I really researched, and it's not what it seems. Terribly executed false flag.

Thanks, and of course, it was the most poorly executed false flag.
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Strategist says
Here is proof:

It isn't the amount already owned. It is the world not participating in US auctions. If nations refuse to participate, interest rates could go up. It is like tariffs. If tariffs are applied, or even if they aren't, the world could simply decide to no longer buy America. Trump is doing damage. We have 4.4 percent of the world population. Asia has 4.5 billion people. 4.5 billion customers. We are screwed if we lose all those customers. Trump is putting our nation in danger, not to mention more countries will no longer trade in dollars, making the reserve currency less attractive.

And Strategist, that article you cited had this as well:

The Chinese government or Chinese investors likely own even more U.S. debt purchased through entities in other countries such as Hong Kong, Luxembourg or the Cayman Islands, all of which are havens for tax shelters.
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TwoScoopsOfSpaceForce says
Link to the Talmud Gary. Don't make shit up.

Nothing about fucking under 9 year old girls. Only if you unwittingly bang your daughter in law, you gotta bring two steaks to the Temple for a BBQ.

Two scoops, if you read my post, you would realize that I am not saying it is completely accurate. It is fairly accurate, and I am sure there are exceptions. If you were not such an anti intellectual, you would understand what I am saying is that we don't hate Jews because this is in their literature. Nor should we hate Muslims for similar historical writings.
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TwoScoopsOfSpaceForce says
Gary, read the original sources. Don't repeat bullshit from the internet that comes from 1700 Rabble-rousing Pamphlets.

I have read the Talmud, and I believe much of the explanations by Jewish scholars is bogus. But it does not change my views of Jews in general. I even have Jewish cousins! Mostly 5th cousins, but still cousins.
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TwoScoopsOfSpaceForce says
The Torah (OT) always trumps the Talmud.

Except in the Israeli government. The True Torah Jews say that the new Zion comes in peace. Israel came born of violence in 1948. The True Torah Jews are persecuted and beaten up for not recognizing the phony Zion state.
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dr6B says
Sure, and my abduction by aliens was also a government false flag.

I can't help if you are retarded and stupid. I can't stop it and I can't do a thing about it.
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Strategist says
Was the sex by the aliens as good for you as it was for me?

You have sex? I thought it wasn't possible based on your bigotry. I didn't think you could tolerate women. I only thought you like white men. Well, maybe that is all you like.

Isn't it great that since you won't divulge who you are I can say anything and not slander you? Lol.
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Strategist says
If their crap is practiced in this day and age, it should be hated. Human rights abuse is not acceptable regardless of what their evil God says.

It is not practiced by most Muslims anymore than the Talmud sayings are practiced by Jews.
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FortWayneIndiana says
You are dodging the question there Gary. Because what you are proposing is "Surrender", and Trump is proposing Reagans policy of "Peace Through Strength". And by now we all know what wins.

Wrong. As Asia profits and grows, we would, before we pissed them off, grow in our trade with them. You don't understand that per capita, we sell way more to China than China sells to us.
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Patrick says
My greatest disappointment with Trump is that he does not call out the Saudis for their lack of democracy, lack of freedom of speech, lack of freedom of religion, etc etc.


You are so naive. Saudi Arabia uses Israeli technology. Saudi Arabia is a Zionist state. What do Zionist states care about democracy, or freedom of speech, or freedom of religion?

I warned you, Patrick, to see this all in a Zionist setting. Donald Trump bully's everyone. When have you seen him bully Israel? Won't happen. Read this and weep for your nation and our involvement in the middle east, Patrick:

You really need to take the blinders off, Patrick.

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