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Welfare paying for Disney park tickets. Now I've seen everything.
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Worst part about this is, these idiots will come back to America and try to act like they are somehow more "cultured and worldly" from having been a bum around the world.
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WookieMan says
The higher pay will pull from corporate/business profits though.

Are you making the point that the business environment would be worse off if illegal aliens left? Because you'd be wrong. That's a major "lefty" talking point that has been debunked numerous times because those making the point never take into account the tax environment, and benefits of having a higher earning, better educated workforce and customer base, and the negative effects of wage suppression overall...
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d6rB says
Yeah, and the annoying thing is they think that immersion and understanding of culture is eating Pho, and not learning language and customs of the people they visit. They would be very surprised about racial attitudes of Asians, for example...but in the mind of a Western liberal only whites can be raycist.

They'd be shocked at how Japan has handled the "Muslim immigration" issue.
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WookieMan says
Ultimately the businesses will just charge more for their product and the consumer will pay more and the owners make the same amount. Or they'll cut employees to offset the increased cost of their overall workforce. It ultimately won't hurt the business, but there's a higher likelihood less people are working if wages are higher. Less spending from them on other things. It trickles all over.

Again, people who make this point always ignore the tax environment, and benefits of having a higher earning, better educated workforce and customer base, and the negative effects of wage suppression overall and having a large welfare dependent population.

Do you honestly think the overall economy is better off because of illegals? Let's not concentrate on the micro level and examine individual firms, I'm talking about the overall economy.
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Heraclitusstudent says
there was a fight in the first place?
That's just what they do in the ghetto, they brought it to Disneyland. Low IQ has a lot to do with it as well. Imagine a country full of people like that.

There have been studies about this. It's always "wayycist" to discuss it, but low per capita IQ always results in: poverty, corrupt government, high murder rates, low foreign investment, basically all the hallmarks of any 3rd world country.
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Pelosi and AOC kicking each other in the shins is nice and all, but them being out of office would be far better.
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Trump is getting flack from beta males who think joining femi-nazis will get them laid.

The truth is, and anyone who has experienced this knows the truth, if a woman thinks you're wealthy, and you're not a fat slob who eats a salad and walks for about an hour day, you can gain pretty easy access to white collar professional pussy. Not hookers, not escorts, but legit $150,000/year women who are not bad looking, we're talking 7s and 8s all day long.

Yes they will let you grab it, usually in the privacy of a hotel room, and yes they will let you stick it in their ass. Before I got married, I had a head count of at least 10 in New York alone and that was far before my financial prime.
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Hircus says
What do people think is driving the prices down?

Underwriting standards, rates, Chinese money has slowed considerably, but the #1 most important factor, prices are way too high.

No one is going to lock themselves into a 30 year loan dependent on them making $300,000 for every year of the loan. That's lunacy.
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I don't know how Talcum White gets away with the shit he says and does. He's basically a domestic terrorist, why isn't the FBI dragging him away to be water boarded.
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Omar is a lunatic and was directly elected due to Obummer's resettlement policies.

She supports Al Qaeda (tacitly), and has refused to condemn leftist violence. Imagine someone like her running for her office in 2002? She would have been laughed off the stage. But the left has become so radicalized she now represents their party.
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I notice she always has an inherent snarl now.
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Tim Aurora says
Patrick says
Whites and Asians should have a common cause in fighting racial discrimination aimed at them:

A longer version by the Holocaust Memorial Day Trust, a charity established by the UK government, is as follows:[4]

First they came for the Communists
And I did not speak out
Because I was not a Communist

Then they came for the Socialists
And I did not speak out
Because I was not a Socialist

Then they came for the trade unionists
And I did not speak out
Because I was not a trade unionist

Then they came for the Jews
And I did not speak out
Because I was not a Jew

Then they came for me
And there was no one left
To speak out for me

The only people publicly calling for their constituents to go after others is the LEFT. Democrats have become the new Bolshevik movement of the 21st century. If anyone is coming, and bringing violence, it's the left.

However unlike the previous opposition the historical Bolshevik movement had to face, conservatives are actually composed of mostly working class, blue collar, military veterans who know how to actually fight. The left can't and won't win such a conflict (even though they keep pushing for one).
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This usually causes most leftist to shut up real quickly about the effectiveness of the democrat welfare state.
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This is ridiculous. Australians should be able to walk into a Ferrari dealership with a suitcase of cash freshly laundered from Chinese labor operations just like any other free country.
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He wins at life, and not just because of his fresh hair. Damn this dude is dope.
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Baltimore is the result of 13/50. Plain and simple.
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Patrick says
How will liberal heads react to black kids assaulting an obviously Muslim old guy?

They'll quietly sweep it under the Democrat rug, and point at another manufactured outrage product freshly produced by the DNC and Pelosi.
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Bet his parents vote heavily Democrat...
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Another victim due to leftist "compassion".

Luckily I'm in a state where I'm allowed to conceal a firearm. Keep your head on a swivel, always be aware of your environment. I never let anyone within 20 feet of me without giving them a look. You can tell a lot about someone's intentions from their body language.
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"Mentally retarded morons ignore Democrat budget mismanagement, corruption, and extreme cost overruns"
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Believe me, my conceal carry is not just for me and my family. If I see some criminal trying to commit violence upon women and children, they're getting the lead special too.
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Twice as many people were shot and killed over the weekend in Baltimore than were killed at the Garlic Festival all the lefties are crying about.

NPCs being told to cry and when to cry.
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lol, this thread
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Rin says
Goran_K says
If I see some criminal trying to commit violence upon women and children, they're getting the lead special too.

I don't mean to break this to you but Charles Bronson did that a generation & half ago in 'Death Wish' and only the filmmakers kept him out of jail as the DA's office clearly cracks down on vigilantes.

I’d rather be judged by 12 than carried by 6.
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Honestly, and I say this as someone who has gay friends, I can understand why gays were discriminated against for centuries from various cultures. The whole LGBT movement has devolved into madness and I suspect it did centuries ago when they were being burned at the stake or being beheaded by the Caliphates.

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I'll be honest, this is what scared me away from white women in general as a long term relationship.

I can't stand people who let their bodies go just because they're old. Most of my friends from college who ended up marrying Caucasian are either divorced, or still happily married, but to a woman that is pushing 200 pounds. My wife has never exceeded 110 pounds in weight and it wasn't through vigorous exercise, just not eating like a pig everyday.
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AD says
If a household's gross monthly income is $5,000 then they should not buy a home or rent a home that costs more than $2,000 per month. That is what I was referring to as far as housing costs per month.

Even then, that seems like its cutting very close financially. Utilities, groceries, car payments? How much is this person investing or putting back into their Roth/401k/etc?
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CBOEtrader says
Asian? Good move, especially if she's also not born here.

Asian, eastern euro, and even Latin American women still appreciate strong men. It's western euro and big city US liberals who think women should be men, and men should be betas. Vomit.

I agree. Born in the U.S seems to carry the 50% divorce rate with it too. US Women just seem so entitled and spoiled compared to women overseas.

My friends are confused when my wife admits to giving me shoulder and back rubs after work, like it's some sort of amazing thing to happen outside of an anniversary.
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CBOEtrader says
I know young professionals in Chicago who make $75k/yr and rent 1br's for $2600/month.

Damn that's rough.
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Anti-gun, and pro-illegal. Gabby already lost me (and many like me) just because of that. If she changed her positions on that, I'd be open to considering her.
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Since LBJ, we've had 6 Republican & 3 Democratic President.

Why didn't Republicans fix majority controlled Democrat cities where Democrats hold the majority of city offices, the office of the mayor, the police chief, and the entire city council?
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I'm not ignoring it, and anyone who has made money the past 2.5 years isn't ignoring it. The only people ignoring it are the ones who stayed poor because they couldn't get over their own political bias. Lower taxes, less regulations, means lower cost of business. This is an irrefutable fact.
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24 people were shot last weekend in Chicago. 5 dead. No one blinked en eye.

Probably white supremacist.
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A lot of incel rage?
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Maher doesn’t even know why he hates Trump.
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How many innocent women need to be raped before you murderers cut your dicks off???!!! - Democrat Logic
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