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edvard says
I am hoping that those of you whom are all comfy in thinking that the big orange turd and his party will be all good during the mid terms continue to remain blisfully ignorant: The rest of us- the approximately 60% of us who do not support Trump are furious and we will vote.

So you are coming out now but not November 2016 when the actual presidency and SCOTUS was on the line?
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Edvard cut the personal attacks out. Thanks.
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We will see but the latest polling data shows that traditional DNC voting demographics are dwindling in support.

"[S]upport for Democrats is down among millennials, blacks, and so-called Walmart and NASCAR voters," Zogby reports — all key constituencies the Democrats require to retake the House and Senate in November — and the declines are significant. Democrats have "lost more than 10% of support among voters aged 18-50, 14 percent among Millennials aged 18-29" and have lost more than 20% of support among African-Americans during the same time period.“
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pkennedy says
Uh yeah, well this was in Brazil. So your assumptions are completely wrong.

That's true, Brazil is full of people who have never had 2nd amendment rights.
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everything says
Typically you don't want to keep a round chambered with your glock because it has no safety mechanism

Totally disagree. There are numerous "safety mechanisms", drop safety, an external trigger safety, and a firing pin safety. Glocks are completely safe and easy to deploy if you are trained in their usage. I've carried a Glock 19 for 2 years with no negligent discharges and literally thousands of draw/fire cycles.

Anyone who doesn't carry with one in the chamber is at a severe disadvantage in an actual confrontation.
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Hassan_Rouhani says
"In 2005, a majority of Brazil's population voted against banning the sale of guns and ammunition to civilians in a referendum. However, the Brazilian Department of Justice (Ministério da Justiça), which performs each individual's mandatory background check (which is made prior every gun acquisition, and every three years after it is acquired, which allows gun confiscation at the discretion of authorities), have been forbidding almost every citizen from buying guns,[8][9] based on the Executive Order # 5.123, of 07/01/2004 (Decreto n.º 5.123, de 1º de julho de 2004),[10] which allows the Federal Police to analyze the given reasons for owning a gun, under which "self defense" is not considered a valid reason because there are allegedly sufficient public police officers to maintain nationwide security.[11]

Thus, disarmament is effectively happening in Brazil,[12] as are massive gun confiscations,[13] notwithstanding its refusal by Brazilian people (at the referendum of 2005)."

I'm glad the Federal government has kept Brazil gun free and safe with its executive orders.
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Hassan_Rouhani says
U sure? The article says she had to load the damn thing before firing. Not clear what exactly "load" means in this case, most probably "chamber the round from already inserted loaded mag".

Video is hard to tell, maybe she was trying to rack a round into the chamber, it looked like she was struggling to get it out of her purse, but I guess she could've been trying to rack one.

If that is the case, she's very lucky the gun man was slow to react. One of my worst nightmares as a concealed carrier is drawing a weapon without one in the chamber.
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Tenpoundbass says
What I read he died in transport to the hospital

That's unfortunate, but not unexpected. The shot that dropped him had the effect of a CNS shot. It was instantly devastating.
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edvard says
That comment right there is precisely why the GOP is likely doomed.

Have you not been paying attention the past 8 years? The Democrats used to own 1,000 more elected seats than they do today. If the GOP was dead, then Obama revived the party and killed his own party.
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drB6 says

This is as crystal clear as it gets.

There will be no blue wave.
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The Democrats/Left have no message. I repeat, they have zero policy prescriptions to fix the country. Ever since November 2016, their entire platform is "obstruct Trump".

They ditched Dreamers, they ditched the working class, they ditched blacks. Everything has been Russia, Stormy Daniels. No one gives a shit about that. People care about paying their mortgage, having a job to do so, and having more money on their paycheck at the end of the month.

I don't give two shits about who pees where, or who marries who, or what color someone's skin is. I want my gay mexican friend to to have the right to get married, smoke weed, and to be able to protect his black atheist husband with an AR15.

Democrats are the same old socialist who eventually become communist that we've always known, and were responsible for 100,000,000 deaths in the 20th century. Fuck em.
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Feux Follets says
Why does your "friend" have to have an identifying label ? Why can't he just be your friend ?

Ask the Democrats. Everything in their platform is a label or "identity". I think it's obvious (for some) that I'm trying to point out that labels don't matter.

Feux Follets says
God damn FDR...damn that man

Exactly. Putting Americans in concentration camps. What a total fag. Fuck that crippled dead asshole.
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edvard says
And you seem to think that the DNC being against Trump isn't much of a platform? When the president actively seeks to ruin the country on a daily basis it is indeed a very valid platform-albeit a temporary one - but more or less a platform built for the national emergency we now exist in with this joke of a president.

Ruin it for WHO?

Who is suffering right now besides snowflake lefty assholes who don't understand how an election works?
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Feux Follets says
It's the Democrat's fault someone chooses to use "unique identifiers" when talking about someone else who supposedly is their "friend" ?

Yes, that is exactly the point! Glad you got it.

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edvard says
The very FIRST thing Trump did, on day one was to go on a big rant against Hispanics.

Uh no, illegal aliens. Trump has hired thousands of hispanics. Do racist people put paychecks into minority pockets every month? No, they enslave them or put them on welfare programs like Democrats do.
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edvard says
And now that you seem clearly unable to devote time to an intelligent post you'll do like most wingnut trolls:

Intelligent post? Don't intelligent post require intelligent points? Or even "a point"? I honestly didn't see one.
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edvard says
Uh yes, illegals or not, making nasty racist comments about humans in general is... Racist. Or are you too dense to get that?

First off, calm it down with the personal attacks. Last warning or you're going to start getting nuked. You're not going to like it, and honestly, I don't like doing it. Just follow the rules.

Secondly, what nasty racist comments? Saying some illegals who come over the border are "bad people" is not a nasty comment, it's simply a fact of life. When you don't check who is coming over, inevitably, you will get bad apples streaming across unmitigated.
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The Palestinians have turned their little sliver of land into a complete shit hole. They don't deserve what they have.
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What a sick fuck. None of these arabs actually want peace.
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Hassan_Rouhani says
OMG, time to flee to Venezuela!


end thread
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"gas at the pumps is skyrocketing"

Yeah, that usually happens when demand increases. Wonder what could possibly causing the spike in demand, and people getting into their cars in the morning?
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edvard says
Trump came into office on a good economy.

If that's true then why were Libtard heroes Krugman/Cuban predicting a massive crash as soon as Trump won the election?

There are some of us here who are literally sitting on hundreds of thousands of dollars of gains since November 2016.
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If Iraqis actually want to vote him into office, who gives a shit?

Let the Iraqis live with the benefits or consequences of their choice.
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Aphroman says
Who cares what Krugman said

It's easy to say that now after nearly 18 months where 2 trillion dollars of wealth were added to the economy.

But we all remember the how the libtards were gnashing teeth back then....

The internet never forgets.
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Aphroman says
Now all of a sudden, high gas prices are to be celebrated

What could be causing the increased demand for fuel?
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edvard says
The economy was in fact in great shape when Trump took office.

"Now comes the mother of all adverse effects — and what it brings with it is a regime that will be ignorant of economic policy and hostile to any effort to make it work," Krugman wrote. "So we are very probably looking at a global recession, with no end in sight. I suppose we could get lucky somehow. But on economics, as on everything else, a terrible thing has just happened." - Krugman, November 2016

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edvard says
Did you not read what I wrote? I wasn't talking about what Krugman or anyone else said. I was stating a basic fact- that the economy was ALREADY in good shape when Trump took office. Is that clear or are you gonna' be a parrot and harp the same shit again?

So Krugman is an idiot right? And all leftards should totally disavow him? That's all I'm asking, then we can continue to whatever point you want to next.
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mell says
Funny how leftoids claim people worship Trump. Most conservatives and Libertarians I know have very differentiated views and while they overall may approve of Trump, they don't always agree. Now compare that to the cult of Krugsheister who has been spectacularly wrong since jumping on the Keynesian bandwagon, spouting his nonsense and being adored by the leftoids. Lol

I remember when certain individuals were bolstering Krugman on this website and claiming that the Keynesians were saving the economy.

Now, they don't even admit that they were on the Keynesian bandwagon and pretend it "doesn't matter" ever since Trump basically shit all over their pseudo-science.

I'll be book marking this thread for sure.
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edvard says
Let me mention this again. An awful lot of indicators out there suggests we're likely in for a recession within the next year. In fact my financial advisor who has been in the biz for over 50 years has gone as far as to change some of their positions due to what he and the company foresee as a rough road within the next 12 months.

I'll go ahead and quote this (unmodified). The next 12 months should be interesting.
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Feux Follets says
When has the U.S. ever been able to do something like that especially when there is oil involved ?

Quit voting for the same globalist and you'll see things change.
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Aphroman says
The poor drive old Honda Civic’s, what with Trump giving them a job and yuge tax cut, they’re going to survive Trumpublicans rising gas prices. Funny that the Trump base are the same people who drive vehicles with piss poor mpg

uh that's not the point. Poor people also can't afford electric vehicles, only coastal limousine leftards drive Teslas. So by increasing the price of gas with a tax (which by the way is not going to help fix roads but bolster CalPERs pensions instead), you are hurting the poor the most which most Democrat policies often do.
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edvard says
believe it or not even gently used plugin hybrids and EVs are dirt cheap.

There's a reason for that, the batteries in shitty EVs like the "Leaf" die pretty quickly. I have a friend who has a 2016 Leaf, bought brand new. Currently the battery only retains 60% of the original charge. He now has to plug in at work just to get home. If he forgets, he's taking an uber. Kind of a shitty trade off.
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edvard says
I'm fully expecting a verifiable ocean of dipshit trump supporter tears in November. Keep on believing your fair tale...

Uh there's only one party that is always dropping tears during election results...

The other parties usually just move on with their lives.
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CBOEtrader says
Those affected w TDS will spin this as bad.

They're in the other thread predicting a huge recession by next year.
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TwoScoopsOfDragonEnergy says

"We don't care about Krugman!" said the same people who go on and on about the supposed Keynesian miracles that Obama somehow pulled off...
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Plain Jane 2000 Toyota Tacoma 4 cyl. extended cab,long bed. Yes,living above my means.
Can fix anything on if I'm not too lazy at the time. Drive it till I die & then be buried in it.

Yes that truck will probably last another 30 years but let's not act like it's some comfortable transportation. Old Tacomas are small, rattling cans, that Jihadis use to mount old Russian machine guns onto.
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edvard says
Seriously- why are my comments not showing up?

They're showing up but they are going through moderation automatically.
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They become cum dumpsters, and their ovaries die without ever being used.

My evidence? Years of working in New York. This is the shitty part about 3rd wave feminism. It allows MEN to be able to use women like cum dumpsters, and they feel EMPOWERED for it. Seriously, it's that ridiculous.
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I’m confused, who is higher on the oppression totem pole; trans, fat, Muslim, or black?
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Less individual household wealth.
Higher unemployment.
Serious effort to repeal 2nd amendment.
SCOTUS would lean left.

The Housing Trap
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