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They actually held that drawing up? lol
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anon_4460e says
Goran_K says
his sordid sexual history

... of placing his hands over women's tits while grinning at the camera

Uh and admitting on camera to needing to reflect on his history of sexual aggressiveness towards dozens of women some dating back 20 years.
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Patrick says
Goran_K says
Patrick, can we disallow users from changing their comments while in jail? He's purposefully saying inflammatory things, then changing them while in jail and claiming he did nothing wrong. This is getting kind of ridiculous the kind of trolling HappyGilmore is engaging in. I'd almost recommend a 24 hour ban if you're okay with it.

@Goran_K I hoped from the beginning of comment jail that people would edit their jailed comments to make them civil (not attacking another user personally) so that they could be liberated. But I see that it's disingenuous to edit a jailed comment and then claim that it was never actually uncivil to begin with. I don't actually keep a history of edits so it's hard to prove. Hmmm.

Maybe you're right that they should not be able to edit comments that are jailed.

I think the original intent was great. But certain individuals like Happy are abusing the system unfortunately.
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The fact that she was caught red handed adding writing and claiming it to be Moore’s takes away most of her credibility.

That’s why Roy Moore will win a senate seat.
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The odds for Trump "To Leave Office Via Impeachment Or Resignation Before End 1st Term" are listed as even right now. If you bet that he doesn't resign by end of term at ladbrokes for $1K, and then place $1K down that he does resign with Goran, then you break even at worst or win $4K if he does resign. If you bet $3K at Ladbrokes that he doesn't resign and $1K with Goran that he does, if he does resign, you win $2K ($5K-$3K). If he doesn't resign, you win $2K ($3K at ladbrokes - $1K with Goran). It's a guaranteed $2K winning. Who wants a free $2K. I've shown you exactly how to do it.

I don’t see where it says even odds for him resigning. Can you show me the specific betting link? I will bet $25,000 right now and post my bet receipt for all to see.
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Trump’s election has had the exact opposite effect of what leftist economist like Krugman were predicting.
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Hutch says
Hutch here,

Republican logic, writing a note in your own personal yearbook = forgery

Goran here,

Democrat logic, Actually claiming writing was all original, then get caught lying, called out, and having to admit it was added much more recently = still honest.
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Hutch says

Sorry forgot to add this @Goran_K still waiting

I went through the sign up process and ladbrokes doesn't allow U.S bets otherwise I would have put up a sizable bet.
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Hutch says
Hutch here,

Didn't you say you live in Nevada? No sports books you can go to? If you don't live in NV, DE, MD, NY, or NJ you can place your bet at Bovada. I'm sure if you are really serious about placing the bet you could find someone to take your money.

No, I'm 100% sure I won't lose a single cent on that bet.

I'll offer you any odds that "Bovada" is offering Hutch if you're "so sure" my money will be taken, up to $5,000.
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errc says

You didn’t know this already? That Republicans have prohibited your ability as an American to wager like most rest of the people on this planet. Freedom, it’s just one more thing for grumpy Republicans to hate, and take it out on everyone else. Sad!

But how could any American not know this already? Strange

Glad to see you're in the Holiday spirit errc.
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The Jury who let this psychopath go and the jury that let Kate Steinle's illegal alien murderer go should never serve on a jury again, and in all honesty should be forced to publicly answer for their verdicts.
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I’ll be honest, I hope Karma comes and someone does that guy in. Some gang banger or cartel smuggler. Just kills him and does what the justice system failed to do.
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I saw a picture of this guy post bomb. He basically blew off his dick. Pretty stupid for someone whose goal is 72 virgins.
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Russia hasn't worked, so this is the next made up accusation. Man, Democrats are desperate. No policy fixes, no proposed policy changes, their entire party has become SJW haven where they only care about making up genders, and feminism (except if you're muslim, then it's okay to hate women).

2018 and 2020 are going to be hard years for leftists.
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The big problem with these accusations is we've all seen the women Trump dates, marries, etc. They're all models, all hot, all top of the line fuckable.

The accusers are usually chicken neck, used up, overweight, greasy democrats. Al Franken? Yeah, he would fuck those all day. Trump? It's just unrealistic and unbelievable.

If someone is regularly paying top dollar for prime filet mignon, and then someone accuses him of stealing a $1 McDonalds cheese burger, I'm going to question the trustworthiness of the accusation is all I'm saying.
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Jennifer Rubin looks like she's over dosed a few times on prozac.
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errc says
What if someone subsists on steaks burnt to the point of being carcinogenic, but smothers them in ketsup like a 4 year old? And washes it down with Diet Coke lmao, Ronnie Macs and KFC?

Been watching a lot of CNN I see.
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Haven't had cable for nearly 5 years.
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errc says
How do you keep up with your CNN?

Reading your posts.
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The Democrat swamp is draining itself.
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Ceffer says
A 20 fisting ass in the air salute at the gay leather bars, and the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence as pall bearers. Homeless will pass and throw hepatitis shit and used needles on the coffin at interment instead of soil. Pacific Heights UltraRichFucks sniffing in their hankies. Transgendered peeing in the bushes and showing each other their junk giggling.

Thanks, Ed, for the best years of your life. San Francisco is much crazier than when you took the helm, something that nobody thought was possible.

I'm thinking of sending a card in for Ed Lee's funeral for condolences. I'm going to make the front of the card standard with a white dove.

on the inside I plan to print this out in high res gloss.

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Did he support draft dodgers,admitted sexual abusers & pedophiles?
No! He wasn't a Republican.

Uh he was a staunch supporter of admitted sexual abuser Al Franken and Conyers who are both being forced out of office due to their sexual misconduct. So you're very wrong in your statement.
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Heraclitusstudent says
Insulting dead guys, is this a political discussions?

It's allowed.

you want to defend Ed Lee's character? You're free to do so, going to be an uphill battle though. Major piece of shit, and the world is better with him in the ground.
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Tim Aurora says
I would be utterly disappointed if Americans made these comments insulting dead people. . But I do realize that Russian Bots and agents ( like Trump ) are here to pollute the Americans.

I'd be utterly disappointed if someone claiming to be an American wasn't in absolute joy that Ed Lee's corpse is being processed for worm food.

If there was any justice in the world, his rotten corpse would be thrown over the border wall.
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Can you imagine you're a small business owner. You have a $2,500,000 loan on some decrepit property, just trying to make it, haven't taken a salary for the 2nd year straight, and having a hard time attracting customers because of the neighborhood. Wife is at home trying to figure out how to buy groceries for your kids.

Then some mentally ill homeless person stacks up all of their garbage in the entrance of your business, sleeping there at night, and peeing and shitting in the bushes around your property.

Man that would suck.
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The Swamp is draining itself.

Franken - Gone
Conyers - Gone
Ed Lee - WORM Food

It's a good start.
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BayAreaObserver, please follow the rules. Friendly warning.

1) No personal attacks
2) No NSFW material.

Thank you.
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People should stop over spending in youth and save for retirement. Right now, AARP says it will cost the average couple around $1,000,000 to pay for expenses in retirement for 20 years.

How many people have $1,000,000 in their retirement accounts?

I doubt 1-2 people on this forum can make that claim right now.
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BayAreaObserver says
Goran K - I will keep reposting as soon as you learn to be neutral. Friendly warning

I also use screen shots to see what gets deleted just because someone doesn't like it.

Just follow the rules and your posts won't get zapped. It's not hard.
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C'mon man. You tried to come at me directly with a personal attack. That's not going to slide. Just relax, enjoy yourself.
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anon_a25bb says
Maybe I missed something, but why are you warning BayAreaObserver? Is this based on past posts or something in the current thread?

I zapped one of his comments where he tried to turn things personal in this thread.
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Ed Lee is probably looking back at her with sorrow in his eyes screaming “Ahhhhhhh, the fire it burns!!!!”
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Heraclitusstudent says
Goran_K says
you want to defend Ed Lee's character?

The guy is dead. You don't need to piss on his tomb.
Discuss ideas, not characters.

I did discuss ideas and his policies directly, you're just refusing to address them for some reason. Here, let me reiterate.

He's a sanctuary city supporting piece of shit whose policies helped get an innocent woman killed. It could have been my daughter, it could have been your mother, or a sister, or a niece.

Now he's dead and I'm happy. karma. He deserved it.
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Hutch says
What kind of sick fuck makes fun of someones death, especially the day of?

I'm going to have a beer tonight, and a nice steak dinner in celebration of Ed Lee not breathing oxygen anymore. His corpse should be used as a punching bag for anyone who opposes sanctuary cities. I'd punch his stinky corpse once or twice (with gloves of course, don't want to dirty myself with Leftist bile).
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BayAreaObserver says
"C'mon man. You tried to come at me directly with a personal attack. That's not going to slide. Just relax, enjoy yourself"

Moi ? On the Magenda ? Oh Good Night Nurse...I have not yet begun. I had to resort to doing scree shots again now of everything that has your name attached and just be patient...give it a month, a few months, a will pay off.

I'm sure it will be a great use of your time.
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BayAreaObserver says
Let's all hail TPB profanity laced diatribes on everything and anything as being the epitome of productive commentary.

Let's all hail Goran's sentiments as being the absolute height of productivity commentary since he is liberal bashing.

Liberal bashing good - conservative bashing - not so much.

Uh no. You haven't addressed Ed Lee as a politician, his policies, or why most people outside of SF think his corpse needs to be launched into the Ocean right next to Osama's.
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errc says
There’s no reasoning with Patrick, he’s lost it.

He seems to think that Goran is a good mod, and he cannot be bothered to address the fact that he chased off a few long time Patnetters, or why he’s constantly quarreling with most all of those that are left. “Maybe it’s a pushback against moderation?”. Remember, Patrick has admitted more than once to being on the Autism Scale.

“Maybe they just don’t like moderation, derp derp” lmao

lol, who did I chase off? I invite anyone to come and comment as long as they follow the rules Patrick has stated.
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errc says
If errc sees one poster (usually a mindless right winger attacking a messenger instead of the message) he marks it uncivil, and Goron liberates it immediately as Civil.

Show ONE post where I did that.