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Patrick says
So we'd have anon_1234_chicago or whatever.

I like this.
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anon_8f378 says
Most of them commit suicide. Death isn't a deterrent to them.

Good. Then it makes the kill shot much, much easier.
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drB6 says
Take a guess - do Asians need substantially higher scores than the rest to get in, and which races/population groups need the lowest scores to get in?

We all know the answer to that question.
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anon_961a0 says
We are all entitled to our own opinions.

Wish the left in this country actually believed that.
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anon_8f378 says
And--fyi--Hillary won the national vote. So, those polls were correct.

She didn't win it by 9%.
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anon_8f378 says

In election after election since then, Republicans have consistently underperformed expectations by ~15%. They lost a statewide election in Alabama FFS.

We'll see in the mid-terms. Every election since 2016 has been a special election.

Also I notice you didn't bring up Jon Ossoff, who ran the most expensive congressional rep campaign in U.S history and was supposed to be a referendum on Trump. Hmm, how did that work out?
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People barely behave WITH moderators, they hesitate to troll 100% under the threat of having their comments nuked.

I can't imagine what the site would be without moderators. Oh yeah, we tried that, it wasn't working.
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anon_8f378 says
Wish Trump supporters believed it.

When Trump supporters are walking out in the millions protesting a Democratically elected president, blocking traffic, and walking out of school/work/etc, let me know.
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Racism against asians is okay because Democrats need Hispanic and Black votes, not really asian votes.
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anon_8f378 says
No kidding. And the election wasn't in October.

The below graph doesn't happen unless you have shit data motivated by a political propaganda machine (courtesy of a "legitimate polling agency", the NYT).

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All I know is, if he were an NRA member or right leaning at all, we'd know it by now.
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anon_23b8e says
That is utterly absurd. You left out 55 NVA battalions formed into 19 divisions and 16 VC battalions. All well equiped by the chinese and russians. Whoops, just a tiny little oversight. No more than 20% of the US military was committed to vietnam at any time. But hey facts are strictly optional for some posters here on patnet.

Sorry you weren't aware that tanks were useless in heavy jungle and played a very minor role in Vietnam.

These guys think your point is absurd and would like to disagree.

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anon_8f378 says
Of course it does. Probabilities change quickly as state results come in. That is completely normal

If you can show that huge of a statistical swing in any of the previous 5 Presidential elections, I'll give you $1,000.
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anon_8f378 says
Isn't that free speech? So, you're not in favor of the 1st Amendment?

AFAIK, the 1st amendment doesn't allow you to stand on a freeway causing potentially dangerous traffic conditions.
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anon_8f378 says
Dems outperformed in GA special election by 8% or so, but it just wasn't enough to overcome the built in advantage Reps have in that district. And that's one of the better results for Reps so far. Both sides spent huge money there.

Both sides spent good money but not as much as the DNC.

Like I said, we will see. Hopefully you'll still be posting by then.
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Patrick says
OK, it's on the list. Anyone know a quick way to discover cities from IP addresses? I know there are commercial services, but I don't need very high accuracy.

There is a free service at ipinfo.io, but it's not at all accurate:

curl ipinfo.io/$(curl icanhazip.com)

"city": "Petaluma",
"region": "California",

I'm about 100 miles from Petaluma at the moment.

I don't think it can be 100% accurate. For instance some people use proxy servers (I use one through the California Department of Education). But I think just having something more identifying than anon1234 would be even incrementally better.
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bob2356 says
These guys could have been easily defeated if the US wasn't trying to run a weasel deal war. Again. . They have been defeated now.

The Persians, Arabs, Mongols, Indians, Soviets, and Americans have all tried to pacify that region. We're talking centuries of attempted and failed invasions by some of the best generals and armies in History.

But if only they had consulted Bob, they may have succeeded.
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anon_961a0 says
what exactly does a moderator do?

I would say that it is as gate keeper to anon post.

As a moderator you should know what your biggest task is. What you spend the most TIME on. So what is it Goran?

I say moderators wouldn't be needed because 95-99% of their job is being gate keeper to the anons. So are you saying I'm wrong that at least 95% of your time moderating is not spend on gate keeping anon posts? If so what is a more accurate % of time functioning as moderator in regards to gate keeping anon posts?

- Approve non flamey anon posts.
- Delete flamey personal attacks or trolling by anons or registered.

Have you not noticed the dramatic effect just enforcing those two rules has had on the civility of conversation here?
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anon_1922f says
Simple minded meme.

Why doesn't that meme work?
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bob2356 says
But, but, but we've been told and told that the poor and immigrants are breeding like rabbits and overrunning america with new democrats. Funny how quickly conservatives can abandon arguments when they aren't convenient.

Well to be fair, it's only ONE demographic of the left that is breeding like crazy and taxing public resources. The one that thinks illegally crossing a national border and demanding free entitlements is okay.
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mell says

Asians are often independent and successful so it is hard to sway their vote with favorable admission and other advantageous discrimination. However many Asians also work in govt/municipal jobs with good pensions (post office, schools etc.) and Dems know that they already got those votes . I assume the Asian vote is fairly steady and can't be swayed either way much.

It's also very small. I think 2-3% of the national total. Less meaty by Dem standards.
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anon_8f378 says
And AFAIK, nobody stood on a freeway causing potentially disruptive traffic over Trump being elected.

UH yeah, that happened.


The protests during which Flores was injured began shortly after Donald Trump was announced the projected winner of the 2016 election. Students living in all six colleges gathered on Library Walk and spread throughout campus, chanting criticisms of the president-elect as they moved. The protest then spilled off-campus near the freeway, where demonstrators walked onto the interstate.
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TwoScoopsPlissken says
It's mostly ambushes with small arms, grenades, and encountering booby traps.


In Afghanistan, the Taliban never directly engaged Abrams tanks or Bradley vehicles.

They laid IEDs with 20 year old Nokia Cellphones as the triggers, and blew them up on the roads, followed by small arms fire as the tankers tried to escape the burning husk.
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goat says
The concept & definition of white privilege has nothing to do with excuse making.

Okay, so what is it?
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anon_8f378 says
It's flawed logic. A smoke alarm tells you when you need to call the fire department.

A gun doesn't tell you when you need to call the police.

What about: A smoke alarm is there just in case there is a fire, just like a gun is there just in case there is a threat.
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errc says
Maybe put quotations in a slightly different color if you find it hard to distinguish one persons quoted words from another in a post

I like this suggestion.
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anon_961a0 says
The question was, how much time do you spend on approving anon posts? Still no answer. I stipulation that it is what you spend most of your time on as moderator so doing away with anons would make for little work for Patrick and no more use for moderators. This would take your job away so I see why you don't want to answer. I guess no answer is agreement then, fair enough.

I don't know. Couple minutes here and there?

Patrick pays me the same no matter how much time I work. He's generous like that.
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drB6 says
Lets be quite honest - how many of us at age 14 would have been glad to be "victimized" by a hot 26-yr old?

At 14, I would tap dat ass for days.
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The people leaving are the "makers" (net contributors to the tax system), the people staying/breeding are the takers. I believe California's maker/taker ratio is now 100/114. You have 114 people sucking out of the system for every 100 contributing to the system.

That ratio was nearly the opposite 30 years ago.
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zzyzzx says
Is LA really that much different?

Depends on the area.

South OC is very moderate/right leaning.

LA County itself can be moderate in "some areas" that are not 10 miles from LA Proper. But overall it is very blue.
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Kakistocracy says
Given his role in the demise of Gawker, it would be more than fair to draw the opposite conclusion: that there is an effort underway to silence both dissent and unpopular speech, and it’s being led by billionaires like Thiel.


Uh, this article is total fucking bull shit.

Gawker outed very personal details about his life that he DID NOT want public.

He wasn't silencing dissent and unpopular speech, he was fucking Gawker up the ass for invading his private life. I'm glad he bankrupted them. It sent the right message to anyone who thinks leaking someone's private life is "entertainment".
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Feux Follets says
Getting in old stuff now from on the forum - be careful.

Doesn't apply. That individual willingly exposed his private life, which was then leveraged by someone who didn't like the individual. That's a totally different situation than Thiel.

Not saying I agree with what happened, but it's not the same situation.
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Feux Follets says
Public figures have public problems with things they would rather not have the public see or know lest they be as well thought of.

Doesn't matter. There has to be some limit and there are limits to speech in the United States regardless of any libertarian interpretation of the 1st amendment. Obviously Thiel didn't want those details known to anyone outside of his circle. It was not Gawker's right to expose Thiel's private life, plain and simple.
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Feux Follets says
When you are a public figure - you take whatever goes along with that.

Why? Why shouldn't someone have recourse to sue someone for invading their privacy?

Would you feel the same if someone had exposed something about your personal life you DID NOT WANT in the public?

If not, why should it be different for someone else because they are famous?
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Feux Follets says
Don't want your information out in the public, choose your path in life carefully.

What did Thiel not do carefully? Just being a successful billionaire? It's not like he was marching in pride parades with nipple tassles out.
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FortWayne says
Retards exist everywhere.

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bob2356 says
Why isn't anyone explaining how the swat team will tell the shooter from the teachers in the middle of total chaos?

This is a myth.

Gun fights are not "chaotic" to the point where everyone is running around directionless, and no one knows what's going on and where the shooting is originating from.

If you watch video of the Columbine, or the Charlie Hedbo shooting, etc, people clear our VERY QUICKLY as soon as the shooting starts which leaves the shooter pretty much in the clear, making them easily identifiable, especially if they are dressed in "black tactical gear" like the Newtown or Florida shooter.
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epitaph says
At this point they should just make everybody paying rent in SF to wear a helmet and ride the short bus because you have to be dumb as a fucking brick to spend your money like that.

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One party rule has consequences.
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Booger says
Any gun that Democrats don't like. Meaning any gun.

From the Media and Politicians, pretty much what Booger said.

Technically, Satoshi_Nakamoto has it right.

Gun control is a failed platform. Columbine happened during the Assault Weapons ban for fucks sake.

It's a good "feelings based" effort though for the DNC, much easier to push than real priorities like the economy, foreign relations, fixing black inner city crime and poverty, the trade deficit, national debt, immigration etc.

The one thing I like about Trump, even though I didn't vote for him, is that he actually has tried to tackle real issues like tax reform, immigration and the trade deficit. The guy has some fucking balls.

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