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marcus says
Perhaps if there had been more hate for the type of hate that Hitler represented

You mean socialist? I agree. But unfortunately collectivism always attracts the losers and never-beens of society and that's how guys like Hitler and Stalin rise to power, selling fear mongering to those losers. Same with the Democrat party.
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Aphroman says
Have you ever heard of the Republican party?

Yes, but I don't see the parallels like I see with the Democrat party vs Collectivist governments.

Let's see shall we?

Democrat / Socialist / Communist / Nazi
- Supports Gun Control
- Supports state ownership of key services and industries (health care, education, etc)
- Supports wealth redistribution
- Strong identity politics platform
- Has engaged in large national scale oppression that robbed millions of freedom

I could go on and on.
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marcus says
I can agree about identity politics and excesses that sometimes go as far as to be anti-white racism on the far left, and coming from SOME minority individuals. But if you can't acknowledge what I see in TRump, then maybe we are at the point of a civil war and race wars. But if it comes to that, I will always blame TRump and you asshole Brietbrt, Fox News, talk radio followers for being so dishonest with yourselves.

The left can't win a civil war against the right. They would lose.

As for "Trump selling hate", no I don't buy it. You have to give me examples of Trump (not third parties, not isolated individuals who Trump doesn't even know personally) actually selling hate. If it's there, I'll admit it, but I have looked extremely hard (remember I did NOT vote for Trump), and besides him calling fat pigs like Rosie a few names, I don't see him selling hate like Democrats do 24/7.

Donald Trump (before he ran as a Republican) was more of a life style icon. Everyone wanted to be like Donald Trump, it was synonymous with being rich, brash, and proud of it, like Tony Stark but in real life.

All the "he's a racist" shit only came out in 2015 when he announced his run, which means it was probably made up bullshit.
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The guiding principle of Democrats/Socialist/Communism, "You work, I eat."

That's why they suck. Everything else is a distraction.
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1A and 2A are the biggest obstacles to a full Democrat Nation State. I don't even watch Alex Jones show.
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Did I just watch a video of pasty white fat libtard idiot screaming in the ear of a BLACK WOMAN about "Fuck White Supremacy!!"

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marcus says
Sorry that was the wrong link. I fixed it.

"Trump treated black employees at his casinos differently from whites, according to multiple sources."

Who are these sources? Why are they never identified? This makes the entire piece seem fake and gay.
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Anytime a news source says "according to sources", but never identifies the sources, it has nearly no value as a factual piece of news meant to be discussed.

Now if the article was meant as a "hit piece", then it makes sense to have some anonymous non-specific source.
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CBOEtrader says
At some point you will regret supporting the Nazis

As all statist eventually do, if they're lucky to survive.
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Heraclitusstudent says
He is not a James Damore: speaking truth to power. He is the exact opposite.

Does that really matter?

Fundamentally if you really believe in free speech and the 1st amendment, does your statement change anything?
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marcus says
What stuff ? Stories about mass shootings being government set ups to justify taking away our guns ? OR Pizza gate stories about elite democrats in pedophile ring run out of a pizza parlor in D.C.. Or stories about the many murders Hillary Clinton has committed in her lust for power ?

Yeah, freedom has no meaning if Americans with below average intelligence can't be manipulated with that kind of noise.

I don't know how we ever even got along when the fairness doctrine was in place.

With that, you've in all logical and philosophical sense given up any argument against your 1st amendment rights ever being curbed. You do know that right?
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Heraclitusstudent says
Based on your belief in an absolute first amendment: how do you prevent foreign nations from running full scale propaganda operations in the US with the purpose to divide, disinform, polarize, destroy the credibility of institutions, etc....?

You mean as opposed to the home grown media which doesn't run full scale propaganda operations in the US with the purpose to divide, disinform, polarize, destroy the credibility of institutions, etc?

I believe in the 1st amendment, I don't believe in "preventing" people from exercising their constitutional rights based on someone's "opinion" of what qualifies under 1st amendment protection. The founders were clear what the 1st amendment protects, everything else is simply a path to totalitarianism.
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James has a good chance at dethroning Stebenow.
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lostand confused says
if only Warren loses in MA.

That's actually within the realm of possibility. She's not a shoe-in for reelection.
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When the Civil War fires off, Sebring isn't going to be a hard target.
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Jill Stein did butt fuck a lot of dumb Dems out of their money for a fake recount. Maybe the Green Party is a good thing.
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Isn’t Gong Li like 50? I remember when I was working in asia, she was a big deal but that was decades ago.

I remember when it was announced on the news how she had married the CEO of the biggest cigarette maker in Asia or someone in that industry and I swear she was in her mid 20s.
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Yes. It's scary how leftist/democrats can show their true skin when content they disagree with is censored. Ideologically, they don't care if viewpoints they don't agree with are censored, and are more than willing to suppress free speech.

A couple of people have really shown their true colors, and I suspect the true colors of leftists in general.
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TwoScoopsOfWompWomp says
Despite a perfectly good "Ignore" button, some insisted that some users be banned from Pat.net for their content they thought was conspiratorial, false, or whatever.

Mere months after peak "Ban this guy", many of these same users got bounced or flounced when Patrick imposed an ad hom ban and they ran afoul of it, screeching "Muh Free Speech".

Perfect example.

On the whole though, it shows the dangers of collectivist mind set versus the power of the individual. Collectivist are okay with trouncing on people as long as they are "outside of the group", while Constitutionalism favors the individual right over the group think. Collectivism lead to the formation of the Japanese Empire, Nazi Germany, and the USSR, it's an extremely dangerous ideology, and it's sad to see people here cling to it.

Anyone who finds joy in Alex Jones being censored, while not illegal, should never call themselves liberal, constitutional, or even American. This is collectivism, and by extension, totalitarianism that you support.
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"Michigan's 13th District"

One of the Top 10 WORST Congressional districts as rated by poverty, crime, and outcome in the entire country.

I'm not surprised it's deeply Democrat and about to elect a pagan.
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His name is out there now, he'll run into someone someday who will recognize him.
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Heraclitusstudent says
The way you use the world collectivist here is to mean tribalism. This is not what "collectivism" means. Tribalism is not an ideology, it is human pattern of thinking that underlies many ideology.

By the way your opinions here display a strong tribalism with the American political right, as you combat ideas the "outside of the group" - the left - and almost all your thinking is strongly aligned with that of your group/tribe. Your reverence for your leader is also a tribal attribute.

Wrong, very wrong. I meant what I said. People can be in tribes and still believe in individual rights (e.g - I'm a member of the NRA, but I believe non-NRA members have the right to own firearms). Collectivism is DIFFERENT. It is the base ideology for socialism/communism/nazism/leftism/democrats, at its basic "group over the self" which is why I describe the Constitution and individual rights. Seriously, read the Federalist papers some day, it lays out in very simple terms collectivism vs individual rights. If you support the censorship of Alex Jones (which you clearly do), you have lost all moral right to claim free speech, and the 1st amendment, as a platform or even ethos because you have grasped collectivism, which is a very dangerous ideology that killed hundreds of millions in the 20th century.

By the way, I don't care about your opinion on my political stance, and your accusation that I support the "political right" (which is wrong), keep it non-personal, or your shit is going to get nuked, plain and simple. Last warning.
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CBOEtrader says
Collectivism is the base ideology for socialism/communism/democrats


It's an extremely simple concept.

Collectivism = Group over self.

Socialism = Check.
Communism = Check.
Nazism (which is a form of national socialism) = Check.
Democrat Party = "Health care is a right!", "Minimum wage!", "Social Security", Check.

Notice all of the ideologies above eventually lead to WIDE SPREAD national oppression of certain groups that lead to millions of people suffering. Socialism/Communism had its purges, Nazism had the holocaust, Democrats had slavery. etc.

If people are going to be willfully ignorant and how dangerous the current Democrat party is, then the debate with words is over, and eventually if a civil war sparks off, the debate will have to be won with arms.
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@Aphroman, @Heraclitusstudent, knock it off with the ad hom attacks.

This isn't censorship, this is simply the rules of the board as requested by the owner @Patrick.

Just like you can't go into a McDonalds swinging your dick around, you can't swing your dick around here either. Make sense guys? Let's debate ideas, not engage in ad homs to satisfy your egos and I will do the same. Thanks!
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Heraclitusstudent says
As far as your ideology of Libertarianism: the idea that people should be pure individuals and totally free is pure hypocrisy as far as I can tell. People always do some things in common. And when you live in a city, almost everything is in common: sewers, roads, transportation, laws, cops, justice, insurance, education, etc, etc... Your freedom ends, where the freedom of the next guy starts, which is in front of your nose.
When there is a plague, people get together and organize better sewers.
When there are barbarians at your gate, people get together and fight them.
When there is a flood, people who are unaffected help the others.
The way humans organize their lives is always in a top down system, that then has to leave sufficient scope for bottom up individual initiatives.
This has been the pattern for all of human civilizations.
The only exception was probably people living on a wild frontier. Some Americans apparently still think they are on one.

That's a misunderstanding of libertarianism, completely. Libertarianism is about personal autonomy, not anarchy. So yes libertarians do believe in a police force and, yes, a military, because part of personal autonomy is being in a safe environment where its even possible. So anything to preserve the ability of society to provide personal autonomy is okay when given to the state.

Now, libertarians don't believe in "gun control" or "healthcare for all" because those are not necessary to preserve personal autonomy. If someone is being violent, or breaking the law, you punish the person, not society as a whole which is how collectivist handle the problem of public safety. Collectivist push the cost of negative externalities to the public which is a terrible way to address an issue in society (as history has shown).

Like I said, people should read more, and talk less. Read the Federalist papers, understand the difference between collectivism vs individualism. Read more about Paul Goodman to learn the libertarian ethos. Because right now, the way some are describing things, the way people in this thread are trying to present an opposing idea shows that they really haven't put enough research into the topic to seriously discuss it IMO.
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Heraclitusstudent says
The censorship rules of a private forum.

Which is fine, it's patrick's right to do so. But at least he's not doing it to silence dissenting viewpoints from his own, he's applying the rules evenly across the board which shows that he's being philosophically consistent. Those who are cheering for censorship on Alex Jones are not being ideologically consistent, which is why they can't claim to support free speech or the 1st amendment.
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Heraclitusstudent says
Germany and Japan failed because they were both crushed militarily after attacking Russia (in the case of Germany) and the US.

Venezuela and the Soviet Union on the other hand failed economically, because of the economic organization you decry.

On what planet is that the same? I don't know.

Germany and Japan were crushed militarily, but it was collectivism that caused them to engage in conflict in the first place. Hitler dehumanized non-aryans and used pro aryan collectivist propaganda to launch his invasion of non-aryan lands. Japan used a similar strategy. Non-Germans (especially Jews) and Non-Japanese (especially Chinese and Koreans) suffered immensely in occupied lands, citizen or not.

There's a reason why that hasn't worked in the U.S, because the constitution is a great barrier to dehumanizing certain groups of citizens in the country. The Democrats were successful for a time of imposing slavery upon blacks, but luckily the Republicans were able to kick Democrat ass and restore freedoms to slaves that were wrongly taken by Democrats in the South.
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Heraclitusstudent says

So you don't believe in an absolute right to free speech. Is that right?

Of course not. A 50 year old man can't go to a 7 year old and start talking sexually, they should be thrown into prison, but that's not what I'm debating.

I've said it's fine to have rules (you even quoted me), but if you're using "rules" to simply silence opposing viewpoints and being philosophically inconsistent based on personal beliefs, then you're not a free speech proponent, no matter how you try to wriggle and twist words to claim you are.
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Heraclitusstudent says
Is this not "out group" thinking about both democrats and pagans?
(in-group being... what? religious right wing people).

It's just facts (I know that's a tough pill to swallow for certain collectivists).

Democrats/Collectivists own 8 out of the Top 10 worst congressional districts in the country based on wealth, crime, and personal outcomes.

Muslims do not create socially stable societies. The only way they achieve stability is through brutality. My proof? The entire middle east.

I'm not surprised there is some intersection here.
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Heraclitusstudent says
Strong nationalistic and racial tribalism

Just weasel words to try and disassociate the end product from collectivism. Smarter people won't be fooled though.
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FPBT says
Unfortunately your belifes do not constitute facts

That's why I didn't offer "my beliefs" as facts.

I offered this as proof.

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Quigley says
Oh Goran you forgot quite a few “example” Muslim countries. There’s also Somalia, Sudan, Pakistan (used to be doing well as part of India before Islam took over), Malaysia, Indonesia (bomb for Bali anyone?), and a few choice bits of the Philippines like Mindinao which recently had a very bloody insurrection. You could also mention how Londonistan has fared under Islamic occupation, with mass stabbings every day, horrifying acid attacks, rape and grooming gangs, the abolishment of free speech (might offend the Muslims), and main thoroughfares looking like processions of trash bags.

Oh yes, Islam has enriched the world. It turns everything it touches into a shit hole!

True, but I'm not sure 1,000,000,000 people is enough proof for Islam lovers.
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Heraclitusstudent says
These are neither all Arabs, nor all Muslim, nor... hummm democrats... what are you trying to show here?

Here's a good primer if you're really looking to learn and not troll.
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The left would love nothing more than to eviscerate the 1st and 2nd amendment.

Collectivism ALWAYS leads to totalitarianism. 100,000,000+ corpses in the 20th century can attest to this.
  Goran_K   ignore (1)   2018 Aug 11, 10:51am   ↑ like (8)   ↓ dislike (0)   quote        

There are no Jordan Petersons, Ben Shapiros, or even Charlie Kirks on the left. There isn’t a single left wing commentator that would be willing to have a fair televised debate on any of the lefts issues because anytime it’s happened, the leftist gets embarassed and destroyed (e.g - Sally Kohn vs Shapiro).

The left is losing because their ideas don’t stand up to fact based debate. Race cards, and ad Homs are not a replacement for logic and facts. Identity politics has been stretched so thin that it’s losing its effect. Once it’s gone, the left will have nothing left in its arsenal.
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marcus says
Goran_K says
The left is losing because their ideas don’t stand up to fact based debate

You mean like this ?

FortWayne says
Lefts argument is simple... “we want free shit from taxpayers”

How is the claim wrong?
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When the 2nd Civil War starts, guys like Cuomo are going to run to Canada, looking behind their backs the rest of their natural lives.
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mell says
Honestly I don't understand why the Dems moved so far out into the fringe zone. They used to be straight from the heartland America loving working class champions, what happened to them? Or at least that's how they presented themselves, now it's just open hate and contempt for America. How is it that many Western immigrants like this country more than roughly half of its own citizens?

The Dem party should have been disbanded in 1865 after they lost their slaves. Everything Democrats have done since 1865 has been negative for the country.
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Patrick says
It's the true believers that we need to watch out for.


I'd be okay with all the marginal muslims who go out drinking every night and pound down pork sandwiches with their beer (I used to work with one), but the TRUE believers are the ones who scare me the most.

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