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Elgatouno says
Goran_K says
The only real racism I’ve seen in the past few weeks is

Ahh so you missed this one? Actual current racism from just a few weeks ago, not in a year book from 30 + years ago.


So you really didn't hear about Congressman Steve King from Iowa?

Uh, I'm not huge fan of Steve King (I don't vote in his state), but are you seriously comparing what he's done to Herring or Northham?

He's basically telling the truth about illegal aliens, and he wants to make the official language of his state's documents "English", big fucking deal. He's also one of the few who is truthful about the contents of the Quran, which I'm sure you have read, right?

He also makes valid points about some "cultures" being better than other cultures. That's absolutely true. There's a reason why Aztec deity sacrafices are not the norm in modern society, and there's a reason why the Indian caste system is not part of Western culture.

You seriously consider that the same as walking around in black face or wearing KKK hoods? No wonder the Democrats have zero morals or standards, they apply NONE to themselves.
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People laugh, but in a generation, our children may need to fight these idiots with more than words.
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TrumpingTits says

She will definitely cause her competitors to waste money/effort on attacks, etc. And in the end, she still might get the nomination out of compromise between the Corporate Globalist Whores (Establishment Democrats) and the AOC Batshit crazy commies.

The Dem primary is going to be fun. Race appropriating, sleeping with Willie Brown, Black face supporting, eliminating airplanes... whew.
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Whatever it is, I like it. She's the best GOP spokesperson since Pelosi.
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If unidentified armed plain clothes people kick the door down, I'm returning fire with a long gun, with a sighted in red dot. Won't be any wounded.
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Anytime I see a woman like this, where guys continually pull the ejection handle, you know there is a lot of crazy there. Just avoid and move on.
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Frothing at the Mouth Democrat: "The radical conservatives in the Democrat party have betrayed us!!!!"
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Tenpoundbass says
They need another meanie hard ass to clean that City up like Gulliani did in the 90's.

It's a shame how much this Idiot let that great City Rudy left ruin into such deplorable condition. And the people that now run and control it all need to go.
A ball busting hard ass will send them all scurrying away. Like the Cockroaches they are.

The last time New York experienced a rise in bond ratings: 3 increases under Pataki.

Seems like all the Dems in New York have literally brought only higher taxes, less tax revenue (due to wealth flight), and bond rating decreases.
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Ceffer says
Fling her off after a few rabid, spoiled, bitchy couplings? Looks like she'd come after you like and entitled weasel in heat.

Maybe when I was 25, just to say I "did it" with someone famous.

But imagine, being a mid-40s millionaire, having money to pretty much do anything you want the rest of your life. Do you go in on this drying hag, who isn't that bad looking, but could possibly be a snooty crazy bitch?


Do you just date some mid/late-20s normal woman who may not be famous, but has a beautiful face, nice tits, and gets wet within 20-30 seconds and doesn't have the stink of an entitled Hollywood diva?

I know which way I'd go if I were single ( I'm married and happily so).
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So I kept more of my money during the entire year, more in aggregate than I supposedly "lost" in my "return"?

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OccasionalCortex says
Goran_K says
Seems to me like New York is ripe for the picking, a change in power.

Those idiot Dem voters will start to eat zoo animals first.

Could happen. I'll take odds. Rhinos are great in stew according to most Venezuelans.
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joshuatrio says
Wonder why he got so much attention. Only 2-300 people showed up for his speech, while $35,000 showed for Trump.

He's the white Obama, and Hollywood needs to get something out of their $60 million dollar investment.
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d6rB says
@Goran_K, is that a picture of Till Lindemann? YUUGELY similar

Till would be more effective in public office, he's actually talented at something.
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I love Mcconnell, Trump showed him how to have a spine, I like that.

That being said, Dem senators know they can't commit career suicide, so I see a lot of "abstain" votes.
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Don't worry, Muellar is coming.

Oh wait.

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MisterLearnToCode says

Why do they also wear t-shirts of Nazi allies?

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BayArea says
Cash or FUCK YOU!

Yup. No car payment at all is the best way to go.
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Well, Democrats are currently splintering into the normal pandering DNC (Killary, Kamala, etc), and the Islamo-Socialist wing of the DNC (Occasional Cortex, Sanders, Omar, etc).
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SunnyvaleCA says
Isn't real estate taxed already? Why isn't that more than enough? Seems like a city would love having empty apartments. They still pay property tax supporting local schools, fire, police, etc. But empty apartments aren't flooding the city services!


But this attack on "empty" apartments is just another stalinist class attack on those who have on the behalf of those "who do not". It does nothing to address the actual issue, regulatory costs and high taxes which prevent companies from entering the market and providing more housing.
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Conversely if you strip commercial protections from Prop 13, you will push a segment of businesses out of California due to... higher taxes.
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We don't need more parties as much as we need more politicians who actually understand the Constitution. As it is, half the DNC doesn't even think the Constitution is a valid document anymore.
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CBOEtrader says
William Burr

Yeah, I'm no "lefty" by any means, but Barr is way too far right for me. Dude is a huge proponent of the war on drugs, and he basically fed the prison industrial complex his whole tenure as AG under Bush 1.

This is what I hate about politics in the country, there are very few even handed normal people, only extremists, panderers, or pussies.
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De Blasio and Cuomo are such retards. Turn away 25,000 well paying jobs because they won't agree to a per head luxury tax.

This is also the reason why high tax policies are retarded. Wealth can flee at a moments notice, the world is very big.
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Most idle threat of all time.

I hope Dems do it though. You would see most of them swinging by their necks within 1-2 weeks.
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The Dems are all talk. They know they would end up in mass graves if they wanted to actually follow through on their threats.
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TrumpingTits says
Now he's blaming AOC for Amazon bailing:

Cuomo slams Ocasio-Cortez, others, as Amazon ditches New York

Whew. They are eating each other over this. Dem party doesn’t look very unified these days.
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He should be executed for treason.
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Occasional cortex has destroyed 25,000 direct jobs in New York and at least another 25,000 in support jobs from Amazons presence in the state.

50,000 jobs destroyed by OCA and not even 1 year in.
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As soon as he claimed two white dudes in CHICAGO yelled “this is maga country” I knew it was a fucking lie.
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Democrats are experts at job destruction.
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Elgatouno says
Kakistocracy says
Elgatouno says
If both countries are worse off after a trade war, who won?

The Dotard will claim victory and the loyal base will believe him as they sign up for food stamps and unemployment compensation

While we socialize the losses of the wealthiest of Americans.

Yeah it’s unfortunate Democrat hero OBAMA did that during the Great Recession.
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Do Democrats offer anything in politics besides melanin and genitals?

This is straight up dark ages politics from the Democrats.
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Also this thread is more TDS than actual facts.

Meanwhile Democrat Hero Occasional Cortex blew her two remaining brain cells up one night after reading the Communist manifesto and literally chased 50,000 jobs out of New York.
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REpro says
I am getting sick and tired of seeing California plates here because I know that they fucked up their state and are now here to fuck up my state.

It's happening now.
Not only Californians', but also Illinoisans' or New Yorkers' bringing Democratic poison mentality to TX.

The amount of California plates in Arizona and Nevada is startling these days.
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I’m happy because New York’s tax revenue problem could have been solved and jerk off faggots like Cuomo, De Blasio, and Occasional Cortex would have taken credit for it.

Now they get to swim down shit river altogether, pointing fingers at each other all the way down.
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It’s confirmed. Amazon has claimed AOC is one of the primary reasons for Amazon pulling out of New York. Golden material for 2020
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HeadSet says
Goran_K says
It’s confirmed. Amazon has claimed AOC is one of the primary reasons for Amazon pulling out of New York. Golden material for 2020

Getting Amazon to pull out of New York was an AOC stated goal, AOC takes credit, not blame. She will run on a platform of not giving into Corporate interests like Amazon and the billion dollar bribes local governments provide.

Nice. Very nice.
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I love this leftist re-writing of history to hide their stupid shit.

Bernie Sanders is quoted as saying the “American dream” was more likely to be realized in Venezuela than the US, this was literally 3-4 years ago.

Sanders is a hardcore Marxist through and through.
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Whew they are trying to spin this one hard core...
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Rin, New York’s tax revenues are short by 3 billion this year and it doesn’t look like it will get better.

You really think the Amazon HQ would have been more harmful to the New York economy?

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