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FP says
TwoScoops, this is beyond the point (of my exchange with Goran) but Canada and Australia. Canada has more immigration per capita than the US.

Illegal immigration? I know leftist tend to conflate the two but there is a difference between immigration and illegal immigration.
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TwoScoopsPlissken says
Mass Immigration breaks the contract because people who haven't contributed into the system begin receiving benefits. Foreigners arrive, legally and illegally, and and take the jobs the previous generation agreed to subsidize for their children. Not the children of the World.

That's why a welfare state and immigration are incompatible.

This is why illegal immigration is so disastrous to a society. You won't see UK, Japan, or Canada accept illegal immigration like leftist have here in the U.S. It's basic logic that illegals are a break in the social contract.
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Tatupu, enough of the personal attacks. You can try again without the dissing.
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HappyGilmore says

No dissing--just stating the facts.

Sure, just keep those "facts" in your head, and not spew them across the forum. Zero tolerance tatupu or you're going to get a lot of comments deleted.
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Over a very long period, you can predict what the average of a bunch of stocks will return. This allows for things like planning for retirement. Being able to plan for retirement does not mean that you can predict the daily returns on stocks over a 30 yr period. Similarly, any given year might return something far outside of that range. Do you understand that?

According to climate "scientist", the hundreds of billions they wanted for the Paris Accords would not have done anything anyway. According to them by 2100 we get less than 2/10 of ONE degree "cooling" at the cost of TRILLIONS over a century, if we kept up with the accords.

Seems like if climate scientist are correct, we really can't change much with our current technology.
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FP says
I just marked several of Goran's comments directed at me as uncivil. Never used the uncivil button before (and never used the dislike button unit 2 days ago). Just stating the facts...

FP, I have access to the moderation queue. You are abusing the uncivil button and will lose access to it if you keep this up. I've restored the comments so anyone can see that I was not levying personal attacks.
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anon_d5928 says

Doesn't that prove the fact that liberalism is truly a mental disease.

I think leftism, and far rightism are both toxic and harmful.

The biggest tragedy of this recent divide/conquer route is that moderate voices are often quashed or ignored in favor of the loudest idiots from the far left or right.

I consider myself a moderate, and I'm also a nationalist. But I was not a big fan of Steve Bannon. For some reason this confuses people.
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Strategist says
Most lefties believe the market will crash only because they don't like Trump. Pure emotional, pure wishful, and pure irrational thinking. You can never be a successful investor with that kind of thinking.
Righties were not much different either when Obama was President.
The way I see it....President's will come, and President's will go, but the stock market will go on for ever.


Krugman is a nobel prize winning economist. Even he let his political bias sway his economic analysis, and it cost lots of lefty democrats lots of money. He was completely and utterly wrong.
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anon_13e7f says
Deniers are typically conspiracy theorists. They believe that climate change due to CO2 is a government conspiracy.

Most people aren't deniers, but there are a large category of skeptics who ask very good questions that for some reason get ignored by the Climate Change cult.
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HappyGilmore says
This isn't #politics. Does Goran now have free reign over the whole site?

I have access to the moderation queue which includes "anon comments". I just approved a dozen anti-trump , anti-right, anti-conservative, comments.

I can also undo "uncivil" abuse.

Don't worry, you're in good hands Tatupu, as long as you follow the rules.
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Elizabeth Warren's rant can be summarized like this, "DREAMERS are future Democrat voters, I don't care that they take opportunities away from actual citizens, I'll take the 100% Democrat vote every single time."
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mell says
Agreed. It's obvious though that before the Trump presidency leftism had a much firmer grip on the nation than far-rightism, and it still has quite some pull. People often then counter with economic policies which are not a good example anymore since the modern, globalist left concentrates all its extremism on identity politics, while economically they appear more centrist since the people who pull the strings of identity politics benefit from globalism and divide and conquer. It's in fact a very toxic mix that the left has morphed into and people have started to wake up.

Oh I agree. Far rightism has declined so far that places like StormFront are having a hard time attracting members. They don't control the media, they don't control education, they don't control ... anything.

The far left however has the tacit cooperation of the "moderate left" in the media, education, and hollywood. That's why I believe leftism is the primary threat to the country at this time. That could change in the future but for now the left has all the power and influence, and Trump was a stab at that powerful entity. That's why the reaction to him was so vile and widespread throughout the left. Trump is the first guy to stand up their power structure and threaten it.

Funny thing is, and I didn't think this would happen, Trump is winning way more than he is losing. Guy might be a genius. :)
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FP says
I wore: "for most people. Do you read the comment you respond to?

I did, and I don't think you've explained your claim enough. Who is "most people"? Are you saying that most people get interrogated or stopped by the TSA? Do you have any data that shows your situation is how "most people" experience travel into the United States?

It's not my experience at all.
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Obama was the most racist president since LBJ.
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mell says
Got laughed at when I suggested DT may be candidate, let alone win. Was very close to place 300:1 bet, unfortunately of course I also had doubts and thought no way so I lost out on 100K or so, but the following MAGA stock market redeemed the lost opportunity and then some ;)

You're not alone. I had a chance to place very lucrative bets on whether Trump would win and passed them up without thinking twice. Imagine a $10,000 at even 100 to 1. Now, seems like such a small wager, but in October 2016, quite risky.
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TinFoil hat:

BitCoin won't succeed because the Illuminati at the FED would never allow their power to shrink so vastly. They assasinated Kennedy for trying to take their power, killing a crypto currency would not be hard for them.

Also, BitCoin has so many competitors, it's going to lose ground fast unless all of these stores (amazon, ali baba, etc) start accepting it.
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DoofusRicky says
Brother Goran I understand your reasons and indubitably they are yours to make however going back all of my years I have never seen a member's goodbye thread erased from a website.

Those who had the pleasure to actually see it before it was yanked would agree with me that there wasn't anything the least bit abusive in his goodbye. People have commented that he was a long time user and although I had never talked with him, I'm sure at least a few people here appreciated him sharing his investment insights.

I admit that I am probably quite naive about all the circumstances but how come he was not even allowed to say goodbye?

I wasn't the one who nuked that thread. I wouldn't nuke a "good bye" thread.
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errc says

How would they kill it?

Bitcoin is definitely under pressure from it’s main competitor, Ethereum, for numerous reasons

Plenty of ways but the primary one being legislation. Once they legislate it out of the U.S, it would become like SilkRoad and wouldn't have the reach. Another way could be a virus that corrupts the blockchain.

But I don't see the Fed just giving up their power. Like I said, Kennedy tried to do this and they killed him.
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whew that stinks of major corruption.
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He’s right you know.
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Chicago is a huge pain in the ass for most gun control advocates. They've tried pretty much all the gun control methods known to man besides outright bans and the gun crime continues to spike.
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I'm almost 100% positive that Stephen Paddock's mass shooting was buried by the MSM because it was discovered that he was a hardcore Hillary/Democrat/Antifa supporter just like his girlfriend and brother.
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I vote no. This is the type of policy that causes people to focus on attacking individuals and not their ideas.
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Pension debt is going to crush the state budget in the coming years. Then the cannibal anarchy will be really good in California.
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anon_eba5e says
I’m an old timer from this site’s past.

I have 16 homes in Phoenix, bought 2009-2012.

I collect $24000 a month in rent, and pay $9800 in mortgages, of which $2400 is principle. Of course, I average another couple k in repairs.

I’ve retired, and now live in Nevada.
If buying homes doesn’t work Out as an investment, you did it wrong.

Roberto! Long time no see!
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errc says
Is there anything they don’t blame on the liberals?

In California, there really is no one else to blame seeing as the Democrats have held a majority in the state's government for the past 30+ years.
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Flake is described aptly by his namesake. He can't get re-elected in his own area. Rather than face an election where he'll get crushed, he decided to slither away in shame, taking pot shots at Trump on the way out. Fuck Flake.
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anon_eba5e says

those saying diversify to another city, sure, which ones have compelling price/rent ratios, that would be nice to actually live in too? Preferably in a low or no tax state, since my college pension is taxed in the state I live in!

Roberto, how's the dog?
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Booming economy.

Sky high participation rate, record low unemployment.

Jobs returning to the states in the tens of thousands.

Apple brought back $250,000,000,000 to U.S shores because of tax reform. Companies investing back into the U.S at record pace. China trying to implement its own "tax reform" due to fear of US stealing investments.


Hoping the POTUS gets a heart attack.
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I remember when Killary Klinton was dragged like a manniquin into the back of a black van while on campaign or when she went into her 10 minute smoker's cough fits.

Leftist/Democrats/CNN: "Discussions about Killary's health are off limits! Let's focus on Trump grabbing pussy."

Also Leftist/Democrats/CNN: "Discussions about the booming economy are boring. Let's focus on Trump tweeting pics of him drinking Coke and eating McDonalds!"
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Leftist/Democrats/CNN: "Trump is too fat to be president!"

Also Leftist/Democrats/CNN:

Our next president!

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I have a feeling Obama is in the memo, Hillary of course, but the fall guy will be Comey.

That's my prediction.
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This could hurt the Democrat party down the line for years.

I'm loving it.
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Leftist/Democrats/CNN: "Trump cheats at friendly golf games with his buddies where he makes absolutely no money. This means he's a shameless unfit to be president bull shitter."

Also Leftist/Democrats/CNN after Hillary rigged the primaries against Bernie: "Madam President!"
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It's almost too easy.

#ReleaseTheMemo so we can finally be done with these leftist.
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lol, this thread is hilarious
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Tatupu, you really have to stop with the "you" post. Patrick has been pretty strict on that front. You can repost again, but knock it off with the personalization if you can.

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WookieMan says
Nothing to do with the OP. But what the fuck is Valarie Jarret or whatever her name is? That thing is fucked up. No one can tell me with a straight face that's a normal human.

It's what happens when you are touched by the dark side of the force. Remember when Palpatine looked like a normal human until force lightening scarred him for life? Same thing.
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anon_8f378 says

Changed the posts. Better?

Better! (and reposted)
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rocketjoe79 says
Not one whiff on the MSM about this. Even Fox is quiet?

Don't worry once it's public, the MSM won't have a choice.

The Housing Trap
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