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LeonDurham says
Actually you'll be sad then when they gain control of the House.

And if they don't? Will you disappear or change your screen name again joey/tatupu/leon?

I'm happy for the 2 SCOTUS picks, 29 judges for the United States Courts of Appeals, 53 judges for the United States District Courts, and 49 Federal Judge appointments that will ALL be confirmed by next week.

All of whom will help deny anymore SJW/Dem/Socialist insanity.
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dr6B says
I do not think there is any chance in hell that D's will win Senate...so the bet is a losing proposition for person betting against you.

Yes, but the "blue wave" was supposed to be an over take of both houses.

The senate (we all know) is lost.

The house is the actual real battle. But the funny thing is, it should not be a battle. Incumbents have only kept it 4 times in US History. But for some reason, it's gotten so close again.

I wonder why!

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LeonDurham says
It really hasn't. It's only close in your mind.

Maybe you should go get an NPR or CNN/NBC/WallStreet Journal poll to REALLY convince me.
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True. They can’t help themselves.
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CovfefeButDeadly says
Notice that lily white Taylor Swift is brave and courageous for opposing a Republican while Kanye is mentally ill, an Uncle Tom, and a house negro for supporting a Republican.

Again, which side is racist?

Have you seen the video on CNN where Don Lemon and his house slave friends are calling Kanye a dumb not very well read Negro?

It's pretty disgusting. I'm surprised Marcus has yet to comment on it.
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The truth is, the leftist media is going all out on the attack on Kanye for 2 reasons:

1. He's famous and pro-Trump
2. He's a famous entertainer that's using his exposure and fame to defeat the MSM narrative that Trump is a "nazi loving negro enslaver".

Democrats are absolutely brutal to former slaves who leave the plantation. Back in 1860, and now in 2018. The same exact party, just different methods of hate and oppression.
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marcus says
I'd rather just let the outcome change your mind.

lol we'll see.

So far, for those taking score:

- 2 SCOTUS picks (3rd one coming when Ginsburg dies)
- 29 judges for the United States Courts of Appeals, 53 judges for the United States District Courts, and 49 Federal Judge appointments coming next week.
- Senate lost for the foreseeable future (GOP should pick up 2 seats easy, possibly 4 if closer races pan out).
- Tax Reform
- NAFTA reformed
- Trump immigration ban upheld in SCOTUS
- Individual mandate dead
- Lowest black and hispanic unemployment in decades

I'm not saying the House is 100% going to stay in the hands of the GOP (it's only happened 4 times before for incumbents), but I honestly can't find any significant victories for your Democrat friends in 20 months. Can you?

My feeling is the Kavanaugh smear job fired up the base just in time for the midterms (mail ballots are already in voter hands). This could be like Comey's FBI bomb shell on Hillary one week before the 2016 election.

We will see Marcus. Whatever the result, I hope you don't leave and stick around to chat about it.
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Anyone heard about Russia lately?
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I didn’t see the posts that were flagged but in general anything that can be construed as a personal insult, it’s getting flagged.

So saying “Trump cultist usually say something like you said”, yeah that’s borderline personal. I usually let those fly but I can see if other mods nuke those kind of comments.

So to be on the safe side, keep everything non-personal.
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ThreeBays says
Bottomline: The parties changed over time as platform planks, party leaders, factions, and voter bases essentially switched between parties. Third parties aside, the Democratic Party used to be favored in the rural south and had a “small government” platform (which southern social conservatives embraced), and the Republican party used to be favored in the citied north and had a “big government” platform (which northern progressive liberals embraced). Today it is the opposite in many respects.

Bottomline: This "Big Switch" is a huge fucking democrat lie, and you're parroting that lie.

The Big Switch is Democrat demagoguery invented purely within the minds of the DNC to hide and "white wash" their sordid history of racism and slavery and attempt to place it at the feet of the Republicans. It's been debunked in very public debates (including one at CPAC attended by thousands of people where the Democrat speaker , Cenk from TYT, was made to look like a total fucking moron by Ben Shaprio).

Here's the truth.

- The dominant Congressional percentage did not switch GOP in the South until 1994. Did it take 30 years for racist to realize what was going on?
- There were 21 senators in the South before the Civil Rights Act. How many became Republicans after it was passed (mostly by GOP votes)? The answer. ONE. The other 20 stayed Democrat.
- Perhaps the most damning is that the actual KKK members from pre-Civil Rights DNC stayed as major leaders in the modern Democrat party.

There is former KKK Grand Dragon Robert Byrd kissing Hillary Clinton (Clinton called Byrd an important mentor in her life). Bill Clinton and Obama attended his funeral. Bill even commented that "you had to be in the KKK" back then to get anywhere in the Democrat party (as if this absolves Byrd).

So when people say "The Big Switch", I already know that no actual facts or history has been examined by anyone making that claim. There simply isn't any proof of it happening.

The reason the South slowly became GOP dominant began in the 1950s due to the movement of industry down south, and the GOP elected officials were NEW GOP senators, not "converted Democrats". Those Democrats (such as Byrd) stayed Democrats until they left office or died. You cannot find any "post civil rights" GOP senators who were formerly part of the Democrat party except for ONE (Strum Thurmond). One senator does not make a "big switch". It's just a big Democrat lie.

By the way, Jimmy Carter started his 1980's Presidential Campaign in the home town of the KKK.
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Michael has a bigger dick than most guys. I wouldn’t sweat it if I was Don.
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Strategist says
How much do I get for pointing out Liberals who have done the same thing?

I believe the going rate is 5,000 GOP votes in November for each instance.
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So can’t find one instance Marcus?

Didn’t think so.
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marcus says
Of course not. I also can't find a liberal that would post a thread as stupid as this one.

It hurts doesn’t it. It’s okay man. Sometimes the truth is like that.
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Man. I remember there was a guy who went all big into big box retail who used to post here (JC Penny I think). I remember telling him that would be majorly stupid to throw money into big box retail with Amazon and e-tailers basically taking over. This might have been back in 2013-2014.

I wonder if he pulled his money out in time before he lost it all.
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Quigley says
since the Left also gets to define “hate speech,”

Seems kind of ... nazi-like.
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lostand confused says
Except America hating liberals, who is going to watch that tripe?

Had this been produced/directed/written by Clint Eastwood's company, I guarantee it would have profited at least 200% it's budget. He would have recognized that this was an AMERICAN accomplishment, and paid homage to it.

Leftist get woke, go broke.
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clambo says
Foreigners in general, and Canadians in particular feel a particular envy for American accomplishments.

Yup, beta pussies who think "hate speech" is assault.

The entire beta male population of the EU/Canada can get fucked.
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Aphroman says
SFAce. I don't think he went all big into big box retail, he sounds more like a seasoned investor to me. He warned that JCP was a speculative play with plenty of downside risk. He's the same guy who was pimping FB hard in the 20's and was saying load up as it moved into the 30's. I'm tipping the JCP loser didn't affect him much

I'm not making any comment on his overall skill as an investor, maybe he's great.

But the JC Penny call was terrible.
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cmdrdataleak says
cynicism and nihilism of the 8% regressives

Yes, this population of incels, losers, and fat pigs, are the ones pushing the SJW bullshit and since they have the most time out of everyone (since they have no social life outside of SJWism), they dedicated 100% of their energy into it.
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Aphroman says
A very accurate description of Republicans in 2018

Nice to see some are finally waking up

Yes, it's the GOP voters who are pushing group identity politics and collectivism.

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zzyzzx says
When you try talking to a liberal:

That cartoon is sadly not that far away from reality for the current Dem party.

I think Slate (or some other leftist fag rag) posted an article about how if "straight guys aren't open to sucking off their gay male friends", then they are being bigoted and anti-gay. Real article, no bullshit.
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How big of a flop will Mueller make out of Republicans?

The Dems don't care about Russia anymore. It's all about #BelieveWomen now. You gotta get with the fairy tale times.
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It's weird that this was performed by an individual (probably friends with Warren) and not a company or unaffiliated 3rd party.

I'd say it's still inconclusive.
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Also, 10 generations ago? WTF?

Can kids claim all the black/minority scholarship programs now too if they have 0.001% black or Hispanic blood?
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Alright here's the REAL facts, I just read the actual study.

- The report states that Warren could be just 1/1024th Native American. What’s more, the study was based not on Native American DNA, but on Mexican, Peruvian, and Colombian DNA.

- She's claiming she could be 0.09% Native American, which is the average rate of half the U.S population.

- Fauxahantas claimed her parents ELOPED because of racism against her native american mother.

So all the lefties claiming that this somehow vindicates Warren are being ridiculous. This test proves Warren is exceedingly white and she lied about her heritage to Harvard (actually had their race changed from "white" to "native") to take advantage of minority status and all of its leftist provided perks.
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CBOEtrader says
Her claim would be more accurate if she said "90% of people in any given room I walk into have more american Indian blood than myself".

This is what's funny to me about the Dems/Leftist.

*unproven allegations from 30 years ago with ZERO corroborating evidence, two decades as a federal judge with zero incidents, 6 FBI background checks CLEARED, 1 FBI investigation CLEARED*

Dems: "I don't believe a word he says! He's a gang rapist!"

*1/1024th possibly native blood but probably mexican or peruvian as well*

Dems: "Totally proven! Wow, Warren is the second coming of the real Pocohantas! Take that Trump!"

What a bunch of fucking lunatics.
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Evan F. says
Not much of a hit, but definitely not a flop.

It went neck and neck with Goosebumps 2 in its opening weekend, it's a flop.

If this movie was written/directed by Clint Eastwood, you could triple it's opening weekend. That's how much money this leftard left on the table with his revisionism.
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Evan F. says
Lol Goosebumps 2 is going to make Sony a nice little pile of cash. Also not a flop.

Goosebumps 2 had HALF the budget of First Man and the same opening weekend.

First Man is a fucking flop.
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curious2 says
The function of TDS is to prevent people from discussing the merits of different policies. Most can't separate the policy itself from the person proposing it. Monetizing debt goes back thousands of years. It isn't a new idea, it isn't a good idea, and its merits have nothing to do with who happens to propose it at each generation. There is always someone. The policy itself creates similar problems regardless of who proposes it.

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Evan F. says
Okay Goran you're the movie expert I totally defer to you, you obviously know everything about the movie business! Thanks for educating me

So you don't think Chazelle left like $15 million of his opening weekend money on the table by removing everything American about the moon landing?
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The blue wave is a blue myth. I've been saying this for months.
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EBGuy says
The trailer for his new flick looks depressing. Will he go Dirty Harry on the cartels?

The trailer looks pretty dark, but it's interesting enough for me to want to buy tickets.

Seeing an almost 90 year old Clint as a drug mule with conflicted emotions just gets me.
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You sure people don't want these (now offshored) jobs?

Good point.
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Heraclitusstudent says
I do.
Tax evasion schemes used, percent paid, fairness to other Americans...

He's been audited by the IRS and found to be clean.

Why do YOU care? You think the IRS would lie? Have you ever heard of the IRS "not" taking their share?
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Evan F. says
I never argued against that. Could the movie have made more money by being made differently? In all likelihood, absolutely.

Okay, good.
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Heraclitusstudent says
Tax evasion schemes involving offshore bank accounts are not necessarily illegal.
Just not the same as paying your fair share.

So you purposefully avoid deductions when you pay taxes? You rather give more of your money to the government than keep it in your pocket?

Tell me more about statism and it's benefits.
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1/1024 of people saw this test and believed her.

1023/1024 of us saw this test and laughed.
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This is beginning to blow up big. Actual REAL natives are denouncing Warren as a fake and calling her claims insulting.

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